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Daeri el Ma'Taerwen

"We will conquer and recreate the world anew in the next life.. It is all we can do now."

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a character in “The Challenge of the Chosen”, as played by Wanderer


Full Name: Daeri el Ma'Taerwen
Nickname: Daeri
Gender: Female
Age: 1172 years old, the Eldest of the elders
Role: Elder 1 - One of the two corrupt Elders

Physical Description: Daeri stands at an even seven feet tall and has pearly white skin that has a light pinkish sheen to it. Her lips are naturally grey-green in appearance and contrast strikingly against her pale skin tone. Her ears are three-quarter's the length of her hand and seem to fold to a soft point. Her eyes are silver, though rimmed in black. They appear piercing and cold, almost cruel in a sense. Daeri also has short, chin-length black hair with bangs that match in length and cross over to hide her left eye. The only noticeable, and it's only semi-noticeable, blemish on her skin is the scar seen extending from the topmost ridge of one cheek to the other and crossing the bridge of the nose. It is a straight line with several perpendicular lines etched along it as well. Her hair happens to hide most of it though.

She wears a formal, wrap-around skirt that is longer on the right side and goes to her ankle while being short, thigh-length, on the left side. Daeri also wears a black long-sleeve that is also a wrap of a sort, crossing over-top the left side with the right but leaving some of her midriff bare, with thin, silvery-black material from the elbows to just past the knuckles on her hands. This same thin material, same colour, makes up the hood she wears over her head to shadow her features. Silver chains seem to envelope the Elder, circling around her neck, torso, arms and legs. An additional fact, a rather interesting one too at that, would be to know that Daeri is constantly barefoot. She is never found to be wearing shoes of any sort.

Personality: Daeri was once kind and caring, a pacifist who wished for nothing but peace and harmony, but time and power has corrupted her. She has become cold and cruel, one to make a decision regarding the lives of many 'Chosen' with ease regardless of the situation. The Elder is as intelligent as she is older than many and she is rather proud of herself for these facts among others. Daeri is distrustful of others, aside from her fellow Elder.

  • Black and silver
  • Authority
  • Being obeyed

  • Being disobeyed
  • Those who oppose her
  • Loneliness

  • Pain tolerance
  • Secretive
  • Lack of empathy or sympathy

  • Her belief in the Sun God and Moon Goddesses
  • Her age, believe it or not
  • Loneliness

Gift: Daeri has the Gift of Psychokinesis. This allows her the ability to move objects with her mind, animate and non-animate alike, and occasionally will the outcome of such things as, say, an accident..? She can make trains lose control and come right off their tracks, elevators plummet despite to ground level being in working order, etc. Anything that has a possibility of being moved, she can do it and all with her mind. Of course, she can make good things happen too but, let's face it.. She's a villain not a hero.

Love Interest: An Elder is not allowed the pleasure of taking a husband, wife, nor a lover. Their Guardian is just that, a 'Guard' to protect and shadow the Elder in all that they do.

  • Daeri neither has a surviving mother or father and was an only child. She also has no children due to being unable to take a husband or lover as it is an ancient law for Elders made by Elders.

History: Daeri, to be rather blunt, is the main cause of the problems concerning Khatali. She is both the mastermind and the main hand in enforcing the new curfew and any additional laws that have been introduced in the past century.

Anything Else: Nothing yet -- Keep checking though because things may be added.

So begins...

Daeri el Ma'Taerwen's Story

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Daeri el Ma'Taerwen

Daeri el Ma'Taerwen had been one of the Elders for over a century and a half and, still, had never seen such a thing occur. Right before her cold silver eyes was the sight of a tall limp form being swept away on a floater, one of many different types of hovercraft that coursed around the city of Khalati. But it wasn't just any random form, it was a body. The body of the oldest Elder to have ever survived lay underneath a thin white sheet that billowed gently in the breeze, slowly but steadily being taken down the hall and away to never be seen again. The old Elder was a kind old gentleman, one whose kindness was well-known throughout the city.. Or had been until today.

Until Daeri had joined him for dinner to discuss future plans for the city and he had suddenly stiffened before dropping to the floor, dead.

And now, his family members were following the corpse as a sign of respect while weeping into their hands. Their cries seeming to echo and grow louder in Daeri's head as she crossed her arms and slowly stepped from the scene, her bare feet slapping against the cold floor as she blatantly ignored the odd glances that were sent her way.

It was all a part of her plan, of course, and that seemed to be coming along together quite nicely.


"Vethariel," the raven haired Elder spoke up softly, her sharp eyes finding the black-clad male rather easily despite the numerous piles of books surrounding him. "Seiteiran is dead," she stated, knowing how frustrated the other remaining Elder would become if she didn't get directly to the point.

Daeri's gaze shifted, turning around the room to take in the vast bookshelves that took up the walls and the books that filled them. Vethariel, she had known for some time, had an obsession with blood due to a rare blood disease his sister had that was most likely to take her life. Although, Daeri hadn't quite realized the extent of her fellow Elder's fixation until now.

In fact, she'd never entered this room before until today.

Shaking this thought from her mind, Daeri's expression became one of indifference and she continued speaking, not really caring whether or not the male was listening. "There will be no Elder to take his place, no induction ceremony, with his death. There is none over the age who are fit to take his place, I've looked into it already.."

She paused as her silvery eyes scanned the gold-skinned male's expression, searching for any sign of displeasure at her statement. "Time continues to press on despite this sorrowful time, as must we. After all, La and Le demand we do so." Daeri spoke formally, her tone low even as her eyes darkened slightly due to her absolute seriousness. "Now," she added, "I believe we have arrangements to configure, do we not?."