"Don't worry, I'm not offended. That would mean I actually cared."

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Real Name:
Tomomi Yuuna
Stage Name:
20 years old


Tomo reaches around 5' 5" in height and weighs at about 112lb. A little on the small side but its a fairly average size nowadays. She's has a rather lean and strong built but not to the point that it takes away some of her feminen lines. Her wavy, sometimes curly, hair reaches just to between her shoulder blades and never has a specific permanent color. At the moment she's sticking with her natural chocolate colored hair in adition to a stripe of blonde fringe. Nothing compared to the wild hot pink, light purple, ashen grey or other such noticibe color she usually dons. With dark brown eyes that sometimes seem black, she gives a mean stare. These eyes are encased in long lashes that sweep down on an almost tanned colored skin. Her preference in clothes is practically nonexistant. That is to say she doesn't really have a preference. She could be wearing punk-like clothes one day and girly dresses the next; it all depends on her mood. Heck, she'll mix and match if she feels up to it. She's not too big on too much makeup but she does admire those that can pull it off. Jewelry is optional. As for costume, thats to be decided at a later time...


+Loud Music
+Having Fun
+Playing/Learning How To Play Instruments
+Rainy Days

-Her Siblings
-Her Parents
-Getting Bossed Around By Strangers
-Locks or Bars
-Being Held Back or Restrained

*Getting Locked Inside A Room- A feeling close to claustrophobia but not quite the same [See History].
*Never Finding Her Place In Life- She feels that if she can't find where she belongs that her life would be a waste.
*Drowning- When she was a child Tomo had fallen into a lake near her family home and since she coudn't swin yet she nearly drowned at that time. She remembers the feeling of her lungs constricting, the struggle it was without air, the water surrounding her and swallowing her down under and thinking that she might not live past that day. Of course, one of the handy men that cared for the family grounds noticed the disturbance in the water and came to her aid.

Tomo is a bit of a spit fire. She's a confident, lively and energetic person that loves to try new things and have fun to the best of her extent. For the most part she's a fairly nice girl and she likes meeting new people. She's anything but shy and sometimes people wonder if she has any moments of emmbarasement at all. This coming from the fact that she talks and acts like she has no sense of the word shame. She's does her best to be as honest as she can be to the point that she's blunt. So, if you want a sugar coated answer or opinion don't come to her. Tomo is a very loyal person and is very trustworthy. She prides herself on those two qualities and would rather have her heart cut out then break either one.

On the other hand, even though Tomo is nice and all around kind to those people around her its really hard to get her to open up to you. She brushes away talk about her feelings with a fake laugh and a shrug of her shoulders as easily as that. Those she holds close to her and considers her true friends are few and far apart. She can be flirty but does so in a way that seems playful and nonserious. She has a quick temper that causes her to get into trouble more often than not. And even though she's not prone to violence she raises her fist readily enough if pushed too far. She hates being restrained and locked away and holds a grudge against all who do so. She's stubborn and a bit hardheaded but on the plus side that just goes to show she is a very determined character. Because of her parents she's still a bit hurt and angry but she tries not to let that show. Anything else you'd have to find out by meeting her and really getting to know her.


Tomomi was born into a rather rich family and is the youngest of her siblings. There was a younger sibling at one point but she died only days from her birth. From the first, Tomo had always been a lively child, very active and outgoing. She'd been into all types of sport, gymnastics and lots of other clubs and activities. This wasn't quite how her parents expected their young little girl to be like. They were stuck in their beliefs that a girl- espicially their daughter- must act every part of the proper lady. They didn't like it that she spent most of her time "rough housing" and playing around. Tomo was every bit the black sheep in the family.

As her family grew stricter, she grew annoyed, agitated and rebelliant. As long as they tried to tighten the ropes around her she struggled against them every step of the way. They wanted her to grow up just like her older twin brothers, who'd become a lawyer and the other a doctor. They wouldn't listen to her hopes and dreams, wouldn't accept the type of person she wanted to be. So she fought with them often. She'd sneak out to go to parties, drank and sometimes even skipped classes. When her parents finally had had enough they'd barred her windows and locked her in her own room. This is when her fear came in. They'd lock her in her room, only opening the door for her tutor to come teach her and to drop meals in. She'd started feeling something akin to claustrophobia. The walls would feel like they were caving in and her breathing would shorten. It only stopped after one of the maids found her passed out on the floor. Her parents never locked her in any room ever again but they were still adamant to let her loose.

Finally, Tomo couldn't take it anymore. Even after all that they still wouldnt repent, wouldnt listen and to her horror they regretted nothing. She packed up her things and marched right out of the house. Her parents tried dragging her back into the confines of the house but she had had just about enough. She wanted to go out into the world and meet the person she'd become, whether bad or good. She wanted to find her place in the world but she knew she'd never get that chance at her parents side. That night they had the biggest fight they'd ever had, hurtful words were thrown at each other like coals of fire, Tomo was hit for the first time and things were said that poisoned the mind. In the end Tomo ran out of there as fast as she could. She loved her parents and brothers dearly but she couldn't do it anymore. After that, Tomo would stay at her friends place living life wild and free and without real purpose. One night her friends decided to change up their rutiene up a bit to cheer Tomo up. They took Tomo to a circus that had come into town only a few days prier. Tomo was instantly enchanted by the sights, the acts and its wonderfully magical people. In that moment she decided she wanted to be a part of it all and she knew no one could disuade her from her desicion.


Theme Song(s):
Dance Without You by Skyler Grey
If You Can't Hang by Sleeping With Sirens
King For A Day ft. Kellin Quinn by Pierce The Veil
Give Me Something More by Lacuna Coil

Tomo has a female pet husky named Dixie that she found lying by the side of the road. When she'd found her, the puppies leg was broken and was extremely malnurished. She took her in despite her parents protest and has raised her ever since.


So begins...

Tomo's Story

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Shiloh stood up from her crisscrossed position on the floor in her tent. Everyone in the circus had their own tent where they called home. Carnies slept, dressed, and basically did everything normal people would do in there tents. They even have this strict rule that carnies cannot enter other carnies rooms without being told they may enter. This rule is so strict for the fact that tents don't lock and don't have doors to knock on. Sure, they had trailers. But the trailers were used for the show girls to do their makeup and hair. Shiloh, being a clown, had to do her makeup herself in her tent. A mater of fact, everyone else, not counting the acrobat's who also use the trailers for makeup, had to do everything themselves.

Shiloh let out a sigh, not standing in the middle of her tent as she looked around. In one corner, she had a small sleeping spot. She didn't have a bed, but just a matric on the ground with an old heavy yet thin blanket and an old pillow. She didn't mind though, it was good enough for her and this is what happens in a low budget circus. When you join the circus, it's up to you to buy everything you need with the money you make. A lot of people even have to get a second job to pay for everything. Shiloh's one of those people. But, we'll get into that later. Looking around her room/tent some more, we have a clothes rack that holds just a few hangers to Shiloh's costume. She keeps the rest of her clothes in a suitcase on the ground next to it. On the other side of the tent, opposite her bed, is a mirror on a desk with all her stage makeup laid down on it. That's all she held in her little tent, thought, it wasn't so little as it was tall enough for Shiloh to stand up straight through most of it, but, on the other hand, Shlioh is a rather short girl.

Walking over to her rack, Shiloh carefully put on her clowns costume. She didn't have a normal clowns costume that you would think about when you hear clown. No, Shiloh's costume holds mostly black and white. A black suite a size big on her, a white dress shirt a size big on her, and an over-sized white bowtie. After she had this on, she went over to the mirror and did her hair first. Putting her bleached-blonde hair up into a Mohawk-like fashion. She then continues on to do her makeup. Being a clown, she's not suppose to show any of her actual skin color. So, she puts white face paint all over her face, ears, and neck, covering up all her normal pale skin color. She then takes her eye makeup after the paint is dried and darkens it around her eyes a bit. She continues with black face paint, going over where her eyebrows would be located. She finishes up her makeup by putting on bright red lipstick. Once that is finished, she puts on bright red gloves that fit her perfectly and bright red dress shoes a size big on her.

She looked at herself in the mirror and practiced her smile. Pinning it there, she headed out of her tent and to the front gateway into the circus. The gate way was large and a rusty red color. It had ribbons coming from the bottom of either side and going out to surround the circus. Once she got to the front gate, she picked up the flyers and waited as the new comers came in, handing each of them a flyer with a small settle smile pinned on her face.


"Ba-da-da-da-da-da-ba-da-ba-da Ba-da-da-da-da-da-ba-da-ba-da ba-da-da-da ba-da-da-da ba-da-da ba-da-da ba-da-da-ba!" Ricket sing loudly in his tent to the music playing over the intercom. So what, it didn't have lyrics or any words what so ever, but he could still sing to it. Rickets tent was a mess. It had old alcohol bottles all over the place. He didn't even have a bed in there, just an old rotten recliner that he got when he joined the circus. That seems like such a long time ago. His tent was arranged in the same way Shiloh's was but with more of a messy way, and instead of having a stand with makeup he had his huge stilts with giant pants over them and giant shoes on the end. He got dressed in his outfit, putting on smaller versions of the shoes and pants on himself, then dragged them outside.

Being a stilt walker and having the tall stilts, he couldn't get them on himself. So, off he went to go find Shiloh, his little helper. He found her already greeting Wanna-Be's into the gate and gave a big smile. "Why, hello, youngens! I'm Ricket, that there's Shiloh!" He said loudly and excitedly then glanced at Shiloh, who didn't say a word. "She's a quiet clown, so she wont talk while in costume. But, out of costume she'll talk more, don't worry!" He said, his Irish accent coming out some as he said so. "Shiloh, give a mate a hand, will you?" He said, large smile still illumining his face. Shiloh nodded and went to help her fellow carny up onto his legs.

Once Ricket was up, he nodded down at her, tipping his hat to her slightly, then waved to the Wanna-Be's. "Come on, now. You don't want to be late to the big top, now do you?" He said and lead the way to the big top. Once there, he reached over and held the tent open as he waited for everyone to go inside before stepping in himself. All about the large tent was little groups of the carnies all talking among themselves. Some had the animals by them and some just had themselves. After a moment, Rocky came up and stood beside Ricket in his little matching doggy vest. He knew while he stood there that today was going to be a fun day as they offered there home to the Wanna-Be's to join.

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#, as written by LuLei

Liu bit his lip lightly as he ran his fingers through his short, dark brown hair, fixing it so that it covered his right eye properly before continuing on passed the gates of the circus. He glanced at the clown who handed him a flyer, looking down at it quietly. I wonder if they'll agree to letting me be a fire breather or not. If not then I'll find another circus who will or I'll find another way to become one, he thought to himself quietly as he followed the others towards the big top.

He entered the big top and looked around quietly, slipping his hand into the pocket of his black skinny jeans that hugged his legs tightly, letting his fingers curl around his lighter. He pulled the lighter out and lit it before letting it go out, only to repeat the process over and over as he stood in front of the current members of the circus. His eyes wandered over to the ringmaster and watched him interact with another member. He never really got close to most people after his kidnapping and preferred it that way, not trusting people very much since then.

He let out a soft sigh and sat down to the side. "I'm Liu Jiao," he said, introducing himself, quietly - but loud enough to be heard by all. He then turned his attention back to his lighter, nervous and in need of the calming affects that it gave him. He stared into the flame silently, occasionally glancing up to see if he was getting weird looks as he normally would from other people about his habit. He knew he would have to explain eventually if he stayed, but he didn't want to tell everyone. He might just tell the ringmaster and ignore when others asked, or complained about the dangers of a lighter around tents and other flammable objects.

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After deeming the lion problem fixed, Lyfe rubbed his stubble, sighing in relief. He then made his way to the center of the big top, clearing his throat.

“May I have your attention please?” He said, loudly. His deep voice bounced off of the walls and he smiled brilliantly at the carnies and wanna-be’s alike. He clapped his hands together, “Ladies and gentlemen! Carnies and Fresh Meat!” He chuckled playfully. “Welcome one and all. I am your humble ringmaster; Lyfe.” He did a formal bow. “First off, I’d like to say that it’s a pleasure to see so many bright young faces. Here, in this circus, this won’t only be your job, this will be your home and we won’t just be your co-workers, we will be your family. I built this circus to be a home for the homeless and a hope for the hopeless. During your time here, your skills will be put to the test and I expect you to perform at your best and nothing less. I want you to keep in mind that circus life is not just fun and games, but hard work and dedication, as well. We may be a family, but we are still a business. Each of you has your own talent and whilst in the circus, I will be here to help you hone your abilities and push yourself to be greater than you’d ever imagine. We are here to enchant the audience while doing something we love.”

He grinned at them slyly, “And having a few fans has its perks, if I do say so myself. You, my little New Bloods, are merely at step one of your journey. Ask any of the other carnies, they’d tell you that none of it was easy. We all have a story here; be it complex or simply, but in this place, your past will not define you. You are reborn. Feel free to mingle and get to know the carnies, for they will be your guides throughout this venture.” His gaze shifted to Ricket and Shiloh, “These two, will show you to your tents and if you have any questions, my ears are always open and so are carnie’s in here. I wish you all luck and I am eagerly waiting to see what you’ve got to offer. Welcome to the circus, loves.” With that, Lyfe took a bow and walked away, making his way to Ghost, standing beside him and beaming. “How was I, mate? Your opinion matters most to me, so give it to me straight.”

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Smiles was late. He cursed as he crashed out of his tent trying in vain to tie his shoe as he did. He gave two hops before he fell face first into the ground and groaned as he got back up and dusted himself off. Taking a deep breath he opted for tying his dress shoes before seriously damaging any body parts that he'd prefer to keep. He checked to make sure that his dark faded jeans, dark purple vest and crisp white button down shirt weren't ruined and that his fedora- which matched his vest- was still atop his head. Once that was done he speed walked down to the Big Top. He passed the gates and wondered how many new people had come for a chance at the circus life and how many would actually stay. He remembered when he'd been in their position and the many people that had come that day to join. Slowly many of those people had left or quit because they couldn't handle or didn't want to live it out as the carnies did. Smiles was glad he had a strong determination or he'd never have known the joys of being a carnie. He didn't have an act or anything of the sort. He was a simple concessionaire but he was treated pretty equally to the others and for that he was truly grateful.

Opening the flaps of the Big Top he grinned as he spotted many of them already inside. Great going Smiles, now everyone knows you're late, he chastised himself in his head. He spotted Lyfe and gave him an apologetic look before placing both hands in a pleading position and bowed his head regretfully. He hated disappointing his boss. Actually, he hated disappointing anyone really. Looking back up he noticed the newbies and sauntered over with his usual charming smile and waved dramatically. "Hello there newcomers! I am the wonderful and magnificent Smiles," he greeted, bowing in a ridiculous but oddly charming way that only Smiles could ever pull off before continuing on, "I hope to see more of you in the coming days, yes?" He turned to Shiloh, gave her a friendly two finger wave greeting before heading to the side and sat at the stands.

Smiles was still tired oddly enough. His part time job required him to wake up at an ungodly hour in the morning but he needed all the extra money he could get. None of his fellow carnies really knew it but he worked part time for an old lady, helping her sew and mend clothes and costumes. He felt no shame in the trade and wouldn't give a flying rats arse if the others knew but since they hadn't asked he'd never said. He liked helping the sweet old lady out, and in the long run he knew how to fix any torn clothes or costumes. Very helpful if such a situation came up here at the circus. Heck, the old lady he worked for had even taught him how to make a few clothes and was still in the process of said teaching. Pretty soon he wouldn't have to go to stores to buy his clothes. He'd simply buy a bunch of fabric, needles and thread and he'd make himself a whole batch of clothing. Very useful indeed. He lets his dark brown eyes glance at everyone slowly and he smiles softly. This was his family. "And its about to get just a bit bigger..." he murmured to himself as he finally settled his sights on the newbies.

Before long, Lyfe enters center stage and Smiles listens attentively as their Ring Master gives his speech.


Tomo was currently standing at the other side of the street of the gates looking very much like a stalker. A very hot stalker, she amended in her head smirking as she looked down at her choice of clothing. She'd chosen to go with an off the shoulder skull tee, some black short shorts, awesome fishnet stockings (one of many that she owned) and black boots that reached just below her knees. She'd added small black leather bracelets here and there just so she wouldn't feel so plain but then again Tomo was one of few people who could ever really look plain even on off days. Her friend Molly had helped her fashion her hair into a mohawk style that didn't require her to cut off any of her hair whatsoever.

She smiled as she thought of her best friend. Molly was the complete opposite of her; she was shy, a bit nerdy and all around cute! Though she looked like a kid, Molly was actually two years older than Tomo and liked to remind her of it every chance she got. Tomo had been living with Molly for a little over a year ever since she'd left her parents home. Tyler, Molly's boyfriend, was also one of Tomo's closest friend and was also on the baby faced side. People still wondered why such sweet faced people would still be friends with a daredevil like Tomo. She knew they made an odd little trio but she loved them dearly because they didn't judge her and accepted her for who she was. 'Course, that didn't stop them from having their arguments now and then BUT that's what friendship was all about. Sticking together through the good and bad.

Enough with the mindless reminiscent memories. Get your ass over there, she commanded herself as she snapped back to reality. She adjusted her large spiked messenger bag on her shoulder before she strutted across the street and took a flyer from the female clown with a grateful smile. Once they'd gathered quite a few people she followed them into what they reffered to as the "Big Top". Many of the Carnies introduced themselves and Tomo couldn't help but eye them up. Attractive lot, that they were. Tomo grinned mischievously at the rated r thoughts running through her head before she shook herself free of them. Down Tomo, down. She stayed oddly silent throughout the whole thing, even when there was a commotion with the animals and Ricket, very odd behaviour for Tomo herself since half the time even her friends couldn't get her to shut up. But Tomo figured that this was a whole new world she was coming into. A whole new set of rules to take in mind. Though she was for the most part a rebellious girl Tomo still held her parents upbringing in her genes. She could be decent, even normal, if she allowed herself to be. This was one such occasion. She hungrily took in her surrounding and the people around her and wondered only for a second if she was doing the right thing. But only for a second. The way that her heart beat against her chest and the rush she was getting just standing there was all the answer she needed. As the Ring Master walked to the center of the stage Tomo stilled and listened to his speech. A thrill went down her back and she grinned.

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『집에 와서』

It was a voice played on repeat in his head, and it took invisible thread spun through an indistinguishable needle, sewing his mouth shut as the waning moon joined the stars in chaotic harmony. There was no one he could talk to, not when the echo of his sister's request was on a mental loop. He imagined that she sat, perched on a kitchen table in India with sunscreen absorbed into her skin. If he imagined her in such an ambiguous location as well it became fair, his actions becoming justified.

Come home.

The prepaid minutes were on the verge of expiration, yet still he had clutched the screen and dismembered the plastic. He was the executioner, severed the head and the current connection between him and blood ties. There would be another cheap phone, and his future would contain a single voice mail at the conclusion of each week, an identical plea, it had become a prayer. Judas was a bit old for prayers now, they had become feeble and meaningless to his ears for he knew too well what begging brought humans; absolutely nothing.

There was no time for a session of self-pity and moral musings now though, that was a positive result from living in this vagrant society of patchwork individuals. He flicked the ashes off of a cigarette, and gravity pulled the roll of white and crumbling gray onto the soil. It was a poor ritual, he could admit that. Smoking was a dreadful, disgusting habit that was unbecoming of him, but he couldn't think of anything better to do with his lungs than scorch them, turn them black, and to rot away life giving fruit. He smothered the embers, their illuminations brushing against the ground no more, and for a second he considered himself a murderer, silencing those little lights that had rested in tragic shadows. If he had felt any emotion other than guilt a smile might have been drawn upon his visage, but tonight, despite the wary excitement that bled into the air, his facial language mimicked stone.

Time and himself were not on good terms, the ticking of his internal clock had ceased years prior to the evening of new arrivals. Hours slid through his fingertips as sand from an hourglass, and those appendages ran over the hoodie of gray he had thrown over a plain unitard of black, the sleeves of the lycra covering half of his biceps, the material reaching down to his ankles. Plain, he could call his attire monotonous when compared to the costumes of his coworkers. Macabre’s footfalls led him to the setting of the night, the tent standing several feet above the ground so acrobats could toss through the air, and he pondered if he was tardy or not for mere seconds before the musings disintegrated. It didn’t matter, if he could not reverse time and change his actions, and if half of his soul remained apathetic, then he could only surrender to the course of action. A specter among the neon glows, he was that sort of grotesque person, and with worn sneakers making indents into the dirt and his dark sweat pants following the momentum he entered the main attraction.

Unintentionally, he was kind of an asshole. The apertures trapped within his eyes traveled over the heads, to giant felines that lived among humans as if they were domesticated - maybe they were - and his gaze absorbed his surroundings, captured them on mental film. For the durations of the speech that attention zoned in on their ringmaster, his voice acting as a sedative to the chaos; it always did, seizing attention and forcing everyone in the vicinity to do nothing but listen. Conforming to the laws of nature, the monologue reached its end, closing with the reintroduction of chatter, and Judas took it as permission to continue the act of putting his joints into motion so he too could look over the group of doe-eyed faces they had drawn in through hypnotizing song.

He was being facetious, of course. Many people wore scars opposed to dazzled expression when deciding to join a group that was often ostracized by the rest of the society. Carnies; the perceived dirty, uneducated scum that fed off of lies, a race that was dying out, one by one. Judas looked to Shiloh and Smiles, and for a moment pondered if he should speak up, or remain a mute. Verbal discourse didn’t feel as awkward to him as it felt unnecessary, and maintaining this self-decided silent vigil his eyes drifted over to the strangers, hovering over a particular young woman, a boy and a girl, none of them exactly fitting the description of a carnie as constituted by popular belief.

The woman, her hair cascading down past her shoulders stirred thoughts of a woman of luxury, the thin male was a stray cat, and the other girl, a wild card. Perhaps the lack of traditionalism is what would allow them to transition to a life of nomads. “If your reason is substantial, then you’ll fit in.” His voice was several octaves below the bar of normalcy, the noises created by his larynx always underneath the pressure of an ocean, situated in an abyss of ink shadows and ghastly creatures. “That being said, substantial or otherwise, ruminate your options before rushing forward.” In other words, he suggested these unfamiliar faces to smell the coffee and take their time to make a confident decision, lest their lives unravel on them while they walk with eyes closed.

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Lyfe grinned, wholeheartedly. "Thank you, my friend," he said. He stretched his muscles, glancing at Damia as she sat silently on the floor.

"Damia, darling, I wasn't able to give you a proper greeting, love. Malu and Seneb took me away before I could really communicate with you," He helped the young woman to her feet. "Hello, my untamed star." He then placed a soft kiss on the back of her hand. To say that Lyfe was excited was an understatement; not only did he make progress with Ghost, but he was expanding their family. He felt good.

"Sadly, I must part to mingle with the Fresh Meat," he said with a shrug. "Ghost, I owe you a drink and Damia you may join us if you please. Cheers."

He walked away, straightening his jacket, tie, and top hat. He then made his way to Risque as she perched, watching in silence. He knelt before her, sending an apologetic look her way. "I am sorry that our conversation ended so soon, love, however I will be all yours later when we practice your act. For now, I have to get to know the new recruits, but when I'm done; you and I have a date with a tight rope. I look forward to catching you when you fall." He gave a small bow then stood completely, looking at the picture of her logo on his arm before raising his brow a bit flirtatiously at her. "If I didn't know any better, Risque; I'd say you tried to brand me." He gave her a charming smile and a wink then went on his merry way towards the new people.

"Hello, hello, hello," he said with exuberance as he approached them. "How are my New Bloods today? I want to know your stage name, your talent, and if you feel comfortable telling me; your story, I'd love to hear it, if not then no pressure. I completely understand."

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Shiloh & Ricket

Ricket looked up at Clover from the floor at the guys question if he was okay. Sticking his hands and feet out, he nodded, a large smile on his face. But before Ricket had even had a chance to answer, Lyfe came up and started talking then practically rephrased the question he was ready to answer. "Ey, I'm alright." He said as he stood from the ground and started scratching behind Malu's ear with a goofy smile on his face. He believed the lions were just great big kitty cat's like the tigers.

After a while, Lyfe made his speech. His speeches always...intrigued everyone. That's why he was the ring master, after all. Ricket had done what everyone else had. Stopped and listened. He perked up slightly at the thought of being able to show the new guys to their tents. He let out a small "Yay!" as he clapped slightly and then walked over to the exit of the tent. "All new-guy! Follow me! I shall lead you to your tents!" He said excitedly and stood there. He was without his stilts, but that was fine. He still had on most of his outfit, minus his hat and glasses, but it was still good enough.

Shiloh did almost the same, in a more quieter and down-toned version. She listened to the speech and was grateful to show the new-be's around. At the sound of Ricket calling all new guy over, Shiloh stood and calmly walked over to him, smiling shyly at all the new people as she passed, then she stood next to Ricket. When Lyfe came over and asked the new people a few questions, they decided to wait until they get their okay to go and show the new guy around. They didn't want to be disrespectful to their ring master, now did they?

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Chalice's attention turned to the handsome man as he strolled to the center of the big top and addressed everyone. His smooth voice reverberated off the tent walls as he called them to attention. He started his eloquent speech, and she hung on every word. As he introduced himself as the ringmaster, her earlier speculation had been confirmed. Lyfe explained that the circus would be a home, and they would be her family, and a smile lit up her face. She hung on his every word, and by the end of the speech, she was absolutely giddy. She felt like a little kid on their first day of school. This was better than she could ever hope, this circus had exceeded her expectations.

"Hello, hello, hello." Lyfe approached the the newcomers, and Chalice turned to face him. "How are my New Bloods today? I want to know your stage name, your talent, and if you feel comfortable telling me; your story, I'd love to hear it, if not then no pressure. I completely understand." Hm, her life story? That wouldn't be something she would divulge just yet. Well, at least not the specifics. Seeing no one else pipe up yet, she decided to go ahead and introduce herself. "My stage name is Chalice, and I do both aerial silks and knife throwing." She tucked a few stray curls behind her ear as she continued. "It must seem weird that I have two completely different talents, but both my parents used to be circus performers and they taught me a few things." She smiled sincerely at Lyfe. "I'm sorry, but that's all I'll say about my 'story' for now." A booming voice drew her attention over to a duo who seemed to be putting on a little show. She watched as the tigers performed a trick, and she recognized the trainer as Damia Astre, who had introduced herself before.

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Smiles was in no way an expert on breaking up fights, much less fights between siblings. He'd never had a brother or sister and no one had ever really offered up to be his surrogate sibling so his experience in that department was zilch. Still when he happened to notice Axel storm off, followed by one of the new guys and then in turn by Jennie and Florence he had gotten up to investigate himself. Now Smiles isn't nosy but something told him this wasn't going to end well. You know that gut feeling you get before you enter a classroom where you forgot to do your homework for a particularly mean teacher? Yeah, that feeling.

He could hear snippets of their conversation so putting two and two together wasn't much of a problem. 'Course that didn't mean anything. Smiles was pretty sure he'd only figured the tip of the iceburg. To a gigantic mountain. As he neared he witnessed Axel's punch and he winced at the sound of the crunch the new guys nose made at the contact. He sprinted the rest of the way as Axel stormed off. Coming in between the two girls he smiled, though strained as it was. "Ladies, now's really not the time for this." Smiles calmly stated, though when was the right time was just a mystery as it was to any other. "Jeannie, honey. This really isn't helping the matter. The newbies have just arrived and I don't think Lyfe would approve of this..."

He rubbed her arms in a soothing, calming manner hoping to relax her so she'd think clearly. He looked straight at her eyes and stated in a calm but slightly authoritive way that was unfamiliar in Smiles, "Jeannie, these were words said in anger. Understand? These are words meant to hurt. Now, I want you to calm down for a few minutes then if you still want to pursue the matter do it in a more discreet time. For all you know... Felix could have said that just to set Axel off, which it did, as you can see. I'm sure when you're angry as well that you say a few things you don't really mean, correct? Think about it, please. Don't do anything rash..." Having said that he gently turned Jeannie around and motioned her to walk it off with a strained but soft smile.

He turned to Florence and sighed before running a hand through his hair. "Florence... I think it'd be best if you did the same. I wouldn't want you girls to get in trouble with the boss... Axel... Well, Axel should be left alone for now. Really. I know you girls care about him and all but Axels a big guy. He has to deal with his own demons at his own time. Not saying that you guys cant be there for him and all but don't... interfere. If he says back off, just back off. There's no need to make him more angrier than he already is..." he murmured. He patted her back before motioning her toward the opposite direction he'd motioned for Jeannie to go off in. He didn't even check to see if they'd done as he said but he hoped that they'd take him seriously.

Finally he turned to the new guy, Felix, and sighed. Grabbing his handkerchief from his pocket he offered it to the guy. Yes, it was old fashioned for a guy to be holding a handkerchief around but Smiles was... a peculiar guy. "Here. You might wanna hold your nose for a while. I know people often suggest you tilt your head back but I don't really recommend it. That just makes the blood go down your throat."


Tomo watched as the Ring Master made his way over to them. She gave in to the urge to eye the male and when she was satisfied with what she saw she couldn't help the smirk that tilted her lips. She found males just as exiting as she did females. Another thing her parents absolutely abhorred about her. Actually, if Tomo had a guess they'd much prefer her to continue gymnastics and athletics then take up relations with a girl. It was in their words the "epitome of shame" that their dear daughter liked both genders. She'd guess that was what actually made them lock her up... Tomo gave an involuntary shiver as she pushed away those dark memories. She could have forgiven them about that if they'd regretted it... but they hadn't. Tomo didn't ever think they would, which caused an ache to form in her chest where her heart was. She rubbed at the spot as if she could will it away but dropped her hand uselessly by her side. She mentally shook herself and paid attention to her possibly new boss.

"Hello, hello, hello," he said as he approached them. "How are my New Bloods today? I want to know your stage name, your talent, and if you feel comfortable telling me; your story, I'd love to hear it, if not then no pressure. I completely understand." First thing she'd noticed about him, besides his obvious good looks-Yum- was that he had a nice voice. Which she guessed was a good thing since as a Ring Master he talked quite a bit to the audience. Then, he seemed like a friendly. When she'd come to see the circus with her friends she'd been... well, detached for a lack of a better word. She'd been the audience and had been wowed with the performers but hadn't really looked at them. Guess I can do that more thoroughly now, huh?

She listened back in as Chalice, one of the new people like her, introduced herself. As per usual, it was a habit really, Tomo glanced at her and wondered for a moment if this place had some type of pheromone that pulled in attractive people. So far all the people she'd seen had leaned toward the oh so sexy/hot/cute side. She shook herself again. Pay attention Tomo. Not the time. she chastised herself. She listened for the rest of the introductions and watched slightly mystified as the tigers did a little performance for them. She wondered how long it had taken Damia to train them and how long it had taken for her tigers to get friendly with them. She found she felt respect toward the talented young woman and the circus people. They must have worked hard for them to be so talented at what they did, at what they loved. Thats what Tomo wanted. Lord, she wanted it so bad she could cry. She wanted so badly to have to work for what she loved because she knew that if she put in as much effort as these people did the ending reward would be that much sweeter and would have been worth all the troubles in the world.

"Stage name Tomo," she piped up seeing as the other girl seemed to finish. She smiled widely which was unlike her and continued, "Not very creative but trust me I could probably come up with worse. Talent...," she thought about that for a moment and decided to be truthful, "I don't really have any role in mind. I excel in gymnastics, athletics and music. Not sure if this is relevant or not but I'm pretty good with stunts. Kinda like what stunt actors do? Might be useful." Her smiled dimmed slightly before it was replaced by her more usual smirk to hide the fact that her 'story' still stung even after 1 or 2 years. "My parents hate me." she said simply as if it was a simple fact when in actual truth it was anything but simple. "That's basically the gist of my 'story' but I suppose I'll divulge the juicy details at a later time if you don't mind."

It was about this time she noticed that one of the guys was going off on his own. She wondered if he was allowed to do that for a moment before she laughed at herself. Who are you to talk about breaking rules? "Bah! It's none ah' yah' beezwax" as grandmamma would say. Her eyes trailed after him for a moment before they went back to Lyfe and Chalice.

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Lyfe's eyes rested on Tomo as she spoke, absorbing what she had to say. "Well, Tomo, here I'm practically papa bear and I like you already, so I hope you feel at home. As for your talent, we'll find a place for you, most definitely. I'm thinking along the lines of either showgirl or acrobat, we'll see," he gave her a charismatic smile before allowing his gaze to drift to the quiet teen beside her. He listened intently to Pheonix, allowing his interest to settle onto his face. "Fire," he said with a curt nod. "Noted."

He was about to address the forth New Blood, but he wasn't where he left him. He could have swore there were four of them. He furrowed his brows just as an arm slung over his shoulder and a warm body was next to him. He looked to his side, grinning widely when he saw his companion. At the quip regarding Ghost's looks, Lyfe couldn't help, but smirk. He lowered his voice for only Ghost to hear, his tone was utterly flirtatious. "If I actually said half of the things I thought about you, Ghost. I don't think we'd be friends anymore, mate." He quirked a brow, leaving that flirtatious smirk on his face as Ghost mingled with the rest of the recruits. It was refreshing to see the man trying. He could see through the facade, but he admired the effort. He was about to dazzle the recruits with his charm, but Ghost's outburst took him aback. It was then that he heard Jeannie's profanity and the commotion.

Lyfe's easy-going expression, hardened in both annoyance and complete outrage. Usually it was hard to tell when Lyfe was angry, for he didn't yell or shout, but his face would go blank of emotion and his voice would get lower with power, but his eyes displayed all of the fire that was going ablaze within him. It's quite frightening when he's truly enraged, but right now he was mildly irritated. He flashed his eyes to both Shiloh and Ricket.

"Shiloh," he said, tightly, trying in vain to keep his cool. "Please, escort these lovely ladies to their tents, dear. Ricket, you can take Phoenix, here. I have business to attend to." He straightened his jacket before turning away from the group and making a beeline to the commotion. He was mortified when he saw the behavior. There a recruit on the floor with a bleeding nose, Axel was storming away, Florence was crying, Jeannie was pissed, and Ghost was traumatized. This was fuckery!

"What the bloody hell is going on?" Lyfe boomed when the New Bloods were out of earshot. "Axel, get your arse back here," he narrowed his eyes at the retreating figure before looking at Smiles as he assisted the injured man. "Smiles, please take the recruit and get him fixed up. You know where the First-Aid kit is, thank you." He took a deep breath, taking of his top hat and holding it in his hands, twisting it over and over again until he was calm enough to speak. "Okay," his words were dripping in pent up rage as he slowly spoke. "I am beyond disappointed in your behavior. Now, I have no idea what happened and I will give you a chance to explain the abomination you've displayed, but," he raised his voice slightly. "It better be a damn good reason, do I make myself clear? First, let me explain something to all of you before you even tell me anything. This is still a place of bloody business! Now, I understand if any of you have quarrels, but those stay out of my big top! Once you're in this tent, all of your bullshit is left outside. Next time, take it outside and away from the big top! Because of this, you've upset Ghost and Damia! They had to run away from the chaos, think about the emotional distress you caused them. When I'm done with you lot, I want you to apologize to them both." He huffed, straightening his stature and placing his hat back onto his head. "Now you may explain to me why you felt the need to disgrace this circus. Axel, I'll let you go first since you happen to have one my recruit's blood staining your knuckles."

Lyfe's honey eyes bored into Axel, coaxing him viciously to tell him the truth. He made a mental note to comfort Ghost and Damia when was done with his scolding. He knew that they needed a bit of alone time at the moment, for they were bound to be fragile at the moment.

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Shiloh & Ricket

Ricket, and Shiloh alike, made note of each of the new-be's little tidbits of information they gave. Ricket remembered when he did that when he joined the circus. He was already as loud and childlike as he is now, minus the alcohol. He doesn't even remember how such a thing came into his life. Ricket's attention was pulled away by the commotion going on. It wasn't too often a little commotion happen. Or, at least, it was too often it happened between carnies.

Seeing one of the new-be's run off, Ricket was about to stand up and cut everything to go drag the guy back and get to showing him and the other guys to their tents. But, just like Lyfe always does, he stepped up and put Shiloh and Ricket to work. To which Ricket saluted and said, in a very Irish-y sounding pirate like way, "Eye-eye! Off we go, old chap!" He said with a smile and a laugh. He looked over at Shiloh and gave her the 'you-gonna-have-to-talk' look, to which she replied with a slight eye roll before walking up to the two girls. Ricket, instead of being anywhere near normal, practically leaped his way over to Pheonix and through his arm over the boys shoulder. "'Ello there, me laddie. Pheonix, is it? Born from thee ashes!" He said throwing up his hands in a comic fashion.

Meanwhile, Shiloh had just walked up to the girls and smiled at them a bit shyly. She wasn't shy, of course, she just didn't know what to say, as talking wasn't really her strong suit, action was. Anyways, after the smile and making eye contact with both girls, she couldn't help herself but look them over at a glance. "Well," Shiloh said with the small clap of her hand. She didn't say it too loud, but it wasn't deafly either. "Let's go." She said it at the click of her tongue and walked over to a little exit close by that, it seems, only few carnies use.

Shiloh waited by the exit and let the girls go out first. The exit lead to the back of the circus where the audience wasn't aloud to go. There were a few trailers, all for different things. Each had a sign on it put there for whenever they had new people. Saidly, Ricket was the one to put them up, so they said odd things. Especially for the trailer that has the showers and toilets. The sign for that said 'The Showets!'.

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Smiles nodded as Lyfe sent him for the first aid kit. Sure hope the guy knows what to do with it 'cuz I sure as hell don't, he thought as he jogged back into the Big Top in search for said kit. He was no nurse, and with his expirience he never wished to be one. Heck, hospitals were a no-go point for Smiles. Broke a leg or arm? Better make do with a makeshift cast. Had a cold? Go to the nearest pharmacy and get over the counter meds for that shit. He dying? Well, guess its goodbye. 'Cuz there was no way in hell they'd get Smiles to willingly step a foot inside those damn sterile buildings. It was the cause of much frustration to many of his carnie friends when he'd gotten injured on accident or sick but Smiles had yet to got to the hospital or a clinic and he'd make sure he was dead before ever doing so.

Grim thoughts but it was what it was. Smiles always had a ready yes at the tip of his lips but if he ever did utter a no that was that. No if's, and, or but's about it. Spotting the first aid kit he grabbed for it and jogged back toward Felix. Handing him the kit he smiled a bit sheepishly and rubbed the back of his neck. [color=#79530]"Um, I'm no doctor so I sure hope you know what to do with it... Anything else you need, just ask me. Names Smiles, if you haven't guessed. Not the best of ways to meet a person but hey, Welcome to the circus."[/color] He smiled widely, living to his nicknames sake yet again. [color=#79530]"By the way, that looks like it hurts. Think you might need ice to stop it from swelling too bad?"[/color]


The edges of Tomo's lips twitched downward as she watched from afar the commotion that was taking place only a few feet away from the big tent. She was use to watching fights as some of her guy friends were prone to acting up when they were a bit too into their bottles but that still didn't mean it sat well in her stomach. Sure, she'd let a fist or two fly easily if she was pushed too far. She was sure anyone with a sense of self preservation would do it in dire situations... Still, she was more of a lover than a fighter. Not that anyone would have guessed by their preconceived notions. Tomo was used to it though so that softened the blow of their judgement a bit. She turned away from the scene as Lyfe put down the law. Situation taken care of? Maybe. She tilted her head as Shiloh smiled at them. Just as quickly Tomo smiled in return, albiet with a little more enthusiasm than was needed but she coudn't help that. Attractive people did that to her.

She siddled next to the quiet clown as she guided Chalice and herself off to what Tomo guessed would be their new living quarters. As they passed a few smaller tents and trailers she chuckled over the things some signs said. In her mind she was already trying to guess at each signs real meaning and each trailers use. It was quirky and kinda cute. It made it almost seem like a whole new world and Tomo guessed for them it truly was. With any luck, you'll soon be a part of it, her mind reminded her and her smile widened at the thought.

"So, is that sort of stuff a norm around here? Should I have pepper spray at hand? Or does it only occur every full moon? When the sane go insane and the crazies are suddenly sound of mind." she asked Shiloh, hoping to hear the quiet females voice again and curious as to the answer. She grinned after a bit. "Not that I'm spooked by it or anything but I'd like a fair warning if one of you guys decides you have a personal vendetta against me and just lays a big one on me. I'll behave." Something about those last words rang in her ears and her smile dropped a fraction before turning into a smirk. "For the most part."

Remembering Phoenix's words on his panic attack issue gave Tomo a paused. She looked off toward the trees before speaking up again. Her voice was a smooth nonchalance that had been perfected to be believable but even then there was still a slight steely undertone to it. "By the way, I don't take well to being locked in anything... Rooms, closets, tent, trailers... Cars, though I can probably tolerate it if theres a good reason to lock the doors... Bars on windows... Anything. If I'm in an enclosed space and I know for sure that I'm not locked in there's no problem but if I'm not... Well, let's just say those are my full moons..." she trailed off with a humorless chuckle and shrugged. Swirling her index finger around her ear she laughed and cooed [i]koo koo[i] softly. [color#990000]"Forgot to mention that to the dude back there. That's about the only oddity I know that I have so... Fair warning has been given."[/color]