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Ar'vil Sara'tur

A builder, always frustrated.

0 · 460 views · located in Skysong Orchard

a character in “The Chronicles Of Galeia | Ballad of Calraida”, as played by Spearheader


  • Name: Ar'vil Sara'tur
  • Gender: M
  • Age: 175
  • Alignment: NG
  • Race|Species: Dwarf
  • Breed|Subspecies: Dwai'rinian
  • Height: 4'1"
  • Weight: 150 lbs
  • Physical Description: Ar'vil is a bit short even for a dwarf, which means that in the lands of humans and elves he's pint-sized, but his height's more than made up for by his stocky build, the result of many years of intense discipline and training. He has blue eyes, which glow red in the darkness, and platinum blonde hair--a bit rare for a dwarf, but not unheard of--and sports it shaven at the sides and with a long, braided beard. These adornments are not just for style, but to represent particular honors he's received during his time in the dwarven service. As for his facial features, angular is the word that comes to mind--he's got a prominent forehead-ridge, a big, hookish nose, and a wide mouth to match. Not to mention, his eyes seem to be much more horizontal than vertical in dimensions. He carries a good crossbow with him for a weapon, and although he hasn't yet been able to buy good armor (or a forge), he's managed to find some decent padded armor in Crescent Sable.
  • Personality: Ar'vil is a dwarf of high standards, high curiousity, and frequent annoyance. Everything he's achieved, he's done through work, and he doesn't tolerate slacking or slack performances. He'll even make a challenge sometimes (to people he respects) of who can do a job better. He values craftsmanship and technological achievement as well, and finds the largest works to be the most amazing (which is what drove him to join the mines in the first place). This also drives him to harshly criticize shoddy craftsmanship wherever he sees it, and out here in the surface world, he sees it a lot. Unless he's sorely disrespected, he'll also quickly adapt his methods when he sees something better in use--his reaction to displays of power is "get me some of that", not fear or envy.
  • Equipment: Crossbow (50 bolts). Padded leather armor.
  • Mounts: N/A
  • Pets|Companions: Scar'chi. A harmless 2-foot long/wide giant spider that imprinted on Ar'vil on his way up, and the need for companionship overwhelmed his better judgement. He's grown attached to the thing, and while getting it to follow commands has been difficult, he can now at least make it "heel".
  • Abilities|Skills: Good Shot With a Crossbow
    Hundred-year old craftsman--he knows how to build a lot of things, though he's best at larger structures and architecture. He could probably forge a decent weapon too.
    Tough Lil' Sunavabitch--he can stay alive or standing while dealing with a lot more than the average bear. Though not necessarily literally.
    Handy with an axe
    Drunken Brawling
    Spider-rearing facts
  • Disadvantages|Worst Skills: Linguistics--Most dwarves spend a bit more time learning the tongues of the other races than Ar'vil ever thought to do. He was always busy at a mine or in a forge. As such, he can only speak a very broken Common Tongue, and knows almost nothing of the hidden tongues of surface races. He can actually discern a decent amount of dark elf and similar tongues, though decent here only means things like "attack", "fall back", "flank and so on.
  • History: From an early age, Ar'vil was always interested in mines and how they worked, and so whenver he got the chance, he learned about them. Even as he was fighting in the Dwarven service, he sought out those who'd been miners at some point before the battle, in between training and fighting, and the greatest takeaways he had were these: Mines were always improvable things, and mines could always be at risk of disaster. So, as his service allowed him to supervise a mine when his allotted time was over, he would take the time to observe the mines in more detail--take notes on how they were built, and on how to build them safer and better. And in time, he learned as well that certain mines were being built very poorly.

    So, he starting submitting plans to build them better--requesting that changes be made however and whenever he could. And every time, he was blocked on the most ridiculous and technical of grounds. After a bit of volcanic anger he vented about this horrible state of affairs in a bar on the wrong person, he was subject to punishment. Not the worst punishment--he was held in too high esteem to have his eyes plucked out--but very close to it, for you see, he was left naked and unarmed in a random underground tunnel. After many years of this torture, he finally was able to escape, but not to his homeland...instead, he would soon find the surface world.

So begins...

Ar'vil Sara'tur's Story