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The city of Wolves

Hundlé City


a part of The city of Wolves, by Damioa.


Damioa holds sovereignty over Hundlé City, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

569 readers have been here.


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Hundlé City is a part of The city of Wolves.

20 Characters Here

Lucas Iraha [24] "I'm don't do this because I want to. I do this because I have to."
Dyte Anderson [21] WIP
Alexandra Yun [21] "Tick tock. . . Tick tock... Thats the sound of your life coming to an end. Hehehe."
Nataira Vondila [17] ''C-can I say with you..? I- I don't like being alone...''
Kai Jynx [17] "You shouldn't have angered mother. Now someone has to die."
Cassandra Everdeen [10] "I will do whatever it takes to get this city clean, as per Mother's orders of course."
Aisla M Blair [9] ''... Is there something on my face?''
Seraphine Trinyx [9] {WIP}
Nicholas Anderson [9] "I really don't enjoy being a stinky beast, but eh, what can I do about it?"
Thomas Groove [9] "An officer doesn't pick sides. He just does what he knows is right."

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As soon as the doors to her hiding spot opened she froze, shaking only to scream as the stranger pulled her out from her upper arm. Dirty, bloody, thin and still damp from the venture to the place which was a long trek from the facility she came from. Still her eyes covered with wrapped fabric from the very shredded and sheer hospital gown, she was unable to see the person, only identify him as male and possibly young.

When the stranger released her, growling like one in a terrible mood she only started to crawl back into the cupboard, whimpering, her talons and claws easily digging into the floor and wood of the cupboard itself. Her pointed ears lowered in distress as she was grabbed and pulled to eye level, the stranger's breath on her, making her more uneasy to the point instinct, or self preservation, kicked in, making her frown behind the self crafted blindfold.

She hissed at the stranger, showing her large but thin fangs before she, with unimaginable flexibility and speed, dislodged her hip bone, making it more accessible to pull her left leg back before focusing most of her strength into a kick to the stranger's gut, then she ripped her foot from him, bloody from the attack. She lodged her hip bone back into place with only a swift turn of her other hip and due to her... origin she had no pain doing it, or perhaps it was a level of conditioning she went through to block such pain and grotesque sounds and sights of such things. To have the stranger release her or to give a final blow not as dire as the first, she swiped her left hand, scratching his face.

As she was released, dropping back to the ground, she reverted back into her innocent and scared like persona, whimpering again as she crawled away from the stranger, slower than she wanted though, she was weak, unfed, starved. Ending up stopping to seek a wall for comfort, a sad or pathetic sight depending on the person's views went looking at it. Gripping onto the wall, her dug her claws firmly into it, huddling into it to the point of nuzzling it, like she were attempting to fabricate another's comfort from the cold stone pressed into her cheek.


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She raised her brow upon being sniffed by Lucas, moving her arm away from him. "It most certainly does smell foul so I wouldn't be surprised." Scrunching up her nose Dyte frowned a bit as she followed Lucas around a bit within the abandoned place.

Suddenly she was grabbed from behind. For a brief moment Dyte panicked but then realized who it was that grabbed her when they said hush. Apologizing to her, Dyte simply rubbed her arm to rid herself of his lingering touch. They reached a certain that Lucas decided to open, however something was off and it seems her gut feeling was correct when Lucas yelled at her to run and he was pulled into the dark room.

The sounds of a scuffle could be heard from inside. Then a lone wolf walked out from inside. Taking a few steps back Dyte smiled a crooked smile, " Just my luck." Gritting her teeth, Dyte bent low to the grounding a defensive position. Looking around she saw her way out and looking back up at the wolf before her, they made eye contact. Within that split second Dyte tensed then darted to her left and the wolf close on her heels.

Running fast, Dyte ducked into a hallway littered with trash. The sound of a body slamming into the wall behind her startled the pink haired girl. Darting down the hallway Dyte picked up a stray piece of bar and swung it behind her. The bar smacked the wolf right in the jaw but it didn't stop its advance. Actually it seems she had only made her situation worse.

Glaring at the wolf, Dyte threw the bar at the wolf and scrambled to her feet. However before she got far she felt something pull at her leg and Dyte was thrown back. Slamming into a wall, Dyte looked up to see the wolf advancing towards her. Shaking her head Dyte growled and rushed forwards. As she did so her entire body morphed into that of a wolves but with a more feline slender body than the wolf before her. Snarling she lunged for its throat.


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#, as written by Damioa
The woman's reaction didn't come in the form of an answer, but instead a more animistic defense. Having let her go as she hissed at him he didn't have time to analyze her before she scratched his face, blood painting the counter inside of the old kitchen. He winced and shielded his eyes as best he could from the impact and in reaction growled a beastly growl showing his thick canines. He also felt a stab to his gut which made him step back. He even roared in anger and nearly transformed, before regaining his composer. He hands cracked as his fingers seemed to grow longer and his nails pointed. Instead of harming her, however, he picked apart a piece of the counter-top and threw it at the wall. He looked at her as his wounds slowly sealed up and had anger burning inside of his ruby eyes. He breathed heavily as he looked at her. She looked like a puppy who was just beaten on by it's owner. The look of weakness and loneliness. At least that's what he saw. She hugged the wall as if it was her mother. Almost as if it was going to protect her. With the sight, as quickly as his anger came, it went away. Just like that. He breathed out a sigh and slowly approached her. "Okay." He said calmly. "You need to calm down. Had I been someone else, I'd have went for your life." He leaned in closer to her, sniffing her to gain more of a sense of what she was. She didn't smell too foreign. She had a strange smell, but nothing he could tell was different. Looking at her more closely, he realized that she had a blindfold on. "What the..." He said quietly to himself. As he reached his hand out to touch it. He of course hesitated at first, but it was only a second before he grabbed the blindfold and ripped it from her.
In reaction to how she reacted before he stepped back away from her. Holding the cloth in his hand he shushed her. It was the way someone would shush a baby after crying. "You know. It's pretty dark right now, especially in this place. I'm sure you can open your eyes here. Come on. Usually when you talk to someone it's custom to look that person in the face. Come on now. Open them up." His voice was soft as he could make it. He didn't know why, but he found interest in this woman and because of that, he wanted to see her whole face.

After a grueling fight with the wolves who attacked him, Lucas limped out of the room, pretty beaten up. He hugged the wall to support himself as he waddled down the hall to find Dyte. He walked slowly and breathed heavily, trying to wait for his wounds to heal themselves. Though the extent of the damage would take awhile. After walking for about a minute he found Dyte with her fangs on a wolf who seemed to be almost dead. He slumped down and let her finish, resting his back on the wall and sitting on the cold hard floor.

"Are you.....Okay." He said in pain while whipping the blood off of his face with his sleeve. "We have to find him quickly before anymore wolves turn up. I don't know......How much longer I can fight for." He coughed and groaned but the tingling in his legs seemed to cease a little bit. Grunting he tried to stand back up, but fell down do to lack of support.

"My,my." A voice called from behind them. "It seems the rumors are true. There is a new puppy to play with."A small figure appeared from the darkness and walked slowly towards them. With her red and light blonde hair she stuck out in the weary place like a sore thumb. She looked over at Dyte and dawned a bored expression, but quickly changed it to surprise when she saw her dead companion on the floor. "Well it seems you have a pack of your own and on top of that, they're not that weak. Well at least, she's not. Good for you. My name is Alexandra Yun, and this is my home. Hehe. I'd really like it if you leaved." She said looking at Dyte. "You should just leave him here and let him stay. I have business with this man. You see, we're going to have so much fun together." As she spoke, her blood red eyes seemed to glow in the moonlight coming in from the window and her smile, innocent as it might of been, carried and ominous vibe to it.

"Um.... I'm sorry but our master isn't accepting calls at this time. Try to call back later." One of the head maids said in reply.

Thomas was dumbfounded as his confident words were unheard by the one whom he wanted to send them too. "But..." He tried to say something, before the clicking sound of the ended call came. He gritted his teeth and hoped back inside of the car.

"Sorry about that." He said to Aisla, "I had a business call and it seems we should probably just go the area. It's getting late and I doubt Lucas is at that girls house anyway. If you still want to check there it's up to you but if you ask me, I'd say go to the building."

Meanwhile, the head maid who had answered the phone call went upstairs to her masters chambers. After knocking on the door, she entered, slightly tilting her head in a bow as she said, "Lady Seraphine, that man called again. I believe that he's trying to interfere once again with our plans. He called confirming it actually." Keeping her head bowed she waited for her masters reply.


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Nathaira flinched as the voice now familiar to her got closer the calmness, however, did relax her some but she whimpered as the stranger ripped the blind fold from her, covering her eyes with her hands that wielded long sharp claws, un-retractable and blue. Her toe nails were the same that she couldn't walk without being on tiptoes. When he spoke about it being night and about politeness she slowly removed her hands. Resting her hands at her chest, her pink eyelashes moved up, revealing glowing yellow gold eyes with sharp slits as pupils. The light from her eyes illuminating her and the surroundings slightly in golden light as well as how badly malnourished, bloody and dirty she was. She diverted her gaze some as one hand rose up slightly from her chest and slowly waved at Kai.


Aisla was holding her hands to her chest, she looked nervous all of a sudden and as Thomas came in he looked at him, looking panicked. ''We go there. Now. I-I think... no... I know something is wrong... I think he is hurt...'' She shuffled around in her seat, looking irritable and distressed. ''We go now Thomas!''


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She wasn't about to let go of the wolfs throat, not until he was truly dead. Shaking her head a couple of times, Dyte couldn't feel his pulse anymore so she dropped him. While she had been killing the wolf, Lucas came over asking if she was okay. Dyte saw that he was wounded and for a moment a flash of concern went through her heart. Rolling her eyes, Dyte began to change back but stopped halfway in her transformation.

A voice called out sending a chill creeping down her spine. Shivering her wolf eyes looked in the direction of the voice and saw a small woman. The expression of surprise made Dyte huff in amusement, for she knew the reason behind her surprise was seeing the wolf she had just been dealing with dead. However the woman's words and the tone of her voice were all but hints to what was to come. Growling Dyte stepped over Lucas until she stood right before him in a protective stance. Under normal circumstances she'd have left him but seeing how wounded he was, it wouldn't be likely he'd survive the "fun" that was to come.


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#, as written by Damioa
Alexandra giggled at the sight of the wolf defending her alpha. It was amusing to say the least. Reminded her of her old days somewhat. "Come on girl. You know that this isn't a game that you want to play. Look at him." The girl said as she pointed at Lucas, who was still trying to heal himself. "An alpha that takes that long to heal himself. Has he no regard for the right of power he possesses." She knelled down to get on eye level with the wolf. "Since you seem to be dedicated to him too, how about you join me as well. However, you will have to pass a test in order to join." With those words she pinched her mouth and let out a loud whistle that hurt Lucas's ears.

"What the..." He said quietly. "Don't listen to her Dyte. Save yourself. Go. . . . I don't need you getting hurt for me.... just.... *cough**cough*." He swallowed the flem in his throat that tasted of blood and tried to stand back up. It was awkward for him seeing as his legs were still in pain, but he finally got up. As he rose his pants grew heavy and his eyes turned yellow. His hands clung to the walls by the nails that have grown into claws.

"Well, well. So the Alpha can't control his emotions or his transformations. This is priceless. Although it's also no problem. I don't mind you giving into your beastly emotions. That's what our pack is all about after all." Alexandra giggled.

As the woman waved to him Kai smiled and waved back. The woman was definitely not like that he had seen before. Looking at her face confirmed she was definitely good looking as well, which captivated him. Not only that, but she seemed to have allot of secrets behind her. "Where are you from?" He asked. While waiting for her reply, he started to smell something foul. It was a new scent of blood, one which had just been created within the building. "Tsk. That damned woman." He said as he stood up. "I'm sorry, but I must go. There's something that I have to do." He said as he ran out of the kitchen hall.

"You got it sweet cheeks." Thomas said as he put the car into drive and peeled out of the parking space he was at. "It should only take about fifteen minutes to get there. Speeding of course. One of the many good perks about having a badge in this town is that you can speed." He said putting on the siren noise and sticking a cop light on top of his car.

"The little Alpha can't even give good commands." Alexandra teased. "Oh goody. We have our test."

Walking from the shadow of the hall way, Lucas saw two men walking with another smaller man in between them.

"Ahhh. Yes he should do fine. Well girl, even though you haven't decided yet, I'll show you something that you could learn and your current alpha should show. Feli." She called to one of the men, "Kill yourself, okay?"

As she said this the man behind her looked as if he was trying to struggle. With one hand he held another that slowly went for his throat. "Mam." He said. "I-I, I don't want to die." In response, all the girl did was smile and look at him in the corner of her eye. "Mam, please. Don't make me do this." He begged as his clawed hand reached for his throat. It was so close that the man started to shed tears and Lucas looked in horror.

"What are you doing to him?" He asked in shock.

"Nothing, he is doing it subconsciously. You see, to wolves who you have created there is an absolute word that Alpha's have. The fact that you can't do it means you've failed as an Alpha. You're no longer fun for me, but I'll still take you in. I think I can amuse myself by training you. "

"Yeah right. Is this what you do to people who join you? Force them to kill themselves?"

"Che. I wasn't going to make him do it for real. Just a demonstration you grumpy pup. Feli, stop acting like a dumb animal and stand up straight."

At her demand, the man stopped reaching for his own throat and relaxed. "Thank you my lady."

"Shut it. You're in trouble for begging for your pitiful life, so no talking until a fortnight passes."

The man then stopped talking and looked sadly at the ground. The other man beside him pushed the small man closer so that Lucas could see him. His eyes widened as he saw the mans face. It was the same as the one in the picture, though a little malnourished to tell the truth. "Let him go." He said, voice cracking from the pain.

"Hm. I can't do that. This girl here has to kill this man to prove herself to me. I can assume you want to right dear?" She asked smiling at the wolf in front of her.

"You waste too much time." A voice said from behind her. "You were suppose to kill this man ages ago." From behind the man a hand came and grasped his face. The muffles coming from the shocked man only lasted for a moment, being cut off by the sound of his neck snapping in different places. As the hands let go, the man fell to the floor, revealing the young man behind him. His choice of clothing was pretty oddly fashioned but do to the jewelry he wore you could tell he wasn't an average wolf. No, he came from a prestige lineage.

"Kai, you asshole. I wanted to have this girl kill him." Alexandra snapped.

"You play around too much. I have no time to keep old orders still active. When mother request something from you, you do it. Understand?"

"She's not my mother. I have no need to follow her rules."

"You'll follow them or suffer the consequences." Kai threatened.

Lucas was baffled by how the two were acting. A man was just killed and there they were bickering about other things. They just ruined a family and they were arguing about something that didn't even make sense. They were evil. They had to be. That was the only thing he could decide. It got under his skin. Something was burning from it and it had to come out. Before he knew what was going on, he had charged at the boy and pushed him out of one of the outside walls. They fell pretty fast but before he had a chance to think he was on the bottom and the last thing he had seen before he hit the ground was the boys red eyes.


Kai slowly stood up stretching his sore body. "Damn man. You jump too fast. You shouldn't lunged at a person like me. Although it's a little to late to be giving advice I suppose." He reached down and threw Lucas over his shoulder. Looking back towards the whole in the wall he saw Alexandra glaring down at him. Smiling at her, he turned around and walked back to the car. After throwing Lucas inside, he sat in the passenger seat and sighed, letting go of all the frustration. "Can we get out of here now. This almost ended badly." He said looking forward. "Damned woman didn't even kill the politician. I had to. Next time we should just handle things ourselves. Right sis? Then you got sleeping beauty back there acting like he's so big and bad, only to get knocked out after a little fall. I'm so done with this day."


Watching Kai leave was the last straw for Alexandra. She was pulling at her hair and stomping around and having what seemed like a temper tantrum. Soon her body was shaking violently and her hands were getting big and had an addition of hair. "I never get to have any fun. Every time I get a chance to play with something they always take it away." Her growls were accompanied by cracks of bone and rips of clothing. Turning her head towards Dyte, she said, "But, at least they left you right. Hehehe. At least they left you." Quickly she jumped right next to the girl. "Run or fight? Your choice. My fun." She was now considerably taller in height and her body had reached its full Fenrir form.


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Dyte rolled her eyes at Lucas’s attempt at being the savior and ignored his pleas for her to leave him. She then proceeded to laugh at this Alexandria’s misunderstanding, “I’d bite my tongue than say I’m dedicated, especially to someone I don’t know.” She growled at the woman before her. Dyte guessed saying such pompous words may not have been her best choice. After Alexandria talked for a bit more, Dyte changed back to her human form. She only did this because in this sort of situation she had no desire to feel like a dog since everyone else was still in their human forms.

However it seemed Lucas had a problem with sticking to that form. Her eyes ever watchful, they narrowed on a trio of men who came into the hallway. The next words that left Alexandria’s mouth caught Dyte off guard and it showed on her face. Why would she want to kill her own men? light eyes glanced over at Lucas as the other woman’s words sunk in. If what she says is true, then that would mean Lucas can do the same to me. Grinding her teeth at the thought her fists tightened and if you looked close enough you could see that she was shaking if just a little. However it wasn’t fear that made her shake but the angry thought of Lucas commanding her like a dog.

Hm. I can't do that. This girl here has to kill this man to prove herself to me. I can assume you want to right dear?" Dyte shifted on her feet as things were beginning to become uncomfortable for her. Dyte was glad she didn’t have to but she knew Lucas would kill himself for having failed at their mission. Not that she cared too much, the only reason Dyte came along was to have something to do until her brother came home. He should be getting home right about now. Dyte watched Lucas and could see the rage that was welling up inside of him. Don’t you dare Lucas, don’t you dare- dropping her head in disappointment, she watched as Lucas charged at the odd man and the two broke through the wall. Even from here Dyte heard the loud crash that meant Lucas failed in his intentions. “You damned fool” she hissed under her breathe.

Dyte knew things were only going to get worse so while the other woman had her temper tantrum, Dyte slowly backed away and in a position to run. However her attempt in adding distance between then proved to be futile as the woman was now in her Fenrir form and on her like the dog she was. “Run or fight? Your choice. My fun." Her eyes widened slightly, sweat began to develop on her brow and her body had begun to shake. Standing in the shadow of such a powerful creature, Dyte knew that her chance to escape without harm had gone. A crude smile appeared on her lips as she spoke to the creature before her “This certainly shall be a difficult situation indeed. If I run you’ll only catch me since I don’t know this place as well as you do. If I fight I have no guarantee that I’ll even make it out alive. So either way I end up getting hurt, and I’d rather come away without a scratch.

Taking steps to get closer to her, Dyte closed the little distance between them in hopes it’ll keep her from attacking her easily. As she did so hair had begun to sprout on her body and she had placed one hand on the woman’s beastly shoulder. In that moment everything seemed to slow down for the pair. Dyte used the woman’s shoulder and her own unnatural strength to push upwards, in doing so Dyte had changed her form to that of a large wolf to give her a more agility in the small hallway. As she passed the woman Dyte spoke, “I think I’ll run.” A feral grin on her lips however it soon changed to that of pain when Alexandra turned with speed far faster than Dyte’s, in her current state, and slammed Dyte’s body into the ceiling. Her breathe knocked out of her Dyte saw colors and barely managed to land on the ground without crumpling on impact. Swaggering about she shook her head quickly and twisted to the side as Alexandra’s fist came down on the ground where she was just moments ago.

Growling in pain, Dyte scrambled on her paws and sprinted right for one of the men who blocked her way. He stood before the hole in the wall and Dyte could only guess that he had underestimated her resolve. As she got close enough she lunged forwards with surprising speed, despite just having her wind knocked out of her. Sharp pale teeth dug themselves into the soft flesh at his neck and Dyte twisted in the air still holding onto the man. The two fell through and Dyte only tightened her grip on his neck even more until she could feel his body go limp. In the few seconds it took for them to reach the ground Dyte had used his body to push upwards. As she did so she had changed to her second form and landed right atop the dead man’s body. However not even her preparations could have prepared her for the actual landing. Dyte managed to bend her knees and rolled forwards however her foot landed the wrong way pain shot up her leg. In her roll she ended up on her stomach and she lay there for a few seconds before getting back up.

Just barely getting on her feet, she felt something land a bit behind her and knew it could only be Alexandra. Glancing back a look of pain on her face, Dyte scrambled forwards and changed her form to that of her first form. Although her ankle was searing with pain it subsided just enough for her to managed to make a run for it. Even if she was limping Dyte covered a good bit of distance and was no longer in the area of the old crumbly building but on one of the side streets to the main road. With each step she took pain shot up her leg but she was determined to get back home and as far away from that building as possible.


She saw Kai approach the car but she was not prepared for the limp body that he threw in the backseat before getting in himself. Rolling her eyes, Cassandra pushed the gas pedal and the car was soon speeding out into the main road. Once they got there however Cassandra had slowed down so as not to attract anyone’s attention. “So in the end you had to handle it. Why the hell did you even bring the kid with you Kai? He’ll stick up the car unless he’s a present to Mother. Should I tell Mother she should just kill that woman? I see no point in carrying around filth that never gets the job done.” she looked through the rearview mirror at Kai.


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The figure sat back on his heels, knees bent and elbows resting on his thighs. He balanced quite effortlessly on the balls of his feet. Thanks to his small stature and lean frame, poses like this were as easy for him as breathing. A dark-tan cloak hid a majority of his body, though his open posture revealed an ensemble of black and gunmetal silver attire—from his boots, fatigues, and gloves to what looked like the bullet-proof pitch-black vest of a SWAT officer shielding his torso. A hood cast an impenetrable shadow masking much of the figure’s face. The ambient lighting revealed little more than some tufts of maroon hair and the black and yellow anterior of a gas mask, both of which poked out from under his cowl. Deep in the shade where his eyes should have been, a vibrant ruby-red was reflected back.

He was currently resting upon the roof of a particularly tall building, one tall enough to overlook much of Hundlé city and the glittering sea beyond its shoreline. Far off past the smatterings of buildings and clusters of parks, he could just barely make out the hoary adumbrations of the walls that sealed this metropolis off from the rest of the world. He could even spot the huge gate that only hours before he’d snuck his way in through, thanks to the conveniently spacious underside of a military vehicle seeking ingress.

A slight vibration pulled the figure’s attention. In his right hand was a small smartphone, and on it the figure had sent someone a text message. It consisted of a single word: Marked. The recipient had just sent a reply.


The acrid stench of burning rubber reached his nose before the sound did. Slowly turning his focus down at the street below, he spotted his mark. The man, a lanky black-haired human by the look of him, had gotten back into his car. On the passenger's side was a blue-haired girl, though the figure failed to get a good look at her. The black-haired one was obviously in some sort of extreme rush, because he'd put petal to metal, his tires screeching on the pavement as his metallic steed reared into action.

Internally, the figure groaned. He would have to chase that thing or he’d lose his mark.

Ensuring his hood was securely clipped to the straps of his goggles, the figure pivoted on his feet, leaning forward on all fours. It was a very elegant and polished motion, and one that he’d executed dozens of times before. Without wasting a millisecond, the figure exploded off the balls of his feet, surging forward like an Olympic runner at the sound of the gun.

He resembled a dog as he rushed, down on all fours, using his arms to pull himself forward and his legs to push in synchronic harmony. In no time he reached the edge of the roof and, without pause, bounded across the vacant space that separated it from an adjacent rooftop. He sailed through the air with an inhuman elegance, the tails of his cloak beating in the wind behind him. He stuck his landing without missing a beat—in fact, he gained speed, quickly reaching the periphery of this latest rooftop and bounding over to the next.

He continued leaping from rooftop to rooftop, moving swiftly on all fours, careful to land as silently as possible. Though the car he was after was definitely speeding, the figure was able to close the distance in no time. Soon, he was running along rooftops right beside the car, which had since donned the flashing red and blue and signature wailing that marked it as a police vehicle.

The car tore down the street, other vehicles quick to remove themselves from its path. As it shredded through an intersection with no regard for the color of the light, it took a sharp left turn, skidding across the boulevard and nearly colliding with oncoming traffic before speeding off. The figure, who was running along the rooftops on the right side of the car, groaned inwardly once more.

His mark was making this harder than it needed to be.

He noted with offhanded disdain the rusty condition of the large AC unit he’d just dived over as he approached yet another edge. When he leapt from the rooftop this time, he reached out and grabbed the eave, using his momentum to swing down towards the ground. He arrested his fall by seizing a particularly small windowsill, sending a potted plant that was so meticulously balanced atop it to its doom upon the sidewalk below.

He wasted no time, releasing the sill and landing on the ground with the dexterity of a cat. He then bounded across the intersection with blatant indifference towards any onrushing traffic. Skirting and hurdling across the fronts of various cars, he made his way diagonally across the intersection to the dissonance of honking horns, shrieking tires, and barked insults. With precious seconds ticking by, the figure maneuvered past several gawking pedestrians and in one motion ascended the broad side of a building, his shoes gripping the brick like claws. Using his left hand, he pushed himself further up the wall, giving him just enough leeway to reach up and grab the building’s horizontal gutter with his right hand before gravity had its way. Using the gutter as his fulcrum, he swung himself onto the rooftop, nearly tearing the poor metal out the wall.

He made it up just in time to see his mark cut right down some street ahead, sirens blazing. With a grunt of exasperation, the figure resumed his forward bound, sailing through the air on all fours with renewed ferocity, his cloak flapping beside him like the wings of a griffon.

He’d never lost a mark before, and this wasn’t about to be his first time.


The fair-haired man’s name was George Sterling. Slightly drunk, the man fumbled with his keys, trying each in turn until one finally managed to fit. Turning it the wrong way first, it took the man several seconds to unlock his car door before he was able to get in. Closing it behind him, he took several seconds of deep breathing to steel himself before putting the key into the ignition, bringing the car to life with a subdued roar. After a moment, he put the vehicle into gear, peeling out from where he was parked and merging into traffic.

A few seconds later, another car came to life, but in a much more subtle way. There was no roar of the ignition, merely a flickering as its headlights came alive. It also peeled out from where it was parked, merging into traffic two or three cars behind George and his vehicle.

Several minutes and a few red lights later, George pulled into the driveway on the hillside of what was presumably his home. He got out of his car, stumbling a bit as he made his way to the front door. The house, while not a mansion, was definitely what one might call spacious. It had two floors, a wide front yard, and, by the looks of things, had quite the back yard. Next to the house was a nearly identical one, and next to it was yet another. In fact, every home on the entire block looked just as George’s. All of them had yards. All of them had two levels. All of them had black shingles, gray bricks, and porcelain-white front doors.

As George entered his home, the car that had been tailing him parked on the opposite side of the street, careful not to draw attention to itself.

“I’m home,” George announced, flipping on the light and dropping his keys on a nearby credenza as he moved forward through the hallway. The muffled roar of a blaring television came from somewhere upstairs. The inside of his house was neat and well-furnished, with each room having several fine woodworks and carpets with intricate designs. Every now and then, George would have to step over a random toy that was left on the floor, though when he almost slipped on the fourth one, he’d had enough.

“Lewis! Ciara!” He bellowed. “What did I say about leaving your toys in the middle of the floor?” The hum of the television upstairs died out instantly, followed by the familiar pattering of children’s feet.

George’s ears perked up at the sound of rustling papers in a nearby room. Interests piqued, he moved towards the source of the noise and found himself standing in his kitchen. It was heavily furnished, with stainless steel appliances, induction stovetop, marble everything, the works. On the marble top island that separated the stove and oven from the refrigerator was his wife, moving papers around.

She just got back from her job at corporate, seeing as she was still in her intimidatingly pinstriped power suit.

“You’re in a good mood,” she said, briefly flashing him a cheesy smile before returning to her paperwork.

He grinned. “Hello to you too, Lana,” he said playfully, moving to stand beside her. “You know,” he began, eying her paperwork, “you corporate lawyers work way too hard.”

She let out a curt laugh. “Someone has to bring this quarantine to an end, George.” She stared down at a piece of paper in her hand for a moment before shuffling it back in with the others. “It’s just bad for business.”

“My wife, the hero.”

It was then that stomps of feet rapidly descending the staircase reverberated throughout the house. George sighed. If he’s told them once, he’s told them a thousand times not to run in the house. Before he repeated himself for the thousand and first time, the terrible-twosome burst through the archway and into the kitchen with all the grace and tact of a tornado.

“Hey, no running!” He chided.

When they noticed their father, the two kids—a boy and a girl no older than ten—stopped immediately. “Dad!” they both shouted in unison, running over and throwing themselves at the man.

George knelt, gripping them in his arms. “You two goofballs go pick your toys up off the floor before someone hurts themselves, okay?”

They nodded, broad grins upon their faces. “Okay!”

Suddenly, there were three curt knocks on the door. They rang through the house like gunshots.

George released his children, standing. “I got it”.
“Is that Rick already?” Lana asked, looking up from her work.
“Doubt it,” he replied, moving out of the kitchen and towards the front door. “But if it is, he’s gonna have to—”

As George reached for the front door, it exploded inward.

Only silence followed the clicks and clangs of bouncing metal and fractured wood. Lana and her two children rushed into the hall moments later, but were rendered speechless by the scene that met them.

There, in what remained of the doorway, a man loomed. The intruder was dressed in all black, with grimy cargo pants and a black jacket with shiny leather highlights. The bottom-half of his face was covered by a black mask, while matching goggles masked his eyes. His hair, a dark brown, fell around his ears like a mop. The intruder’s hands were behind his back, his head bowed. His foot was raised out in front of his body—he’d kicked the door in. Like a Zen master, he placed his foot back on the ground, keeping perfect balance.

He then walked into the house, four pairs of eyes tracking his every move. George, who'd fallen, attempted to right himself, but stopped cold when he felt a menacingly dire presence bearing down on him. Looking up ever-so slowly, he found himself staring down the cold dark barrel of a gun.

Silence continued its reign until the intruder spoke. With his voice—a deep, icy, confident baritone—he uttered accusingly a single word: “Wolf.”

George’s eyes grew wide. “Wait! N-no,” he sputtered, raising his hands in surrender. “We live as humans! W-w-we don’t shift! The hunters said if—”

Time seemed to slow for George’s wife. Things were moving in slow motion, and she could make out every grueling detail. The click-pop of the intruder squeezing the trigger. The light from the muzzle flash dancing along the walls. The silver-tipped bullet effectively decapitating her husband, plastering the back of his skull across the wall like some morbid work of art. The rhythmic palpitations of her heart that filled her ears, her throat, her chest. Emotionally, she felt nothing. She could feel nothing. All that occupied her mind was the sight before her.

As the intruder slowly turned his alien gaze to her and her children, her vision itself began to tunnel. Like thunder following lighting, the piercing boom of the gunshot finally reached her ears.

The gunshot that had killed her husband in cold blood.

And then shock gave way to fury, and time resumed its normal pace.

She looked down at the two children that stood to her right, near the archway that lead into the kitchen. They looked up at her, utterly nonplussed. “Run,” she whispered, looking back towards the intruder. The two locked eyes. Out of her peripheral vision, she noticed her children had remained motionless, transfixed by the scene before them.

“RUN!” She barked her command this time, suddenly dropping down on all fours. Her word morphed into a growl as her muscles bulged like balloons, shredding her expensive pinstriped suit. Blackness spread through her skin like thick ink in a glass of water, completely corrupting it. What looked like hair began to spring forth from the blackness, concentrated at her shins and forearms, jutting out like spikes. The pitch of her growl dropped to a booming contralto. Her fingers and toes elongated, with large gruesome claws pushing their way through her fingernails. Slowly she sprouted a tail that waved menacingly in the air.

Her hair stretched as well, covering her head and neck like a mane, down to her shoulders and chest. The bones in her face pushed forward, eyes sinking into her head, pupils forming into slits, nose receding and restructuring itself... all to make room for her massive mouth, which was growing and shaping itself like some sort of self-aware play-doh.

In mere moments her transformation was complete, yet neither party engaged. She and the intruder simply eyed each other. Lana looked quite dangerous in her wolf form. She felt dangerous. She also felt righteous in her indignation. The rules and vows be damned, she was going to rip this guy to bits.

“Am I supposed to be impressed?” The intruder spoke with a level of serenity one would expect from a monk. Not from a guy about to get torn to shreds. His accent was distinctly European—perhaps British. He still had his pistol trained on her husband’s corpse, but in one quick practiced motion, he reached over his shoulder with his free hand, pulling out something a bit more dangerous. It looked small, compact, jet-black, and fully automatic. He took aim, pointing the weapon in her direction. “I’ll pass.”

When he opened fire, she dodged easily, scaling the wall. The ack-ack-ack-ack of automatic fire was deafening.

Not every shot missed its mark, however. As Lana dodged, her children were not so quick on the uptake. Despite her command, they still remained frozen in place and directly in the line of fire. It was the girl that took the brunt of the damage. The silver-tipped bullets punched through her body like a hot knife through butter, striking her several times in the abdomen, chest, neck and face. Her lifeless corpse crumbled to the floor.

Infinitely more enraged, Lana surged forward like a hurricane, pouncing off the wall and mauling the intruder. She slammed him against the wall with the weight of her massive body, causing him to drop his pistol. Without an ounce of hesitation, she sunk her fangs deep into his arm, nearly causing him to drop his automatic weapon as well. At the same time, her claws made deep lacerations across his chest and neck.

She shook her muzzle back and forth with controlled violence, like a dog shaking a toy, sinking her fangs even deeper into his wrist. The intruder’s automatic weapon fired several times as the two struggled, bullets spraying into the ceiling above. His blood sprayed against her fur, causing her to clench her jaw even harder.

Suddenly, intense pain flashed through her mouth like a firestorm. With a yelp, she disengaged her prey, leaping backwards and retreating a few steps. She could taste blood in her mouth—some of it hers. Something was wrong.

Several of her fangs had broken off or were fractured.

Looking up, she noticed the color of the man’s arm had changed. Where she had torn into his tan flesh and drawn blood just moments ago, the skin was now some sort of…


The intruder gave no quarter. Sensing the wolf’s confusion, he dropped the automatic weapon and flowed forward, bright reflective silver showing thorough the gashes in his sleeve where she’d bitten him. Though she managed to avoid his first few maneuvers, the man landed a series of devastating blows to the side of her head. With force of an anvil, he smashed her face-first into the floor.

And then he pulled out a particularly lengthy machete and stabbed the struggling wolf in the neck, skewering her before she had a chance to recover. He followed that by pulling another pistol and dispatching the remains.

One shot. Two shots. Three. Four. The muzzle flash reflected against the intruder’s black goggles like a flashlight.

And then nothing. There was only silence.

That’s when the boy made a soft whimper. Unlike his sister, he’d managed to survive his initial onslaught, though he was not unscathed. He was bleeding profusely—a bullet-wound to the thigh. Replacing the pistol in some unseen pocket, the intruder dislodged his machete from the wolf carcass before strolling over to where the boy sat, moving as leisurely as one taking a walk through the park.

In a few moments, he stood before the bloodied shaking child. He kneeled, bringing up a single silvery hand and slowly removing his mask. His let his goggles stay in place.

“You really should have run,” the intruder uttered, staring the boy in the face.

The boy squealed as he noticed the man’s jagged teeth. They ended in fine points, like the fangs of a shark.

Slowly, the man reached out, cupping the back of the child’s head with one hand. With his other hand he held the machete.

“You have black eyes, kid. Just like your mother over there.” He nudged his head in the direction of the corpse behind them. “I have a question for you, so think very carefully. Understand?” The boy nodded, tears welling in the corners of his eyes. The intruder paused before continuing, softening his tone considerably. “I’m looking for a woman. A girl—if you could call her that. Crimson eyes. Black hair. Long.” He brought the boy’s face to within an inch of his. “You’re a werewolf.” He said this matter-of-factly. “Do you know of anyone like that?”

The boy didn’t answer, though you could see the gears spinning in his head. Unfortunately, this man was not patient.

“I see.” The intruder sighed, his voice hardening once more. “Mmm. A shame. November usually handles this kind of thing, but since he’s not around…” His words trailed off into another sigh. He subconsciously bared his teeth. The boy attempted to shrink backwards, but the man tightened his grip.

You really should have run.

He inserted the machete into the boy’s neck as effortlessly as one would a key into a lock. Very slowly. Very meticulously. The boy began to claw weakly at the man’s arm, trying desperately to free himself, to save himself, but it was futile. After several seconds of choked gasping, the child went limp, blood dripping from his parted lips.

“Rest now, innocent,” the intruder said, looking down at this final corpse. “For I have lifted your curse.” Releasing the machete from his grip, he closed the child’s wide vacant eyes with one pass of his bloodied hand. “You may enter Heaven a human.”

And then he bit into the boy’s neck, instantly drawing blood. His Adam’s apple pulsated medially as he drunk deeply from what remained of the child’s cruor. It took only a few seconds for him to get his fill, tearing a chunk of flesh from his victim as he stood.

He chewed on it a bit before swallowing.

Without warning, his wounds began to heal quite rapidly. The gashes and lacerations on his arm and neck began to knit themselves together, and the scratches on his face all but disappeared. He looked up at the ceiling, mouth agape. He exhaled violently, blood and spittle flying from his lips.

“Yesssss,” he hissed, slurring the word. “Yes!”

After gathering his equipment, the intruder walked out through the hole where George Sterling’s front door used to be. He’d secured his mask in place over his mouth once more. All in all, this ordeal had lasted perhaps five minutes, six max.

He made good time.

The intruder reached up and smoothed his hair with his hand, unknowingly tracking blood through his brown locks. Several thoughts came to his mind at once, but it was his view towards the local hunters that took the forefront. These hunters must be pathetic, to let the werewolf population here get so out of hand. They even had to quarantine the damn city. The man snorted, shaking his head slightly. The very notion of werewolves forcing anything sickened him.

As he made his way to the car parked across the street, something vibrated in his breast pocket. Retrieving the device—a smartphone—he made several curt finger-motions, activating it.

Someone had sent him a text message. It consisted of a single word: Marked. The man chuckled softly, typing out a reply.


Replacing the phone in its resting place, the foreign hunter entered his car. Police sirens could be heard in the distance, and they were definitely getting closer. For some reason, that made him laugh.

It'd take more than a couple of badges to dissuade him from his mission.


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#, as written by Damioa
As Thomas drove down the last couple stretches of road something caught his attention, making him stop, putting on the breaks as hard as he could. He knew exactly what he saw was and looked around quickly to see if there were any other movements in place. He then put his car in launch gear and sped through the streets, crowded with the natural people of the night, almost like a mad man. Who knew what the girl in his passenger seat was thinking.
He didn't have sight of whoever it was he saw, but he knew that if he timed his driving just right he'd be able to evade him. He wheeled around the corner and then went around another, creating a zig zag motion, just to trip up his follower. From the outside view, it'd probably look like he was just a speed demon who liked driving wildly. He drove crazy enough with no intended direction long enough to show that he was just the type of guy that liked to go for long wild rides. It'd be a waste of time to chase someone like that. However, if that wasn't enough, he passed through one of the nearby tunnels and dimmed his lights. Sure it would have been dangerous if anyone had been driving on the opposite direction, but he was sure that if he could make it out of the hole he could escape whoever was chasing him. As soon as he exited the tunnel, he made a sharp turn into the wooded path and continued driving until he came to the street path on the other side. Trying to lay low, he figure that he might have wanted to switch cars, giving him the idea to go fetch his other one from the lot.

"Well, that was fun wasn't it lass?" He grinned at Aisla. Pulling into the lot he got out of the car leaving it running. "Sorry to just ditch you, but aye, you can have the car. I advise you go back home. Don't worry about Lucas. I'll make sure he's safe." Before leaving her he turned back one last time. "Now, now little lady. If you know what's good for you I really advise you go home. I hope you catch my drift when I say that it's dire you go home for the night."

After his warning he left her inside the still running car to go to his Cadillac coupe. He didn't like being followed one bit and decided to address the matter later. For now, he still had a job he needed to do. It might have actually been too late for Lucas, but he had backup plans. He always had.

The girl impressed her. Yes. Alexandra Yun, who if no one ever noticed, was hard to entertain without dieing first, was entertained from a living person. She wasn't even writhing in agony. No. Instead she was fighting. Fighting for her life. Oh yes. Alexandra enjoyed, even slowed down her momentum to watch the girl try to claw her way out of the dungeon she was in. That's what the abandoned hospital felt like to Alex. A dungeon. A dungeon where people and things don't usually escape from. But, this girl in front of her. She made it out. Even though it was barely. She had made it out. Alexandra jumped down after her, crashing onto the ground with a growl and bent legs. "Hehehe." She chuckled in her monstrous voice. "I feel as if you might be better off alive then dead little lady. Why don't you come out from where you're hiding."

The female Alpha couldn't tell where her little toy had gone. The smell of blood and the sounds of the outside blocked her ranged vision drastically. She looked around back and forth trying to find her, but after a long moment of silence she slowly turned back to her human form. "I'll let you go this time. However, I know your smell. I will find you, and when I do, we can play. Till then I suppose." The woman turned around and went back to her dungeon. It was getting really late into the night and she had wanted nothing more of this day. It was time for her to concede and rest.
Nicholas barely made it out the crazy bar with the even crazier company it kept. He had completely lost track of time before he had realized it was way past midnight. He checked his phone for the first time all night to see that he had seven missed called and even more missed messages. All from a number he didn't know.

"Alright," he said. "Let's see what was so important, stranger.

The boy checked his message box and his eyes grew wide at the contents. All of the messages read out the same thing. One single address. He kept flipping through the texts to see the last one. 'Your sister may be in trouble.'

Having his heart almost stop, he rushed down the streets, running in breakneck speed towards the place indicated on the phone.


Kai managed to throw Lucas over his shoulder, once again with ease. "I didn't know crashing on pavement could knock a person out so long." The words were mostly to himself since he didn't think Cassandra would answer anything to his statement. He gave her a tired look. "Are you ready to go to mother? Or do you have something else better to do?" He asked her. "I hope not. This boy may be a key to something in mothers plans. You know this could be a start of a beautiful family. Hahahaha."

After joking with her, he walked up the stairs into the castle like mansion. Ignoring the greetings from the houses servants, he walked up all the way to the masters room. Knocking on the door he declared, "Mother, I have returned with the one you asked for." After which he waited for her to say that he could come in and went inside laying Lucas down softly, and kneeling in front of her. "I also had that other thing taken care of. That crazed woman didn't even kill the politician bastard. I had to do it myself. Though, as long as it was done then I suppose it was okay. Still, I don't think we should keep company with that wench."

Lucas was slowly regaining consciousness. His body was sore and his head was spinning, but as he opened his eyes, he saw unfamiliar looks to his environments. "Wh-Where am I?" He moaned looking around. He tried to sit himself up, barly making it to a sit up position. "What? What happened."

It wasn't long before he noticed Kai's face and everything came back to him. "You!!!" He growled before lunging in Kai's direction.

Kai just stood and smiled as he came closer and closer, knowing what would have happened if the boy got to close. It wasn't long until Lucas experienced it. The aura of a true Alpha. Almost instantly he was thrown off his feet and tripped on his face. He couldn't move anymore. The gravity around him felt so unbearably strong.

"What's happening?" He asked still trying to fight it.

"Oh didn't you know? You can't step to the queen of wolves if you're not worthy. I'm sorry to tell you kid, but since you haven't became a true alpha, you're not anywhere close to being worthy," Kai teased. "Mother," he turned to Seraphine. "The floor is all yours."


Thomas drove back to defense headquarters and borrowed one of the phones lying around in the buildings office. "All officials of the Divine program. This is your manager, Thomas Groove. Come back to HQ for briefing on your next assignments.

It didn't take long for someone to come through. He of course was the one of the only three not out on missions and also the only one who lived in HQ.
Thomas smiled at him. "Hey White, how are you doing kid?"
White May, who had just woke up, gave a tiresome nod to the man.
"Well that's okay kid. You can nap until the other two get here."
White through another nod then found a good wall to lean against.

Nick arrived at the abandoned hospital checking his phone to make sure the address was correct. All he could smell was blood, but a scent that had hit his nose so many times already was barely in the air. He walked quietly around the other side of the hospital hoping over wall. He stayed in the shadows, long enough for two men to pass by, yawning and complaining about how shitty the day was. He sniffed all the way to another entrance on the east side of the building. The smell suddenly became stronger and he crept to the streets still sniffing the air. He cursed at himself for not thinking to just keep on walking in the direction past the building. He began running again down the road. With each step he took, the smell became stronger. He soon saw a limping figure in front of him and reached out for it as soon as he was in arms reached. Pulling the shoulder of the person he grabbed her in a hug. "Dyte. It's me, Nick. Don't worry okay? It's gonna be okay. We're going home. Don't worry. It's gonna be okay." He hugged her for a while, relieved that she was still in one piece. "Once we get home, you have to fill me in to the details of why you were out here."


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#, as written by Ever
Seraphine Trinyx

Another softly executed sigh was given life, expanding within the inky shroud of the office, before fading away into that same darkness. Seraphine, the royal within the werewolf society, was currently sprawled on the leather-encased chaise lounge, one arm lazy strewn over her eyes where it's suit resting on the small of her stomach. "I wonder.. if my children will return soon..? It's gotten quite…boring." was the hushed murmur, her boredom evident. Giving another sharp sigh of agitation, the woman propelled herself off her the backing of the resting place with deliberate slowness, those crimson orbs, for the briefest of seconds, flickering over to the mound of documents. Hm… should I do work..? But.. trailed off her inner assessment, swiftly tearing her focus from the starkly compressed papers.

Breaking through her inner struggle was a timid knock on the oak, Seraphine not even having to turn to already know who it was. One of my maids…Hmm.. "Enter." rang out the command, her tone holding authority even in that single word. The lesser shuffled through the door's threshold, head bowed, before venturing out to tell her Master the news. "Lady Seraphine, that man called again. I believe that he's trying to interfere once again with our plans. He called confirming it actually." Quirking an eyebrow in surprise, a small smirk danced across her features. Removing herself fully from the lounge, Seraphine leisurely padded over to the window once more, her smirk only growing. "That fool… So it's begun?" floated out her whisper, that tone suddenly spiking in volume, "Leave." In obedience, the servant made a swift retreat, leaving her master alone once more.

No sooner had the maid left before there was another knock, one of far braver nature. Allowing her gaze to roam to the door, those scarlet hues immediately lit up in excitement. Could it be..? "Mother, I have returned with the one you asked for." A sense of giddiness rushed through her stature hearing her son's familiar tone, his words only adding her to excitement. [color=]"Come in."[/color] was the restrained command, an obvious attempt to suppress her anticipation. In a fluid movement, Kai bent a knee before spewing out a detail report of what happened. "I also had that other thing taken care of. That crazed woman didn't even kill the politician bastard. I had to do it myself. Though, as long as it was done then I suppose it was okay. Still, I don't think we should keep company with that wench." Allowing a sharp tsk, discontentment flooded her gaze before radiating off in the air, the emotion almost palpable. "Honestly. I give her one simple task and she can't even do that.. Hmph. Perhaps you are right,Kai.. Maybe it is time to break off my connection." An underlying meaning was present within the phrase "break off", anyone close to Seraphine having an idea of it's secret. One did not simply 'break things off' with a royal without paying with their lives.. and she was notorious for taking such from disloyal followers.

However, that train of thought evaporated as the newcomer's conscious was being gained. Watching with amusement, a small chuckle passed through the woman's lips as he lunged towards Kai with anger… a bad move on his part. Coming too close to Seraphine without her permission, Lucas was repelled, an invisible force crushing his downed body into the carpet. Waltzing over to the boy, the royal paused in front of his head, eyes taking on a mischievous glint. Using her powers to relinquish the oppressing force, she uttered out a single word before continuing on. "Rise. So.. you are the pup that's been causing me all the trouble…? Hm.. So, tell me boy, who turned you?"


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Holding her arms close to either side of her, Dyte glanced around anxiouspy waiting for that female alpha to show up and kill her. Deep in thought it took her a while to notice the sounds of feet running towards her. When it did finally register her body began to shake uncontrollably and she made an attempt to limp faster. The footsteps were closer and she yelped when a hand grabbed her shoulder and tugged. Pink eyes widening, Dyte was ready for the end but a familiar scent filled her senses. "Dyte. It's me, Nick. Don't worry okay? It's gonna be okay. We're going home. Don't worry. It's gonna be okay." Dyte wanted to cry at that point but she held them back.

"Once we get home, you have to fill me in to the details of why you were out here." The word home made her heart skip a beat, not because she was scared but she was happy. Nodding her head Dyte hugged him back a smile on her face. "Okay, lets go. I'll tell you all about it when we get home, but you're not going to like it." She said looking her brother in the eye before averting them.

After a tiresome and quiet walk home Dyte plopped down on their living room couch and sighed. "Uh we went to an old building to rescue some policitian from a new pack. We failed in doing so when we met her and her cronies. The politican died and they took him Nick, they took him!" Wringing her hands, for once Dyte showed some concern for the well-being of her alpha. She didn't care if he was killed in action but those people, that woman, was a monster and she didn't like the thought of him being totured. "Nick they took Lucas."


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She threw him a look of distaste at the back of his head. "Are you ready to go to mother? Or do you have something else better to do?" Maroon eye’s narrowing at her brother’s tone, she didn’t respond. "I hope not. This boy may be a key to something in mother’s plans. You know this could be a start of a beautiful family. Hahahaha." Roling her eyes Cassandra disliked the idea, “What to add more filth to mother’s beauty?” A frown on her lips. Going up the stairs the woman did her best to keep distance between her and the boy.

As with Kai, Cassandra ignored the greetings of the staff a cold aura about her kept them from asking her anything. The moment they entered Mother’s room, Cassandra threw a scowl at Kai for having laid the boy on Mother’s bed. Brushing off any dirt on her suit, Cassandra bowed her respects to Mother, not wanting to dirty or crease her clothes. Straightening Cassandra settled down on one of the chairs after making sure it wasn’t dirty. Sliding one knee over the other she folded her hands in her lap and wondered how long it would take for Kai to realize the boy was waking up.

With cold eyes she watched the boy struggle to come to terms with the overwhelming force radiating from Mother. "Oh didn't you know? You can't step to the queen of wolves if you're not worthy. I'm sorry to tell you kid, but since you haven't became a true alpha, you're not anywhere close to being worthy," She rolled her eyes at his behaviour, if it were here she’d have punished the boy for not knowing his place. "Mother, the floor is all yours." Shifting her eyes to look at Mother a slight smile curled her lips. However it turned to a frown of caution at seeing Mother stand so close to the dirty thing.

“Rise. So. . you are the pup that's been causing me all the trouble…? Hm.. So, tell me boy, who turned you?" It seemed Cassandra was going to be a show full of expressions as her eyes widened slightly at the fact that Mother let the boy stand on her level. Wanting to say something, Cassandra held her tongue for she knew better than to interrupt Mother when she was asking the questions.


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