The Chosen Of Faerûn

Faerûn, Abeir-Toril


a part of The Chosen Of Faerûn, by Intricacy.


Intricacy holds sovereignty over Faerûn, Abeir-Toril, giving them the ability to make limited changes.
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based on the forgotten realms, created by ed greenwood (1967), which has been published as a campaign setting for advanced dungeon & dragons (ad&d), dungeons & dragons (d&d), 3rd edition dungeons & dragons (3e), and 4th edition dungeons and dragons (4e), by tsr, inc. and wizards of the coast (wotc). the setting is also referenced in the 5th edition dungeons and dragons core books.


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Faerûn, Abeir-Toril is a part of The Chosen Of Faerûn.

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