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The Chronicles Of Exas

Alvious Continent


a part of The Chronicles Of Exas, by Calyx_Mason.

Welcome to the Alvious Continent. Home of 12 sectors, 500 cities, and over 14 billion people.

Calyx_Mason holds sovereignty over Alvious Continent, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

273 readers have been here.


A massive strip of land set between two oceans, The Serpati and the Criota, three mountian ranges, two deserts, and part of it is in the southern most Sector, Sector 19, Glaciel Plains.
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Alvious Continent

Welcome to the Alvious Continent. Home of 12 sectors, 500 cities, and over 14 billion people.


Alvious Continent is a part of Exas, The 3rd Planet from the Sun.

2 Places in Alvious Continent:

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Character Portrait: Dante 'Kuro' Alistair Scarlet
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#, as written by zody
Dante Alistair 'Kuro' Scarlet

"Heheheheh~ Well aren't you just the sweetest little plaything ever?~" Kuro booted the man through the wall, sending him into the street right in front of a crowd of people. Kuro smirked, jumping out of the hole after the man and stretching their arms. "You know, you have valuable information. Unfortunately, there are others with this information as well. Goodnight~". Kuro smirked and pulled the man up off of the floor, biting down into his neck and viciously tearing the man's throat out before beginning to devour the poor man. The surrounding people were stunned to see Kuro's mouth open to impossible lengths as the man was swallowed whole. Kuro wiped their mouth as it changed back to it's normal size, and grinned. "Anyone else want a piece of me?~". Kuro waited for a few moments before laughing and raising their arm, a snake leaping out from their sleeve and landing just in front of them. Kuro leaped into the air as the snake's size grew exponentially, and it suddenly took off towards central.

Kuro had been sent to track down a possible lead to Marius, but the man had turned out to be nothing but a washed-up scumbag who happened to try and grope Kuro's female form. Although, he could hardly be blamed. Kuro's female forms was one of the most beautiful beings in all of Exas, votes had showed. It also guaranteed a meal almost every night, and... 'other' benefits. Kuro surveyed the countryside as they rode on their snake, Orochi, and sighed. 'I did it again, didn't I? I lost control and ate that guy, just like I knew I would... Why can't I control myself?! Why can't I just fit in with humans?!'. Kuro gripped their arm, clawing at it until it bled, covered in scratches and cuts as Kuro roared in anger. "GOD FUCKING DAMN IT!"

Kuro sighed as Orochi landed smack-bang in the middle of a street in Central, and smiled. "Alrighty, now where?~".

2 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Dante 'Kuro' Alistair Scarlet Character Portrait: Domini "Iglassius" Saratine
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#, as written by Damioa
'Damn. People can't hid their energy for the love of Gabriel.' Domini cursed to himself. Gabriel was an arch angel that he knew from past missions and his old friend? No. He wouldn't call it that. He had finished his old cigarette and popped another one in his mouth. He didn't like feeling people's energy. It threw him off guard. He could've sworn he felt the power of an angel for a brief second and also the power of something else. Was it a demon? He couldn't tell. It was too noisy in the air. Energy was all over the place. The only reason he could point out an angel was because they had a different aura that wasn't matched by most. He made his way into the city that he came upon. He asked an old man which entrance was it so he could get a sense of direction. The man said that he came from east and Central was further east in the city. He looked deep into the old mans soul to tell if he was a liar. It proofed null. The old man was dirty but he wasn't a liar. He was a thief though so Domini checked his person for his smokes. 'Good still there.'

"AHHHHHh-AHHHH. Demon. Beast. Monsterrrr!!!!!!" He heard a group of people yelling and screaming in fear of something. 'Micheal, what now?' He cursed to his elder. A man with a tattered soul, full of sorrow and misery came running to him. "Kid you better run. There's a beast in town. Although it's not an unusual occurrence. But either way this fiend is in the form of a girl, but she isn't. She's a monster. She has a cute look to her but she's a man eater and a serpent whisperer. That wretched creature killed one of my friends. He owed me 5 Silver pieces." The man warned him.
"Calm down."Domini said while lighting another cigarette. "Call me kid again and you'll be in hell faster than you can blink. Now where is this thing?" He asked. 'This might be easier than I expected. Kill evil. Go home. Damn. They should of sent someone else.'

The man talked in a now fearful tone. "It went off that way." The man pointed north. Domini scratched his head. He felt a strong presence north, but and even stronger one east. He decided to go north seeing as that direction was the cause of the screaming. He let out his demon wings and took off into the sky to get a better view of things. He saw some other winged beast far off from him. Maybe 29-30 miles. He ignored it and went North.

'Well your not hard to find are you pal?' He thought to himself as he flew over a huge snake. "Democlabre!" He yelled out to summon the sword of the demon king. It was a broad katana with a for at its tip and ridges on its reverse side. The black handle had a curve but no knuckle guard. He threw the sword at the snakes tail to stop it dead in its tracks so he could see the person riding on it and declare for himself whether or not He/She needed to be judged.

He landed in front of the trapped snake looking straight at its head at its master. "Sorry to catch you by surprise when you seem to be in a rush but," He closed his eyes and re-opened them turning the irises yellow and the pupil into a slit line, "It's time to judge you." He wasn't one to fight without judging first because he didn't like killing innocent. He always felt the urge to kill even a kid who had just tainted his soul a little bit by bullying a weaker kid, but he never followed through with that. He looked at what seemed to be a very attracted lady. He could tell by her soul that she wasn't human but something was off. 'Un-Judgeable?'
Surely this wasn't going to be an easy confrontation for him.