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Scarlett Wolfwood

"Claymore..." an Arbiter from house Wolfwood?

0 · 324 views · located in Deep Thoughts, by Orion

a character in “The Chronicles of Kizara”, as played by XianEvermor


Tall, athletic, well toned... traits you would not expect on a career politician. She carries herself with confidence and authority as one would expect, save her footfalls are delicate and make nary a sound. Scarlett's eyes are pure white and lack pupils. Because of this they are often expressionless and unreadable: the perfect facade for someone who's job often requires her to speak in half-truths, misdirect, mislead, or otherwise beguile others into agreeing with one another. Her hair is silver and tumbles in perfect waves down her shoulders and back, always appearing neatly brushed even though she makes no attempts to style it. Her face is very plain, devoid of any kind of makeup, and her skin is pale enough to deduce that she spends most of her time on ships or stations. Her silver hair and white eyes in combination with her pale complexion gives her an almost ghostly appearance. Like her companion, she chooses not to hide her HEV with fancy clothing, only with a hooded black cloak. Her HEV is obviously a custom build, made to resemble the armored suits of old with stylishly curved armored plates engraved with draconic script. From its elegance and perfection of form one could guess it was crafted by a Daine armor smith. Always in one hand is a long obsidian cane featuring a silver wolfs head at the grip and silver threading about where she keeps her hand. Slightly more than one meter in length, it has a slight but noticeable curve to it with a well scuffed metal tip. Etched into the stone, along the length of the shaft is a great Wyrm coiled about a western-style claymore. The engraving glows very slightly, suggesting that the obsidian contains natural deposits of mage-stone within it.

Always by her side is a tall, bull of a man, more than seven feet in height and half as much wide, rippling with more muscles than your average body builder. Unlike Scarlett, her assistant never shows his face in public, so nobody quite knows what he looks like, save her. He always wears the ominously painted mask of his HEV's vaguely skull shaped helmet. White paint, stark against the matte black armored plates, intertwining into an intricate tribal design which begin in jagged points at the bottom of his left jaw, curve elegantly up over his eye and cradle the back of his head, swooping down his neck and becoming the sigils for "sword" and "demon" at the center of a knotted cross. The ocular sensors of his helmet glow an uninviting red, and the suit's vox makes his voice sound deep and foreboding. Astaroth is what she calls him, though there is no way to tell whether or not that is his real name. It is obvious, from the bulk of his HEV suit that parts of it come away and become weapons, but until he uses them it's unsure what exactly he could be carrying.


Cryptic and aloof at times, charming at others. Scarlett can just as soon soothe tempers with a disarming flip of her silver hair and a sweet smile as her sharp words can cut deeply, judge, drive others to anger, or goad grudging respect from people. As an Arbiter from house Wolfwood, being able to do these things is her job and she plays the role as though she had been born to play it. In certain circles, however, she has a less than sterling reputation... every organization has that section of operation that nobody likes to talk about, and when "Claymore" is mentioned in the Arbiter's break room, the gossip at the water cooler is likely to go silent along with the rest of the talk in the room, replaced by looks of unease and fear.

Astaroth is her personal "assistant." Meaning he's her servant, bodyguard, secretary, chef, pilot, mechanic, and fashion consultant... being blind comes with certain disadvantages and Astaroth fills those gaps wherever he can. He doesn't speak around others if he can avoid it, but lurks in Scarlett's shadow wherever she goes so that he can be at her beck and call. Some might find such servitude as distasteful, or even offensive but he endures it, even when his lady's tongue is sharp. Astaroth's loyalty is never to be questioned: if she ordered him to step in front of a speeding train for her, he would do it without a second thought.


Ship: Lunar Soul
Ship Size: Transport Class
Description: Ships that come from the Daine or Phoenix shipyards have a similar style: graceful, elegantly curved. "Masterfully crafted." Being crafted by artists and ship-lovers, they are made to be things of beauty and art on top of being tools of war. Ships belonging to the Arbiters of house Wolfwood lack all of this flair. Being blind, they have no use for the "posh and elegance" of other houses and prefer a utilitarian look. On the outside, their ships are rough and unforgiving. There's no hiding weapon emplacements with elegantly curved hulls or cowled covers. Unlike the sweet face of its pilot, there is nothing disarming about the Lunar Soul, just looking at it lets you know that the ship is very obviously armed and is not there to let sleeping dogs lay. The Lunar Soul's interior is a different story, however. The interior design is very ergonomic, being designed largely for the blind members of the crew. There are no sharp angles anywhere inside the ship, and each corridor has a rail on either side. The deck plating is segmented, allowing deposits of glowing Mage-Stone to be infused in the floor, creating lead lines to and from every area of the ship. Even the signage is made with this glowing crystal... why? Because Wolfwood are sensitive to the energy the crystal radiates and it allows them to "see" their way around the ship. The Lunar Soul lacks windows save on the bridge, as is common on Wolfwood ships since the crew tends to be visually impaired, but the pilots are usually not.

Armament: the Lunar Soul has six plasma cannons mounted on turrets along the length of the ship, and two twenty-kilo anti-ship rail batteries on a fixed dorsal mount at the front of the ship. There are also unconfirmed rumors that ships belonging to "Claymore" carry a compliment of torpedoes and plasma bombs, as well as robust barriers and armor.

The Lunar Soul has an over-sized drive core and is equipped with combat thrusters, giving it above average speed for its size and agility close to a large fighter. It also has an experimental drive called "Micro-FTL," which is a module that consumes a small amount of jump-fuel to temporarily accelerate the ship to a fraction of light speed. Useful in combat to close large gaps quickly, or to make hasty retreats. The module is taxing on the core, able to drain the ship's energy capacitors very quickly if left on for very long. The module also generates an enormous amount of heat, significantly increasing the ship's signature radius while in use.

Other Equipment:
Her HEV, Cane... and Astaroth

Abilities of Note: Being born of house Wolfwood has made her blind, but it has also heightened her other four senses to what would be considered super-human norms. She can hear and smell as well as any canine, taste the individual ingredients of a meal, and read written script by touch. In addition, she has inherited her house's ability to weave ambient energy into power. She is truly a "spell-shaper" in every sense of the word, able to transmute the energy she wields into any element she chooses. She can conjure fire, water, or ice, or weave the energy into the ground and shift the earth. Even metal bends to her whims, though not as minutely skillful as a Daine metal-shaper. Her ability allows her to mimic a wide array of abilities in addition to manifesting pure energy. Like her house brethren, her power is largely fueled by the "Tide:" an intelligent energy force which blankets the known universe. The Tide is in turn fueled by density of life, which poses an interesting dichotomy for the Wolfwood: weilding the Tide allows them to use very little of their own power and in areas where the Tide is abundant a single Wolfwood spell-shaper can be an intimidating force. Out in the void the Tide is spread quite thin and even advanced spell-shapers must use quite a bit of their own power to sustain their abilities. Inventive spell-shapers not above a little "crude improvisation" can tap other sources of energy to fuel their powers...


To be written... no spoilers for you!

So begins...

Scarlett Wolfwood's Story