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Season of Giving 2020

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Merry Christmas from RPG! 🎅


Zephyr Ann Carlisle

"Let them eat cake."

0 · 399 views · located in New York

a character in “The City, Love and Rock 'n' Roll”, as played by fauxreality


Zephyr Ann Carlisle





October Fourteenth

Girl Two, Boy Three

Love Interest
No one at current. (:


I'm scared. Getting hurt is the last thing Zephyr wants, ever. Hurting other people? She can deal with that, and she does it frequently. She would rather be hated and a heartbreaker, than heartbroken. She'll find flaws, make things up, anything to take away the fear and leave someone. Her friends think she has a problem, maybe even "daddy issues," but she doesn't care.

Martini, anyone? Zeph absolutely loves to party. It keeps her mind off her issues with relationships and no one bothers her about it when they're drunk. She almost has a sixth sense when it comes to finding out where the fun is at, and can be found at the wildest, craziest, parties almost every night. On occasion, she'll even throw her own, some of which can last for days, putting everyone in a drunken-sex-fueled-haze.

Watch Doctor Who? 'Course not. She'll vehemently deny it, but she's really the biggest nerd when she's alone and not out partying. She absolutely loves Dragon Age, she's played both all the way through, and obsesses over Doctor Who. She even has a pajama top with a photo of the tenth doctor, though it's not something she'd ever wear around anyone else.

Who needs romance? I have a puppy that loves me unconditionally. That's right, she's an animal lover. She adopted a Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix about six months and frequently volunteers at the local animal shelter. She loves animals, probably more than people. She pampers her own puppy like its a princess, buying it toys, dressing it up, giving it frequent snuggles and lots of treats. Dogs don't break your heart. You could step on their tail and they'll still love you.

Darling, you're beautiful. When it comes to her friends, she's the sweetest. She'll compliment them, bake them elaborate cakes for their birthday, and will gladly wear a hideous bridesmaid dress in their wedding. However, she only has a few friends and that's mostly because of her lifestyle. She's lost a lot of friends in her life, but the ones that have stuck by her she is especially grateful for. So she treats them like gold. It's the least she can do.

The Basics Always a short girl, Zephyr never managed to make it quite past 5'2, though she'll tell you she's 5'3. Occasionally she has difficulty reaching things on the top shelves at the bakery where she works, but that's nothing a pair of heels can't fix! It may not be practically for all day, but she's willing to stand through the pain for those few extra inches. While she is slim, working in a bakery is bound to give you a few curves. She manages to keep in shape with a vigorous exercise routine. She takes great pride in her hair; having it cut into a horrible pixie cut when she was fourteen, she's managed to grow it out a few inches below her collar bones and is a natural blonde. Her eyes, like her grandmother's, are a bright blue. She uses smokey eye shadows make them appear even brighter.

Style Zephyr is no stranger to fashion and keeps tabs on the latest trends, often updating or changing her outfits to be more fashion forward. The only time she's ever not "dressed up" is when she's at home, getting ready to bed, crying (or laughing) over emotional Doctor Who episodes, while eating a bowl of cereal. She adores heels, and will rarely wear tennis shoes unless her heels get particularly painful at work. Even then, she'll probably just change into a pair of trendy flats. She's awfully vain and will readily admit to that, she believes appearances are important. Not everything, but certainly not nothing.

I'm a cake decorator, and I'm pretty damn good.

- Animals
- Clothes
- Doctor Who
- Dragon Age
- Baking
- Art, specifically sculpting and painting.
- Shoes

- Her obvious trust issues.
- Extremely hot weather
- Spiders
- Needles
- Trying to organize her closet. It's nearly impossible with the amount of stuff she has.
- Bees, she's really allergic.
- Pears

Theme Song
Click here.

"Daddy's not coming back is he?" The wide eyed, red cheeked little girl asked, holding on to her teddy bear for dear life. The older woman across from her doing the same with a bottle of Grey Goose, her face expressionless. Or, it was expressionless till a twisted grin made its appearance across her prematurely wrinkled face. She stood up, grabbing onto the little girl, her fingernails digging into the side of her neck. Five year old Zephyr squealed in terror as her mother opened her mouth to speak. "Little bitch, always liked him more, but look at that? He left you here with me." Ms. Carlisle tossed her to the side like someone would a piece of trash before walking back to her bedroom.

Zephyr's father never intended to leave her behind, he loved his daughter, but when he was on his way back to get her, he passed away in a car accident. Her mother, being in a drunken or meth induced fog for most of her childhood, never told her. She was placed into foster care when she was twelve and was bounced around from house to house from there on. She preferred her life there than to living with good ol' mom. At least she was given a hot meal everyday she was in foster care and nobody forgot her at school. They didn't beat the shit out of her either, and that was always a plus. When she turned fourteen, she started dating. Making boys fall in love with her and then breaking their hearts if she even began to feel a speck of emotion for them. Two years later she got emancipated.

She managed to balance school and work just fine, more comfortable in her situation than she had felt in any foster home or at her mother's. Now she's doing quite well and is a fabulous cake decorator.

(This application is from a character I made for a different role play, but it has all of the stuff you have on yours. :D)

So begins...

Zephyr Ann Carlisle's Story