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Danavel Neraida

"Rebellions are dangerous."

0 · 168 views · located in The City of Khatali

a character in “The Challenge of the Chosen”, as played by 0neTailedf0x



Basic Info

Full Name: Danavel Neraida
Nickname: Dan
Gender: Male
Age: 234 years old
Role: Rebel two

Physical Description: He has a glove that he wears on his right hand, but he has no glove on his left hand. Under his glove is a tattoo of Ouroboros, since he thinks it defines the world constantly eating itself and building itself at the same time. This tattoo marks him being in the rebellion, but only specific people know what it means.

Personality: He is one of the most intelligent people on this planet, but he does not randomly tell this to people due to him not wanting to be used by others. He is dual minded and he can be cold, ruthless, and almost psychopathic mastermind or he can be an innocent, childish, capricious, and fun loving teen. He knows of the corruption of the elders, so he decided to try to escape into another world. This would have worked if he was not held in the real world by his guardian. He couldn't leave his guardian behind and he couldn't take her into his fantasy created by him. In his fantasy, everything is the opposite of this world and it somehow works out. He has seen the cruel monsters people can be and he despises those who are greedy, but he isn't stupid enough to rebel openly and get called out. He does not want to spend his days in solitary confinement, so he works behind the stage and he never gets his hands dirty. He is scared of no one, but he is not stupid enough to pick a fight with someone who could kill him. He has a blank expression around those he doesn't trust, since they could be plotting to use him and he doesn't know who they are or what their goals are. He is friendly and generally happy around those who he considers his friends, since he knows he can trust them to keep secrets.

When in his pessimistic personality he is a psychopathic mastermind who imagines everything to simply be a big game, but he plays the game seriously and with careful moves. He rarely laughs or cracks jokes in this state, since he is usually focused on bringing the downfall of one of his enemies and he would have no time for distractions. He detests and regrets his schemes sometimes, but not enough to stop moving towards his goal. He knows that he has plenty time, so he is never rushed unless something is due to happen soon. He has an internal clock that is precise and never fails, but being unconscious usually resets his internal clock. He will usually manipulation, torture, and other methods to get rid of anyone who stands in the way of his goals. He tries to look as stupid and foolish as he can, so it's hard to find the differences between this state of mind and his more cheerful state of mind. He is very good at hiding his emotions, so he usually hides his emotions unless he is trying to trick someone.

In his optimistic state of mind he is a fun-loving, childish, and foolish teen. He is far from stupid, but he has no real priorities when in this state of mind and he would rather save an orange than you unless he truly cared about you. He doesn't mind anyone messing with him as long as they do not mess with his friends, since he can be quite 'terrifying' when provoked. He is capricious and a bit annoying, but he never does anything without a goal in mind and his close friends should know this. He enjoys sleeping, dancing, and drawing when in this state of mind. His hair is usually left messy and not brushed, since he doesn't care about the way he looks or what people think of him. He will occasionally decided to sit on a high vantage point and look towards the sky, without a care in the world. This usually means that he is daydreaming and that he is sad about something, but he will always be wearing a smile and he will usually try to hide his sadness.

When in the combination of the two exaggerated emotions, he will be a calmly smiling teen who seems to be wise and knowledgeable. He will never take anything seriously and he will usually ignore threats, since he can easily stay out of the vision of many. His choices will usually never be biased and they will be for the best of the people. He will usually never step into the vicinity of a cage, since it seems to imprison people and he hates being restrained. He will not hesitate to talk about what he is thinking about with his guardian, since he trusts her completely and he would follow any advice given to her unless it can be discussed.

Dangerous Info


- Sleeping
- Sitting on hills
- Playing music
- Dancing
- Reading
- His schemes working
- Imbeciles
- Hot-headed people who cannot try to see both sides of a conflict
- People who think of him as stupid
* Calmness during anger
* Able to ignore anything
* Able to hide himself in plain view
* Mentally adaptive
* Causing too many people to experience hallucinations can put mental strain on him
* Too quick to judge
* Dual minded nature
* Cages
* He will sometimes be in a daydream during an important event and left open to attacks
* His duality
* People can look at him through reflective surfaces and not be affected by him
* If he tries ignoring a wound thinking that it is a minor pain, then he might die and notice that he is dying
* He hates pain
* He needs to be intelligent when trying to walk away from someone while in front of them and not letting them see him, since he could be seen if he goes into the peripheral vision of someone
* Hand to hand combat

Gift: He can go into the minds of others and affect them by making them experience illusions. He can either make them experience hallucinations that affect the tactile and visual senses to control weak-willed people by threatening them with 'unpleasant' hallucinations, but the target of his power has to have seen him in at least a span of one minute or his power wont work. These hallucinations can either be extremely painful or extremely pleasurable. He usually makes people who seem lustful experience pleasurable hallucinations, so he can have them become loyal to him in exchange for pleasurable experiences. He can force weak-willed people to work for him, by threatening them with painful hallucinations. He can use his power on himself, if he looks at a mirror or a reflective surface. People can look at him through a reflective surface like a mirror, but not be affected by him if they have a strong mind.

Love Interest: Guardian two

Things up till now

- Father: Depressed.
- Mother: Dead
- Brother: Dead

History:He born to an abnormal family. His father was happy go lucky and his mother was cold and wise, but the two somehow made the relationship work. He and his brother were doing some 'things' that would be considered dangerous, but they were kids and the didn't know any better. Their parents hadn't told them not to do the thing, so they assumed that it wouldn't hurt anyone to do it. His brother was sent into a comatose state after they had an 'incident', so Danavel couldn't pick between acting happy or sad. His mother decided to continue being the same and not mourn too long, while his father decided to never forget her son and be reminded constantly of his son's presence. He was torn between what to turn out like, so he developed two distinct personalities and the two personalities began becoming more and more unique. His father didn't notice, since his father was a shell of his former self and he only worked. His mother was killed during a raid on a job she was assigned, but she had died fighting and she was a bit weak due to her still recovering from her son dying. Danavel's father went into an even deeper depression, since two of his loved ones had died. Danavel's father decided to work as much as he could, so he wouldn't lose Danavel. Danavel learned to do many things with his guardian and himself, since it would be hard to survive with his father in his current state. He was forced to grow up quickly and his pessimistic side developed a bad image of the world, while his optimistic side began being more and more fun loving. The only time he was his former self was when he was sitting on a high vantage point and simply looking at the sky. His father's depression became even more terrible as the days passed, and he eventually hanged himself to escape from the harsh world. Danavel was too tired to shed a single tear that night, so all he did was lay on his bead and be overwhelmed by emotion. His two personalities then became a perfect example of a yin and yang, since he was both pessimistic and optimistic. He is now trying to rebel against the civilization, since he doesn't want anyone else experiencing the same thing as him. A theory about the accident that happened, is that Danavel lost control of his power and targeted his brother. But, Danavel will never talk to anyone about what happened. Nobody knows when he got his tattoo, but it is theorized that he got it when he was a child.

Anything Else: N/A

So begins...

Danavel Neraida's Story