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Alexandra Yun

"Tick tock. . . Tick tock... Thats the sound of your life coming to an end. Hehehe."

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a character in “The city of Wolves”, as played by Damioa



Name: Alexandra Yun
Nickname's: Alex, Child, Lady Alexandra
Age: 18
Birthday: May 7

Apearances: Human

Wolf form: Mostly safe:

Fenrir form: Dangerous:

Alexandra was born into an abusive family. Her mother was a housewife who never graduated from high school because of her pregnancy and her father was a hard worker as well as a hard drinker. He would always come home ready to pound a few beers and also end up pounding on either Alex or her mom. Sometimes even both. Alex spent allot of her time crying while leaving the house to avoid her parents. In truth she always saw both of her parents as weak people, but also felt of herself as week. Oh how she wanted to change. When she was ten that chance finally arrived. On the night of one of Hundlé's full moons she met a person at a park, not much older than her, maybe even the same age seeing as her size was quite petite. After talking she ended up telling the girl her whole story. In return the girl asked her how much would she sacrifice to get out of her situation. Alex replied, "Everything. Even my soul." That is when she was bitten. She like many wolves had her uncontrolled moons, but the person helped her to control her transformations. In returned she stayed by the woman's side and became her right hand inside her plan.

Years later, She has become the Pack Leader of the children of Fenrir. Through force and dominance she works hard to see that Hundlé, and in the long run, the world becomes a home for wolves and wolves only.
Parent: Unknown

Personality: Alex in public can be seen as a ladylike and well mannered person. She walks with grace and tries to mimic allot of the women she looks up to. This can only be seen of course during the day, because when the sun sets and the moon rises she turns into something people have come to call evil incarnate. She has a twisted personality and isn't afraid of showing it. Though she doesn't yell, she has been known to growl and glare at those who are under her. She has also been known to gash wolves under her command and even abort some of them by force. Her hate for humans is probably unmatched by anyone. She hates how weak and feeble they are. This of course makes her want to change any and all humans, or kill them in the process. She doesn't care which she has to do, as long as the outcome is one less human in the world. She seems to take pride in her ability as a wolf to cause pain and that is why there is a warrant out for her head. Still, she has no worries because she works behind the scenes, making sure her lackeys take the fall for anything she does. It isn't really like she doesn't love her "children". It's just that she feels if they get caught and murdered then that is their own problem. She can't risk the others of her packs lives to get revenge for another. Not while she still has her mission to fulfill. Knowing her, she will fulfill it or cause allot of bloodshed trying.

Charles Yun- Missing
Maria Yun- Missing

So begins...

Alexandra Yun's Story


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#, as written by Damioa
Was it a dream? Was it a nightmare? Or, was it worse? It could only be one thing. Everyone knew. All parties involved knew exactly what it was. It was a bad memory. No matter which side you were on, it didn't make a difference. It was all bad. In some type of way, everyone lost something that could never be returned to them. Everyone experienced betrayal and heartache. Everyone experienced something natural. This was life at it fullest. Life has so many downs and curves that it seems to be able to break the most put together of human beings. It changes them, and makes them something they never thought they would ever be. However, in life, even though so many bad things happen that seem to contort the human soul, even eradicate it, one thing is still there. Through the abyss and darkness that twines through it all, there is always one little spark of light. Through all the sadness and tears there will always be happiness somewhere. You just have to fight for it. It seems that because all things start in happiness, when that happiness gets taken away, most people don't expect it to come back. For all the characters in this story, happiness is available, but of course, that's a little too far ahead for some. Let's go back six months ago, before the initial start of the story. The summer year of Lucas Iraha's high school graduation.

Like most kids he was happy to finally call an end to his years as a child. He had plans to enroll in the best school in Hundlé City. He had plans to make the most of his situation which was the same situation of all the citizens of Hundlé. A few years ago, an event caused the city to be sealed off from the rest of the world. Only government officials and supply packages transported by military personnel seemed to find their way off the coast of the cities shoreline. Of course this caused many people to riot and parade outside the walls, but in due time they grew silent and life continued as normal as possible. Some people resorted to suicide. Others murder. Then there was the majority, like Lucas, who decided to live life the best way they could. Lucas having no intent of ever leaving the city in the first place decided to just become part of societies business operation and work a normal job in a cubicle somewhere. Truth be told, he was actually happy with his life. He had his friend by his side and even her family to support him and vice verse. Life was good just as it was.

It is said, when people become the most complacent, that is the time when life decides to wake you up from your dream and introduce you to reality. A reality that no person in their right mind could ever become compelled to just accept. Instead of reality however, he was forced into a nightmare. A nightmare that seemed to not only effect him but those around him.

It was late at night. A night that seemed to last longer than others due to the simple fact that he was forced to work overtime. The usual night shift clerk at the local store that Lucas worked at didn't seem to come on time. After a few hours it seemed he wasn't going to show up at all. He was told he could close the store early so that he could go home which seemed like a reasonable plan. However, being the hard worker he was, he tried to pull the whole night shift all by himself. It had to be around 3AM that he finally realized he was nodding off. It didn't seem like a big deal closing at that time seeing as he was given permission to, the store was vacant of customers, and the morning shift started at 6AM. The only thing he remembered was the mist that filled the dark streets and the moon that laid gently on the buildings. He rode his bike to work but couldn't muster the energy to ride back home. The only sound that could be heard was the clacking of his gears. This had to be the first time in years that he had been out so late. It amazed him how dead the whole town seemed to feel.

Walking along side the road that led up to his house he looked out far to the city area of Hundlé. The lights seemed to never turn off there. It wasn't as if it was a city where people worked late or partied at clubs. No. It seemed more like the lights had to stay on. Even at times when he was in his room he never saw any change to the lights of the city. It seemed his small town on the outskirts of the city was the only place that cut off their lights. It made him wonder what was the difference between the two areas. Later of course he found out it was safety that was at stake.

As he walked up the road he stopped realizing that his shoe was untied. Of course he went down to tie it, but stopped half way. There was a sound in the tree's that connected to the woods next to him. He thought it was strange, seeing as wild life really only consisted of birds and squirrels. It seemed like the maker of the sound was something bigger than any of those things. It stopped as soon as it started. Trying to shrug it off as maybe a fallen branch or a cause of wind he proceeded to tie his shoelace. As he rose up the cracking sound ranged again in his ear, this time followed by a thump. It was much closer than last time. He began to get the feeling that he was being watched. It wasn't a good feeling as he recalled. It was like he was being watched with eyes that could see to the very core of his soul. Still, nothing could be seen in sight. He put his hands back on his bike and continued up the hill path this time with a little more pep in his step and also a little more awake. The sounds seemed to follow him up the path. The more they sounded the more closer they felt. The closer they felt the faster he walked. It came to a point where he was running. Running like a mad man, scared for his life. He didn't even know what he was scared of. It was just noise, but still he ran, trying to make it up the hill as fast as possible. He felt that if he made it to the hill he could somehow maybe be safe. He could free himself from this fear that crawled in his skin.

Once he got to the path he panted, mouth dry from lack of hydration. Oh how he cursed the free fizz drinks and salted chips he got every time he went to work. The good thing was that the sound was gone. He was safe. Putting his head on his arms and resting on his bike he smiled to himself. He really had nothing to be afraid of. Thinking that was probably the most ridiculous thing he could ever do. Of course he wasn't safe. There was still the sound of heavy breathing. One he realized, once his own breaths calmed, weren't his. Slowly looking forward, he saw them. Red eyes. Red eyes that stood higher than him. The eyes themselves being a dead giveaway that they didn't belong to a human, but not only that. No human could possibly be so tall. He could only make out the glow of the eyes through the fog. It was a frightful sight to say the least. To compare it to something, would not do it justice, but if he had to, he would compare it to looking at the gates of hell. Turning around to get on his bike and head down the hill he heard the thumps of movement and they were headed towards him. He rode down the same hill he tried so hard to get up, much faster than he had ever before. He didn't care about the lack of control he felt over his movement. The only thing on his mind was the thumps. They seemed to get closer and closer. With each thump, he felt a piece of his heart breaking. He could've just as easily died from the fear. The last thing he remembers of that night was a roar, louder than any he could have imagined and the collision. It was sharp and quick.

Waking up lying in his bed he rubbed his head wondering if it was just a dream. He wished it was a nightmare. Soon however, he realized it was much more than that. Something that he could never prepare for. That no one could prepare for. It has been 6 months since that night. So much has changed and so much is still changing. This begins not only his story, but everyone's story. The story of the City of Wolves.
Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

Nicholas Anderson slowly rose his tired head introduced to the sound of his younger brothers heart monitor. It had been six months since their older sister attacked both of them and put him in a coma.
"Why couldn't it be me in your place?" He whispered, reaching out to feel his brothers almost lifeless hand.
How many nights had he spent coming to the hospital sitting by his brother waiting for him to wake up. He had lost count of the days. Slowly getting up he headed for the exit of the room. "See you later, little brother."

Exiting the hospital he glared a bit at the traffic that came down the streets. So many people living their lives as he once had, oblivious to all that was around them. He turned his head to the setting sun in the sky and sucked on his teeth before heading down the street. He pulled out his phone and dialed the number to his older sisters phone. It reached the voicemail.
"Hey sis. I'll be home before nightfall, or at least hopefully before the moon comes up. Try not to open the door for no one, not even him. I don't care if he's the center parent or pack leader. Whatever they call it. Just don't open the door for anyone who'll cause us trouble ok. At least not until I get there. Love you. Bye."
Hanging up he walked back to the town area which their family moved to less than a half a year ago.
On the opposite side of the town area, there lies a place that seems similar to a meadow. To call it such would be an understatement. It had to be the best area in Hundlé city. However not many people went there do to the fact that it was so far off. The building that laid in the middle of the valley looked more like a castle. From the outside, it looked completely vacant, but it did the actual frame no justice. Inside, it was the complete opposite. Their were maids and personnel that waited on the head mistress and her 'Children' hand and foot. It was the least they could do right. It was her that created a safe haven for them to live and never have to worry about hunters or humans. They were able to live under her and live life to the norm. At least as normal as it could get for them.
"Welcome home Mr. Jynx." One of the housemaids bowed to Kai Jynx, the right hand of the den mother.
"Where is the left hand right now?" He asked referring to Yoko Rina, the left hand of the den mother and top diplomat in the hall belonging to Hundlé.
"I'm not sure sir. The Den mother should be in her room though. Maybe you could ask her."
Kai nodded. "You may go about your business now."
The housemaid bowed once more and went to the living room.

Kai made his way upstairs and toward a big door. It had to be the biggest door in the building. He knocked three times before entering, a mannerism he was taught.

"Mother." He said as he walked into the room. "I have good news and some bad news. Like always." His voice slurred the last sentence. He knelled down on his knees and bowed his head.
"The bad news first I suppose." He said growling at the thought. "It seems that the hunters are growing in numbers and becoming stronger. However," His lips formed a smirked that wasn't even worthy of the devil, "It seems there are some new pets running about. I've caught sent of some in the far off territory to the east. I wonder, of course i know it wasn't one of us, or even the lesser, but still I wonder who would have changed them. They didn't even raise them. They seem to be raising themselves. Meaning they aren't part of the four packs. Well three now considering that the Chains are broken apart. Still, it doesn't really matter who made them I guess. I think what matters is that we bring them to us. Or let the lesser handle them. Fenrir. The lesser pack known as Fenrir may not treat them so nice as we would, but I think we should use them. At glances they seem weak. However that's all up to you mother. What do you think we should do?"
His red eyes gleamed towards Seraphine Trinyx, the current leader of the pack of Sanctuary. She always kept a poker face about her. Something which he could never copy due to his love of smirking while excited. Still, this woman was his master and his adopted mother. He would do nothing without her consent.
Inside a old 1980's Mustang Lucas sat in the passenger seat staring at the sun, almost timing the moment it goes down.
"I appreciate the ride but I rather not see you on days when I know its going to be a full moon." He hissed to the driver.
"Awe come on Lui. Lu. What do you liked to be called again? Haha. Man it must be nice to be young and getting paid by a stand up guy like me right?" The man said in reply.

The man being no other than Thomas Groove, a man who seems to know a little bit too much about wolves and how the city really operates. Especially for a human. Even if he is a detective for the city, he had always seemed untrustworthy in some manner. Still, he had helped Lucas get through the hardest time in his 'rebirth'. However, Lucas can't say that he doesn't regret accepting the mans advice.
"Just call me Lucas. I don't consider you my friend." The boy said back.
"I've seen how you treat your friends kid. You might be an alpha but you have to learn better people skills. Get a girlfriend. Go out more."
"Shut up. Just tell me what you showed up at my cram school for."
"I can't just come by to pick you up?"

Lucas didn't reply.
"Here." He said passing Lucas some pictures.
Looking closely he saw a man around his late twenty's. He was smiling in one of them and shaking the hands of the state senetor in another.
"Kyle Runes. He was supposed to be a crowd favorite for the next election. Sure we love our dear miss Yoko, but people need change you know? Anyway. He went missing not to long ago and I want your help finding him."
"Why me?"
Lucas asked handing back the pictures. "It can't just be because of my nose."
"You have a good intuition kid. I believe there is some corruption in our government. I also think that it is connected to that outspoken terrorist."
"The one that hides her face."
"The very same. Her voice makes her seem like quite the dame ey?"

Lucas turned away to face the window again without saying a word.
"Well. I think so at least. Anyway, you need to find him. I wouldn't advise trying to rescue him. Just find his location and leave the rest to me. Kay?"
"Sure. Whatever you say boss."

It wasn't long before the car stopped outside the Londe residence. Without saying a word, Lucas took the photos and headed outside of the car.

"Hey kid." Thomas called. "Be careful in the city tonight. Lights don't hide much, and you can't hide much in the light."
Lucas glared at him and nodded slowly before going to the house and entering through the front door.
"I'm home he called. I'm about to head back out in an hour. Don't wait up." He went to the kitchen and began to cook himself something to eat.
It was dark inside the building. All the lights were of course purposefully turned off. All that could be heard was the humming of a little girl. "Da-da-di-dum. Hey there mister politician man. How do you feel? Hehehe. I'm just waiting on some orders and then we can have dinner. Of course your on the menu. Hehehe." She got uncomfortably close to the mans face. He was muffled but she could tell he was trying to curse at her.
"You don't have to worry. Miss Yun always plays nice."


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Follow the walls... don't look in the light... follow the walls...

With panicked breaths, chattering teeth, scraps against walls and dirty feet she came, hugging the walls like they were her only salvation. Muttering to herself a constant reminder, like ramblings of a deranged woman. Her hair long, matted and dirty at the ends from where it dragged behind her. A hospital gown, torn and ruined that hung from one of her tiny shoulders. Deathly pale, scarred and bloody skinned, dirtied hands and feet from her travels. Her frame small but tall, easily seen as underweight and malnourished. Her eyes were blinded by bandages and she cried red tears, old stains or black and red on it. Lips cracked from dehydration and fingertips dry.

She wailed and sniffed down a echoing hallway, her deadly sharp claws scratching deeply into the brick walls like they were nothing, leaving dusty rock pathing behind her. It was when she gasped at another voice, young and child like and a gagged grunt that she crouched down, still moving closer to the voices, repeating the same lines... ''Follow the walls... don't look in the light... follow the walls...''

As the walls ended and to a door frame she wailed, afraid that she could not find another wall to follow. She hugged the door frame, unaware the two strangers were in the room, her claws dug deeply into the walls and the talons on her feet dug deeply into the floor despite them being old wooden floors. She had a steel cuff around her ankle with a name on it's tag. 'Patient 003 - Nathaira Vondila' And the chain was noticeably severed, the small part left of it dangled down onto the floor in her crouched state while her long pale salmon pink hair draped to the floor and travelled behind the door. A snapped IV still in her arm, it bleed slowly, trickling down to her elbow and only to floor, slowly beginning to pool. ''Follow the walls... don't look in the light... follow the walls...''


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{NOTE: Nicholas is tagged under Bobby's part of this post. Alexandra is tagged under Venton's. Jean is tagged under Velonica's.

I also apologize for how long this is ><}


It was hot outside. But, it was also cold. How both could coexist at night was strange and abnormal - but she didn't have time to mull over this. Instead, she forced herself to tune the chilly heat out and focus entirely on the battle ensuing.

The wolf threw itself at her, causing her to dodge and rarely miss being tackled to the ground. A claw caught her arm, tearing through the outer-side of it and immediately drawing blood. This ended in Velonica stumbling and barely catching herself on a nearby wall.

It wasn't the best place for a fight, especially against a wolf. A narrow, crowded alleyway on the outskirts of town. How the werewolf had gotten there was beyond her - he shouldn't have been able to, seeing as they had hunters posted at the city limits day-in and day-out - but that was not what mattered in that moment. What mattered was disposing of this werewolf, and quickly. Preferably before it managed to either a - kill an innocent person -, b - draw notice to them -, or c - draw attention from Jean.

Velonica shuddered at the though and dodged another attack, slicing out with her broadsword in the same instant. A spray of blood shot out from the wolf, which let out a howl of pain that ended on a growl of anger.

If Jean found out, there would be serious repercussions. Not just for her, but for whoever allowed the werewolf to sneak inside of the city.

Her eyes followed the swift movements of the wolf as it began to slowly circle her. It lashed out it claws at her but wasn't near enough to strike, and was obviously only doing so for intimidation purposes. Not that it worked.

If only she could find a weakness in this one. Every wolf had a weakness, so what was this one's? Perhaps a weak leg, or a previous injury that causes it to be slower in some cases.

Her eyes darted back and forth, taking in every movement that the wolf made.


As it tensed to pounce, it's hind right leg trembled slightly, hinting at a long-ago injury that left the muscles scarred and weakened. As soon as it lunged, she dropped to the right, allowing it to sail over her as she slid forth. Her blade struck out as she moved below it, and with a nearly-invisible movement, she had sliced open it's right hind leg. The wolf thudded to the ground and slid several feet. As soon as it stopped, it made a weak attempt to stand but promptly collapsed once more.

Rising and brushing herself off, she approached the wolf, absently twirling her sword.

"You know, it's filth like you that I really do despise. Not only did your despicable race slaughter my family - but you also managed to ruin a new pair of pants that I only just bought today. I really liked these pants, too," she said, dropping to a crouch beside it's growling head. She smirked down into it's eyes, but her own were fiery and frightening in their hatred.

"You really shouldn't have done that," she snarled softly.

Her blade struck out, delving completely through it's throat. It howled, but the sound was gargled and muffled. She removed her blade, drove it directly through the wolf's head, and repeated the same movements to it's heart. As she rose, she kicked it's side.

"Filth," she spat.

Her arm rose, her watch automatically activating the communicator that she had built into each and every watch and ear-piece they had managed to buy.

"Send the Termination Team to Sector V, Section Three. We had a stray werewolf that needs burning."

A crackle arose and a voice answered, assuring her that the Team was heading to the location.

It didn't take long for the team to appear, and once they had, she turned away from the mess.

"God, I need a shower," she muttered, looking down at the front of her body. Coated from head-to-toe in blood, she was definitely quite a sight, and not only did she look disgusting but she also felt so. Using a handkerchief, she wiped some of the blood from her face as she. She approached the hidden door that lead to the underground tunnels which could be used by hunters to travel when needed, and she thumped down the stone stairs.

Once she had reached their main base of training and housing, Velonica showered and dressed. The warm water felt beautiful on her now-chilled body, and immediately warmed her to the very core.

Her hair was still wet as she approached the training room that she had been told Jean was in. She arrived in time to see the punishment dealt upon Lanette - a girl that Velonica was not very fond of, and often thought of as annoying and weak - and the events that followed.

Waiting until the class left the room, Vel leaned against the wall just outside of the door, crossing her arms beneath her voluptuous breasts, and settled in to wait. Jean left the room before the class did, however, and she easily pushed away from the wall and caught up to him, stretching her arms above her head as she did so. The injury in her arm, freshly cleaned and stitched up, caused her to grimace as the movement tugged at the stitches, but she let out a yawn instead of a groan.

"That was a bit harsh, J," she said, dropping her arms to her sides as they walked. "As much as I don't like the girl, perhaps you should think of different ways to punish them if they mess up?" she suggested, staring directly forward as she spoke. "Scarring their bodies may train them, but it will inevitably make them hate and, in the future, plot against you. Some may betray you," she pointed out.

Her arm moved out and in front of him, stopping him mid-stride. She turned to face him.

"I know that I've spoken to you about this before, Jean, but for once, listen to me. There's been some ... Talk. Rumors that there are hunters that are planning to overthrow and kill you. They claim that your tactics are far too extreme, even when dealing with werewolves, and that your training techniques are unfair." She reached forward and lightly touched his elbow, looking up at him with worry blatant in her gaze.

"As your comrade, I don't want to lose another ally. But as your friend, I don't want to lose someone that I truly care for. Think about changing your training methods, that's all that I'm asking. If you don't, you might not survive to see your next birthday," she said quietly. "Besides, if you left me, then who would I pick on for being so old?" she teased, winking at him and stepping back. She turned around and starting walking once more, calling over her shoulder, "Only old men walk as slow as you do!"


"You know, it isn't very nice to turn people into food."

Venton dropped from the wooden rafters above, landing without a sound on the cement floor below. He braced himself only by bending his knees, and then straightened once he had hit the ground. He tossed his white hair back, her purple eyes sparkling with mischief as he approached the small girl and her prey. He chuckled as he reached her side.

"You know, for such a tiny girl, you do seem quite ferocious. What are you, exactly? I've never met a normal werewolf as insane and malicious as you - perhaps you are a Fenrir? No, that would be too obvious," he said, rambling as he circled the pair, tapping his chip with each step. He suddenly stopped, making an 'A-ha!' sound and snapping his fingers.

"You're a normal werewolf who has complex issues stemmed from a terrible past," he exclaimed, nodding his head. He moved and was instantly beside her, rubbing her head and clutching her in an intense hug, shaking her back and forth as he did so.

"You are just too cute! How any person could be so adorable is beyond me. I just want to dress you up like a little doll and dance around with you! Tell me, my dear - would you mind being my daughter? You can call me Daddy Venny, or just Daddy! Either are fine with me!" he sang, dancing back from her several steps. He leaned down to sniff the politician that was currently bound and on the ground.

"My, it seems that you are in quite a pickle, sir. I would ask you to dance, but it might be a bit difficult for you to do so when you're all tied up like that," he said thoughtfully, purposely coming off as clueless to the current situation and danger. He suddenly looked up at Alexandra, a remorseful expression on his face.

"Tsk-tsk little daughter, it seems that you have been a naughty, naughty child. How dare you disobey Daddy and do something bad? Don't you know that it's illegal for you to kill a human? Rule number two of werewolf society: Do not kill a human, intentionally or unintentionally. Doing so will result in termination." He shook his head at her. "Do you not enjoy living? It seems that you do have a death wish. Now, now ... Perhaps I will let this go, seeing as you're so adorable," he began, turning and slowly undoing the binds that held the man. "If you let this poor, measly human go, I will not report you and you will be allowed to live," he said with a bright, cheery smile, his hand dropping to the man's head. A pulse slammed through the man's body, knocking him unconscious and therefore removing his memories of the past twenty-four hours. Venton hefted the man up and tossed him over his shoulder.

"Now, now ... Behave yourself, little daughter, or Daddy will have to come and punish you. Understand?" he asked, looking over his shoulder at her. This time, his smile and cheerful exterior were gone, and in replacement of it was an evil and frightening young man, with dark eyes and a blank look on his face. The combination hinted at a personality that was truly mad and villainous, and definitely not one to be trifled with.

"I asked ... Is that understand, young lady?" He spoke softly, his voice not holding the threat of death within it.


Bobby smacked the cup down on the bar counter, flipping her hair over her shoulders and down her back, her blood-red eyes sparkling in the dull lighting of the bar.

"Well I say that you damned perverts should just leave town and not come back!" she exclaimed, twirling in her seat to face the four men who sat at a table behind her. Previously, they had been blatantly eyeing her backside, but moments before, they had made a very obvious remark about her body - which, she would most definitely admit, was to-die-for - but it was something along the lines of how she should 'shake of those little shorts, hop up on the bar table, and give them a "booby-bouncing" dance. And yes, they used the words 'booby-bouncing'.

However, even though she was allowed to think so, didn't mean that disgusting, old, perverted men that were nothing but drunks going nowhere in life, were allowed to say so.

One of the men pushed up from the table, sending his chair smashing to the floor.

"What did you just say to us, you little slut?" he growled, his mustache twitching.

"I said that you damned perverts had better leave town before I make you," she challenged, rising from her seat and glaring up at the man - who was, unsurprisingly, about two heads taller than she was. His friends rose alongside him, each of them holding an angered vibe about them. Bobby only smirked at them, slowly gathering her white hair into a ponytail. Once it was up, she danced back a step and held one hand out to the men, curling her fingers towards her.

"Bring it, assholes," she challenged.

The fight that followed was swift and almost laughable. Indeed, the other people in the bar cackled at the men, who were sent flying every which-way, knocked out by a combination of her attacks and their own drunken states. When the last one was laying sprawled on the ground, she placed her foot atop his back, braced her fists on her hips, and let out a laugh.

"Dumbasses like you lot should be wiser then to pick a fight with me," she snorted.

"Now, now, Bobby ... I'm sorry, but I'm afraid that I'm going to have to ask you to leave. I can't have you picking fights in my bar - it's bad for business. You can come back tomorrow, but for tonight, you aren't allowed here."

Bobby tossed a glance over her shoulder at the man who spoke, who just so happened to be the owner of the bar, and with a shrug, she stepped off of the man.

"No problem, Sal. I understand. I'll be back tomorrow, the usual time," she said, grabbing her backpack and tossing it over one shoulder.

"Thanks, Bobby."

"Like I said, it's no problem. I get it."

With that said, she strode from the bar, drawing a tissue from her shorts pocket to dab at a bit of blood trickling from her nose. As she step through the door and onto the sidewalk, she collided full-force with a young man that had been turning a corner. Her bag dropped from her hands and thudded to the ground, her tissue fluttering down with it but catching the window and darting out of sight almost immediately.

"Sorry about that. I have a tendency not to watch where I'm going - and a tendency to space out when I'm walking," she joked, leaning over to grab her bag. She lifted it and slung it over her shoulder once more, using the sleeve of her jeans-jacket to dab at the blood, seeing as that had been her only tissue. She paused, however, as she caught a whiff of the boy.

Immediately she smirked.

"Ah, so you're a fellow wolf ... Interesting ..." she murmured, lowering her sleeve from her lightly-bleeding nose. She grinned at him, her red eyes glinting in the moonlight. She took in the rigidness in which he held himself, and the blatant worry- and stress-lines on his face, and within an instant, she threw her arm around his shoulders and steered him in the direction of another bar.

"Tell you what. As an apology for running into you, I'll buy you a drink. Yeah, I know; No drinking under the age of twenty-one," she said, using a deep, mocking voice for the law. "Well, screw them. If you want to drink, you'll find a way, whether it's safe or not. So why not make it safe? Hell, I'll buy you a freaking margarita if you're into that girly shit," she laughed. Suddenly, she paused, turning her gaze to his. "What'd you say your name was again? Oh wait, you didn't ... Mine's Bobby. Nice to meet you, whatever-your-name-is," she chuckled, holding her hand out to him.


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#, as written by Damioa
Hearing a Fenrir member call her out was very enjoyable to Alexandra. She loved playing all sorts of games especially mind games. "Ok Daddy." She said as the man untied the politician, a wide smile across her face. "Although," She opened her shiny red eyes wide. "If I were to say, this man now knows of our secrets, but you've gave me a good Idea. I'll let him have a running start. Yes. It's always better to play with food. I'm sorry mister, but you know too much. Hahaha. Not saying I wasn't going to kill you anyway, but hey. At least now we have a reason."

"I-I heard the man." The scared man said, trying to grab hold of whatever he could. "He said that if you kill me then you will die too."

Alexandra let out a laugh. It was distorted and frighting for that of a girl her size. "You think I care about those mean rules. Maybe if this were a normal pack."
She snapped her finger. "Sadly, for only you of course, this is the pack of Fenrir. Maybe you can read about him in hell. Oh I'm sorry. I didn't mean to spoil the place your going to go when I kill you, Hehehee. Alright now. Run. Run and I'll chase. Whatch me go daddy." She said in her normal kiddish tone. Suddenly her face turned awfully serious. "Also, watch out for intruders." She then went to a nearby wall and started happily counting to ten. The bloodlust scraping the bridge of her voice more and more with each count.
Finishing his dinner, Lucas looked at the clock as it ticked all the way down to seven. It was getting awfully late and he heard no calls from upstairs. Granny must've been sleep, but what about Allie? He didn't know, nor did he have time to care. It wasn't personal. In fact, she is probably the person he cares most about at the moment, but if she was nowhere to be found she might've been at work. He put his dishes away and once again yelled up the stairs. " Okay. Um. I'm heading out now. Take care." With that he left the house. The cold weather of night tickled his nose and he replied with a scowl at the sky. The moon was beginning to show its ugly head. Rumor was, that for every full moon, a wolf murders someone and once every month, that person is someone important. He wondered would this day be the day for that politician to die. Not that he cared at all. He wondered when was it that he became this cold.

He began his walk down the street to the Anderson residence where he wanted to pick up Nick Anderson. He knocked on the door. " Hey. Is anyone in there. Let me in." He basically ordered. He thought about it for a long hard minute before saying, "Please, let me in."

Nick wandered around the town, surprisingly heading in the right direction but taking a more scenic route home. This had to be due to his constant looking at the ground. He had to admit, he was lost in thought. He couldn't get his brother out of his mind. When he thought of Lucas, he spat on the ground. "I don't need a guy like him as a leader. I can take care of my own family." He hissed. Walking a little bit more he felt a bump to his chest. He was taken back by it but wasn't shocked. "I'm sorry. I should watch where I'm going." He apologized. He looked to see it was a girl who he bummed into. A very talkative one at that. On closer look he could guess she was older than his so called leader. He was, however, surprised at the fact that she knew he was a wolf. Matter of fact she called herself one too. He picked up her bag to hand it to her but she cut off his words by offering him a drink.

"Sorry I don't drink." He said. He gave it a little more thought. " But, If you insist, I guess I could do for a soda, so yeah I'll go with you." He wanted, no, needed something to take his mind off his circumstances for once. "My names Nick. Nicholas Anderson. Nice to meet you bobby." He said as he went to walk beside her. " Oh, Here's your purse by the way. Oh my. Wait a sec." He said as he noticed the blood trickling down her nose. He grabbed some of the hospital tissues he had in his pocket and whipped the top of her lip." There you go." He said with a small smile. "Do you get nosebleeds often. I guess it is the season." He wasn't expecting anything big. Nosebleeds were common during winter after all.
Alexandra counted all the way to 8 before she stopped. " Wait a second." She said, sniffing the air. "Looks like we have another guest here. I don't remember asking for any." Putting her hand on chin in a comical thinking motion she finally said. "I know, I'll just have to introduce myself to them. "Hey." She called to Venton. "Seeing as this game is over now, which is sad, track down mister politician man and place him back in the chair. I'll have to play when I get back. I think I'm a little angry right now. Whatevs. I'll just play with this new person." She then left the room to track down the new smell.

It didn't take long for her to catch up to the intruder. She seemed like a weird person. If you could call her a person, which Alexandra's nose told her the better. She stood and knelt down on a bench where the person was walking, waiting for her chance to speak.

"Well, well. What do we have here. What should I call you lady. Should I call you drug lady. Or should I call you.....dead lady. Speak now." She said in her child like tone.


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Nathaira gasped at the steps coming to her in her crouched form, pink hair curled to the back of the door from where she had been travelling before halting in panic, hugging the door frame with her dangerously long and sharp claws in bedded into the stone walls with far too much ease for it to be a normal thing to see. She went dead silent, only turning her blindfolded eyes to the direction of the voice she could tell was female but tilted her head in confusion due to the child like tone of it, her pointed ears twitching to the sound of the stranger's voice.

She slowly retracted one of her hands from the stone walls and slowly stretched her hand out in the direction of the voice, speaking timidly. ''C-can you... take me to the next w-wall? I.. I need to keep m-moving... From them... moving by day with walls... Freedom at night... Freedom... Freedom...''


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{I apologize in advance for how poorly this is written. I was half-asleep when I wrote it.}


"The goal isn't to harm, but instead to help. To help it grow and thrive, even in the darkness of the night."

The small Cayenne Plant had yet to even really bloom, let alone grow the hot peppers that were often coveted by healers. It sat in a small black carton, which she had transported the seedling to once it had grown into at least a blooming plant from the outside.

A small tan hand shot up, and when on followed the hand down to it's owner, they would recognize an equally small girl with black hair and, surprisingly, beautiful blue eyes.

"Lonny, what does that one do?"

Velonica smiled, crouching before the girl and holding it up. "It's name is Cayenne. Can you guess what it does?"

A shake of the head answered her question, prompting Velonica to rise once more. She lightly traced one of the plant's petals.

"Capsicum Annuum, as is it's Latin name, is often used to treat fevers, colds, diarrhea, and other common ailments. It is native to the southern region of North America, and the northern region of South America, and has been used for both medicinal and food purposes. It was first discovered in 1643 by French Colonists, and since then has been used as both a culinary herb and a healing one, due to it's helpful properties," she explained.

Several hands shot up, causing her to laugh. "Alright, one at a time. Let's start with you, Johnathon," she said, pointing to a young, teenage boy near the back.

"If it's only used to treat minor symptoms, then why do we need to know about it?"

A couple of the other children burst into giggles, a few murmuring that it was a stupid question to ask. A harsh look from Velonica silenced them before she returned her gaze to Johnathon, her smile restored.

"That's a very good question, Johnathon. But let me ask you - why do you think we should know this?"

For a moment, the boy looked uncertain. Several moments ticked by, during which she could practically see the gears turning in his head, before he finally opened his mouth and spoke.

"I think ... That is ... That even the most minor of illnesses and injuries could weaken you, whether you deny it or not. It could cause you to falter when fighting a wolf, and that could mean imminent death."

"That is absolutely correct, Johnathon! Now, I'm going to show you how to correctly transfer a plant to a pot ..."

*Short Time Skip*

"Didn't I tell you to be more careful when you discuss our plans and who you discuss them with?"

Velonica paused mid-step as the whispering voice could be heard. In an instant she was against the wall and at the corner. With a moment of focus, she slowly dulled her senses. Her sight went first, darkening instantly; smell quickly followed, taste was next, and lastly came touch. Instead, her hearing was heightened, and completely focused on the conversation.

"I'm sorry, it won't happen again ..."

"You'll bet your ass it won't, because if it does, I'll change it so that you're the one that ends up on that wood on Sunday."

"Yes sir, I'm sorry sir ..."

The sound of a slap echoed in the hallways, causing her to cringe, and it was followed by a soft whimper.

"Your apologies mean nothing to me. If you ever want to advance in this little Game, you need to take out the best player. Jean won't even see it coming ..."

A whimper was his only response, before several footsteps were heard, going in the opposite direction of her.

"Now get out of my sight. You disgust me."

*Short Time Skip*

The door stood no chance against Velonica. As soon as she reached Jean's quarters, which weren't too far from her own, she fiddled with the lock and threw it open.

"Jean, we have a problem. A serious problem," she hissed, stepping into the room and closing the door quickly behind her, easily flipping the lock. For a moment, she was distracted. She looked him up and down before a smirk rose to her lips.

"What the Hell are you wearing? You look like a unicorn threw up on you. Didn't you wear that shirt yesterday? And haven't you had that sweatshirt for, what, half a decade?" she snorted, unable to help her natural, snarky comments that came as a second nature to her.


Venton sighed as the human rose and shot away like a bullet. Such a sad day to see his poor mother-daughter acting in such a manner. He dropped down into the chair and draped his arm over the back of it, stretching out lazily on it.

Alex hadn't always been this way. In fact, she used to be completely. What it was that made her tick, however, was beyond his knowledge, but he did remember a time when she was normal.

When she first changed him, she was still child-like in many ways, but wasn't the blood-thirsty beast that she was in this day and time. She enjoyed playing with dolls and with fellow Fenrir members, and would often run around with the younger ones.

She had definitely changed quite a lot since he met her.

When she suddenly spoke, he returned his attention to the small girl that held half of his adoration, for the other half was placed upon his magnificent Bobbymarie.

Ah, Bobby. White-haired Bobby the tom-boy. It made him happy to see that she was enjoying her lycanthrophy state more then she had her human state. He had seen her at her worst.

When she had first woken up after the car accident, which killed her parents, twin sister, and somehow caused the disappearance of her beloved brother, she was a mess. The girl cried endlessly for days, weeks, months. Honestly, how one person could cry so much without succumbing to dehydration was beyond him, but she had managed to do it nonetheless. Her injuris had been severe, but with a little Fenrir skill, he had managed to heal her quickly and beautifully.

He had watched her grow up over the years and become more beautiful with each passing day, until finally, she asked for one thing from him.

For him to change her.

He had agreed, although reluctantly, but could now see that that had been the best choice for her. Where her brother was, they undoubtedly would never know, but at least she was happy now.

Now, if only she could find herself a man ...

With in mind, he chuckled and pushed himself up from the chair. Stretching enough so that his limbs popped, he sighed. "Yes, dear ... Whatever you say, dear," he groaned, running a hand through his snowy hair. In an instant he was gone, easily tracking the politician - who had, unsurprisingly, not managed to travel very far. He easily captured the man by the collar of his shirt, and began to drag him kicking and screaming back to the chair.

"My deepest apologies, sir, but my dear Alexandra has yet to finish playing with you. I truly did try to save you, but alas, I could not! Whatever you did to upset her, I pity you for the pain that you will suffer through soon," he sighed, tossing the man in the chair.


Bobby beamed a smile at the young man, giving him a childish wink. "Soda-pop it is for the youngster," she teased.

When he neared her face, she instinctively cringed back, having taken far too many hits to that region to not do so. When she realized he intended only to wipe at the blood trickling down her lips, she hesitated only briefly before giving in and returning to where she had stood only moments before.

She smirked at him, biting lightly on her tongue.

"If only that were the case, Nicholas ... Sadly, I'm a bit of a badass," she heaved a sigh, although she obviously wasn't upset over this. In fact, she almost seemed to be bragging about it. She took her bag and tossed it onto her back, crossing her arms and eyeing the blue nail polish on one hand. After a moment, she looked up at him slyly, a slightly-cocky smile rising to her face.

"I like to play with things, that's all," she said quietly, her eyes flashing a bit as she spoke.

Suddenly, she threw her arm through his, linking them together, much like they did in that one movie - what was it called? Oh yes, The Wizard of Oz. With his agreement in the air, she practically dragged him down the street.

When they entered the bar, she went in first and immediately people erupted into greetings, ranging from simple "Hey Bobby!"'s to "There's that crazy bitch! I was wondering where you went!"

Needless to say, Bobby got around - especially when it came to bars.

Dropping onto a stool at the counter, she gave the bartender a smile.

"Hey Dominique, can I get a Pulque?"

"Sure thing, hun." The woman disappeared under the bar for a moment, before reappearing with a cold bottle that had already began to condense. Dominique turned to Nicholas, popping one hip out, placing her hand on it, and leaning against the counter with a saucy smile on her face.

"What can I get for you, handsome?"

Pouting, Bobby poked at Dominique's elbow. "Hey, no stealing my date. I actually brought one that's attractive this time," she protested. Dominique chose to ignore her, giving Nicholas a flirtatious wink.

"What say you and I hit up the town when I get off in two hours?"

"Dom," Bobby pouted, her lower lip protruding.

With a chuckle, Dominique straightened and laughed in Bobby's direction.

"Oh, you know that I was only teasing the kid. But, really, what can I get'cha?"


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#, as written by Damioa
Waiting outside for a good minute, Lucas was about to turn around and head to the city alone. Suddenly he heard footsteps from inside the house and turned back toward the door. The person who answered wasn't the one he was looking for and to top it all off, she was barely wearing anything. He tried to relax his glare a little as he spoke.

"No. I'm not Nick." He said as she opened the door for him. He wanted to meet Nick but seeing as he wasn't home he'd have to settle for his sister. This was going to take some thought.

Lucas entered the Anderson residence, thoughtlessly smelling the air lightly as he walked through the door. He ignored the words coming from Dyte's mouth and headed strait for the kitchen. Looking through their fruit basket, he pulled out an orange and started to peel its skin.

"So what grants me the honor of your presence oh Sir Alpha?" Dyte said as she came back downstairs.

Lucas let a short grumble escape his mouth before saying, "Nothing really. I was looking for Nick. . . But he's not here." He slowly said while taking another bite of the orange. "I'm currently in the midst of thinking if I should take you with me instead. Although, I'm not sure." He glance towards her with his brows connecting. [b]"You were really defenseless just then. You shouldn't open the door without knowing who it is first. Then to top it off you opened the door dressed the way you were. . . I'm not sure if I should take you with me after all. Although you really wouldn't be safe by yourself I guess..."[/b] At this point he was just thinking aloud. He kept talking like she wasn't even there until he finally came to a conclusion. "I guess you should go. How about it? Wanna help me out?"

Alexandra Watched the weird looking girl shake and cling to the door like a mad person. This tickled her inside with a little bit of joy. It wasn't everyday she got to witness something like this.

''C-can you... take me to the next w-wall? I.. I need to keep m-moving... From them... moving by day with walls... Freedom at night... Freedom... Freedom...'' The woman said.

Alex didn't know exactly what she meant but she was happy to oblige. She took the ladies hand, noticing the claws, and stuck it out right in front of her to the next wall. "There ya go. I feel I should warn you, you're not headed in the direction of freedom, dear girl. You're headed towards you're death. Luckily for you, I like you. So, just for you, I'ma give you two chances. First, you can come with me and be my pet. I'll hug you, love you, feed you, and read you bed time stories and in exchange, you'll do whatever I say. Of course, you could do that or...... Hmmm. Well I could just kill you. What's it gonna be?" Her crimson eyes studied the girls next movements.
Kai's eyes narrowed and an energetic smile slid across his face as he listened to his mothers orders. "I don't believe I know of what you're talking about mother, but I'll try to treat the children with as much care as possible."
Standing up he bowed once more and left the room. His orders were clear, but waiting for Yoko would be something of a drag. He decided to give it a day and if she wasn't back from whatever she was doing he'd go without her.
No the bar wasn't the normal type of scene for Nick, but he was feeling like giving it a try, at least for today. He had to admit he was feeling stressed out, though his stressed feelings turned into feelings of anxiousness when the bartender started hitting on him. Not to mention he felt a little out of place. Everyone in the place seemed to know who Bobby was and were giving him analyzing like stares..... Or maybe they were drunk. He couldn't really tell. When he finally got settled in his seat and it seemed like the noise was beginning to simmer down, Dominique, the waitress, asked what he wanted. He had completely forgot what it was he set his mind on ordering and said, "I'll have a beer." The words coming from his mouth surprising him. He was never big on alcohol, but drank it allot back in high school. Is this just like back then. Is he using liker as a crutch for his emotions. He couldn't help but to think that was the case.


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[center]Nathaira whimpered at being touched but as soon as her hand was put to the next wall she retracted her other hand from the wall behind her and turned on the tips of her toes that had talons, scratching at the floor as she turned, marking the floor as a half circle and she dug her claws into the new wall, hugging it, relaxing once more. Her super long pink hair, matted at the tips from blood, dirt and drag pulled closer to her as she moved to the next wall.

She didn't start moving for a moment, calming herself and as she did start moving she stopped as the voice spoke to her, listening intensely before replying... ''Y-you won't h-hurt me like they did? What are bed time stories...? Why do you like me? I am not the same as before... I can't look into the sun anymore... I don't have anything from the past... I am not the same anymore...'' She finally sat down, taking her hands back from the wall, holding them to her chest and she weeped on the spot... ''I don't know where home is anymore...'' She admitted as she cried with small whimpers.


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#, as written by Damioa
Alexandra gaze sharpened as she smiles, slowly licking her lips as she leaned in and smelled the girl. She wanted so much to make her her pet. "Of course I won't hurt you. Instead, we can hurt other people together. We can even have delicious meals." She stood up. "When it comes to why I like you. It'd have to be because you have nice sharp claws. They look like they can make allot of people scream. Hehehe. Also, who cares about your past. This is the now. We gotta live it up. I'll take you out during the day and make you nice and pretty. At night we will go on a spree of blood and all the other wonders of life. Then I'll read you a story, a fabrication of our own pitiful reality right before you close your eyes for the night. It's going to be so awesome. Don't you think?" The girls answer is what Alexandra was waiting on. She wanted nothing more than to hear her say no or yes. Either way, she'd have her fun.
Lucas looked around, sniffing the room. "I neither see nor smell traces of your brother right now. He must be out. It's late isn't it? Well whatever. He might be at the hospital still."

The boy turned to the girl with an uncaring, somewhat displeased look when she asked him about what she was going to help him with. He sighed and walked to the kitchen, taking another orange, and then proceeding to sit on the couch. "It seems a politician has gone missing. He might die if we don't find him and I'd rather not waste time explaining to you these things. Usually I wouldn't care, but look at this." He said pulling the picture from his pocket. "You see."

On the picture, a little boy could be shown getting a piggy back ride from his beloved father. They were both smiling and looked so happy.

"That's his son. If we can't manage to get him back, then he'll be an orphan. No mom and all of his relatives live outside the city. So I'm only going to ask again once. Do you wish to stay here, or, do you want to help me?"

Aisla was busying herself building her own customized computer and she was listening to Mindless Self Indulgence from her Ipod when the muffled sound of the home phone rang, she slowly slipped her head set off her head, seeing as they wouldn't quit calling and slowly she sighed in annoyance, putting her tools down, unravel ling herself from wires before running down the stairs, jumpping over the last two steps and spun around smoothly as she picks up the phone, leaning against the wall. ''Hello, this is Aisla speaking.''
Thomas didn't hear word from Lucas in about an hour at this point. He scratched his chin and smoked a cigarette, unpatiently glancing at his phone. He decided give the boy a call on his house phone a call. Sitting back in his cars chair he listened as it rang.
"Hey. Lucas. Luke. Oh. This must not be him. Hahaha. Anyway. Have you seen him anywhere?" Thomas puffed out a circle of smoke.
Aisla listened to the awkward words and laughter on the other end of the phone and frowned, putting a hand to her hip. ''And who is asking? Because I for one don't recognize your voice a-and Lucas... the butt head tells me everything. I have a feeling a sharp punch to the face will be coming to him!'' She clenches her fist and her Scottish accent comes out more as she gets... louder and louder. ''I will punch him so hard I will knock teeth out!'' She smiled to herself and sighs in content. It was obvious she was full of fire. ''Then I will make him a nice hot-chocolate... Ooh sorry, who is this again?''
"What if I told you, I was his secret lover?" Thomas said, smirking to himself at the joke.
Aisla's eye brow twitched. ''Then I would say I hope you are the bitch.'' She cackled for a moment before going serious. ''Will you just tell me your name? Okay, okay, I am Aisla, his best friend and roommate. We live together. Now tell me who you are...''
"Hahaha. I see why Lucas hangs around you. I'm Thomas. Thomas Groove. I'm a city detective and Lucas is doing some work for me." The man said in his usual kind manner. He inhaled another puff of smoke and thought quickly about who he was talking too. "Hmm. He tells me you're the beta of the pack. Do you know where he is?"
Aisla listened about to make a remark on the fact that every time Lucas came home from work he smelt like smoke and she didn't like it but as Thomas spoke about her being the Beta she froze, her normal snarky and resortful nature dying down and she spoke with some reluctance as she clunged the phone tighter in nervousness. ''H-how... how do you... know that?'' She stopped talking, started to whimper, panicked breathes whisling down the phone line as she remember the night. She was not easy to scare in fact in many cases she invited death to the party but it was the fact that it was someone she cared dearly for that shook her world, reminded her that she was not completely immune to such primal fear. ''I... I need to go...'' She would be about to put the phone down..
"Wait." Thomas interupted, sitting up in his chair. "I know this because he told me. You don't have to worry. Listen, I know you care about him. Otherwise he wouldn't have bit you first, but you have to listen to me. If we don't find out his location then we can't stop him from going where I asked him to go."
Aisla stopped and kept the phone to her ear, listening intensely with a frown of concentration on her blue eyebrows, blinking once and a while she wanted to tell the man off for... knowing so much but that was no luxury she had at this moment. ''What do you mean 'stop him from going where you asked him to go'?''
"I asked Lucas to find someone for me. A congressman has gone missing and I believe that it's the cause of other wolves. You know what type I'm talking about. Anyway, there is a chance that he'd be able to save the man, but I don't believe it's a good idea anymore. A lot of dangerous ones will gather around there tonight. Believe me. I didn't know about it until I got off the phone with one of my resources. Anyway, I think we should group up and go looking for him."
Aisla was already pulling up skinny jeans, popping on socks and her decks with her leather jacket as Thomas spoke and she grabbed her backpack and slung it over her shoulder then spoke with a sharpness. ''You stupid son of a bitch. Fenrir territory? Are you insane? He maybe an Alpha... no.. that makes it more dangerous! You should of never let him go alone! When I see you I will punch you in the face. Twice. Now, what the fuck are you? I will come right now.''
Finishing his cigarette and throwing it out of his window, Thomas started his car and began driving down the road. "You know, I did drop him off at home. You must've not heard him come in because you were sleep or something. Anyway, I'm right in front of the house. I'll drive and you sniff, 'kay?"
Aisla sighed. ''Great now we have a stalker, nice..'' She then hung up the phone and exited the house, locking it. She was all chain, buckle and leather and her hair was a striking blue, even her eyelashes were blue... She was tall for her age, about 5'11 exact. Slender with natural curves and toning and she was tanned. She stormed to the car, smelling the same cigarette stench and she went to Thomas' window and did as she told him... she punched him in the face, twice... At least she kept her promises. She glared at the man as she walked to the other side and got into the car, putting her backpack on her lap and putting the seatbelt on before looking at the man up and down. ''You sir, need to dress smarter.''
Thomas both laughed and rubbed his face. "Funny. That's what my ex used to tell me." He said. "Anyway, I see why Lucas likes you. Always thought you were more of his wife from the way he talks, but I guess not. Kids are weird." Thomas rolled down the windows as he drove off. "Back in my day, we didn't live with the opposite sex if they were just friends. Hey. Are you sniffing. That's why I'm letting the heat out you know."
Aisla's eye twitched. ''Call me a kid again and I will slap you the next.'' She then looked at him more softly. ''Lucas is not just a friend. He is my childhood friend. My parents took him in when his died. Been together ever since. My mother died of cancer... not too long ago before we moved out of the house into our own flat. Lucas helped me through... an alcohol dependency... Not my proudest moment but... me and my mother were close. I chose to move out so my father didn't need to see me so... weak. And that is why I am so mad at you.'' She looked forward and sighed. ''Of course I am sniffing him out, you not only reek of cigarettes but him... So I used you are a point of interest now... keep driving this way with you and call me Aisla, not kid.''
Sighing, Thomas nodded and smiled. "Sure thing Aisla. I don't think Lucas will think too much on it, but if you kids want to be happy, or at least, if you want the two of you to be happy you should think. Not many people have someone they can rely on. I think if you don't tell him he's important to you, he might just end up leaving. Just a hunch though. You don't have to mind my words. However, as I'm sure you've noticed, he's not the same person he was before he was bitten. A lot of alphas and even some of the lesser pack members usually are." Thomas stopped the car at a red light. It seemed he was remembering something from his past at the time. His eyes seemed to blankly stare forward.
Aisla's eyes softened if not saddened. ''I know... But I know him more that you and if I coo over him he will avoid me. Like he does with everyone. It is hard for me to watch but... I know he knows I care. I wouldn't nag him, support him or even come out with you if I didn't care. He knows this. You seem to think our bond is fragile. But I can assure you it is not, if it can survive through my violence in drink and tears from both sides I can tell you this. It won't break now.'' She looked to Thomas with a determined glint in her icy blue hues. ''So you can keep your concerns.'' She then smiled with warmth. ''And pass it to someone else that needs it because me and Lucas are fine, we will always be fine.'' She then looked forwards, closing her eyes. ''Now, turn left... it gets stronger there.''

Kai sat in front of the door pacing back and forth. He wasn't sure how to approach his so called sister. In all honest, she frightened him. No, not because she was stronger. He had no clue of how strong she was to be honest, but her presence scared him to a point of no explanation. He walked up the stairs to the lesser bedrooms and knocked on the door next to his. "Excuse me." He said, walking inside. "Mother needs you and I to pick someone up. I'll be the only one leaving the car though. You'll be there for back up." He lowered his dominant tone. "If that's okay with you of course."


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Nataira whimpered as the woman smelt her, going back to gripping the wall for comfort once more to calm herself, her talons dug into the floor with no trouble as her claws dug into the walls with the same ridiculous ease. She listened to the woman, her pointed and bone tipped ears twitched as she did so. Listening intensely... ''B-but I don't want to hurt anyone... I-I just want to be left alone... J-just because I have claws doesn't mean I want to use them...''


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#, as written by Damioa
Lucas sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose. His eyes flashed a yellow gold color in aggravation. "Listen. Your brothers still in the city and we can't wait for him to get back. We'll leave when you're done getting ready. If that's not a problem." Noticing his anger rising he took a deep breath and let it out.
Alex pouted at her new pets response. She didn't like people who were too scared to hurt others. Deciding to give her the benefit of the doubt she smiled once more, gently grabbing the girls chin. "These claws mean that you have to hurt people. If you don't, they'll hurt you instead. You don't want to be hurt do you? Then come with me. We'll get all those bad guys before they get you. We'll kill them all. Hehehe."
Kai turned his eyes away as his sister undressed and called him closer. He hated being treated like a kid by her. He stood on the port side of her bathroom door as she took a shower and explained to her in full detail what their mission was going to be. "About a month ago, a wolf was spotted in the suburban area of Hundlé. An area that I know for a fact that we don't venture into often. Let alone bite anyone. It seems that my contact doesn't even recognize the smell of the wolf which means he's new. Not only that, but there are more of them, meaning that their a pack. However they don't seem to be apart of an affiliation. Mother asked me to bring back the wolf who is said to be at the old abandoned hospital building tonight. So it's clear what we have to do. We have to find him and bring him to mother alive. If he is able to survive on his own this long then he must be quite strong. He may be an interesting addition to our group don't you think?"
"Awe come on." Thomas raged. "Seriously. Why is there a road block in a small town like this?" He turned to the girl next to him and said, "Don't let this dust make you loose your scent. I'm going to get out and make a call real quick. You stay here and do something.... um... that you do. Just don't touch anything. This is a cop car after all."

Stepping outside the car, Thomas called the secret hunting organization and pitched a 25 Delta towards the old abandoned hospital building before hanging up and making another call. One that he made at this time every night. "Hello. Seraphine? I hope you're not busy at the moment. It seems all is going the way I want. We'll finally get to see who comes on top in our little game. Of course you know that you stand no chance against me."


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She whimpered at the touch, her hands to her chest and she shook. ''B-but I don't want to hurt anyone... I-I can take being hurt.. I don't think I would be able to live with hurting another...''

Aisla looked at Thomas finding it amusing how he got angered so easily then she frowned. ''Dust? Please...'' She looked away still keeping her scent on Lucius when she slowly turned the window down on her side, frowning further at his conversation but only listened in for the time being...


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#, as written by Damioa
Alexandra frowned at the girls words. "Oh my god!!!!! Why are you so boring?" She whined while placing her foot on the woman. "If that's the way you want to be then fine. However," She grinned once more. "You will entertain me. I'm going to count to twenty. If I find you, I'm going to eat you, however, if you can escape, then you'll be free of pain and free from having to hurt people. How does that sound. I think it's fair. Ready? One-one thousand. Two- one thousand. Three one thousand." The girl counted slowly with her eyes closed and her face against the wall. He words came with an eerie sound, giggles following every number.

Lucas didn't really give more than a nod in reply to going. He lead the way out so that Dyte could lock up her house and got on his bike. Taking his helmet in hand, he reached out his arm to give it to her. "Here. It's for safety." He said stating the obvious and once she was on he began riding towards the city. He had to admit he liked having a motorcycle more than having a push bike. There was literally no effort needed to go fast in one, plus it got them to their destination in record time. He parked right in front of the building and ceased the engine. "Ugh." He said sniffing the air. "It smells of blood, piss, and mold in there. I'm sure this is just the place someone who would kill a politician would hang out. Even has his smell here." He looked around as he walked about the building. "Make sure you're careful okay. There is no telling what type of people kidnapped this guy. However, I'm sure they're not as strong as wolves."

Kai groaned silently to himself the whole ride. He really didn't like being treated like a kid and the person who he sat next to was really good for doing such things. He crossed his arms and looked out of the window. "I can't wait until I get my license. Then I don't have to wake her majesty or keep her from her important busy tasks." He grumbled.

As they approached the building he perked up. "Finally." He said. "Don't worry. This shouldn't take long."
Stepping outside, he noticed two things. One. There was a bike outside. Two. There were familiar smells of wolves in the air and unfamiliar ones. The unfamiliar ones were the kind he was after, however, the familiar ones made his back itch. He really wasn't happy about this. Not only did he have to deal with one person who treated him like a kid, but having to deal with two? This was certainty going to be an upsetting venture.


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If she could survive the escape from the facility then she could survive this. Sometimes, it was good to be small, fragile... You could hide more affectively and most would take pity on you. Perhaps not her idea thought, looking as if she could break if she was poked with a simple needle. But then again... She didn't have beliefs, the sense of self identity or a preference on how she would like to be treated. That would taken away from her... Time blurred together, confusing her memories from a fake reality she created to bare the time she was giving in her cage. If anything, she was rather innocent for this fact.

She whimpered as the woman started to count, instinct guiding her in the best of its ability. Being unfamiliar to her surroundings, if not scared of them and blinded from it, was a great disadvantage and she was smart enough to know that this woman knew this much and only wanted fun as she even admitted. She grabbed her hair, cutting it with her claws so it was only down to her bottom and she started to crawl up the wall, to her feet. Her talons for toenails making her unsteady or more, uncomfortable being on them. And she... ran. She ran down the hallway, smelling the air for direction of an exit. Only to have to brace herself for running into a wall, falling back onto her bottom, sniffing and shaking. But she didn't give up as she... decided to hide in a cupboard, empty of wine glasses and so forth that should of been there. She closed herself into it. Curled up into a ball, shaking but trying not to make a sound.


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As soon as the doors to her hiding spot opened she froze, shaking only to scream as the stranger pulled her out from her upper arm. Dirty, bloody, thin and still damp from the venture to the place which was a long trek from the facility she came from. Still her eyes covered with wrapped fabric from the very shredded and sheer hospital gown, she was unable to see the person, only identify him as male and possibly young.

When the stranger released her, growling like one in a terrible mood she only started to crawl back into the cupboard, whimpering, her talons and claws easily digging into the floor and wood of the cupboard itself. Her pointed ears lowered in distress as she was grabbed and pulled to eye level, the stranger's breath on her, making her more uneasy to the point instinct, or self preservation, kicked in, making her frown behind the self crafted blindfold.

She hissed at the stranger, showing her large but thin fangs before she, with unimaginable flexibility and speed, dislodged her hip bone, making it more accessible to pull her left leg back before focusing most of her strength into a kick to the stranger's gut, then she ripped her foot from him, bloody from the attack. She lodged her hip bone back into place with only a swift turn of her other hip and due to her... origin she had no pain doing it, or perhaps it was a level of conditioning she went through to block such pain and grotesque sounds and sights of such things. To have the stranger release her or to give a final blow not as dire as the first, she swiped her left hand, scratching his face.

As she was released, dropping back to the ground, she reverted back into her innocent and scared like persona, whimpering again as she crawled away from the stranger, slower than she wanted though, she was weak, unfed, starved. Ending up stopping to seek a wall for comfort, a sad or pathetic sight depending on the person's views went looking at it. Gripping onto the wall, her dug her claws firmly into it, huddling into it to the point of nuzzling it, like she were attempting to fabricate another's comfort from the cold stone pressed into her cheek.


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#, as written by Damioa
The woman's reaction didn't come in the form of an answer, but instead a more animistic defense. Having let her go as she hissed at him he didn't have time to analyze her before she scratched his face, blood painting the counter inside of the old kitchen. He winced and shielded his eyes as best he could from the impact and in reaction growled a beastly growl showing his thick canines. He also felt a stab to his gut which made him step back. He even roared in anger and nearly transformed, before regaining his composer. He hands cracked as his fingers seemed to grow longer and his nails pointed. Instead of harming her, however, he picked apart a piece of the counter-top and threw it at the wall. He looked at her as his wounds slowly sealed up and had anger burning inside of his ruby eyes. He breathed heavily as he looked at her. She looked like a puppy who was just beaten on by it's owner. The look of weakness and loneliness. At least that's what he saw. She hugged the wall as if it was her mother. Almost as if it was going to protect her. With the sight, as quickly as his anger came, it went away. Just like that. He breathed out a sigh and slowly approached her. "Okay." He said calmly. "You need to calm down. Had I been someone else, I'd have went for your life." He leaned in closer to her, sniffing her to gain more of a sense of what she was. She didn't smell too foreign. She had a strange smell, but nothing he could tell was different. Looking at her more closely, he realized that she had a blindfold on. "What the..." He said quietly to himself. As he reached his hand out to touch it. He of course hesitated at first, but it was only a second before he grabbed the blindfold and ripped it from her.
In reaction to how she reacted before he stepped back away from her. Holding the cloth in his hand he shushed her. It was the way someone would shush a baby after crying. "You know. It's pretty dark right now, especially in this place. I'm sure you can open your eyes here. Come on. Usually when you talk to someone it's custom to look that person in the face. Come on now. Open them up." His voice was soft as he could make it. He didn't know why, but he found interest in this woman and because of that, he wanted to see her whole face.

After a grueling fight with the wolves who attacked him, Lucas limped out of the room, pretty beaten up. He hugged the wall to support himself as he waddled down the hall to find Dyte. He walked slowly and breathed heavily, trying to wait for his wounds to heal themselves. Though the extent of the damage would take awhile. After walking for about a minute he found Dyte with her fangs on a wolf who seemed to be almost dead. He slumped down and let her finish, resting his back on the wall and sitting on the cold hard floor.

"Are you.....Okay." He said in pain while whipping the blood off of his face with his sleeve. "We have to find him quickly before anymore wolves turn up. I don't know......How much longer I can fight for." He coughed and groaned but the tingling in his legs seemed to cease a little bit. Grunting he tried to stand back up, but fell down do to lack of support.

"My,my." A voice called from behind them. "It seems the rumors are true. There is a new puppy to play with."A small figure appeared from the darkness and walked slowly towards them. With her red and light blonde hair she stuck out in the weary place like a sore thumb. She looked over at Dyte and dawned a bored expression, but quickly changed it to surprise when she saw her dead companion on the floor. "Well it seems you have a pack of your own and on top of that, they're not that weak. Well at least, she's not. Good for you. My name is Alexandra Yun, and this is my home. Hehe. I'd really like it if you leaved." She said looking at Dyte. "You should just leave him here and let him stay. I have business with this man. You see, we're going to have so much fun together." As she spoke, her blood red eyes seemed to glow in the moonlight coming in from the window and her smile, innocent as it might of been, carried and ominous vibe to it.

"Um.... I'm sorry but our master isn't accepting calls at this time. Try to call back later." One of the head maids said in reply.

Thomas was dumbfounded as his confident words were unheard by the one whom he wanted to send them too. "But..." He tried to say something, before the clicking sound of the ended call came. He gritted his teeth and hoped back inside of the car.

"Sorry about that." He said to Aisla, "I had a business call and it seems we should probably just go the area. It's getting late and I doubt Lucas is at that girls house anyway. If you still want to check there it's up to you but if you ask me, I'd say go to the building."

Meanwhile, the head maid who had answered the phone call went upstairs to her masters chambers. After knocking on the door, she entered, slightly tilting her head in a bow as she said, "Lady Seraphine, that man called again. I believe that he's trying to interfere once again with our plans. He called confirming it actually." Keeping her head bowed she waited for her masters reply.


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Nathaira flinched as the voice now familiar to her got closer the calmness, however, did relax her some but she whimpered as the stranger ripped the blind fold from her, covering her eyes with her hands that wielded long sharp claws, un-retractable and blue. Her toe nails were the same that she couldn't walk without being on tiptoes. When he spoke about it being night and about politeness she slowly removed her hands. Resting her hands at her chest, her pink eyelashes moved up, revealing glowing yellow gold eyes with sharp slits as pupils. The light from her eyes illuminating her and the surroundings slightly in golden light as well as how badly malnourished, bloody and dirty she was. She diverted her gaze some as one hand rose up slightly from her chest and slowly waved at Kai.


Aisla was holding her hands to her chest, she looked nervous all of a sudden and as Thomas came in he looked at him, looking panicked. ''We go there. Now. I-I think... no... I know something is wrong... I think he is hurt...'' She shuffled around in her seat, looking irritable and distressed. ''We go now Thomas!''


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She wasn't about to let go of the wolfs throat, not until he was truly dead. Shaking her head a couple of times, Dyte couldn't feel his pulse anymore so she dropped him. While she had been killing the wolf, Lucas came over asking if she was okay. Dyte saw that he was wounded and for a moment a flash of concern went through her heart. Rolling her eyes, Dyte began to change back but stopped halfway in her transformation.

A voice called out sending a chill creeping down her spine. Shivering her wolf eyes looked in the direction of the voice and saw a small woman. The expression of surprise made Dyte huff in amusement, for she knew the reason behind her surprise was seeing the wolf she had just been dealing with dead. However the woman's words and the tone of her voice were all but hints to what was to come. Growling Dyte stepped over Lucas until she stood right before him in a protective stance. Under normal circumstances she'd have left him but seeing how wounded he was, it wouldn't be likely he'd survive the "fun" that was to come.


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#, as written by Damioa
Alexandra giggled at the sight of the wolf defending her alpha. It was amusing to say the least. Reminded her of her old days somewhat. "Come on girl. You know that this isn't a game that you want to play. Look at him." The girl said as she pointed at Lucas, who was still trying to heal himself. "An alpha that takes that long to heal himself. Has he no regard for the right of power he possesses." She knelled down to get on eye level with the wolf. "Since you seem to be dedicated to him too, how about you join me as well. However, you will have to pass a test in order to join." With those words she pinched her mouth and let out a loud whistle that hurt Lucas's ears.

"What the..." He said quietly. "Don't listen to her Dyte. Save yourself. Go. . . . I don't need you getting hurt for me.... just.... *cough**cough*." He swallowed the flem in his throat that tasted of blood and tried to stand back up. It was awkward for him seeing as his legs were still in pain, but he finally got up. As he rose his pants grew heavy and his eyes turned yellow. His hands clung to the walls by the nails that have grown into claws.

"Well, well. So the Alpha can't control his emotions or his transformations. This is priceless. Although it's also no problem. I don't mind you giving into your beastly emotions. That's what our pack is all about after all." Alexandra giggled.

As the woman waved to him Kai smiled and waved back. The woman was definitely not like that he had seen before. Looking at her face confirmed she was definitely good looking as well, which captivated him. Not only that, but she seemed to have allot of secrets behind her. "Where are you from?" He asked. While waiting for her reply, he started to smell something foul. It was a new scent of blood, one which had just been created within the building. "Tsk. That damned woman." He said as he stood up. "I'm sorry, but I must go. There's something that I have to do." He said as he ran out of the kitchen hall.

"You got it sweet cheeks." Thomas said as he put the car into drive and peeled out of the parking space he was at. "It should only take about fifteen minutes to get there. Speeding of course. One of the many good perks about having a badge in this town is that you can speed." He said putting on the siren noise and sticking a cop light on top of his car.

"The little Alpha can't even give good commands." Alexandra teased. "Oh goody. We have our test."

Walking from the shadow of the hall way, Lucas saw two men walking with another smaller man in between them.

"Ahhh. Yes he should do fine. Well girl, even though you haven't decided yet, I'll show you something that you could learn and your current alpha should show. Feli." She called to one of the men, "Kill yourself, okay?"

As she said this the man behind her looked as if he was trying to struggle. With one hand he held another that slowly went for his throat. "Mam." He said. "I-I, I don't want to die." In response, all the girl did was smile and look at him in the corner of her eye. "Mam, please. Don't make me do this." He begged as his clawed hand reached for his throat. It was so close that the man started to shed tears and Lucas looked in horror.

"What are you doing to him?" He asked in shock.

"Nothing, he is doing it subconsciously. You see, to wolves who you have created there is an absolute word that Alpha's have. The fact that you can't do it means you've failed as an Alpha. You're no longer fun for me, but I'll still take you in. I think I can amuse myself by training you. "

"Yeah right. Is this what you do to people who join you? Force them to kill themselves?"

"Che. I wasn't going to make him do it for real. Just a demonstration you grumpy pup. Feli, stop acting like a dumb animal and stand up straight."

At her demand, the man stopped reaching for his own throat and relaxed. "Thank you my lady."

"Shut it. You're in trouble for begging for your pitiful life, so no talking until a fortnight passes."

The man then stopped talking and looked sadly at the ground. The other man beside him pushed the small man closer so that Lucas could see him. His eyes widened as he saw the mans face. It was the same as the one in the picture, though a little malnourished to tell the truth. "Let him go." He said, voice cracking from the pain.

"Hm. I can't do that. This girl here has to kill this man to prove herself to me. I can assume you want to right dear?" She asked smiling at the wolf in front of her.

"You waste too much time." A voice said from behind her. "You were suppose to kill this man ages ago." From behind the man a hand came and grasped his face. The muffles coming from the shocked man only lasted for a moment, being cut off by the sound of his neck snapping in different places. As the hands let go, the man fell to the floor, revealing the young man behind him. His choice of clothing was pretty oddly fashioned but do to the jewelry he wore you could tell he wasn't an average wolf. No, he came from a prestige lineage.

"Kai, you asshole. I wanted to have this girl kill him." Alexandra snapped.

"You play around too much. I have no time to keep old orders still active. When mother request something from you, you do it. Understand?"

"She's not my mother. I have no need to follow her rules."

"You'll follow them or suffer the consequences." Kai threatened.

Lucas was baffled by how the two were acting. A man was just killed and there they were bickering about other things. They just ruined a family and they were arguing about something that didn't even make sense. They were evil. They had to be. That was the only thing he could decide. It got under his skin. Something was burning from it and it had to come out. Before he knew what was going on, he had charged at the boy and pushed him out of one of the outside walls. They fell pretty fast but before he had a chance to think he was on the bottom and the last thing he had seen before he hit the ground was the boys red eyes.


Kai slowly stood up stretching his sore body. "Damn man. You jump too fast. You shouldn't lunged at a person like me. Although it's a little to late to be giving advice I suppose." He reached down and threw Lucas over his shoulder. Looking back towards the whole in the wall he saw Alexandra glaring down at him. Smiling at her, he turned around and walked back to the car. After throwing Lucas inside, he sat in the passenger seat and sighed, letting go of all the frustration. "Can we get out of here now. This almost ended badly." He said looking forward. "Damned woman didn't even kill the politician. I had to. Next time we should just handle things ourselves. Right sis? Then you got sleeping beauty back there acting like he's so big and bad, only to get knocked out after a little fall. I'm so done with this day."


Watching Kai leave was the last straw for Alexandra. She was pulling at her hair and stomping around and having what seemed like a temper tantrum. Soon her body was shaking violently and her hands were getting big and had an addition of hair. "I never get to have any fun. Every time I get a chance to play with something they always take it away." Her growls were accompanied by cracks of bone and rips of clothing. Turning her head towards Dyte, she said, "But, at least they left you right. Hehehe. At least they left you." Quickly she jumped right next to the girl. "Run or fight? Your choice. My fun." She was now considerably taller in height and her body had reached its full Fenrir form.


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Dyte rolled her eyes at Lucas’s attempt at being the savior and ignored his pleas for her to leave him. She then proceeded to laugh at this Alexandria’s misunderstanding, “I’d bite my tongue than say I’m dedicated, especially to someone I don’t know.” She growled at the woman before her. Dyte guessed saying such pompous words may not have been her best choice. After Alexandria talked for a bit more, Dyte changed back to her human form. She only did this because in this sort of situation she had no desire to feel like a dog since everyone else was still in their human forms.

However it seemed Lucas had a problem with sticking to that form. Her eyes ever watchful, they narrowed on a trio of men who came into the hallway. The next words that left Alexandria’s mouth caught Dyte off guard and it showed on her face. Why would she want to kill her own men? light eyes glanced over at Lucas as the other woman’s words sunk in. If what she says is true, then that would mean Lucas can do the same to me. Grinding her teeth at the thought her fists tightened and if you looked close enough you could see that she was shaking if just a little. However it wasn’t fear that made her shake but the angry thought of Lucas commanding her like a dog.

Hm. I can't do that. This girl here has to kill this man to prove herself to me. I can assume you want to right dear?" Dyte shifted on her feet as things were beginning to become uncomfortable for her. Dyte was glad she didn’t have to but she knew Lucas would kill himself for having failed at their mission. Not that she cared too much, the only reason Dyte came along was to have something to do until her brother came home. He should be getting home right about now. Dyte watched Lucas and could see the rage that was welling up inside of him. Don’t you dare Lucas, don’t you dare- dropping her head in disappointment, she watched as Lucas charged at the odd man and the two broke through the wall. Even from here Dyte heard the loud crash that meant Lucas failed in his intentions. “You damned fool” she hissed under her breathe.

Dyte knew things were only going to get worse so while the other woman had her temper tantrum, Dyte slowly backed away and in a position to run. However her attempt in adding distance between then proved to be futile as the woman was now in her Fenrir form and on her like the dog she was. “Run or fight? Your choice. My fun." Her eyes widened slightly, sweat began to develop on her brow and her body had begun to shake. Standing in the shadow of such a powerful creature, Dyte knew that her chance to escape without harm had gone. A crude smile appeared on her lips as she spoke to the creature before her “This certainly shall be a difficult situation indeed. If I run you’ll only catch me since I don’t know this place as well as you do. If I fight I have no guarantee that I’ll even make it out alive. So either way I end up getting hurt, and I’d rather come away without a scratch.

Taking steps to get closer to her, Dyte closed the little distance between them in hopes it’ll keep her from attacking her easily. As she did so hair had begun to sprout on her body and she had placed one hand on the woman’s beastly shoulder. In that moment everything seemed to slow down for the pair. Dyte used the woman’s shoulder and her own unnatural strength to push upwards, in doing so Dyte had changed her form to that of a large wolf to give her a more agility in the small hallway. As she passed the woman Dyte spoke, “I think I’ll run.” A feral grin on her lips however it soon changed to that of pain when Alexandra turned with speed far faster than Dyte’s, in her current state, and slammed Dyte’s body into the ceiling. Her breathe knocked out of her Dyte saw colors and barely managed to land on the ground without crumpling on impact. Swaggering about she shook her head quickly and twisted to the side as Alexandra’s fist came down on the ground where she was just moments ago.

Growling in pain, Dyte scrambled on her paws and sprinted right for one of the men who blocked her way. He stood before the hole in the wall and Dyte could only guess that he had underestimated her resolve. As she got close enough she lunged forwards with surprising speed, despite just having her wind knocked out of her. Sharp pale teeth dug themselves into the soft flesh at his neck and Dyte twisted in the air still holding onto the man. The two fell through and Dyte only tightened her grip on his neck even more until she could feel his body go limp. In the few seconds it took for them to reach the ground Dyte had used his body to push upwards. As she did so she had changed to her second form and landed right atop the dead man’s body. However not even her preparations could have prepared her for the actual landing. Dyte managed to bend her knees and rolled forwards however her foot landed the wrong way pain shot up her leg. In her roll she ended up on her stomach and she lay there for a few seconds before getting back up.

Just barely getting on her feet, she felt something land a bit behind her and knew it could only be Alexandra. Glancing back a look of pain on her face, Dyte scrambled forwards and changed her form to that of her first form. Although her ankle was searing with pain it subsided just enough for her to managed to make a run for it. Even if she was limping Dyte covered a good bit of distance and was no longer in the area of the old crumbly building but on one of the side streets to the main road. With each step she took pain shot up her leg but she was determined to get back home and as far away from that building as possible.


She saw Kai approach the car but she was not prepared for the limp body that he threw in the backseat before getting in himself. Rolling her eyes, Cassandra pushed the gas pedal and the car was soon speeding out into the main road. Once they got there however Cassandra had slowed down so as not to attract anyone’s attention. “So in the end you had to handle it. Why the hell did you even bring the kid with you Kai? He’ll stick up the car unless he’s a present to Mother. Should I tell Mother she should just kill that woman? I see no point in carrying around filth that never gets the job done.” she looked through the rearview mirror at Kai.


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#, as written by Damioa
As Thomas drove down the last couple stretches of road something caught his attention, making him stop, putting on the breaks as hard as he could. He knew exactly what he saw was and looked around quickly to see if there were any other movements in place. He then put his car in launch gear and sped through the streets, crowded with the natural people of the night, almost like a mad man. Who knew what the girl in his passenger seat was thinking.
He didn't have sight of whoever it was he saw, but he knew that if he timed his driving just right he'd be able to evade him. He wheeled around the corner and then went around another, creating a zig zag motion, just to trip up his follower. From the outside view, it'd probably look like he was just a speed demon who liked driving wildly. He drove crazy enough with no intended direction long enough to show that he was just the type of guy that liked to go for long wild rides. It'd be a waste of time to chase someone like that. However, if that wasn't enough, he passed through one of the nearby tunnels and dimmed his lights. Sure it would have been dangerous if anyone had been driving on the opposite direction, but he was sure that if he could make it out of the hole he could escape whoever was chasing him. As soon as he exited the tunnel, he made a sharp turn into the wooded path and continued driving until he came to the street path on the other side. Trying to lay low, he figure that he might have wanted to switch cars, giving him the idea to go fetch his other one from the lot.

"Well, that was fun wasn't it lass?" He grinned at Aisla. Pulling into the lot he got out of the car leaving it running. "Sorry to just ditch you, but aye, you can have the car. I advise you go back home. Don't worry about Lucas. I'll make sure he's safe." Before leaving her he turned back one last time. "Now, now little lady. If you know what's good for you I really advise you go home. I hope you catch my drift when I say that it's dire you go home for the night."

After his warning he left her inside the still running car to go to his Cadillac coupe. He didn't like being followed one bit and decided to address the matter later. For now, he still had a job he needed to do. It might have actually been too late for Lucas, but he had backup plans. He always had.

The girl impressed her. Yes. Alexandra Yun, who if no one ever noticed, was hard to entertain without dieing first, was entertained from a living person. She wasn't even writhing in agony. No. Instead she was fighting. Fighting for her life. Oh yes. Alexandra enjoyed, even slowed down her momentum to watch the girl try to claw her way out of the dungeon she was in. That's what the abandoned hospital felt like to Alex. A dungeon. A dungeon where people and things don't usually escape from. But, this girl in front of her. She made it out. Even though it was barely. She had made it out. Alexandra jumped down after her, crashing onto the ground with a growl and bent legs. "Hehehe." She chuckled in her monstrous voice. "I feel as if you might be better off alive then dead little lady. Why don't you come out from where you're hiding."

The female Alpha couldn't tell where her little toy had gone. The smell of blood and the sounds of the outside blocked her ranged vision drastically. She looked around back and forth trying to find her, but after a long moment of silence she slowly turned back to her human form. "I'll let you go this time. However, I know your smell. I will find you, and when I do, we can play. Till then I suppose." The woman turned around and went back to her dungeon. It was getting really late into the night and she had wanted nothing more of this day. It was time for her to concede and rest.
Nicholas barely made it out the crazy bar with the even crazier company it kept. He had completely lost track of time before he had realized it was way past midnight. He checked his phone for the first time all night to see that he had seven missed called and even more missed messages. All from a number he didn't know.

"Alright," he said. "Let's see what was so important, stranger.

The boy checked his message box and his eyes grew wide at the contents. All of the messages read out the same thing. One single address. He kept flipping through the texts to see the last one. 'Your sister may be in trouble.'

Having his heart almost stop, he rushed down the streets, running in breakneck speed towards the place indicated on the phone.


Kai managed to throw Lucas over his shoulder, once again with ease. "I didn't know crashing on pavement could knock a person out so long." The words were mostly to himself since he didn't think Cassandra would answer anything to his statement. He gave her a tired look. "Are you ready to go to mother? Or do you have something else better to do?" He asked her. "I hope not. This boy may be a key to something in mothers plans. You know this could be a start of a beautiful family. Hahahaha."

After joking with her, he walked up the stairs into the castle like mansion. Ignoring the greetings from the houses servants, he walked up all the way to the masters room. Knocking on the door he declared, "Mother, I have returned with the one you asked for." After which he waited for her to say that he could come in and went inside laying Lucas down softly, and kneeling in front of her. "I also had that other thing taken care of. That crazed woman didn't even kill the politician bastard. I had to do it myself. Though, as long as it was done then I suppose it was okay. Still, I don't think we should keep company with that wench."

Lucas was slowly regaining consciousness. His body was sore and his head was spinning, but as he opened his eyes, he saw unfamiliar looks to his environments. "Wh-Where am I?" He moaned looking around. He tried to sit himself up, barly making it to a sit up position. "What? What happened."

It wasn't long before he noticed Kai's face and everything came back to him. "You!!!" He growled before lunging in Kai's direction.

Kai just stood and smiled as he came closer and closer, knowing what would have happened if the boy got to close. It wasn't long until Lucas experienced it. The aura of a true Alpha. Almost instantly he was thrown off his feet and tripped on his face. He couldn't move anymore. The gravity around him felt so unbearably strong.

"What's happening?" He asked still trying to fight it.

"Oh didn't you know? You can't step to the queen of wolves if you're not worthy. I'm sorry to tell you kid, but since you haven't became a true alpha, you're not anywhere close to being worthy," Kai teased. "Mother," he turned to Seraphine. "The floor is all yours."


Thomas drove back to defense headquarters and borrowed one of the phones lying around in the buildings office. "All officials of the Divine program. This is your manager, Thomas Groove. Come back to HQ for briefing on your next assignments.

It didn't take long for someone to come through. He of course was the one of the only three not out on missions and also the only one who lived in HQ.
Thomas smiled at him. "Hey White, how are you doing kid?"
White May, who had just woke up, gave a tiresome nod to the man.
"Well that's okay kid. You can nap until the other two get here."
White through another nod then found a good wall to lean against.

Nick arrived at the abandoned hospital checking his phone to make sure the address was correct. All he could smell was blood, but a scent that had hit his nose so many times already was barely in the air. He walked quietly around the other side of the hospital hoping over wall. He stayed in the shadows, long enough for two men to pass by, yawning and complaining about how shitty the day was. He sniffed all the way to another entrance on the east side of the building. The smell suddenly became stronger and he crept to the streets still sniffing the air. He cursed at himself for not thinking to just keep on walking in the direction past the building. He began running again down the road. With each step he took, the smell became stronger. He soon saw a limping figure in front of him and reached out for it as soon as he was in arms reached. Pulling the shoulder of the person he grabbed her in a hug. "Dyte. It's me, Nick. Don't worry okay? It's gonna be okay. We're going home. Don't worry. It's gonna be okay." He hugged her for a while, relieved that she was still in one piece. "Once we get home, you have to fill me in to the details of why you were out here."