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The Chronicles of Exas: Upheaval

The Ancient Walled City, Central


a part of The Chronicles of Exas: Upheaval, by Calyx_Mason.

Welcome To Central

Calyx_Mason holds sovereignty over The Ancient Walled City, Central, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Central is the oldest and largest Settlement in all of Exas. Spanning 2000 Crela, its perimeter wall stands at 30 Crela high and 10 Premin thick Rumor has it that the walls are made of a material that doesn't exist and that the Square was originally brought here from another realm entirely. Magic flows through out this city. There are 5 major areas of the City; The Red District to the North, New Century to the south, The Gate Of Truth to the west, the Bay of Teraog to the east and in the midst of it all is the The Square of Eterntiy! The System of currency is mainly djemn, but gold and many precious metals are also used.
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The Ancient Walled City, Central is a part of The Chronicles of Exas: Upheaval.

5 Places in The Ancient Walled City, Central:

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Raak Ertih (unit A-13) [9] The greatest power comes from combining the weaker ones.
Bliston Ascor [2] "This contract is finished. Now where is my pay?"

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Character Portrait: Isis LaRouche
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Isis wandered down the streets, her silk gown drifted with the wind and her braided bun bounced with every step she took. Isis looked up at the red sky and smiled, the evening sun felt warm against her pale skin and her silver hair glistened gold in the sunlight. She heard footsteps behind her and she spun as gracefully as she possibly could.
"Lady Isis!" she looked at the man running towards her, his face red and his breathing heavy. "The preparations for the Two moon festival are ready." Isis bowed her head and smiled at the man before he scurried off.

Isis stepped onto the golden sand of the bay, the sand warm beneath her bare feet and the sound of the waves soothing her as she thought about the night ahead. She lokked up to the sky and the first stars had already appeared, yet the sun had yet to set. As she turned to leave, she thought she seen omething moving In the water, but she shrugged it off and returned to the main city.

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Character Portrait: Raak Ertih (unit A-13)
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The crowed city streets was filled with plenty of people in a rush, but one man stood out. He wore running shoes, sports shorts and shirt, and multiple sweat bands. Only a few hundred feet behind him, and gaining quickly, was a flash of blue.

The man kept running, looking for some way to dodge his attacker. He then spotted a small, dark alley. Hoping the his adversary wasn't nimble enough to go into the alley at speed, he made his turn. The wooden fence seemed to be his great escape. This was wrong.

The blue streak made the turn on a dime, shooting into the alley without trouble. Next thing the man knew, 374 pounds was upon him. With a silent shot, the man lay headless as the blue armor walked slowly off the body.

"Chaotic down."

"Oh look, there's a whole group from the very same band about a block down. Sending you navigation through the alleys. Don't want you getting caught."

"They won't last long."

"I don't expect them to."


The blue chunk of armor walked in the warehouse, not a single care. Even when they put all their ammunition into attempting to break the armor, which failed. They didn't exactly use the newest rifles on the market. Two shots from his rifle, and the rest of the chaotics were outside its effective range.

As they charged forward, Raak hit the first two with his pulsars. The rest came at him with pipes. The next attacker was taken out quickly with a quick punch to the throat, the one after that by a kick smashing in the ribcage. The final one attempted to make a run for it, only to have a bolt of lightning cut him clean in half.

"Chaotics down."

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Character Portrait: Raak Ertih (unit A-13) Character Portrait: Bliston Ascor
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"You're not doing much! If the chaotics get in the walls, it will be weeks before we clean them out."

"I'll fix it."

Rakk paused his fire for a moment of thought. The robotic eye was zooming in enough to identify what the siege towers were made of. Wood. "Perfect." Thought Raak. The next word to flow through his mind was 'fire.' With that, the gun that had previously been firing only solid rounds was now tuning to coat them in magical fire. Something that would light the wood faster than a regular fire.

The blue bullets that had been flying by Bliston were now flying towards the siege towers, leaving trails of red. Each hit cause a small explosion of fire to emit from the impact, burning down the towers within 10 minutes. If they managed to put out the fire, another round would hit the tower, with some possible pause.

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Character Portrait: Raak Ertih (unit A-13)
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"Can we authorize a sat strike?"

"Are you crazy?"

"It's a logical maneuver."

"Think outside killing chaotics for a moment and look into human reactions."

"Some politicians would get pissy, and some civies would get scared."

"That is exactly what we don't want. Publicity and popularity are how we are funded."

"We should reinvest our funding."

"That is not going to happen any time soon."

"So, satellite strike or no?"

"I'll see if it will get authorized. Don't count on it."

"Wait, I didn't realize I was counting!"


"1 dead body, 2 dead body, 3 dead body..."

"Shut up! You are sounding like an idiot!"

"I don't need to sound smart."

"Sometimes I can't stand you."

"I'm just doing my job."

Through the whole conversation, Raak stood still while watching the fighting and intimidation happy people. They were just trying to protect what they loved, nothing chaotic. This meant less to kill, which made Raak's job much easier, or at least less time consuming.

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Character Portrait: Raak Ertih (unit A-13)
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"You're live to the sat in 3... 2... 1... Now."

"Fire on coordinates 6, 1, 3 from Central, target zone is a group of a local warlord's men being washed from the walls of Central. Confirm?"

"Confirm, Central wall, warlord's men, large flows of unnatural water."

"Confirmed, make the zone hot."

"In progress."

A bright light seemed to come from the sky, soon being followed by a similar series in a rhythmic pattern. What began to hit the ground was chunks of tungsten the size of a suv, each. None of them had any particular shape, just a purpose. Destroy the hot zone. Then came the worst of the strike. A red beam the width of a comms tower began to burn across the hot zone, incinerating anything that wasn't dirt or stone, leaving nothing but ash.

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Character Portrait: Marius Layvione Character Portrait: Raak Ertih (unit A-13) Character Portrait: Isis LaRouche
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Isis destroyed the tower and killed the rest of the attackers in that section of the wall. She grabbed her throwing knives and made her way to another siege tower, slaying those that opposed her. Her dress was stained with blood and it managed to make her sigh as she walked to the next siege tower. She watched as Marius flew over them and called to the attackers.
"Foolish angel, they care only for their masters wishes." She whispered to herself as she picked up her pace to reach another tower. She stopped when a large bright light shot down on the battlefield. "By the Goddess." The beam shot down on the attackers, dark shadows dropped sown through the beam and it was followed by a red beam. Isis was so distracted by the beam that she hadn't noticed that some of the attackers had surrounded her. As soon as she noticed, she quickly ducked, a blade swinging above her head as one of them swung for her, she quickly lifted her foot to kick him in the chest, the sudden hit and force caused him to stumble back and fall over the edge and into the street. Isis' victory was short lived as the others made their attack, she was grabbed by the hair and then the others grabbed her arms and started pulling her towards the edge, Isis resisted as much as possible but they managed to hold on.

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Character Portrait: Raak Ertih (unit A-13) Character Portrait: Isis LaRouche
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Blue shots whizzed into the men trying to pull Isis. None missed, but they left enough of a trail to show that they moved slightly, though whether it was by their design, or by the wind, was unsure.

"34 by the rifle. 35 by the rifle. 36 by the rifle." Raak said as each shot took out its intended target.

"Seriously, you can stop counting now."

"Now where's the fun in that."

"You are a warrior, not a little kid. Act like it."

"Read my profile. I didn't have a childhood."


"Gotta re-live it, and make the best of the days I have."

"By annoying me."

"It makes them better."

"Not for me."


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Character Portrait: Raak Ertih (unit A-13) Character Portrait: The Creator
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Well, this was an interesting development. The Creator himself had come. His time was not now, as he used his horde of evil as a distraction. Well played, but the problem does present itself.

"I need more rounds."

"Are you going to play nice?"

"I would need to be alive to do that."

"If I don't have a promise, then why would I help?"

"Because letting me die has far worse a fate than letting me live."

"For you."

"And you, too."

"I don't see it."

"Look at where you are. Who is around you. Look at the beings who wear the same armor as me. Now, tell me what you see."

"My job, friends, and co-workers."

"Let one die, and they all turn against you."


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Character Portrait: Marius Layvione Character Portrait: Raak Ertih (unit A-13)
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"Alright, we got a live fire satellite in the area. You may want to cover your eyes, it's using a holy beam."

"You trying to make me burn."

"No, yes, just a little."

"You could have just asked. Gasoline is cheaper than holy water."

The weapon that shot down from the sky was not what most would expect from tech people. A short, 15 second, blast shot from the sky, the color of Heaven's gates. All that was unholy that it touched was turned to simple dust and dirt. The general would find himself suddenly missing a whole quarter of his army.

"Is that all they have?"

"Ye..." *radio static*

A giant wolf then shot across the roof next to Raak, causing it to shake, and the cyborg to look back and think 'that's helpful.' Shortly after, speaking to himself, Raak said "Fucking telepathy. The one weakness of our comms."

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Character Portrait: Marius Layvione Character Portrait: Isis LaRouche
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Isis was lifted by something she couldn't see, but she felt some type of fur rubbing against her bare skin and she was then swung onto the back of a huge wolf. "By the goddess!" she swore under breath, unsure whether to feel scared or safe. Then she heard a voice in her head and instantly felt reassured that she was safe, she then clutched his fur, her hands soft and delicate and careful not to hurt the wolf she was riding. "Isis, I'm an oracle, I tend to the needs of the seer and grant the citizens the sight I have as a gift."
She looked out at the rooftops before them, some archers had positioned themselves so as they were blocking the way. "Keep going." She told the wolf as she focused her energy on forming a shield around them, the shield was much like Isis' aura only it caused a slight blurring when it pulsed and it was completely transparent beside the faint glow it caused. "Trust me."

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Character Portrait: Arom Character Portrait: Marius Layvione Character Portrait: Raak Ertih (unit A-13) Character Portrait: Isis LaRouche Character Portrait: Bliston Ascor
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Atop the Center Tower of The Library

Arom watched as it all happened; the attack on the wall, the bands of warriors entering the city and rampaging through it. He noted the different heroes he saw, a massive warrior whose intense strength and self reliance made him deadly, a young and beautiful seer whose faith and serenity made her light shine brighter than most any star, the assualt unit A-13 with his creative thinking and freedom of thought making him a great and powerful member of HPPF, and a young wolf who is striving to forgive himself for the mistakes he made. One of them must bare his symbol, he must test them to see who it is, this task may push them beyond their limits and may even kill them, but it must be done to see who will hold his great power.