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Wynmere Gates

A waterbender from a wealthy noble family in the Upper City. She knows what will happen to her if she's discovered. And she wants things to change...

0 · 115 views · located in Republic City.

a character in “The City of the Fallen”, as played by SithFaced


Wynmere Syviis Gates


Bending Element:

*Note: The basis for my characters appearance is actually the Estonian singer Kerli. If you'd like to know more about what my character looks like physically, you can always just search for images of her.
Wynmere has pale white skin and piercing blue eyes that, when seen in the right light, appear to have an almost gold sparkle to them. Her hair is such a light blonde that it seems almost white, quite different from those of her parents and brothers; her mothers hair is a dirty blonde, and her fathers hair is a light red, while her brothers have a mix of both. She had always viewed herself as the odd duck in the family too because of her height and build. She is small, standing at just over 5'1'', with a proper hourglass figure. Her family members are all rather tall, even her mother, and they all have a muscular frame. Though she is so different from her family members, they always told her that she was the true image of beauty, and tried their best to show her off as what a real noble should look like; that, somehow, because of her beauty, their noble bloodline was superior to others.

On a normal basis, Wynmere can be found in the best clothes money can buy, with items ranging from dresses to corseted tops and long skirts. She almost always wears her hair up in a braided messy bun. Though, when she leaves for the under city, she makes sure to wear worn looking clothes, though she still has some corsets packed and one really nice corset and skirt set - just in case she would ever need it to get things done. And in the Under City, she wears her hair in a simple pony tail. She always keeps her dagger with her, though.

She just doesn't really totally seem to fit into the Under City though, and she knows it. What, with her fair skin, and hair, and posture and speech. She tries her hardest to blend in though, many times relying on a worn leather cape to blend herself into her surroundings as best as possible.

Wynmere is not very strong at all with her waterbending abilities, nor does her family know of them.
And being a part of an upper class noble family, her parents wanted her to be protected at all times - they did not get her body guards or anything of that nature, but they did condone carrying small weapons. As such, she always carries a rather sharp dagger necklace around her neck. Said necklace is silver, and has her name engraved on it. There is also a piece of the precious blue gemstone Benitoite in the hilt of the small dagger.
When Wynmere travels into the Under City, she takes with her a pack with some essential items in it. The basics that she would need - some money, some food, and water, plus a special container of water for her to practice her bending with in secret - as well as a few other small items. She also has packed one really nice outfit, just in case she would ever need to be who she had been, her actual noble self, to get her where she wants to go. She also packed a few medical supplies for minor injuries.


Wynmere is a quite girl, with a rather kind demeanor. She is by no means a pushover though. She knows what she wants, and she's someone that will do anything to get it. Hence, her decision to leave home. She wants things to change, and she knows that living the way she lives now will not achieve that.


Wynmere was born and raised in a wealthy noble family residing in the Upper City. She has never really known much of life outside of the city, save for once when she snuck out of her home with some friends just to see the Under City. She was appalled at what she saw. Upon returning home, she brought the topic up with her parents - of course, in only the most innocent way so as not to seem like she traveled there - and her parents told her of how it was a filthy place full of filthy people.

She, of course, didn't see that as a fair judgement by her parents. And it was not much longer after this moment, that she discovered her water bending abilities. Terrified, she denied her abilities to herself at first. But then she remembered the under city. And the stories her parents told her. And the things she heard about from others. The old Avatar had died, and a new one would be ready to take the throne soon, if only they could find him.

She wished that there was a way for things to change. But she knew that her only hope would be to find others like her, even though that would be terribly hard. Her best chance, she thought, would be in the Under City, where it would be easier for benders to practice in secret - she could only ever practice her bending in the private baths without fear of being discovered. And the idea of not having to be afraid of her abilities was addicting to her.

So, she spent some time gathering clothes that she could take with her to the under city, so as to not stick out - a girl walking around in the finest clothes money could buy would most definitely alert the authorities that something was amiss. And she spent her time plotting.

And now, finally, after all this time, her time to leave in search of others like her has finally come.

So begins...

Wynmere Gates's Story