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Everett Rosewood


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a character in “The Circus of the Increasingly Odd”, as played by Quitelovely487




Dear Journal,

My name is Everett Hanna Rosewood, but please feel free to call me Evie, Eve, or Ever. My birthday is June 1st and I'm 22 years old. It feels kind of surreal to write that, I never really thought I would make here, but alas... here I am.

I was born in Long Island, New York in the early nineties to a biracial couple. My father is Korean and my Mother is white and originally from the UK. That combination alone wasn't easy for a mixed, racially ambiguous kid living in one of the most racially segregated counties in the country. My features were always just foreign enough to not be my peers first choice for anything from kickball to a prom date. And I guess it didn't help that I was mute from birth. It was always an extremely isolating feeling, and a very cold feeling as well but as I got older and realized that I could live my life beyond the little island in a world as enchanting as Manhattan my world didn't feel so small or so cold.

Ever since I was seventeen years old I have lived on my own. Falling asleep sometimes under the veil of the light polluted New York sky and big ominous skyscrapers and at at other times looking up at the stuccoed ceilings in strangers homes wondering when I'd catch a break. Living on my own wasn't my choice to begin with but I certainly grew to love it after a while when I found more stability in life. My christening into the real world started when my Father made a bad investment on several stocks and basically lost every cent of the small fortune we had. It didn't take for him to lose his faith in everything, money meant everything to him. Or at least more than my Mother and I ever could... he took his own life about a week after the loss, and my Mom mentally checked out soon after. A mute girl, 5'7inches tall and no more than 125lbs soaking wet wasn't exactly the ideal candidate for roughing it on her own in the gritty streets of New York City, but I made it work.

I sustained myself by doing odd jobs for as long as I could but more often than not my muteness made me unemployable, I was always a pity or made people uncomfortable, so money was slow, almost non existent even for a really long time. If I was to survive it was imperative that I find a line of work that didn't require much communication and disturbingly enough I found it in sex work. At the age of 17 I was what the law deems to be a child prostitute, rather than a victim of

Can I reserve Audrey Hepburn, I will likely change the FC I just dunno to who yet. I will edit this post when I make up my mind~

Also do they have their afflictions or curses exist because they always had power and it had to be balanced out or did it come because of the contract? Also, did they have powers before they met the Tilda Swinton character?

Can her power be duplication instead of snake morphology?

I am thinking of using Ira Chernova as my FC:

So begins...

Everett Rosewood's Story

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Lola sighed and picked at her nails. She was leaning on one of the tent support poles watching the freaks all put in their last minute rehearsals for tonight. Lola was wearing tight black jeans and what was practically a black bra with extra straps attached. She narrowed her eyes as she saw the same performer forget her move for the fourth time in a row. The Circus had been in town for the last 10 days which the roadies had spent setting up the tent and infrastructure. So of course that meant the performing freaks had waited to the last minute to rehearse their performances.

"How are we looking for tonight?"

Lola forced herself not to jump in surprise. The Ringmaster was always very good at sneaking up on people and appearing behind you without you noticing. Lola would never get used to it. Without turning around, she replied, "Yeah. They've finished setting up. We have a fully booked show tonight and your freaks should be able to pull it together by then."

"We have a few VIPs coming tonight as well, so things better go well." The Ringmaster said sternly before soundlessly turning and leaving. They didn't even look over the performers rehearsing. The Ringmaster entrusted the running of the show to Lola, and they'd only step in after the show went badly.

Lola sighed after the Ringmaster left. As much disdain as she felt for the freaks, she couldn't just ignore them like she wanted. If they did badly tonight it was her ass on the line. The Ringmaster would blame her for anyone's failings. Then one of the acrobats fell and hit the cushioned mat they had laid down for rehearsals hard. Crossing her arms angrily, Lola took a few step into the center ring of the circus tent. "Get it together freaks!"
She yelled out to the entire group making it quite clear she was fed up with them. Then she turned and left the main tent.

Lola entered the showgirls van. Every surface and wall space was covered in costumes, mirrors, wigs, makeup and glitter. Of course at the far end of the van there was the largest cleanest mirror, that had lights around it. That was Lola's mirror. She made sure none of the other showgirls dared use it.

Currently the van was empty, but the other girls would be coming soon to get ready. Lola sat down in front of her mirror and started applying another layer of makeup. Of course she was never seen around the circus without thick makeup on. "Lunch." Aubrey entered the van holding a tray of sandwiches cut into triangles. Lola scowled. Aubrey was 13. She didn't have an oddity and was too young to be a showgirl. So she did the same things Lola used to; giving out sandwiches, cleaning, passing message around etc. The way Aubrey was eyeing up the showgirl costumes and glitter reminded Lola of her younger self.

If her heart wasn't so frozen over she might have felt pity for the young girl. Caught in a venomous trap but too starstruck to see it. All Lola felt was bitter though, soon Aubrey would be old enough to become a showgirl and she'd be young and youthful whilst Lola found herself getting older and older. When would she be too old and end up being replaced by a younger girl?

"Leave." Lola demanded after taking a sandwich half. She took a bite and threw the rest in the bin. She had a bmi she had to keep too. She couldn't control her age but she could control her weight. Sighing she sat down and started prodding at her face. She had age lines she hadn't seen on her face only a year before.