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The Changelings



a part of The Changelings, by Masquerade (Skye).


Masquerade (Skye) holds sovereignty over Erjykove, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

727 readers have been here.


A rather large forest in the middle of Virginia, it was named after a Swedish viking who was known for standing up to those who tried to oppress him.

The safe house looks something like this:

They've been working on restoring it for a few years now and have finally finished painting it. The house is two floors (including an attic and a basement) and has everyone rooms for everyone so that there is no need for sharing.
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Erjykove is a part of The Changelings.

12 Characters Here

Jason Rye Blood [24] "I'm going to shoot you in the face."
Jennora Raquel Blood [23] "Jason, Shut Up and Let Me Think!!!"
Reyna [22] "I have nightmares of that place sometimes... I don't want to go back."
Christopher King [20] "I swear I will have my revenge, even if it means death!"
Saphire Kurage [19] "There's no need to talk if there's nothing to say."
Dyson Blood [18] "Is there more to life then just feeling empty inside?"
Mikuo Kurage [15] "God, you're not gonna cry are you?"
Claire Shane [12] "Ah, so what I'm different? Normal's boring anyway!"
Lottie Smith [9] "I-I like y-you... Is that what you were hoping I would say? Idiot."
Lennox Black [8] "Whats life without a little adventure?"

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11 Characters Present

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"Oh my, it seems like three of our beloved members have unexpectedly disappeared." Chris said to no one in particular, he had figured this would happen sooner or later, that the siblings would up and leave when they grew bored with what was going on. Oh well, Chris didn't need that type of attitude in the household, he had enough problems trying to keep Lottie in the house and getting Claire to speak up.

"Well since we're all obviously so anxious to leave, how about we all go into the town?" He suddenly decided. It was a risk, Chris knew. Such a big group going into town, but they could pretend to go to the local boarding school. No one really ever questioned those kid's presences; plus there were a ton of spare uniforms in the closet that they had collected over the past few years. So unless the boarding school had updated its uniforms, they would hopefully blend in.

"If everyone could please gather in the kitchen so we can talk about our outing!" Chris called up the stairs and poked his head into the living room. "Would you guys mind coming to the kitchen for a minute?" He went to sit at the table and waited for everyone to gather around. They would have to come up with an alibi in case something happened or they ran into someone that actually attended the boarding school (which would be unlikely considering that those kids considered themselves too classy to go to the town).

Claire was so quiet Chris had hardly noticed her until he looked up from the table. "Oh have you been here the whole time?" He asked her, hoping he didn't somehow offend the girl by implying he hadn't seen her.

Reyna stood up and held her hand out to Sapphire, leading the girl into the kitchen. Going into town? Her heart rate began to pick up at the prospect that she would actually get to see the humans! Reyna tried to calm herself down, if she grew too excited she would unwillingly shift and blow it before she could step onto real pavement. "Aren't you excited?" She asked Sapphire, hoping the answer was yes. Had Sapphire ever left the house before? Reyna wondered, trying to think back. She couldn't remember, really.

"Reyna will you go get Katherina for me?" Chris asked and Reyna nodded her head, dropping Sapphire's hand and going outside to the shed where she hoped Katherina would be. Reyna pushed the door open and stopped, the smell of blood and dead animal brought back bad memories. She felt dizzy as she stepped inside, her bare feet feeling cold on the hard floor of the shed. "Katherina?" She looked around, spotting the girl who sported an arm full of meat. "Um," Reyna stated nervously as she caught site of the sharp knives. "We're uh-having a meat-meeting about our alibi for going into town. Chris wants you to join us in the kitchen when you can."

She stepped back outside into the grass that was still slick with dew and gasped in the chilly mountain air. It was all she could not to vomit as she made her way back to the house. Reyna stepped inside and wiped her dirty feet on the mat before stepping onto the tiled floor of the kitchen. The smell of blood was still thick in her memory as she sat down next to Claire at the table.


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It is an odd feeling when someone has been trapped for so long to know that they are finally free. He knew it and yet, Zak still felt as though he were a prisoner. Every second was filled with terror, wondering if they were following him; if he was truly free. He didn't linger on the subject too long because for every feeling he felt there was also pain. It shot through his body whenever he took a step, the aches in his muscles made him feel weak and his lungs burned, starved of the oxygen they needed.

How long had he been running? Zak wasn't sure. He had run day and night, stopping only when he came across a puddle that was clean enough to drink from or a stream where he could bathe. He tried to count the nights that had passed since the armored vehicle had turned over on the side of the road and found that he could not recall a single moment. The only thing Zak could recall was the fleeting horror he felt with every step and when the boy found that he could not run any longer; he collapsed.

Pain filled every cell in his body, his lungs felt as if they were going to burst at any second and he rolled onto his side, curling into a ball beside the road. Zak closed his eyes, it felt as if he were going insane. Maybe it was a trick? Maybe he was still there, in that place in some sort of coma?

Fog touched the ground, the stars giving way to the sun. It was early morning and the chill bit through Zak's thin clothes. Two red eyes poked through the fog rolling on the ground, the pair blinked, the body they belonged to sitting up and looking around. With the arrival of the sun, Zak could see that he had gone from abandoned city to forest. There was large metal sign with an inscription in it, but from where he sat Zak could not see what it said. The boy stood on shaky feet, pushing forward to read what the sign said. "Welcome to Erjykove," he mumbled once he was close enough. Zak straightened and ran a hand through his white hair, "Erjykove?" It sounded imaginary, as if he had somehow stumbled upon a fantasy kingdom in the middle of America. Maybe he had died and had come upon Heaven?

Zak continued to trek forward, hoping to stumble upon a secluded cabin he could break into and take a shower in. Zak couldn't take the chance of going to the hospital, where they could possibly alert the government of his presence.