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Darshan Roanin Demontius

All I want is peace, and I will i will fight to bring it to this Earth.

0 · 191 views · located in The City of Khatali

a character in “The Challenge of the Chosen”, as played by LadyLibby



Full Name: Darshan Valsar (I want to change his name to this...I don't know why it won't let me now! It should have given me 24 hours to edit e.e)
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Male
Age: 299
Role: Guardian 3

Physical Description: Darshan is tall, standing at 6'5". His body is lithe, yet powerfully built and sturdy, with wide shoulders, a long torso and long legs. He is muscular and very toned, and has a commanding presence. His eyes are vibrant green with large golden flecks that stand out considerably, they have a seemingly gentle glow; but with a slight intimidating spark, framed by dark thicker eyebrows. His ears are 4 inches long, elegantly curving upwards and ending in a more rounded point. He has an ear-cuff on his right ear that clasps to his upper ear, a chain stretching down to the lobe that connects to a stud, which then drops down to a silver crescent moon with a blue diamond shaped crystal dangling in the middle. On his left ear he has 3 red studs at the top, 2 small silver hoops in between the studs and at the lobe he has the crescent moon earring to match the right ear. Darshan's skin is a light grey color, with a silver sheen to it. His lips are full and a dull rose color, covering a pearly set of teeth with abnormally long canines that are quite noticeable when he smiles. His hair is a dark brown with lighter chestnut mixed in, and has few red and blue beads along the ends scattered throughout his hair, as well as a silver streak of longer hair on the side that is in a small braid.
He wears a V neck black short sleeved shirt with silver shoulder guards that point slightly out, with silver and black fur jutting out from around the edges. His pants are black and well fitted, with a leather material on the sides and inner legs, as well as small silver knee guards. He has an extra layer of thick black fabric with red inner lining used as extra protection wrapped around his hips, that splits in the front to show most of his legs. A red sash also loops around his waist, tying neatly in the front and hanging down past his knees. His boots are shin length, made of black durable velvety material for flexibility, with leather on the edges and inside, as well as the top rim. He has a black arm guard on his right arm that covers just above his knuckles and extends to his elbow, with white bandages underneath. His left arm has a brown leather string that ties around his middle finger with a turquoise stone on top; the string V's out from his finger and then continues to wrap around his wrist multiple times before wrapping up his arm in a spaced criss-cross manner until it ties off at just below his elbow. There are multiple red and turquoise small stones that are attached where the string crosses over.

Personality: Darshan is a very fun and kind person. He has tendencies to not notice personal space, and can be awkward at times around those who do not know him very well. He is peaceful and is lost in thought a lot, usually busying himself with a project or work. He enjoys being around nature, it puts him at ease and keeps him calm. But even though he is mostly calm and peaceful, he does have a darker side. When he gets too worked up he snaps and goes berserk, his personality switching to a deviant and malicious one that enjoys destruction. He usually has to be either knocked out, which is extremely difficult because he is very strong. He is also an avid tinkerer, always trying to figure out how gadgets work and trying to make his own.

--Spicey food/cooking
-- Tinkering

--Hair cuts
--Bad food

Strengths:He is strong willed and intelligent, despite his spacing off habits. He is very dependable, and can withstand much physical strain as well as mental. He is powerful and lethal when he needs to be, even though he prefers to end things other than fighting. He is very flexible as well.
Weaknesses: He can be gullible, and his rage is a problem. It fogs his mind and distracts him from what is happening around him. He is also not very fast.
Gift: He has the ability to nullify others abilities.

Love Interest: Tygadail

Mother: Alive. Valorie.
Father: Believed to be Dead.
Sister: Alive. Lilly-ann. Very young, looks and acts around 7.
Grandmother: Alive. Gayle.

History: Darshan's life was simple and peaceful, living together with his parents and grandmother. Their family had run the Nature Dome for Centuries, after Darshan's Great Grandfather had built it. It expanded for miles, with a park, a small lake, fields and rolling hills, along with many crops of different types. It was a paradise, especially to Darshan. His little sister was born when he was 247, which caused great joy in the Family. But his Father had become consumed with trying to escape the City and make a new life that was not under the rule of the Elders. They were corrupted and did not have the well being of the people in mind. He believed we should be free to leave, and explore the land, making new towns and better places to live for themselves. It got worse every day, his parents would fight and yell about the matter, and Darshan felt helpless in the situation. One day, his Father took off angrily, having been arguing with his Mother. He exclaimed he was leaving the City, and proving that life would be better on the outside, and that he would return for his family and bring them freedom. He never made it home. He had been captured when trying to escape, violently fighting back and being beaten to near death. He was not heard from again, and it was assumed he had been put to death immediately for his act of treason against the Elders.
After that Darshan stepped up to being the Man of the household, making sure the needs of his Family was met. The past near 50 years had been rough, but the only reason he made it through was having Tygadail by his side, she made him strong. But after what happened to his Father Darshan has the same line of thinking. The Elders need to be put out of power, and things need to change before they only get worse. People deserve to be free, and live how they please, including being able to leave the City.

Anything Else:I'll add more about the Dome.

So begins...

Darshan Roanin Demontius's Story