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Avani Moore

To rescure her sister from prison

0 · 140 views · located in Republic City.

a character in “The City of the Fallen”, as played by rose petals

changethe bandages to a white tank top.

Age: 14
Banding: Earth bander, also learning how to metal band


Avani is a very out spoken sort of person. she won't be pushed around and she lets her thoughts be known. she is very anergetic which is to be suspected at the age of 14. she dosen't mind getting down and durty and is very willing to help people out. growing up in the lower levels and in war means that Avani knows life no other way. she has taught herself how to sarvie. because of this she thrives in battle, she is very violent and loves the rush that having a confrontation with the enemy brings her. if theirs a fight you will see her their. she is very happy most of the time, even in the hard as she prefears feeling happiness to sadness. she is very agile and fast and something she's been doing since she was 6 is acrobatics. she loves this and trys to incorperate it in every thing she does. she dosen't like living in the lower levels and so is determend to help in anyway she can.

Avani also loves to sleep. when she can which isn't as often as she would like she will find a comfy postion and go to sleep. being woken up is also one of the rare times you will see Avani with a frown and in a bad mood. when in such a bad mood she tends to lash out or be overaly sarcastic.


Avani has two knives on each side of her legs, she uses them in close combat and is very talented with them. the knives also have some wood in the handle so she can also move them with her earth banding.
Avani also has an asortment of guns. she will choose out of her collection the most appropiate gun for the occasion when she needs to go out and use it. Avani has great aim.
Avani also carries a bag of sand and a clay braclet that she can mold in case of emergency.


Avani was born in the lower levels of the Rapublic. with her mother dying giving birth to her and her father dying a couple of years later from the bad conditions they lived in and the depression of lossing his wife. this left her and her older sister Seana. togather they both struggled for savival in the lower levels. resorting to stealing food and money on occasion. they came across a circus when Avani was 6 and stayed with them for a while, learning many things all circusy. At the age of 8 she and her sister started making their own way again as the republic burnt down the circus they lived in also killing many of the people they cared about. finally fed up with how things were Seana, Avani's elder sister, decided she wanted to fight against the republic and Avani followed her sister. they learnt how to use their weapons and to fight. they found other earth banders and learnt how to use thier banding, continuasly practicing.
drawing a rade Seana got taken by the Republic army and put into a prison. it has been Avanis main goal to find and save her sister, her only remaining family. she is also still determend to bring down the corrupt goverment that rules.

So begins...

Avani Moore's Story


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