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Adriac Veras

0 · 59 views · located in Varnic

a character in “The Chronicles of Riv'nar”, as played by Adriac


Race: Human
Age: 47
Height: 5'11''
Status: Active
Nationality: Imperial Riv'nar
Class: Ranger (uses bows and swords)
I could not find a good picture for Adriac, so I will give a description and you may turn it into a portrait if you wish.

Description: Adriac has dark brown hair, matching eyes, fair skin, and a light beard. Underneath the struggle of the road shown on his face lies a handsome individual. The ranger believes in speed rather than brute strength, and has tuned his body likewise by toning his muscles rather than making them larger, and so he may be considered puny by those who see him nestled in his traveller's clothing and armor. He stands 5'11'' tall but only weighs around 150 pounds.


Personality: Adriac is dependable, but likes to keep himself distant emotionally. The life of an adventurer is hard enough without throwing in the emotional struggles that are best dwelt with in a steady environment and place to call home. He is used to being in charge of himself, and does not submit well to the rule of others..unless paid to do so. Adriac does not claim loyalty to any particular person, and so many consider him a mercenary. The truth is that Adriac just wants to a live a life without attachments, and only associates with the rulers of Riv'nar (or other employers) in order to provide himself with the money he needs to buy food and supplies.

Relationships: As of now, Adriac has few real relationships..but does have associates in places of knowledge that keep him informed of job oppurtunites and the news of the land. His only primary relationship is with his companion, his twin sister.


Weapons: As a ranger, Adriac prefers to keep his enemies at a distance with his longbow. This longbow is made of dark ebony wood, and has a quiver full of matching, steel-tipped arrows to go with it. One of Adriac's associates is able to provide him with many of these arrows that the ranger has grown to love over the years. Adriac also knows that one can not expect to keep his enemy at bay every time, and so he also wields a strange short sword known as a yatagan. It consists of a single-edged blade with a marked forward curve and a hilt formed of two grip plaques attached through the tang. The gap between the grips is covered by a metal strap, which is decorated with silver. The blade is 65cm long and is curved forward with a backwards recline towards the very end for cruel thrusts. This blade form is often referred to as being 'recurved.' While the back of the blade is made of softer steel, the sharp edge is made of hard, tempered steel for durability. Adriac is left handed, and so this blade rests on his right hip in its scabbard. On his back lies Adriac's melee defense, a wooden round shield with iron bandings for reinforcement. This round shield is close to 2ft in diameter.

Sword image:
Shield image: ... Shield.jpg

Armor: Adriac's armor consists of bracers, shin guards, a breastplate, and chaps (thigh guards) made of hardened leather. These offer some protection against projectiles and against slashing attacks, while not inhibiting his movement as metal armor would. They are light weight and comfortable, allowing Adriac to wear them through the night while on the case he has to wake up and fight suddenly. The ranger wears simple black clothing made of linen cloth over this armor.


Adriac Veras used to serve as a soldier in the Imperial army, but after his enlistment was over he quickly resigned and became an adventuring ranger. The half elf was simply too much of a free spirit for the rigid codes and commands of the army's officers and generals. Becoming an adventurer has allowed Adriac to see much of Riv'nar, and some say that he has visited other nations in the past. He and his twin sister, Adria Veras, travel together.

(I will post a profile for her as well, it will be up shortly)

So begins...

Adriac Veras's Story