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The City

The City


The war between the Angels and Demons for dominion over the lesser race, mankind, is coming to it's climax. The only thing that stands between the Mortals and slavery is a hidden Gate, but while the Gate Keepers search, they must also teach and recruit.

595 readers have visited The City since Tea.Or.Coffee created it.




Everyone has heard of Angels and Demons. The fore is a creature of Light, and Healing, seemingly benevolent and possessive, while the latter is a monster of Darkness and malevolence, sinful and full of hatred. Neither can remember when and where they originated, for they have existed since long before time began, and ever since their conception, both have warred for dominance over the other. The war is eternal, and many billions of lives have been wasted in martyrdom. Blood has been spilt needlessly, enough to fill a thousand, thousand oceans.

They are not God's beings. They predate even the very first religion, and both want control over the human race, and that is what they fight for - control over the lesser race. Angels are not beings to trifle with. They are not blessing and gentle; they are cold, and cruel, ruled by their laws, customs, and hierarchy, vulnerable only to weapons of obsidian. And Demons are cruel, sadistic, animalistic beings that thrive on the pain of others, showing weakness only to silver. Demons and Angels are corrupt, wicked beings, and all they crave is dominion over mankind.


Which brings us home. The City is the last bastion of mankind. Every other piece of land and sea has been claimed, and the world is split exactly in half. Everything hangs on The City to decide the fate of the world. Here, mankind is split into two - those who are unaware, and the Resistance - us. You see, The City is unlike all other places. Currently, the war is invisible, and the combatants ethereal, but here, there's a Gate, and passing through makes the ethereal corporeal, and vice versa. It is this Gate that they fight for, and it is this Gate that we defend.

The only problem one knows it's location.

So, we are here, and we wait and train. We're the Gatekeepers, charged with defending the Gate from the Angels and Demons, because if they find it then we loose everything. But our numbers are growing thin, so we must train more recruits, and train harder.

This Roleplay takes place in a world almost the same as ours, and will take place in The City in the year 2016. The City is comparable to cities such as London, New York or Tokyo in that it is busy, urban and prosperous. Available characters will include established members of the Resistance, and also recruits, as well as Angels or Demons, though these will be limited until all mortal characters have been taken. In this roleplay, 'recruit' characters will be trained by those already established as a Keeper, and Keeper characters in turn will teach recruits and also search for the Gate itself. The Mortal Keepers are ranked from First to Third, with the First being the equivalent of a leader. They are strictly mortal, with no powers. More information will be given later as spots start to be taken.




The First Keeper || Male | Name: TBC | Age: 29+ (TBC) | FC: TBC | Reserved by aarondalea

The Second Keeper || Female | Name: Saskia | Age: 25 | FC: Michelle Rodriquez | Taken by Tea.Or.Coffee

Third Keeper (1) || Male | Name: TBC | Age: 17+ (TBC) | FC: TBC

Third Keeper (2) || Male | Name: TBC | Age: 17+ (TBC) | FC: TBC

Third Keeper (3) || Female | Name: TBC | Age: 17+ (TBC) | FC: Caity Lotz | Reserved by Sly_Mafia

Third Keeper (4) || Female | Name: TBC | Age: 17+ (TBC) | FC: TBC | Reserved by Horseygirl

Recruit Keeper (1) || Male | Name: TBC | Age: 17+ (TBC) | FC: TBC

Recruit Keeper (2) || Male | Name: TBC | Age: 17+ (TBC) | FC: TBC

Recruit Keeper (3) || Female | Name: TBC | Age: 17+ (TBC) | FC: TBC

Recruit Keeper (4) || Female | Name: TBC | Age: 17+ (TBC) | FC: TBC

The Key Keeper ||Female | Name: TBC | Age: 17+ (TBC) | FC: Chloe Bennet | TheHuntress


Angel 1 || Male/Female | Name: (TBC) | Primary Power: (TBC) | FC: (TBC)

Angel 2 || Male/Female | Name: (TBC) | Primary Power: (TBC) | FC: (TBC)

Angel 3 || Male/Female | Name: (TBC) | Primary Power: (TBC) | FC: (TBC)

Angel 4 || Male/Female | Name: (TBC) | Primary Power: (TBC) | FC: (TBC)


Demon 1 || Male | Name: (TBC) | Primary Power: (TBC) | FC: (TBC) | Taken by Tea.Or.Coffee

Demon 2 || Male | Name: (TBC) | Primary Power: (TBC) | FC: (TBC) | Reserved by Ville.Sunfall

Demon 3 || Male/Female | Name: (TBC) | Primary Power: (TBC) | FC: (TBC)

Demon 4 || Male/Female | Name: (TBC) | Primary Power: (TBC) | FC: (TBC)

~ The First, The Second, at least two Thirds and two Recruits as well as the Key are needed to start the roleplay~

~Unless you also reserve a Mortal, you may not reserve an Angel or Demon character until The First and two Thirds have been reserved ~


~ Coming Soon ~

Toggle Rules


~ Most of these are pretty generic, but I thought I'd list everything to avoid confusion ~

Character Reservations
  • To reserve a character, post in the OOC with your desired Face Claim
  • Face Claims should be real pictures
  • Reservations will last 48 hours unless an extension is asked for
  • At least a WIP must be submitted before the 48 hour deadline
  • In your reservation post, introduce yourself and tell us your favourite quote and/or movie! :)
  • Feel free to reserve more than one character, but if you do, please make it one male or one female if they're both Keepers
  • Your characters may come with extra information, which I will PM to you if you reserve them to add a little mystery to the roleplay.

Character Submission
  • If you like, use the Character Sheet provided, but feel free to rearrange to your heart's content.
  • If you do rearrange, please provide all the information asked for
  • Pictures are good! Use as many as you like.

  • Please no one liners! I really am for quality over quantity.
  • Having said that, I'd love 250 words at least for each post, but I'm not going to start flipping tables if you post a little less.
  • Please post in third person! (Example: She gazed around the room with a dull look to her glassy eyes)
  • Romance is optional, but encouraged if that's what you'd like. You must keep to site rules though.
  • Fighting is a very real possibility, and encouraged. It is a war after all. Let's just keep it IC though.

  • I want this to be really open in terms of genre, so...
  • Romance, as I've said, is optional but definitely an option!
  • Mystery - A sub-plot to the roleplay is the search for the Gate, so go for it! This is something I'll probably guide a little from the OOC
  • School - Is this a genre? Well, there's an element of it, however teaching will not be set in stone.
  • And so on... I want this roleplay to have elements of horror as well as adventure and slice of life.

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Most recent OOC posts in The City

Re: The City

I would like the role of angel one with Dan Howell as my FC.


Re: The City

Elloooo! Could I reserve a male Recruit Keeper please? I'm not too sure of a FC right now, I have a few in mind, but I'll be doing a proper search tomorrow or during the weekend.

Oh god, introduction. Okay, hi! I'm Imbecile! Um, some people think I'm a guy, I have no idea why. Jokes on youuu, I'm a girl. It's gonna be hard to choose a favourite movie but I love Pan's Labyrinth so much. Oh, and I like the quote "Don't compromise yourself. You are all you've got." by Janis Joplin.

Re: The City

So character sheet.

Finally decided on my F.C

Re: The City


Cool!!! A fellow Brit :D
Oh dear, I can't handle the ending. I always want to like yell at the main characters because none of them have any idea of what is really going on.

Also, I think i'm going to go for Gabriella Wilde for my mortal's face claim. And if possible, can I snatch a female angel with Candice Swanepoel for her face claim?

Re: The City

Woo! Hey guys! Thanks so much for the interest :D


Everything is reserved for people ^^ I'll put up a Character Sheet soon, apologies for the delay :)


I'm (almost) exactly the same! I'm from Britain too, and I love Moulin Rouge. I cry every time. Every single time. :3

Re: The City

Hello! I would like to reserve the third keeper (4)?
Uhm, well, i'm not that interesting... I've been on here for five years. I'm from Britain but unlike how most people view us, I happen to think that i'm pretty friendly. My favourite movie would have to be the Moulin Rouge... :)
I'm not positive who I'm going to use for her faceclaim yet, though.

Re: The City

@Ville.Sunfall, I love both of them, but I kinda fell in love with Sam when I began rewatching Supernatural. He's just so damned flawed and you want to hate him sometimes, but then you wind up in tears and just...FEELS!!

Re: The City

Ill be a Demon. My character will be Male and his F.C will be..... (ill edit this later Im still looking)

Sly: Sam!!! <3 But I like Dean better xD

Re: The City

Still trying to decide if I want to join.

Okay, hi! I'm Sly! Inside joke, no...not really. I spent a good portion of my childhood being really sneaky and freshman year, I would take pictures of people and post them on social media websites before they ever realized there had been a picture taken. Ummm...fav quote: "Her heart is a secret garden and the walls are very high." It's by William Goldman. I think it's a good description of me, ya know, something personal.

Anyway, I'd like to reserve a female Third Keeper role with the FC of Caity Lotz and a male angel with an FC of Jared Padalecki?

Re: The City

Hi there! I would like to reserve the key keeper and make the person a female? Please and thank you.

I'm currently still debating on the FC for the role... I'm considering FC: Chloe Bennet, but I'm going to mull over that a little bit more... Anyways! Introduction? Oh boy. I'm Huntress! And... Well I think I still have a life, but many people would disagree. c: My favorite quote is from Julius Caesar: "Oh Judgment! Thou art fled to brutish beasts. And men have lost their reason!" I don't know why.. I simply sounds so dramatic. ^^

Re: The City

Sure! It's all yours :)

Re: The City

Hey! I would like to reserve the first keeper in your RP, if probable :)
FC: michael fassbender, if you don't mind...I think he would be pretty good for the position
well, er, I'm aarondalea and I like to RP a lot ._. I have no life and i type a lot! I need to go and hide in some sort of corner and sulk a bit...or I could just go and watch 12 Years A Slave

The City

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