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a character in “The Chronicles of Exas: Upheaval”, as played by Calyx_Mason



Name: Arom Image
Age: Ageless
Species: Unknown
Physical Gender: Male
Gender Identity: Male
Sexual Orientation: Asexual
Dominant Hand: Ambedextrious
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 200 lbs
Skin tone: Pale olive
Eye Color: Gold
Hair Color: Black
]Hair Style: Medium Length bed head
Tattoos and Scars: No scars,Several tattoos all across his body, which are usually translucent until he uses his powers they then turn black.
Aura Color: Auraless
Aura Type: Auraless
Element: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Light, Darkness, Metal, & Nature
Aura Scent: Auraless
Fashion Sense: A large black cloak, a long sleeve shirt, long black pants, black boots, silver greaves and gauntlets


Personality Type: Kind, genuine, severe, logical, secretive, elusive, and loving
Favorite Color: White, gold, green, gray, yellow, blue,
Favorite Meal: Water
Likes: Humans, animals, angels, demons, idk, stuff
Dislikes: ugh
Strengths: Immortality, Lack of an aura, supreme power
Fears: Being alone at the end of time
Describe your Perfect Partner: anyone kind and honest


Classifaction: Protector of all that LivesImage
Main Weapon: The Sword of Fire: Garuda and The Sword of Ice: Fenris
Secondary Weapon:the Sword of Light: Laila and the Sword of Darkness: Abbadon
Armour: Agoria (Left) Zetru (bottom of Equipment)
Powers: Any and all
Trained Skills: Warping reality
Natural Talents: Having fun
Pets: A cat, a fox,
Summons: his pets



One of the first beings created at the beginning of all time.

So begins...

Arom's Story

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Character Portrait: Arom
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"Good morning, child! You have come to my home seeking knowledge of the future, yes?" Lady Moan rasped in a breathy voice.
"Yes, I wish to know who the child bearing my crest is and how long until the war that may bring an end to my immortality will begin?" a man wearing a long black cloak said as he rested upon he couch.
"The child you are looking is a warrior, lost in this city. The war shall begin in due time, The Fates plan has yet to be fulfilled." she replied as she gathered a bowl of bones and placed them near the fire pit.
"Lady Moan, what is it that you have lived in Central for the past four centuries for?" the man asked.
"Very much the same as you, a way to end this miserable existence by fulfilling my responsibilities as the seer. For my task in this world is soon to come to an end and then I shall rest in peace!' she replied with a luminous smile.
"But I have yet to truly understand what my task in all this is? I have no memory up until 6,000 years ago." the man said as he began to remove his cloak, revealing the handsome face of a young man of twenty years of age with vibrant golden eyes.
"I remember when we first met, it was almost 10,000 years ago, you had just met the big three and taught them how to survive without killing everything in their path. I was a young seer with my life laid out before me. You walked up to me and told me that I had a beautiful smile and a wondrous outlook on life then asked me to marry you, I accepted knowing that you were the only greater being that cared about the mortals of this world and together we could heal the damage that the Creator would cause." She replied as she threw a few pieces of wood into the fire to bring it back to a brilliant glow.
"I must go soon, Moan, I must find out if any of the warriors that live here in Central are aware of what is to come. Love you, my dear!" he said as he gathered himself up, opened the small window in the clock face and lept out for the streets below.

The setting changes from The Tower of Truth: Soothsayer Moan to The Bay


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Character Portrait: Arom Character Portrait: Marius Layvione Character Portrait: Raak Ertih (unit A-13) Character Portrait: Isis LaRouche Character Portrait: The Creator Character Portrait: Bliston Ascor
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At that moment He arrived! Asmodeus DelaCourte, The Creator and his merciless bands of warriors, hordes of demons & armies of zombies descended upon Central. That attack was a distraction, created to bring the strongest warriors within the city to one area while the attack took place in the east.


And so begins the war that could end all life in Central.

The setting changes from The Bay to The Ancient Walled City, Central

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Character Portrait: Arom Character Portrait: Marius Layvione Character Portrait: Raak Ertih (unit A-13) Character Portrait: Isis LaRouche Character Portrait: Bliston Ascor
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Atop the Center Tower of The Library

Arom watched as it all happened; the attack on the wall, the bands of warriors entering the city and rampaging through it. He noted the different heroes he saw, a massive warrior whose intense strength and self reliance made him deadly, a young and beautiful seer whose faith and serenity made her light shine brighter than most any star, the assualt unit A-13 with his creative thinking and freedom of thought making him a great and powerful member of HPPF, and a young wolf who is striving to forgive himself for the mistakes he made. One of them must bare his symbol, he must test them to see who it is, this task may push them beyond their limits and may even kill them, but it must be done to see who will hold his great power.

The setting changes from The Ancient Walled City, Central to The Bay


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Character Portrait: Arom Character Portrait: The Creator
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"Hello, Asmodia. It's been much too long since we last spoke." Arom said as he formed beside the Creator.
"Arom, I hoped you would have the gall to show your self. Guards, arrest him." The Creator shouted, his eyes filled with hatred and malice.
"Sorry, I cannot stay, I have some heroes to empower. You may want to leave though, this dais is set to explode in, 3, 2,....." he vanished once more as the dais began to crack apart and erupt into flames.
"Damn that child, he will destroy everything I have planned. CAPTURE HIM, CAPTURE HIM AT ALL COSTS." he shouted as he faded out of the dimension.