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Denvian Cognitio Crowe

Demonic Keeper of Knowledge, Hell's Mortician and Information Dealer.

0 · 191 views · located in Nation of Cambia, Macabrephus Kosmos.

a character in “The City of Tyrants”, as played by Vincious Macabre



Name: Denvian Cognitio Crowe

Nicknames: Denvie, Dennie, Den, D.V.

Age: Undisclosed, rumoured to be just a few years younger than Satan.

Height: 7'3".

Build: Slim, strong.

Species: Demon.

Rank: Keeper of Knowledge (Watches over the Library of Forbidden Knowledge in Hell), Hell's Mortician (keeps track of souls and crossroads deals), Information Dealer (one of the best).

Family: None.

Occupation: Keeper of Knowledge, Mortician and Information Dealer.

Personality: His personality is really hard to really describe because he's always someone different with different people and in different situations. With his friends, he's laid-back and relaxed, but his natural intimidating presence keeps them from fucking around with him. He's a bit of a dick, too, mostly because he's sarcastic, blunt and he never developed emotions properly, so he doesn't feel empathy or sympathy for anyone or anything. A natural con artist and thief, he's not one to be trusted and even his closest friends know that. In professional settings, he's ultra professional. In combat, he's calm, collected and really hard to read. He's generally calm and collected anyhow. Very secretive, to the point probably no one in existence has ever really had the chance to know what's really going on in his head.

Biography: Created by a demon and an angel, his existence was necessary to keep knowledge (dangerous, forbidden knowledge) from being scattered about the many realms of existence around Earth and beyond. He grew up training under Satan's Knights, completely devoid of emotions and any real personal values. He was simply a weapon that relied on knowledge to take down enemy ranks and to keep Hell safe. He was taught more ways to seal knowledge than to share it, and as he grew up he filled his head with all kinds of things that would cause him to be a target for anyone who needed to know the most dangerous of spells or the secrets of creation, but because he maintains a fake identity wherever he goes, he isn't easy to pin down.

Marital Status: Single.

Sexuality: Unknown.

Circle of Friends: A couple of demons and rogue reapers.


Weapons: Fingerless gloves with brass knuckles that have curved spikes on the tops of them.

Range: Long, short and mid range.

Magic: Naturally born with the element of lightning, however he only uses it when he really needs to. He usually relies on combat alone, as he's fast and delivers powerful, repetitive blows that impact the same damage as one with brute force would leave. His speed is one of his main advantages.

If he needs to go further, he uses his purple flames, which have silver tips in them. The flames don't only burn, they cause things like hallucinations and mental overloads because of where they come from. The silver parts are plasmic ice that can easily cut through metal.

The flames come from a demonic crystal lodged into his forearm, which is basically like a Demonic Philosopher's Stone.

His last resort is his lightning attacks.

So begins...

Denvian Cognitio Crowe's Story