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The Chronicles of Exas: Upheaval » Places

Places in The Chronicles of Exas: Upheaval

This is a list of locations that can be found in The Chronicles of Exas: Upheaval.

All Places

The Bay

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         "Hello, Asmodia. It's been much too long since we last spoke." Arom said as he formed beside the Creator.
"Arom, I hoped you would have the gall to show your self. Guards, arrest him." The Creator shouted, his eyes filled with hatred and malice.
"Sorry, I cannot stay, I have some heroes to empower. You may want to leave though, this dais is set to explode in, 3, 2,....." he vanished once more as the dais began to crack apart and erupt into flames.
"Damn that child, he will destroy everything I have planned. CAPTURE HIM, CAPTURE HIM AT ALL COSTS." he shouted as he faded out of the dimension.

Throw your beach parties whilest the sun is still in the sky, or you will never see the light of day again!

The Ancient Walled City, Central

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Atop the Center Tower of The Library

Arom watched as it all happened; the attack on the wall, the bands of warriors entering the city and rampaging through it. He noted the different heroes he saw, a massive warrior whose intense strength and self reliance made him deadly, a young and beautiful seer whose faith and serenity made her light shine brighter than most any star, the assualt unit A-13 with his creative thinking and freedom of thought making him a great and powerful member of HPPF, and a young wolf who is striving to forgive himself for the mistakes he made. One of them must bare his symbol, he must test them to see who it is, this task may push them beyond their limits and may even kill them, but it must be done to see who will hold his great power.

Welcome To Central

The Gateway of Truth

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         Marius stood slowly.
"I am going to tear him a new one. This is the last time he ruins everything I have!!" Marius said as his eyes began to glow and gray flames began to appear around him. Ego tradam formam hominis et digitos manus meas ut est figura morsu et ungues regem silva lupum placet ipse me cana..(I give up the form of man, of fingers and hands, to take on my true shape, that of fangs and claws, king of the forest, I accept myself as the gray wolf.) He shouted as the flames grew higher and higher until they fully engulfed him.

The flames die down and reveal a small wolf, as it stretched it form it began to grow larger and larger until it dwarfed the average man in its wake.

Marius trotted forth towards the beautiful maiden, catching her with his head and popping her side-saddle on his back as he began to hasten his pace, leaping up on to the nearest roof past a man in tech armour and bounding east across the many houses in their path.

"What is your name? I'm Marius! Yes, the guy you helped up. I will explain the transformation when we stop." the boy spoke to her using telepathy.

The only safe way to enter Central!

The Tower of Truth: Soothsayer Moan

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         Isis ran up the steps of the tower, she could hear her sisters all whispering and crying, they were scared, and rightly so. Isis burst into her room and grabbed her dagger, the blade glowly slightly as it felt her touch, she then covered her eyes with her hands, the tattooed eyes then started to glow a luminous purple, casting an eery glow around her room.
Her body remained in her room, yet her mind was sent to the battlefield. She was high above the scene, watching the outsiders lay seige to the city, she looked at the men that were attempting to get across the walls, their attempt was in vain, no one had ever breached the walls. She watched as one of the defenders set fire to the towers that had brought the invaders. Before she could watch the towers burn, storm clouds gathered and blocked her view.
Isis dropped her hands from her face and quickly turned, her dress flowing freely. Isis made it back out onto the streets and ran straight for the wall. Her dagger In it's hilt and her hands free to perform. Isis made it to the wall and quickly ascended the walls steps. She was swiftly meet with an opponent, one who did not expect Isis to fight back. Using her magic, she lifted the assailant and threw him off the wall, his body being swept away by the flooding. She then grabbed the hidden knives from her thigh and threw them, her telekinesis guiding them into throats and stomachs. She drew her dagger and ducked under an attacker's swing, her skirts tripping him up before she drove the dagger through his chest. She closed in on one of the towers and focused her telekinesis, crushing the base and pushing it away from the walls, topling the seige tower onto the army below.

Welcome, my child, I must tell you the sacred truth the glass has uncovered to the world.

The Square of Eternity

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"We have to find out what the hell that was!" Marius shouted as he used his powers to change his clothes in to battle garb.
"I'm accessing the security feeds from my net-com.......Celeste Borgianna, here,.....yes,......uh huh,......Marius Layvione,........Warrior class,.....yes, sir. Marius, do you think you would be willing to handle this situation, I've been called into the Counsel Building, & Counsel Head Luna asked if you would be interested in being paid to handle the situation at the gate?" Celeste said as she tried to keep up.
"I'll do it, go." he said as he grabbed Reyna off of his hip. "Awaken, Queen of Blood, Mistress of Calamity, Reyna, give to me your ancient might." The pole of the scythe extended downward to the length of 8 parga (10 feet) as the blade formed out from the top. The young man then proceeded to launch himself forward then taking off into the sky causing a sonic boom as he took off.

The Library of The Elders, The Tower of Truth, The Counsel Building, The Academy, and The Keep

The Red District

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         The sound of the battle rang all the way to Raak, but his initial thought was which came first, the sound or his radio buzzing up with the command to go investigate. As such, Raak ran again.

As Raak got closer to the battle, he jumped from roof to roof, doing damage to some of the less sturdy ones. Every piece of cover was another resting spot for the cyborg. At about 300 yards from the battle, Raak noted the massive presence, while watching the obviously chaotic soldiers get slashed, stabbed, and shot.


"Bliston Ascor. Job: Mercenary. Standing: Neutral."

"The rest?"

"Some little local warlord. I doubt that we will need to get involved in the hunt for him."

"How sure are you?"

"Are you doubting me?"

"You sure aren't taking the time to doubt yourself."

"You're an ass."

"Thanks for noticing."

"Just shoot the pests crawling across the wall."

"Works for me."

Bliston would soon note, if he were observing, a small line shot coming from a far off roof top. All the shots of the constant fire were hitting those that surrounded him, specifically the warlords men. Not a single miss. Of course, if one paid close enough attention, the rounds had a level of sudden curving to their flight.

Even as some rounds would go between his legs, under his arms, outlining his body, etc., he would not get hit once.

The Red District is dangerous, deadly, hot, wild, sexy, closed-in, dirty, and mischievous.

The Library of the Elders

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"Hmm, 'A Guide to Demonology', 'Infernal Beings', 'Anatomy of Demonkind', 'Hell Spawn, Kairu, Demons, & other Chaotic Being' & 'Demonic Linguistics, Hierarchical Systems, and Mysticism'. I have so much research it isn't funny." A young man said as he carried a stack of very thick books down a lofty corridor off the 8th floor mezzanine.
"Marius, is it really that important to burn up the entire weekend reading book after book to try and figure out how to control your powers." a young woman said as she followed him the the stacks.
"Well, yes, Celeste, we don't need yet another repeat of what happened on the dance floor at Edi's. Do ya?" Marius said as he sat down at a desk.
"Alright, so which one should I read?" Celeste said as she sat down next to him.



They said in unison.

An ancient and mystical library with books, journals, scrolls, grimoires, codexes, and an infinite amount of secrets.

New Centuria

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