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The Chernobyl Disaster | Survivors.

The Chernobyl Disaster | Survivors.


A 1x1 between RawkFist and MoonlightWraith.

822 readers have visited The Chernobyl Disaster | Survivors. since RawkFist created it.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:

chernobyl disaster, chernobyl diaries.



Name: Jamie. | Age: Twenty. | Gender: Female. | Face claim: Jenna Dewan.

Name: Natashi | Age: Twenty. | Gender: Female. | Face claim: Emily Blunt.

Character sheet must include:

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Jamie sighed loudly as her hazel-coloured eyes glued themselves to the bumpy, run-down road that lead them to the Chernobyl Power Plant. To be quite honest, she was not looking forward to going on this tour, despite the fact that her brother had asked her if she was alright with going and she'd said yes without even the slightest hint of hesitation. She might've said no to the whole thing if it wasn't Danny's birthday; he'd been so excited about this trip that she was unable to stop him going. Of course, she could have let him go on his own, if she wasn't so bloody protective over him.

There were three other people in the white van they'd been forced to travel in, not including Danny, her brother. Inside was the tour guide, whom they'd practically given their lives to if the stories she'd heart about the Nuclear Power Plant were all true, and then a couple that Jamie hadn't really taken an interest in, to be honest. Due to the small size of the vehicle, all the tourists were squished together, sat opposite each other. In fact, Jamie and Danny were forced to sit so close to each other that their shoulders were pressed together and they were both constantly shifting in order to feel at least slightly comfortable.

A large bump in the road caused Danny to leave his seat briefly as he flew from his seat, and landed back down on it moments later with a thud. He stuck his bottom lip out in a pout and Jamie attempted to suppress her girly giggles. She loved it when her brother did something clumsy and stupid, as bad as that may sound. His clumsiness amused her greatly. "Hey, stop laughing," he whined, crossing his arms as he leaned back into his seat. "Okay, okay," she said after she stopped giggling, "I'm done."

"We're here," growled the tour guide as he pulled into Chernobyl. Jamie hadn't even noticed that they'd passed through some sort of half-broken gate. The booth to the side of it had been completely empty, so there was nothing stopping them from getting it. She couldn't help but feel more nervous because of that. Her brother placed his hand on her knee to comfort her, as he usually did when he noticed her distress - she usually displayed her discomfort by scrunching her nose or blinking too often in a short amount of time. He was just strangely observant, but that's one of the many, many qualities she loved about him.

The tour guide, who Jamie recalled was named Igors (silent 's'), or something along those lines. An odd name for an odd little Russian man, although the name and the demeanour did not fit quite as well. When she thought of Igors, she pictured a hunched-over man with crooked teeth, a whiny voice and a terrible complexion. This man was built-up, with a growly voice and brooding eyes that could burn holes straight through you. While he did make Jamie and Danny feel safer, he was extremely intimidating.

"Feel free to look around and take photographs. Memorise your path though, because you'll need to head back when the sun sets. It's not... safe here, especially at night," he said whilst allowing his dark grey eyes to shift around their surroundings. Jamie nodded her head and held a tight grip on her brother's hand as they walked off towards the ruins of one of the buildings. It was close to the van so there was no chance of them getting lost.

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Character Portrait: Jamie McKlaus Character Portrait: Natasha Dennis
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Natasha sat in the tight fitting van, resting her head on her boyfriend, Jason's, shoulder. She had taken much notice of the journey, she just sat with her eyes close as the van bumped its way to the destination. She wanted to introduce herself to the others on the tour but her travel sickness made it hard for her to think about anything else apart from holding down sick and her throbbing headache. She eventually fell asleep resting on Jason's shoulder.

The van eventually stopped and Jason nudged Natasha, "Natty," he whispered in her ear. "We're here." Natasha sat up and stepped out from the van, she took in a breathe and instantly felt better. She took Jason's hand as he lead her forward. The guide spoke up, "Feel free to look around and take photographs. Memorise your path though, because you'll need to head back when the sun sets. It's not... safe here, especially at night," Natasha stopped and looked at the guide.
"You're not coming with us?" She asked, a little bit worried, she looked at the guide suspiciously, what could be so dangerous about an abandoned place after dark.
"No, I am staying with the van. Have to make sure nothing happens to it." The guide told her and Jason just pulled her away, a playful smirk on his face.
"Come on, Natty." He whispered. "We'll be fine. I'll protect you from the ghouls." He said, teasing her with a funny face and playfully pouncing on top of her.
"Jason, stop!" She yelled as he jumped on her, kissing her neck. "Come on, get off." She said, pushing him off and giggling a little.

Natasha and Jason caught up with the other pair and Natasha greeted them. "Hey!" She said with a smile. "I'm Natasha and this is Jason," She told them, holding Jason's hand as they walked. "Do you mind if we tag along? I think it'd be safer if it's one group of four rather than two groups of two." She said, smiling at the pair. "So what brings you to Chernobyl?" Natasha looked away from the other pair and up at the building they were approaching, its looming shadow making her nervous and causing her worry to sky rocket. She looked at one of the windows and seen something move, "Did anyone see that?" She exclaimed, Jason laughed at her.
"Haha, very funny. There's nothing here, it's abandoned. You're just trying to scare us."

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Jamie had taken maybe two or three good photographs of the outside of the abandoned building, and was about to take another, but as she lifted the camera up and steadied her hand, she was startled into dropping it on the floor. So much for some peace and quiet. She looked up at the girl that had scared her with a faint glare. She didn't want to come across as rude by telling her to calm it down a little, so she just kept her mouth shut completely when Danny took his place by her side. He picked the camera up for her and handed it to her.

"I'm Natasha and this is Jason," Natasha said, and Danny smiled warmly at them both. "My name is Danny, nice to meet you, and this is my sister Jamie." With a small smile, Jamie greeted them with an almost inaudible 'hello'. "Do you mind if we tag along? I think it'd be safer if it's one group of four rather than two groups of two." Neither Danny nor Jamie had an answer for that, apart from Danny nodding his head. To be honest, neither of them were a big fan of travelling in groups, especially with people they barely knew, but then again neither of them would be so rude as to say that they couldn't come along. "So what brings you to Chernobyl?" Natasha asked.

Jamie decided to leave the three to it whilst Danny rambled on about how it was his sixteenth birthday and he was looking to do some 'crazy shit'. Well, he picked a damn good place for that. She looked up at the grey-coloured sky with a sigh, before only just noticing how thick and clammy the air was. Not to mention the fact that it was freezing, but there was no breeze from any direction. She was slowly starting to regret tagging along on this trip, however she couldn't tell Danny that because it would make him feel bad and she'd end up ruining his birthday trip. She never liked making her brother unhappy, which was the main reason she'd done so much 'crazy shit' in her lifetime; she would go to great lengths to see that bright smile of his.

"Did anyone see that?"

Just those few words were enough to send Jamie spiralling into a state of shock. She turned to the group, trying her best to keep her poker face on but she was pretty sure that she'd blinked about ten times in the past few seconds. She approached them and Danny wrapped one arm around her neck, pulling her close, which oddly enough calmed her down a little, but she was still very tense and wary of their surroundings. She now allowed herself to glare at the girl a little, before being dragged off by her brother. "Come on guys!" he exclaimed, "let's take a look inside."

The door on the building was loosely hanging from its hinges, and Danny attempted to move the giant piece of metal but to his disappointment it hadn't moved an inch. They weren't surprised, it had been in this position for the past forty-plus years. Jamie crouched down a little and ducked under the door to get inside, which Danny copied. They decided to wait for the other two before proceeding any further. Jamie took this moment to look around their surroundings. It was mostly dark so not a lot was visible, but the walls around the door looked like they'd been burnt to a crisp. She noticed some highly visible markings in the wall and stepped closer to inspect. She could've almost gasped when she realised what they actually were; scratches and nail marks. It looked as if, at some point, someone had been scratching at the wall in an attempt to get inside. "Danny, can you see these?" she asked in utter disbelief. "Yeah, take some pictures so that we can show Mom, she's going to love this."

Jamie had a good idea then, and it was one that made a large grin creep onto her lips. "I'm just going to film the whole thing, it'll be so much easier, and then we can edit it and make it into a nice little video for the family." Danny let out a happy gasp. "We could put it on YouTube, like that trip to India." Jamie placed a hand on her stomach and laughed loudly as some hair from her fringe fell over her eyes. "We could call it... Chernobyl Diaries!" he exclaimed. "Dan, I think that's already been done." He frowned some, before shaking his head. "We're always having our ideas stolen before we've even thought of them." Jamie pulled him into a hug. "Poor baby, you'll get over it."

With another small giggle from both of them, Jamie hit the 'record' button on the camera and held it to Danny's face. "Say hi, Danny," she said with a broad grin and he did exactly as he was told. "You guys ready to venture into the depths of this creepy building?" he questioned the other two tourists.

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Natasha smiled when Danny told them it was his birthday and Jason wished him a happy birthday, Natasha noticed that Jamie had turned around and started blinking quite ferociously, Natasha looked at Danny who went over and wrapped his arm around and it must have calmed her down, but Natasha felt bad for putting Jamie into shock. Natasha looked back at the window, there was nothing there.

When they approached the door, Natasha watched as Danny attempted to open the big door, she nudged Jason and told him to help, but the door still wouldn't budge. Jason crawled through the gap before Natasha and she was left alone outside, waiting for him to call her in.

She turned around and watched the other buildings, trying to see if she could see anything else move but there was nothing, nothing but abandoned apartments with curtains and broken windows. Natasha sighed at her stupidity, "It was just a curtain blowing in the wind." She told herself, shaking her head and turning round to crawl through the gap in the door.

Once through the gap, Jason helped her up, she had to wait for her eyes to adjust to the dark,
"Thank god for carrots." She joked and then she caught the last part of Danny and Jamie's conversation.
"We're always having our ideas stolen before we've even thought of them."
"Poor baby, you'll get over it."
Natasha stood up and dusted herself off, looking at the pair, then at the wall next to them.
"Holy shit! Are they scratches?"
She asked, approaching the wall and putting her fingers in them, they were human.
"You guys ready to venture into the depths of this creepy building?"
Natasha heard from behind her as she inspected the scratches on the wall. Jason must have nodded, because Natasha didn't hear any sound from him and Natasha looked the Danny and smiled.

Natasha took the lead this time, taking a torch out from her bag she aimed it into the darker areas to see if they missed anything. She went into one of the rooms and looked around, she stepped into a small room away from the main one and found a small doll lying in the corner, she lifted it up and looked at it, she then noticed there was a trickle of blood on the doll.
She dropped the doll out of shock and went to go back to the group, until she heard a growl from the door leading to what she assumed was a cupboard. She stepped over to the door and put her hand on the handle and took in a deep breath.
"Hey, you okay?"
She heard from behind her and jumped.
"Don't sneak up on people like that."
She scolded him, with a slight laugh at him scaring her. She then turned round and joined the others with Jason.

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Jamie was lingering at the back of the group for the obvious reason that she wanted to actually film the majority of the building and also have everyone else in the shot, and not just to zip through because of the excitement of being in a Nuclear area, only to come out at the end of the trip and not have any decent footage to show for it. Her shots so far were mainly of the scratch marks on the wall, some even went on for a length of an average centimetre ruler. She'd pretty much figured they were human, but with that conclusion brought so many other questions that she wasn't prepared to answer just yet.

Jamie noticed out of the corner of the shot that Natasha had walked off into a room and it instantly made her curious as to what she was doing in there. The majority of the rooms had all been burnt and were practically empty, which meant that something obviously must've caught her attention. Jamie managed to get a good look at the doll and the blood on it before it was dropped on the floor by Natasha. It certainly was creepy. In that split second she allowed her mind to wander into deep thought. What could a child's doll possibly be doing inside of a Nuclear Power Plant? Unless of course a small girl had been left behind when Pripyat was left behind during the evacuation and had wandered over out of curiosity. What if there was a little dead girl in this building? Or even worse, a mutated girl? That might've explained what happened next.

She moved her shot to Natasha just as the creature darted into the cupboard-like piece of furniture. The camera had just about managed to pick up a dark figure darting past the door in a way that made it seem as if it was crawling. Jamie almost dropped the camera out of shock and she attempted to suppress her gasp. Normally, she would've darted out of that building without even a second though, but the fact that Natasha was now walking towards the cupboard made her even more curious and to be honest she found the girl's courage to be quite admirable, although it would surely get her killed at some point. If this Power Plant really was as 'haunted' as the stories say, then courage wouldn't be any way to survive. Strong legs and good stamina for running would be the best way.

ImageWell, if she wanted to die from some radioactive creature then she could go ahead and do it because Jamie was already running through the building to find her brother. "Danny," she called from the bottom of a half-destroyed stair case. "Oh, shit, you gotta see this," he called back, his voice filled with panic and fear. With a sigh, she carefully walked up the stairs with the camera pointed at her feet so that she could avoid accidentally shoving her foot through a hole. When she finally found him, he was stood in a completely empty room, staring out of the window. She followed his gaze and her mouth dropped to the floor when she noticed a pack of dogs, probably large enough to be wolves.

"Natasha, Jason!" Danny called through the door.

Jamie could feel tears forming in her eyes as she noticed that the wolves were now all packed together, heading in the direction of Igors. One of them, who was presumably the dominant male of the pack, stopped walking and looked up at the window, staring straight at Jamie. The camera zoomed in on the beast, only to see that these were no ordinary wolves. They had oddly-coloured eyes of a colour that was similar to red but mixed with yellow as well. It was almost frightening. The wolf stood and stared for a moment and the shaking of the camera showed just how scared Jamie was at the time, before the creature returned to its original goal of making Igors into a feast. She turned away from the window and buried her face in Danny's chest. The only thing she could hear was the tour guide's pained screams, and then silence.

"I don't want to be here anymore," she whimpered into his shirt, her tears soaking through the material. He nodded. "Yeah, sure, we can go." He gripped tightly to Jamie as she started to tremble. "Do either of you two know how to drive?"

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Natasha heard something behind Jamie, who suddenly started running away, so Natasha spun back around but there was nothing there and she then started to roam the buidling a bit more with Jason, when they stopped at another room, Natasha heard the growling again, as if it was following her. She stopped and watched the door while Jason had a nosy around the room. She shown the torch down the hall and seen something standing at the end of the hall, she squinted to get a look at it but it was gone as soon as it had appeared.
Natasha heard Jamie shout and it made her jump as she watched the dark hallway.
"Oh shit, you gotta see this."
Was the response and Natasha turned to Jason.
"Let's go see what he's talking about."
She whispered, Jason just shook his head and kept taking pictures of the room. Natasha then shone the light at Jason and at the parts of the walls he wanted to take pictures of.

"Natasha, Jason!"
Natasha heard Danny shout. Natasha looked out a nearby window and noticed the pack of wolves, one of which stood on its hind legs watching the building, she squinted to get a good look at them but there was definitely a good few of the beasts in the pack. She grabbed Jason and ran up the stairs, they quickly found Jamie and Danny standing by a window, watching the wolves. Natasha approached the window and looked outside, to see Igors being attacked by the wolves. She noticed that Igors had managed to get into the van and the wolves were now snapping and scratching at the van. She looked at Jason and Danny, who held Jamie in his arms.

"How the fuck are going to get to the van?"
Jason swore, watching the wolves attack the van.
"I don't want to be here any more,"
Natasha heard Jamie whimper and she looked at Danny as he replied.
"Yeah, sure, we can go. Do either of you two know how to drive?"
Natasha looked out towards the van and watched as Igors attempted to grab his weapon, but he wasn't quick enough as the wolves broke through the glass and pulled him out through the shattered window and started savagely ripping him apart. Natasha covered her mouth to stop herself from screaming and started to gag. She looked at Jason and then to Danny and Jamie.
"Jason can drive. First, we have to get past the wolves and into the van."
Natasha managed to tell them, standing up and taking in a deep breath.

Natasha turned around to leave but standing in the doorway was a small girl, who looked up into Natasha's eyes and let out a shriek that wasn't possibly human. Natasha went to cover the girls mouth until she heard the savage snarls of the wolves, one of which howled. "Hurry!" Natasha yelled, waiting for the others to run ahead of her before she ran.

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