"It's nothing, just leave it alone!"

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Real Name:
Melissa Anne Harth
Stage Name:

Melissa's hair was naturally brown, but when she left for the circus she dyed it blonde in order to make it harder for her mother to find her. However, it's still just as curly but has grown so that it now falls about an inch or so below her collar bone. She has fair, light skin with light blue eyes and pink lips. She stands at 5'6" and weighs 108 lbs. She usually surrounds her eyes with mascara and eye liner. Also, she has somewhat of an obsession with always wearing lip gloss. She still has scars down the bottom of her back that she tries to hide. Sometimes she fails and they show, but she never lets anyone ask her about them.

Her costume


+The circus
-Showing weakness
~Her mother finding her
~Falling in love and getting hurt
~Someone finding out about her secret past

Melissa is sweet, kind, giving, caring and thoughtful. In other words, she has the personality of an angel. She tried to give everyone a chance, and always thinks of how her action will effect others before she does them. Her heart is pure, and that's often thought of the most important part. Melissa would do anything for someone in need, and this is where her selflessness comes in. Being currently single, she tends to have the spare time to do these things; that's how everyone else sees it. But the truth is that she constantly turns down potential boyfriends to do these things. Also, she has a fear of love... So she never really does truly give them a shot in the first place. Melissa also has an obsession with appearing strong, and so has never let anyone see her cry. She'll mask her pain and sorrow being the mask of her eyes and cover it up with a little shopping trip. It's how she works.
But she's not all perfect, that I can promise you. Inside she's just a scared, broken little girl with flaws like everyone else. For instance, she can be stubborn and is often quite rude when she tells people to leave her alone when it concerns her past. You see, no one knows where she came from or who she used to be. People has the vision that she's perfect, all because she keeps it all locked inside. She doesn't believe that she needs help, and this is where her stubborn streak comes in. Although Melissa will do anything to help others, she'll never let them do anything in return. In fact, she hates receiving presents and so she tries to ban it but it never seems to work. She's content with the life she's stuck with, but doesn't want others to be too.

Melissa was born in America and raised there for a decade before her parents split and she left for England with her mother. But her mother never really did like her, in fact she only took her daughter so the father would be left with nothing. They live in Cambridge, and at first everything was fine. Melissa was enrolled into school and started off her education, again. But then her mother realised that she still loved the father, and began to drink. It wasn't much of a problem at first, but then she realised just how much Melissa looked like her father. That day, when little Melissa got home from school, her mother was waiting. And she was waiting with a drink in her hands. As soon as she stepped in the door, her mother attacked her. Throwing vicious punches. slaps, kicks and when she was almost done she got her now empty alcohol bottle and smashed it over Melissa's head. The next day, Melissa went to school with bruises, cuts, black eyes and a few pieces of glass still left either in her hair or stuck in her scalp. She didn't cry though, she refused to cry. She kept going and when she arrived at school she still remained mute. The nurse took her into the office and did what she could, and later that day Melissa had to return home again. Terrified, she walked as slowly as she could manage. But it was no use. The same thing happened again, and again, and again. Melissa stopped learning in school, because she had to spend the entire day either in the nurses office or with the therapist. Ever since that first day, she hadn't said a word, not in school. When she turned sixteen, she saw the circus. She saw it as her escape. So, Melissa ran away to the circus.

She talks now, and has done for the past two years. She's social, but also amazed at just how better it is now she's at the circus. She only fears that one day her mother will be in the audience, staring at her with them cold, dead eyes like she always did.

So begins...

Vedette's Story

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Shiloh stood up from her crisscrossed position on the floor in her tent. Everyone in the circus had their own tent where they called home. Carnies slept, dressed, and basically did everything normal people would do in there tents. They even have this strict rule that carnies cannot enter other carnies rooms without being told they may enter. This rule is so strict for the fact that tents don't lock and don't have doors to knock on. Sure, they had trailers. But the trailers were used for the show girls to do their makeup and hair. Shiloh, being a clown, had to do her makeup herself in her tent. A mater of fact, everyone else, not counting the acrobat's who also use the trailers for makeup, had to do everything themselves.

Shiloh let out a sigh, not standing in the middle of her tent as she looked around. In one corner, she had a small sleeping spot. She didn't have a bed, but just a matric on the ground with an old heavy yet thin blanket and an old pillow. She didn't mind though, it was good enough for her and this is what happens in a low budget circus. When you join the circus, it's up to you to buy everything you need with the money you make. A lot of people even have to get a second job to pay for everything. Shiloh's one of those people. But, we'll get into that later. Looking around her room/tent some more, we have a clothes rack that holds just a few hangers to Shiloh's costume. She keeps the rest of her clothes in a suitcase on the ground next to it. On the other side of the tent, opposite her bed, is a mirror on a desk with all her stage makeup laid down on it. That's all she held in her little tent, thought, it wasn't so little as it was tall enough for Shiloh to stand up straight through most of it, but, on the other hand, Shlioh is a rather short girl.

Walking over to her rack, Shiloh carefully put on her clowns costume. She didn't have a normal clowns costume that you would think about when you hear clown. No, Shiloh's costume holds mostly black and white. A black suite a size big on her, a white dress shirt a size big on her, and an over-sized white bowtie. After she had this on, she went over to the mirror and did her hair first. Putting her bleached-blonde hair up into a Mohawk-like fashion. She then continues on to do her makeup. Being a clown, she's not suppose to show any of her actual skin color. So, she puts white face paint all over her face, ears, and neck, covering up all her normal pale skin color. She then takes her eye makeup after the paint is dried and darkens it around her eyes a bit. She continues with black face paint, going over where her eyebrows would be located. She finishes up her makeup by putting on bright red lipstick. Once that is finished, she puts on bright red gloves that fit her perfectly and bright red dress shoes a size big on her.

She looked at herself in the mirror and practiced her smile. Pinning it there, she headed out of her tent and to the front gateway into the circus. The gate way was large and a rusty red color. It had ribbons coming from the bottom of either side and going out to surround the circus. Once she got to the front gate, she picked up the flyers and waited as the new comers came in, handing each of them a flyer with a small settle smile pinned on her face.


"Ba-da-da-da-da-da-ba-da-ba-da Ba-da-da-da-da-da-ba-da-ba-da ba-da-da-da ba-da-da-da ba-da-da ba-da-da ba-da-da-ba!" Ricket sing loudly in his tent to the music playing over the intercom. So what, it didn't have lyrics or any words what so ever, but he could still sing to it. Rickets tent was a mess. It had old alcohol bottles all over the place. He didn't even have a bed in there, just an old rotten recliner that he got when he joined the circus. That seems like such a long time ago. His tent was arranged in the same way Shiloh's was but with more of a messy way, and instead of having a stand with makeup he had his huge stilts with giant pants over them and giant shoes on the end. He got dressed in his outfit, putting on smaller versions of the shoes and pants on himself, then dragged them outside.

Being a stilt walker and having the tall stilts, he couldn't get them on himself. So, off he went to go find Shiloh, his little helper. He found her already greeting Wanna-Be's into the gate and gave a big smile. "Why, hello, youngens! I'm Ricket, that there's Shiloh!" He said loudly and excitedly then glanced at Shiloh, who didn't say a word. "She's a quiet clown, so she wont talk while in costume. But, out of costume she'll talk more, don't worry!" He said, his Irish accent coming out some as he said so. "Shiloh, give a mate a hand, will you?" He said, large smile still illumining his face. Shiloh nodded and went to help her fellow carny up onto his legs.

Once Ricket was up, he nodded down at her, tipping his hat to her slightly, then waved to the Wanna-Be's. "Come on, now. You don't want to be late to the big top, now do you?" He said and lead the way to the big top. Once there, he reached over and held the tent open as he waited for everyone to go inside before stepping in himself. All about the large tent was little groups of the carnies all talking among themselves. Some had the animals by them and some just had themselves. After a moment, Rocky came up and stood beside Ricket in his little matching doggy vest. He knew while he stood there that today was going to be a fun day as they offered there home to the Wanna-Be's to join.

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Smiles was late. He cursed as he crashed out of his tent trying in vain to tie his shoe as he did. He gave two hops before he fell face first into the ground and groaned as he got back up and dusted himself off. Taking a deep breath he opted for tying his dress shoes before seriously damaging any body parts that he'd prefer to keep. He checked to make sure that his dark faded jeans, dark purple vest and crisp white button down shirt weren't ruined and that his fedora- which matched his vest- was still atop his head. Once that was done he speed walked down to the Big Top. He passed the gates and wondered how many new people had come for a chance at the circus life and how many would actually stay. He remembered when he'd been in their position and the many people that had come that day to join. Slowly many of those people had left or quit because they couldn't handle or didn't want to live it out as the carnies did. Smiles was glad he had a strong determination or he'd never have known the joys of being a carnie. He didn't have an act or anything of the sort. He was a simple concessionaire but he was treated pretty equally to the others and for that he was truly grateful.

Opening the flaps of the Big Top he grinned as he spotted many of them already inside. Great going Smiles, now everyone knows you're late, he chastised himself in his head. He spotted Lyfe and gave him an apologetic look before placing both hands in a pleading position and bowed his head regretfully. He hated disappointing his boss. Actually, he hated disappointing anyone really. Looking back up he noticed the newbies and sauntered over with his usual charming smile and waved dramatically. "Hello there newcomers! I am the wonderful and magnificent Smiles," he greeted, bowing in a ridiculous but oddly charming way that only Smiles could ever pull off before continuing on, "I hope to see more of you in the coming days, yes?" He turned to Shiloh, gave her a friendly two finger wave greeting before heading to the side and sat at the stands.

Smiles was still tired oddly enough. His part time job required him to wake up at an ungodly hour in the morning but he needed all the extra money he could get. None of his fellow carnies really knew it but he worked part time for an old lady, helping her sew and mend clothes and costumes. He felt no shame in the trade and wouldn't give a flying rats arse if the others knew but since they hadn't asked he'd never said. He liked helping the sweet old lady out, and in the long run he knew how to fix any torn clothes or costumes. Very helpful if such a situation came up here at the circus. Heck, the old lady he worked for had even taught him how to make a few clothes and was still in the process of said teaching. Pretty soon he wouldn't have to go to stores to buy his clothes. He'd simply buy a bunch of fabric, needles and thread and he'd make himself a whole batch of clothing. Very useful indeed. He lets his dark brown eyes glance at everyone slowly and he smiles softly. This was his family. "And its about to get just a bit bigger..." he murmured to himself as he finally settled his sights on the newbies.

Before long, Lyfe enters center stage and Smiles listens attentively as their Ring Master gives his speech.


Tomo was currently standing at the other side of the street of the gates looking very much like a stalker. A very hot stalker, she amended in her head smirking as she looked down at her choice of clothing. She'd chosen to go with an off the shoulder skull tee, some black short shorts, awesome fishnet stockings (one of many that she owned) and black boots that reached just below her knees. She'd added small black leather bracelets here and there just so she wouldn't feel so plain but then again Tomo was one of few people who could ever really look plain even on off days. Her friend Molly had helped her fashion her hair into a mohawk style that didn't require her to cut off any of her hair whatsoever.

She smiled as she thought of her best friend. Molly was the complete opposite of her; she was shy, a bit nerdy and all around cute! Though she looked like a kid, Molly was actually two years older than Tomo and liked to remind her of it every chance she got. Tomo had been living with Molly for a little over a year ever since she'd left her parents home. Tyler, Molly's boyfriend, was also one of Tomo's closest friend and was also on the baby faced side. People still wondered why such sweet faced people would still be friends with a daredevil like Tomo. She knew they made an odd little trio but she loved them dearly because they didn't judge her and accepted her for who she was. 'Course, that didn't stop them from having their arguments now and then BUT that's what friendship was all about. Sticking together through the good and bad.

Enough with the mindless reminiscent memories. Get your ass over there, she commanded herself as she snapped back to reality. She adjusted her large spiked messenger bag on her shoulder before she strutted across the street and took a flyer from the female clown with a grateful smile. Once they'd gathered quite a few people she followed them into what they reffered to as the "Big Top". Many of the Carnies introduced themselves and Tomo couldn't help but eye them up. Attractive lot, that they were. Tomo grinned mischievously at the rated r thoughts running through her head before she shook herself free of them. Down Tomo, down. She stayed oddly silent throughout the whole thing, even when there was a commotion with the animals and Ricket, very odd behaviour for Tomo herself since half the time even her friends couldn't get her to shut up. But Tomo figured that this was a whole new world she was coming into. A whole new set of rules to take in mind. Though she was for the most part a rebellious girl Tomo still held her parents upbringing in her genes. She could be decent, even normal, if she allowed herself to be. This was one such occasion. She hungrily took in her surrounding and the people around her and wondered only for a second if she was doing the right thing. But only for a second. The way that her heart beat against her chest and the rush she was getting just standing there was all the answer she needed. As the Ring Master walked to the center of the stage Tomo stilled and listened to his speech. A thrill went down her back and she grinned.