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Kimber Amadrim of Fellhaven

A female legionnaire. Battle hardened, expert swordswoman, decent archer.

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a character in “The Chronicles of Varnic: Calitora Prime”, as played by Selene Durlan


Kimber has a figure any normal woman would envy. A full bosom, slender waist, long legs, delicate hands. She stands a sturdy 5’7” with short cropped fiery red hair. Her bright blue eyes often hold a guarded wary look. Her fair skinned face is slightly angular in shape, with high cheekbones, thin lips and sharply curved eyebrows. She keeps her head up and looks everyone she meets in the eye. Kimber has gained many scars in battle, but the most noticeable one reaches from across her right eyebrow to the top of her cheekbone.


Kimber keeps her emotions under tight control; she is patient when teaching new recruits and slow to anger otherwise, except concerning taunts about her gender or her abilities as a soldier. She broke many a man’s nose for such behavior. Smiling does not come easily to her. As a rule Kimber rarely speaks her mind, preferring to watch and learn from others mistakes. She is considered a flawless soldier, loyal, brave and deadly with many weapons. Her comrades claim she emanates an almost eerie calm during battles; turning her into a merchant of death. She has never left a soldier behind on the field. She loves reading; whenever there is a spare moment she will turn to a book always hungry for more knowledge.


Armor is a mix of steel and strong leather interlacing.
Breast plate has the legionnaire symbol emblazoned upon the center with swirls gracing the outer edges. A crimson cloak attaches at her shoulders.
Dark green shirt and pants underneath her armor.
Rust colored stone attached to a piece of leather around her neck.
Sturdy wedge shaped shield also carrying the legionnaire symbol.
Double-edged sword tied at her side.
Daggers hidden in various sheaths along her legs, arms, and waist.
Elegant longbow with a complimenting sheath of arrows.

Sack of food.
Cooking utensils.
Cloak and traveling dress.
Couple of books.


Kimber Amadrim is the daughter of a weaver and blacksmith, unable to face a future as the wife of a respected carpenter, farmer or trader she decided to leave her small village of Fellhaven and become a soldier. After much resistance from her parents she eventually convinced her father to forge a sword and shield for her. Once complete she left her home without a backward glance and searched out the nearest military fort.

Being female in the military was no easy task; she was often forced to sleep with one eye open for fear of a nighttime visitor. However she also discovered her feminism could be used to further her military goals, charming city officials and military officers she gained ranks quickly. Few challenged her rise through the ranks; those that did were quickly quieted by coin or sword.

Years passed while Kimber worked to gain the rank of captain, once attained she took a step back from the constant game it had taken to get the position; Her beloved Rivian had become a place of tyrants and starving common folk. She could not believe she had been a part of it, doing the bidding of the selfish royals; putting down uprisings of starving peasants without hesitation or regret. Disgusted with herself she left the military, but not before escorting three chests of gold across the land with 20 of her loyalest legionnaires, she decided and take the gold, cheating the nobles out of more illgotten gold. She now travels with her entourage across the country. She also rides a blue roan war horse.

So begins...

Kimber Amadrim of Fellhaven's Story

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Former Praetor Kimber Amadrim and her band of twenty loyal legionnaires had been riding tirelessly for the past week, even though the crime had been flawless; Kimber insisted they move quickly away from the scene. Arriving in the bustling town of Vantia just before dusk, Kimber immediately began inquiring a suitable Inn for her men to stay the night. She knew that with the three chests of gold they had hidden in the wagon, having an expensive room for all would be no burden. However Kimber decided it was best to keep the gold hidden for now. After much deliberation with her lieutenant, Elim it was agreed the group would stay at a quaint establishment named The Bronze Inn.

While her soldiers took the horses and wagon around back to the stable, Kimber pulled the hood down of her cloak obscuring her face and walked in alone. Upon entrance Kimber became aware of a disagreement occuring among some pitchfork wielding farmers and two very tall men, the one who had rust colored hair and beard held himself like a commander. And the other appeared to be an-an elf? Kimber elbowed a few grungy looking commoners to better hear what the dispute was.

To her great astonishment the bearded man began speaking of the injustices done to the common even going so far to mention the unfortunate Mornian uprising, he also spoke of heavy taxes the nobles saddled the people with only to build gardens and satisfy their own selfish desires. She was filled with awe that this man would speak so openly against the King, especially since talk of such matters could cause one to be hanged without a trial. As his moving speech concluded the seemingly rabid mob dispersed and only a few remained, perhaps to seek advice or give the man some of their own. To keep his head down and not stir others into rebellious thought.

Kimber left the room unnoticed, which was quite easy since there were still plenty of people milling about. She convened with her band of soldiers who were still unpacking in the stable, telling them of her desire to meet this bold man and finding out who he is; there were a few against it. Seeing as the group needed to keep a low profile after the theft it would not be advantageous to associate with a possible rebel. However Kimber had not gotten to the rank of Praetor simply by her womanly charm, she was an excellent leader and quickly persuaded all twenty to follow her inside the Inn.

The only reason Kimber had not walked up alone to such a man was the fear he would see her as a loyal officer to the King and cut her down without a second thought, she had also taken notice of several armed men watching the bearded man during his speech and looked ready to defend him from the mob if needed.

Kimber strode through the door confidently her soldiers flanking protectively, their hands hovering over their sheathed swords. The officer stopped half-way across the room and spoke in a commanding voice, “Any person not allied with this man here, should leave for their own safety.” Gesturing to the imposing bearded figure with one of her armor incased hands.

The room cleared quickly, none wanting to be present should a battle happen. Kimber shrewdly eyed the bearded man's companions and was shocked beyond words, Artanis the legendary elven gladiator was standing just to the side of the bearded man. Recalling a time in her younger years when she had just been another legionnaire soldier, her battalion had gotten the chance to see the gladiator fight in the mighty Colosseum in Vantia. Never had she imagined to meet him in person.

A deep menacing growl suddenly emanated from the floor, angling her eyes downward Kimber caught sight of a simply massive black hound staring challenging up at her. Resisting her now strong urge to back away from the savage creature she took a few careful steps around the beast and faced the bearded man, at that moment she also noticed a small woman sitting on the bar stool behind the towering men, Kimber was slightly perplexed as to why the woman hadn't fled, it didn't appear as if she was being forced to stay.

Now Kimber simply had to know who the bearded man was and why he had such unique company with him. Using her commanding tone she asked, “Who are you to oppose the King and the way he handles affairs?” Her piercing blue gaze giving nothing away.

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Kimber was apprehensive about letting the un-kept looking young man go; after all there were very few female centurions and the youth had seen right through her masculine façade. If word of her survival reached the wrong ears it would make traveling for her and her group dangerous.
In the end it was best to make a good impression upon the bearded man and his followers; she nodded and allowed the boy to leave.

Removing her helm had a predictable result among the remaining people; even the bearded man seemed surprised at her appearance when a smile came to his face, Kimber knew she still retained her beauty and ability to catch men’s eyes. Looking to Artanis the elven gladiator she was unable to tell whether he was surprised or not to see a female Praetor. He did lift one elegant eyebrow, but that could mean a number of things.

Turning back to the bearded man, she offered they both sit and discuss certain subjects further. Kimber had her legionnaires remain by the door, then lowering her voice so only the two could hear one another. Kimber proceeded delicately with the negotiations taking the better part of an hour; she provided enough information to Gamaliel for him to trust her with a place in his retinue and both gave promises to each other.

Rising from her seat, she shook Gamaliel’s hand indicating their mutual agreement to join forces with Kimber’s gold thrown in to make their travels easier. Kimber actually graced Gamaliel with one of her rare smiles. He had given her a reason to hope for the future of Riv’nar.

“I shall cherish your company, Praetor Kimber, however uncertain it may be. Pressing times lay ahead and you must prepare yourself for the unknown. We’ll speak again at first light, but for now, let us retire; our men require rest as I'm sure you would also. Should you feel informatively inclined, you know where to find me.”

“I agree, we must rest for the night and will continue talks tomorrow.” Kimber replied.