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Savarine Renders

"Just because I'm different doesn't mean I'm a bad person...."

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a character in “The Changelings”, as played by RolePlayGateway



Name:Savarine Renders

Nickname: Rine

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Age: 14

Type of changeling: Animal

Animals she changes to most often: In order from top to bottom Wolf, Leopard, and Dwarf Rabbit.



Appearance: Image

Personality: Rine is very kind, but shy she tries to be nice and polite even when she is hurting inside and hides her feelings from people she doesn't know/trust. Once Rine trusts and befriends someone she is very loyal and protective of them, and though she is usually kind if you hurt someone she loves she will do everything in her power to get you back.

History: Rine grew up in a middle-class family with her older sister for about six years and was happy until the day they came for her, her mother screaming and crying as they pulled her baby away. Rine lived in a cage for a little over a week before she finally showed them her powers under the assumption they would let her go home..she was wrong Rine spent the next eight years in solitary confinement only being allowed out so they could test her abilities Rine tried to resist even fought back, but all that got her was no food and a beating as the years went by she slowly forgot her mother and father but never her sister they had been incepherable that was all that kept Rine sane the only thoughts she had were that if only she was normal if only she had kept her feelings hidden she would be fine and at home this is when she shut down and stopped showing her feelings to others only showing kindness as defense mechanism, and then the day came when she was freed.

Theme song: I feel like a monster By skillet ... ata_player


So begins...

Savarine Renders's Story


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She woke to the smell of bacon, a small smile crept upon her face as she opened her eyes slowly. She stared up at the ceiling of her room. She had a rather large bed and could hardly believe it was all to herself, well most of the time. She looked down at the foot of her bed where the little Dyson should have been, but was not. She didn't worry about it as she slowly sat up, the sheets falling into her lap as she did.

Jennora yawned as she jumped out of bed, not bothering to make her bed this morning. She walked right into her closet and quickly changed into a short dress and converse shoes. The dress was black and white stripes and the shoes were full black with white shoe laces. Once she had put her hair in twin tails she left her room.

She caught a white fur ball that was running down the hall way. She cornered it and then picked it up, ignoring the hissing and claw marks. "Hey there. Not exactly sure who you are, but you clearly don't know how to control your changing DNA." She said with a smile. "Don't worry it gets better honey." She told the kitten, giving it a small peck on the head before letting it go and walking down stairs.

Jennora headed for the kitchen, her smile grew when she saw Christopher. Jennora gave him a peck on the cheek as she walked by him and hid her blush in the fridge as she looked for the apple juice, then frowned when she noticed they were out. She closed the fridge door and sighed. "No apple juice." She said with a frown as her little brother walked in the door. "Morning, Dyson." She told him. He smiled at her before going up the stairs.

Jennora looked at Christopher after her brother left. "I guess I'll go into town to get food today." She loved giving herself the most dangerous job, but knowing Christopher he'd want to go with her at least. She had a plan for that though. "And before you say anything, you aren't coming with me. There's other things you have to do." She told him with a smile. She leaned closer to him. "I'll take Mikuo and Jason with me." She told him with a big smile.



Sleeping peacefully one minute and the next he is being moved into the lab rooms. He looked at the large containers where the scientists were taking normal humans and injecting them with his blood. He had watched several die already, but two were living through it. It was strange, and a bit odd. He didn't struggle this time, he knew that if he struggled it would hurt more. This time felt different though, they were trying to re-open a scar on his stomach, they thought they had missed something.. They never gave him numbing medicine. They just went at it, and always without warning. He screamed when the knife hit the scar perfectly.. 'Don't move... It'll be over soon.' He told himself before he blacked out yet again...

Dyson woke up, sweating more then a person running a marathon. The nightmares were getting worse around this time, and he hadn't any idea on why this was happening. He sighed as he sat up, resting his head in his hands, if the nightmares weren't going to get any easier then was he supposed to be this miserable forever.

As soon as Dyson got out of bed he took a hot shower, and a long one. When he was done he threw on some normal blue jeans and a plain white T-shirt, he finished with his favorite tennis shoes, the color of his hair. He stepped out of his bathroom and into his room, wondering what he'd do today. Last night he had moved from Jennora's bed to his own because it was cold in there. He didn't feel like moving around the house in an animal form this morning, which meant he'd have to deal with people talking to him. That wasn't so bad though, there weren't THAT many Changelings here.

He moved down the stairs rather quickly then he wanted, he decided to go on a short walk. Once outside he realized that Christopher was cutting wood so he decided to help him. "Morning." Was all Dyson said to Christopher, sometimes he didn't even say anything at all. Why he was talking first was strange to him.

After a while he stopped to go on a walk, it was a short and meaningless walk.

When he came back his sister was in the kitchen. He smiled at her before going back up to his room, that's when he decided to annoy his brother, who should be up already. He changed into a cute hound puppy right after getting into his brothers room and got to work.



Jason had spent all night writing a song for a girl in the house that he secretly had a strong liking too. And this girl, believe it or not, was not his sister. He didn't know her name and never showed any side of affections toward her in a way that was different from anyone else he socialized with.

So on this morning he decided to sleep in, ignoring the smell of bacon and the sounds of a hissing animal not far down the hall. He wasn't dreaming of anything, he never really had dreams, in fact he wasn't exactly sleeping, just laying in bed. When his door opened he thought it was his sister coming to sleep with him, but instead an adorable animal made itself comfortable on his stomach.

Jason stared down at the animal and decided to ignore it for now, only it didn't let him. It started to whine and paw at his chest. He sighed before deciding to get up, he didn't bother changing out of yesterdays shirt and pj pants, as he walked out of his bedroom and headed downstairs, the puppy in one hand.