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Rhea Pendrake

A nomad with a burdensome mission. The weight hangs heavily upon her but failure is not an option.

0 · 137 views · located in Kizara

a character in “The Chronicles of Kizara”, as played by XianEvermor


Name: Rhea
House: Pendrake

Rhea is tall and slender, as members of house Pendrake tend to be, and has long golden-brown hair that would tumble about her shoulders and back if she did not keep it in a tidy braid ending at her hips. She secures her hair with a slender black ribbon tied into a bow. She wears some loose fitting black pants secured at her waist by a red leather belt. On her feet are flat black boots with armored toes and shins, which suggests she may be wearing a discrete HEV underneath her normal garb. About her torso is a dark red leather jacket that has a collar which covers her neck, and is always zipped completely to the top. Rhea's hands are always covered with tight fitting gloves and over everything she wears a flowing forest colored cloak which has a loose hood she sometimes hides her face with. Rhea has full red lips and a softly curved face, accented with a dark, almost emerald-like green gaze that feels as though it could almost pierce through you.


Rhea feels like a cold, almost broody individual at first, but those who push past her icy exterior may find a soft-hearted soul who struggles with the meaning of her house code and fights with her conflicted emotions. She has a hard time trusting, because of the events of the household civil war whose scars still linger even though it was long ago. Time doesn't heal every wound.


Underneath her clothes, Rhea wears an ultra-light HEV suit which is little more than a skin-suit with some armored plates integrated into it and a small battery pack to power the suit's barrier. Since the suit lacks a helmet, which comes with the fancy AI which assists with targeting and managing the functions of the suit, her barrier must be switched on by hand via a small button on her belt next to the hilt of her sword. The ultra-light HEV is not environmentally sealed.

Strapped diagonally across her back with its hilt facing the ground near her right hip is a longsword in a worn out leather scabbard that has seen long years of use. The scabbard has a small, easily unbuckled snap which holds the blade in place, without which the sword would easily slide out and fall to the ground. The hilt of her sword is a polished silver-looking metal, with the handle wrapped in soft leather and ridged with a thick leather cord to make it easy to grip. On the rounded pommel of the blade is set a deeply shaded ruby which almost seems to glow with a fire inside of it. The cross-guard is simple, extending outward to a small rounded point on what would be considered the "front" of the blade, with a curved indentation on the underside that looks as though it was meant for her index finger, almost like a trigger. On the opposite side, the hilt is rounded out to cup her hand between her index finger and thumb, and prevent her hand from slipping upwards onto the blade. All of the leather work on the blade, including the scabbard appears hand-crafted, most likely by her.

Rhea does not currently own a ship.

Blade Resonance and the Quick-Blade: Rhea's bond with her weapon allows her to perform something called "blade resonance." By tuning her energy wavelength with the spirit of the weapon, she can create a resonance field around the edge of the weapon. This works by allowing her energy to course through the blade, causing the weapon to vibrate at such a high frequency that it warps natural energy currents along its blade. Using this technique, she can cut through steel as though it were butter, or use her sword to deflect fire from Rails and Lances, though because of the way the resonance works, it's much easier to deflect a shot from a Lance than a Rail slug. When drawn, the blade resonance causes her sword to sing, almost like a crystal glass.

The "Quick-Blade" is Rhea's fighting style. She has trained herself to draw and sheath her sword with such speed that it can hardly be followed by the naked eye. The fact that Rhea is also ambidextrous and can draw her sword equally as fast with either hand makes her a difficult opponent to face. Her style focuses largely on sword-drawing techniques, and slashes that move to and from her scabbard. She can focus her powers into a single devastating blow, or strike her opponent twenty times in the blink of an eye. When defending, the style focuses on violently slapping away incoming attacks rather than trying to block or stop them, and the style is at its weakest when she is forced to keep her sword out for extended periods of time. As you can imagine, using the quick-blade is very taxing.

Other Noteworthy Abilities: By bonding with the spirit of her weapon, she has become much quicker than the average Kizaran. She can scale vertical walls by running straight up them, and she possesses a natural agility that would make a professional gymnast envious. Also, by accelerating her neural impulses, she can observe things at a reduced speed, which gives her an uncanny ability to make split second decisions and lightning fast reflexes. This ability, however, does not make her any faster than she already is. Rhea also does not currently possess any markings or tendencies which could suggest the ability to use "Infinite Sight."


The long history of betrayal and war amongst the Pendrake house is well known, so it's no surprise that someone who lived through it would be slightly traumatized. The amazing fact is that she seems to have weathered the war without so much as a scratch to show for it. How she did this is currently unknown. What is known, is that she recently and suddenly appeared on the bridge of the Daine battleship "Grudge Bearer" looking pale and surprised, and nobody can figure out how she got there, not even her. An investigation has discovered that her recent past is obscured, and she has trouble remembering anything clearly since the end of the last large-scale conflict within the Pendrake house, which happened when she was a child, making her at least 400 years old: barely considered an adult. She is currently being held in the "Grudge Bearer's" brig and awaiting transportation to a Daine house controlled station for a formal investigation.

So begins...

Rhea Pendrake's Story