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Bliston Ascor

"This contract is finished. Now where is my pay?"

0 · 136 views · located in The Ancient Walled City, Central

a character in “The Chronicles of Exas: Upheaval”, originally authored by Wake, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Bliston Ascor
Nickname(s): The Scourge of a thousand battlefields
Age: 352
Species: Hellspawn
Physical Gender: Male
Gender Identity: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight... but acts more like an asexual
Dominant Hand: Ambedextrious
Height: 8ft 2inch (249 cm)
Weight: 302.9 lb (75.0 kgs)
Skin tone: ashen gray
Eye Color: red
Hair Color:none
Hair Style: hairless
Tattoos and Scars: Bliston has several scars, mostly across his chest, arms and head but a few can be found on his legs and back.
Aura Color: Brown
Aura Type: Gaseous
Element: Fire
Aura Scent: Ash
Fashion Sense: Don't bother asking Bliston about this, he's never been one to 'look nice'. All he cares about is whether or not a garb can with stand a blow. If he were to say something about his dress, it would be of the heads of slain enemies that he sometimes fastens to his armor and weapons as a means of intimidation.

Personality Type: Despite his fearsome appearance and reputation, Bliston is a surprisingly laid back individual. Or rather you could say hes somewhat dispassionate. He doesn't really think much of where he will be, and is more interested in where he is. But even then he generally cares little for the affairs of others. He does his job, takes his pay, and then moves on without any though on his current employers goals or the impact they have, only towards whether or not he can keep himself feed. This also makes him generally apathetic in the plights of others, and rather merciless in his indifference to the bloodshed he partakes in.

Well.... most of the time at least. He does have a strange sense of honor, and will sometimes have his interest piqued by certain opponents, be it through their abilities or their behavior and beliefs. Especially notable ones he might even try to claim the heads of as souvenirs. Beyond that though he is a man of his word, and similarly respects those that honor their agreements. If he has received payment for a job in advance he will will continue until his contract is completed or, failing that, return payment if it is no longer possible to finish the job.

Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Meal: Mutton
Likes: Meat, mead, fire and the smell of smoke, strong willed adversaries, getting paid
Dislikes: Getting shafted by an employer, guns (thinks them an inelegant and cowardly weapon), being forced to break his word, and necromancers.
Strengths: Bliston has both thick skin, granting him a greater endurance to pain, and strong limbs allowing him the strength needed to crush bones and lift heavy weapons.
Fears: Ghost. Not in a superstitious manner but from personal experience. You don't toy with the undead and expect no repercussions.
Describe you Perfect Partner: Bliston isn't exactly the romantic sort. Hell he's hardly had anyone he could call a friend. But... if there were someone patient with him, willing to look past his bestial visage, then he wouldn't mind a little company.

Classifaction: Warlord
Main Weapon: A large two-handed war mace.
Secondary Weapon: and axe and sword in each hand
Armour: plate-mail
Powers: fire breath
Trained Skills: N/A
Natural Talents: Bliston has an acute sense of smell
Pets: N/A
Summons: N/A

Bliston Ascor. His story is a long and bloody one with tales of violence and death across the continent. But his origins are relatively unknown. For the best really, as there is little positive he has to say about his youth. And outcast from as early as birth, Bliston had to struggle to survive for as long as he can remember. Fighting was all he had known and it seemed that it would be all he would know. He grew used to it, and became skilled at it.

Eventually he gained a reputation, and soon people began to seek him out for it. Generals and Warlords, with dreams of conquest and glory in their hearts. They invited him to their side. He stood by them. Watched them rise in prestige and power, expand their influence, then fall when their ambitions crumbled and left them buried in the ashes of their dreams.

It was a sight he saw repeated over and over. And eventually it became just another fact of life for him. No cause was incontestable. As such he found he had fewer and fewer reasons to invest himself in the machinations of others when it seemed that whatever they sought to achieve would whittle away in the end. In time he abandoned the role of a crusading champion and took up the act of the wandering mercenary. He would drift from one battlefield to the next and trade his skill to the highest bidder and kill for their coin.

Contracts became his life's purpose. They were all that he could do with his existence. No matter how bloody or brutal the deed he would see it to completion. And in doing so he carved out his legacy as the scourge of a thousand battlefields. A monster that lived solely for war and profit.

So begins...

Bliston Ascor's Story

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Character Portrait: Bliston Ascor
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#, as written by Wake
A large hulking form sat atop the creaking, groaning and swaying from of a wooden tower. He back lay resting against the plank walls and a large war club propped up by his shoulder. He was indifferent to the nervous stares and whispered mutterings of the other men that sat across from him. He was used to such things.

He was also used to the loud shouting below. Also was he used to the smell of smoke, fire and occasionally blood that drifted up from them. He was even familiar with sounds of canon fire echoed all around them. Peeking his head out from behind the protective safety of the wooden barrier, he saw one such canon shell impact with a loud explosion against the massive wall they were besieging, and leave naught a dent in its side. Truly, the infamous walls of central held up to their reputation if they could withstand even a bombardment of this magnitude. He thought.

Just then another burst of canon fire raced past them, this time going the opposite direction. It hit one of the other siege towers just behind them, and ripped the structure in twain.

And return it too! The hulking warrior gave a humored chuckle and settled back against the wooden guard walls of the siege towers, ignoring the panic whimpering of the other men. He didn't bother worrying over whether they're tower would make it to the walls. If anything he believed this whole assault was doomed to fail from the beginning. The warlord that hired him had certainly brought a lot of soldiers, but he doubted that there were enough to actually take and hold the ancient city. And that was assuming they would even managed to breach the gates. But he wasn't being paid enough to care whether they won or lost.

As the captain commanding the unit gave a holler, signaling that they were nearing the wall, the mercenary finally bothered to stand up. His crimson form towered over the others, and naturally the gravitated behind him. Let the big one go first, he figured with an annoyed snort. He didn't mind though, and just waited for the gang plank to lower.

Several tense seconds passed, filled with the sound of of arrows, rocks and even bullets (which caused the mercenary to sneer) peppering against the barriers of the tower. Some even managed to pierce through the wood, striking some poor sod in the chest or neck and sending them to the floor to bleed out.

finally after what seemed like an entirety, the massive drawbridge of the tower came down, hitting the stone of Central's walls with a booming noise. The men serge across onto the ramparts, some being cut down by ranged attacks, all shouting and cursing as battle was joined.

The mercenary, however, took his time. The war club resting upon his shoulder swayed with him as he almost seemed to swagger across the gangplank. He dragged his gaze slowly and methodically along the length of the city walls, taking careful note of where the defenders were and where the other towers hand made contact. He inhaled, taking in the heavy sent of blood, sweat, and gunpowder. He let the breath back out, smoke escaping from his lungs.

"Time to earn that coin." He muttered.

Seconds latter a fierce howl bellowed across the walls. Some of the attackers turned their heads and cheered, while the defenders let out groans of disrepair. launching itself from the gang plank, crush guards beneath his feet and swatting them aside with his war club as though they were flies, was the massive red form of Bliston Ascor.

The scourge of a thousand battlefields, had now joined this one.

The setting changes from The Gateway of Truth to The Red District

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Character Portrait: Raak Ertih (unit A-13) Character Portrait: Bliston Ascor
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The sound of the battle rang all the way to Raak, but his initial thought was which came first, the sound or his radio buzzing up with the command to go investigate. As such, Raak ran again.

As Raak got closer to the battle, he jumped from roof to roof, doing damage to some of the less sturdy ones. Every piece of cover was another resting spot for the cyborg. At about 300 yards from the battle, Raak noted the massive presence, while watching the obviously chaotic soldiers get slashed, stabbed, and shot.


"Bliston Ascor. Job: Mercenary. Standing: Neutral."

"The rest?"

"Some little local warlord. I doubt that we will need to get involved in the hunt for him."

"How sure are you?"

"Are you doubting me?"

"You sure aren't taking the time to doubt yourself."

"You're an ass."

"Thanks for noticing."

"Just shoot the pests crawling across the wall."

"Works for me."

Bliston would soon note, if he were observing, a small line shot coming from a far off roof top. All the shots of the constant fire were hitting those that surrounded him, specifically the warlords men. Not a single miss. Of course, if one paid close enough attention, the rounds had a level of sudden curving to their flight.

Even as some rounds would go between his legs, under his arms, outlining his body, etc., he would not get hit once.

The setting changes from The Red District to The Square of Eternity

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Character Portrait: Isis LaRouche Character Portrait: Bliston Ascor
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Isis made her way down to the Square of Eternity, the ceremony had all been set up, the bon fire, the decorations and the stage for the seer to announce the winter's arrival, the oracles would then see that she makes it back to her quarters before returning to the ceremony and making sure it stayed peaceful.

Suddenly there was a large bang and several scream, Isis was running toward the gateway of truth, everyone was running against her as she battled her way towards the gateway, her skirts been tripped over and stepped on as she ran to the walls, she looked up to see a behemoth of a man standing on top of the wall.

Isis was brought back from her vision by a large bang. Isis already knew what was happening and instead of checking it out, she made her way to the tower of truth to seek refuge inside its walls.

The setting changes from The Square of Eternity to The Gateway of Truth

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Character Portrait: Raak Ertih (unit A-13) Character Portrait: Bliston Ascor
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#, as written by Wake
A swing of steel, a crack of bone, and a spurt of blood. This signaled the start of a fresh corpse's flight from the wall and into the streets below. It was almost like a rhythmic motion in the way he worked. A continuous repeat of a swing and a crack, swing and crack, swing and crack. Broken bodies cast aside with each swipe of Bliston's war club. No real challenge in the wall guard, just conscripted troops lined up to hold off the attack.

Though he did start to notice that their were fewer reinforcements from his employer coming to back him up. It wasn't till after a few more kills that he started to notice the little blue shots whizzing past him. With all the noise atop the walls it had taken him a while to notice the extra gunshots. Now Bliston was not the thick headed brute everyone liked to paint him as, but even he had to wonder why none of the shots were hitting him. A lot of them came dangerously close, so close at times they almost grazed his armor. But they always hit someone else behind him, or to his side. And always it was one of the attackers.

He paused his march while in the process of strangling one defender that had somehow managed to slip through his reach. He stared down into the city below, trying to track where the shots were coming from. After a few seconds he finally spotted a muzzle flash from a far roof down below, and another attacker beside him fell over with a fresh whole in his chest. Bliston quirked an eyebrow, wondering why the sharpshooter was prioritizing the rank and file over the bigger threats like himself.

But then the man he had by the neck kicked him in the side and Bliston lost interest. He flicked his wrist, snapped the mans neck and threw him over the side down to the streets below. If the sniper wasn't going to shoot him, he wasn't going to bother asking why. He was getting paid to kill as many wall guards as he could before the battle was over. He wasn't about to put in over time on this job.

He continued on his way, smashing men against the stone as he went.

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Character Portrait: Raak Ertih (unit A-13) Character Portrait: Bliston Ascor
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"You're not doing much! If the chaotics get in the walls, it will be weeks before we clean them out."

"I'll fix it."

Rakk paused his fire for a moment of thought. The robotic eye was zooming in enough to identify what the siege towers were made of. Wood. "Perfect." Thought Raak. The next word to flow through his mind was 'fire.' With that, the gun that had previously been firing only solid rounds was now tuning to coat them in magical fire. Something that would light the wood faster than a regular fire.

The blue bullets that had been flying by Bliston were now flying towards the siege towers, leaving trails of red. Each hit cause a small explosion of fire to emit from the impact, burning down the towers within 10 minutes. If they managed to put out the fire, another round would hit the tower, with some possible pause.

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Character Portrait: Marius Layvione Character Portrait: Raak Ertih (unit A-13) Character Portrait: Bliston Ascor
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Hovering High Above The Raging Battle

"Free from the boundaries that bind us from the Heavens, I call out to the Great Tempest, that shrouds you from mortal man, I call upon the Book of the Storm." Marius shouted as heavy ominous gray storm clouds gathered above him forming into a thick black leather bound book with silver etchings along its face began to form before him. Obtenebrare Nubibus Ventorum Procurrit, Plaudite Tonitru, Iam Tempestatem Ad Ablutionem Inimici Mei! (Darken Clouds, Winds Rush Forth, Thunder Clap, Storm Henceforth to Wash Away My Enemies.) he chanted as the storm began to intensify, thunder and lightning clashed across the sky, and a horrific torrent of rain crashed down on the battlefield soaking only those attacking the city. As the rain fell faster it gathered on the enemy soldiers and they began to be swept away by the flooding caused by the enchanted storm.

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Character Portrait: Marius Layvione Character Portrait: Raak Ertih (unit A-13) Character Portrait: Isis LaRouche Character Portrait: Bliston Ascor
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Isis ran up the steps of the tower, she could hear her sisters all whispering and crying, they were scared, and rightly so. Isis burst into her room and grabbed her dagger, the blade glowly slightly as it felt her touch, she then covered her eyes with her hands, the tattooed eyes then started to glow a luminous purple, casting an eery glow around her room.
Her body remained in her room, yet her mind was sent to the battlefield. She was high above the scene, watching the outsiders lay seige to the city, she looked at the men that were attempting to get across the walls, their attempt was in vain, no one had ever breached the walls. She watched as one of the defenders set fire to the towers that had brought the invaders. Before she could watch the towers burn, storm clouds gathered and blocked her view.
Isis dropped her hands from her face and quickly turned, her dress flowing freely. Isis made it back out onto the streets and ran straight for the wall. Her dagger In it's hilt and her hands free to perform. Isis made it to the wall and quickly ascended the walls steps. She was swiftly meet with an opponent, one who did not expect Isis to fight back. Using her magic, she lifted the assailant and threw him off the wall, his body being swept away by the flooding. She then grabbed the hidden knives from her thigh and threw them, her telekinesis guiding them into throats and stomachs. She drew her dagger and ducked under an attacker's swing, her skirts tripping him up before she drove the dagger through his chest. She closed in on one of the towers and focused her telekinesis, crushing the base and pushing it away from the walls, topling the seige tower onto the army below.

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Character Portrait: Marius Layvione Character Portrait: Raak Ertih (unit A-13) Character Portrait: Isis LaRouche Character Portrait: Bliston Ascor
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Hovering High Above The Raging Battle

Marius watched as his handy work came to fruition. Then he saw her a beautiful white-haired maiden in a white and gold dress running towards the wall. Whoa, she's powerful! He thought to himself as he saw her aura come alive before him. Did she just launch those knives using telekinesis? he wondered who she was and who trained her so well. Then he noticed that the enemy towers were being blown apart. She must be the one doing that! Incredible, simply incredible. Marius once more brandished Reyna, gathering magic charged lightning within her blade he plummeted back to towards the ground. "I am the warrior-monk, Marius Layvione, known as the ex-Herald of the Creator, I ask you, those who are attack my adopted home, who has sent you here? If you do not stop your attack, I will be forced to use all of my might against you. the boy shouted from 16 parga above the highest point on the wall, his eyes glowing with magic and blood thirst.

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Character Portrait: Marius Layvione Character Portrait: Raak Ertih (unit A-13) Character Portrait: Isis LaRouche Character Portrait: Bliston Ascor
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Marius watched in awe as the tungsten beams rained down upon the enemy attacking the city. He slowly returned to the ground, casting a spell turning his clothes back to normal. "Phew, that was kinda close."

A high pitched whistle rang out from high above the city.

"Aaaaaarrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh.What is this?" Marius shouted as he fell to the ground unable to withstand the sound.

The setting changes from The Gateway of Truth to The Bay


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At that moment He arrived! Asmodeus DelaCourte, The Creator and his merciless bands of warriors, hordes of demons & armies of zombies descended upon Central. That attack was a distraction, created to bring the strongest warriors within the city to one area while the attack took place in the east.


And so begins the war that could end all life in Central.

The setting changes from The Bay to The Ancient Walled City, Central

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Character Portrait: Arom Character Portrait: Marius Layvione Character Portrait: Raak Ertih (unit A-13) Character Portrait: Isis LaRouche Character Portrait: Bliston Ascor
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Atop the Center Tower of The Library

Arom watched as it all happened; the attack on the wall, the bands of warriors entering the city and rampaging through it. He noted the different heroes he saw, a massive warrior whose intense strength and self reliance made him deadly, a young and beautiful seer whose faith and serenity made her light shine brighter than most any star, the assualt unit A-13 with his creative thinking and freedom of thought making him a great and powerful member of HPPF, and a young wolf who is striving to forgive himself for the mistakes he made. One of them must bare his symbol, he must test them to see who it is, this task may push them beyond their limits and may even kill them, but it must be done to see who will hold his great power.