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Demetrius Vhir Lan'Thanos

"A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer."

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a character in “The Challenge of the Chosen”, as played by Kiyokojordie


Full Name: Demetrius Vhir son of Lan Thanos
Nickname: Demetrie or Vhir
Gender: Male
Age: 252
Role: Guardian of Alasse Fi Séregon

Physical Description:
Demetrie is of tall stature, reaching around 6'10, with long arms and legs making him agile and lean. Long, jet black hair falls down around his elbows with stretched thin pointy ears sticking out. He is pale, but not deathly, his tanned lips accentuate his face paired with dark hazel eyes. Small, childlike freckles line the top of his nose and part around his cheeks, giving him a innocent look. His hands are rough but strong, fingernails chipped and lines cover his palms, probably scars from past actions of his. A tattoo of the two moons and sun forming together in harmony resides on his shoulder, a symbol of the God and Goddesses in peace.

Vhir's outdoor clothing consist of a long black or red shawl over his shoulders, hiding the blade of his fathers at all times. He wears gold, red or black colour schemes mostly, a loose black long sleeve shirt with gold ancient markings line the hem, light gold and red shoulder and wrist armor sit perfectly on his body over his shirt. His pants are a dark maroon with the same gold and red lined knee armor, the ancient gold markings also line the hem of his pants, though it is not often seen as his plain black boots, with a touch of gold on the belt buckle and around the toe and heel of the boot, cover it. These colours represent his fathers families house, in which he wears in honor of his fathers determination and respect.
At home or when resting Demetrie Vhir wears loose fitting clothing, unarmored and sometimes without his blade.

Demetrius is a friendly and considerate person. He is very respectful of others feelings and morals, to the point where he will not argue to prove somebody wrong if they are passionate about their point of view. He is an listener and has many close friends whom some he trusts and some, he does not. He picks carefully who he believes to be trustworthy, in fear that someday he will be caught off guard and betrayed, though this does not mean he dislikes those he does not trust. Demetrie is wise for his age, being the eldest between his sister and step brother and having to care for his sister for most of her life. He gives people advice when they need it, even if he believes it to not be helpful, it may be helpful to the other person. Many call Demetrius a gentleman, for being respectful with his actions and his words, often doing things to please others. He is also a very loyal person to those who he trusts.

Despite all of this, he is not talkative and rather conserved. He is confident but only to the point where he has to be, whether to prove an important point or to speak out in front of others, otherwise he prefers to be secluded and hides his thoughts often. The only person he truly trusts with all his life (literally, as well) is his counterpart and often opens up to her when he needs to. He has a strong sense of wrong and right; strong willed and determined to do what he can when situations are dire. While calm and collected on the outside, Demetrius hides a deep anger inside of him, causing him to be frustrated and mean at times, but he never means to be.

+ Markets
+ Reading/History
+ Alasse
+ Arrogance
+ Cowards
+ Step father
- Agile (fast, flexible).
- Close combat, sword fighting.
- Listens; notices things others wouldn't.
- Cautious; untrusting.
- Alasse's emotions and well being.
- Cautious; untrusting.
- Anger.
- Family and the past.

Superhuman endurance

Love Interest: Alasse Fi Séregon

Mother - Caelia Ades Vhir'Orion
Father - Lan al Thanos
Step father - Brandr Orion
Step brother - Gunnaer Heli Orion
Sister - Eumelia Lan Vhir'Orion
Grandfather - Al'Georgius Thanos
Grandmother Ades En Vhir'Thanos

Demetrius' father, Lan al Thanos, was and still is a major part of his life ever since he could remember. His grandfather, Al'Georgius Thanos was somewhat of a hero, saving peoples lives and giving a heavy burden of expectations to Demetrie's father Lan and his brothers. For his whole life, Lan was never really good enough, his brothers were always better than he and he lived his whole life ashamed and determined to do what he could to make his father proud.
When Demetrius was 53, Al'Georgius passed away, giving special possessions to all but Lan, leaving him distraught and even more reckless than before. For many years Lan sought to be as good as his brothers and even as good as his father, to prove them all wrong and honor the family that he so desperately wanted to be apart of once again.
Only a few years later, Brandr Orion, an important figure in the family house of Orion, challenged Lan al Thanos to a duel, the winner taking what they want from the retrospective family, but Lan only wanted respect and honor from his own. Both family houses were there, and Demetrius watched in horror as he saw his father be defeated by Brandr, his family disowning him and his wife being taken from him. Caelia, Demetrie's mother, was forced to marry Brandr with his many wives, and his sister, Eumelia, was too young to object to the family change. Fortunately for Demetrius, he was old enough to choose his own family ties and he chose to honor his fathers, but not the family house, only his dear father who was brought to such lows. Now, Lan lives away secluded from even his son.

For a long time, Demetrius hated his mother, but soon realized that it was not her fault or her choice. She was indeed saving his father by marrying Brandr, otherwise he would kill her and Lan alike. As forgiveness Demetrie adopted his mothers maiden name as a second name, and for respect, adopted his fathers name and the family name.
The Thanos family is a highly respected family house in which Demetrie is known well for. He hates the people within it though, his uncles especially, for disgracing his father. There was only ever one person who Demetrie liked in his fathers family, and that was his Grandmother Ades. She treated her son Lan and every family member with kindness; kindness that he looks up to and tries to repeat to everyone that he meets.
He does not participate in the family house events or gatherings and often gets mad when he receives letters, believing that the family house is mocking him and his father.
Vhir's step brother, Gunnaer, is loud and obnoxious, challenging Demetrie to battles all the time, arrogance taking hold of his persna, much like his father, but Demetrie (as much as he would like to) never accepts. For this, he often gets called a coward like his father, but in fact Demetrius feels sorry for Gunnaer and refuses to fight somebody so naive and disrespectful. He does not hate Gunnaer and rather enjoys the little competitive, if not mean, short conversations he has with him. He only has one goal and cannot wait to see Gunnaers face when he achieves it.

For many years to this point Demetrie concentrated on improving his gift so that perhaps he could one day honor his father and defeat Brandr Orion, save his mother and sister from the awful man and live a peaceful life. He has sworn on Ro, La, Le and even his fathers honor to protect Alasse with his life, she is absolutely put number one before anyone else, and while protecting and being with her he works towards his goal.
Unfortunately with the current issues of the corrupt elders, it has put his goals to a stand still, no longer is he able to visit important people or learn with others, no, the city of Khalati is not right and he is extremely curious as to why, willing enough to put his plans aside and find out, with his counterpart.

Anything Else: Perhaps later!

So begins...

Demetrius Vhir Lan'Thanos's Story