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The Claimed: White Garden Resort & Spa

The Claimed: White Garden Resort & Spa


A supernatural ball, an unforeseen complication, death and love. Come on in and Check it out.

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essentially this is a weird mix of hotel transylvania and lost girl.


White Garden Resort & Spa


When monsters want to get away from it all, they go to White Garden Resort & Spa, a lavish resort where they can be themselves without humans around to bother them. Every 250 years a Ball is held in the honor of the current ruling family stepping down and passing the throne to the next family in line. However, an unforeseen complication unfolds when three ordinary humans who went out camping unwittingly crash the party and endangers not only their own lives but also the lives of the few who would protect them.

Character Sheet:
Character's Name
**Quote from character**
Character Image:

|{ Warning }|
This roleplay involves the usage of dark themes that might not be suitable for everyone. Discretion is advised. Enter at your own risk.

|{ General }|
✤ No god-modding or controlling other people's characters. ✤
✤ No Mary Sues. Perfection is boring and imprudent. ✤
✤ Please don't be dramatic in the OOC. I can't tell you how many of my past roleplays have been destroyed because of drama. ✤
✤ Please ask questions. There are probably some things that I haven't even thought of explaining yet, and your input is a huge impact. I will be making a questions and answers topic as well, so please check that. ✤

|{ Reservations }|
✤ Reservations are allowed and encouraged, however, your character sheet must at least be a WIP in 48 hours. If it takes you much too long to finish, I will re-open the role. ✤
✤ You may reserve three characters. If you are taking two females and wish to reserve a third character, they must be a male. I really like gender diversity in my roleplays ✤
✤ If everything is taken and you still want to join, PM me. I'll let you in and I'll work something out. ✤
✤ If you know who you’ll be using for a face claim, make sure you post a gif a pic of them in the OOC. You don’t have to, but it would be helpful.✤
✤ As for character sheets, they can be changed to your liking. Just don't leave out anything. ✤

|{ Posting }|
✤ All posts must be at least two good paragraphs. ✤
✤ Writer's block happens, and I understand, but please no one-liners. ✤
✤ Please don’t post until I post.✤
✤ Fights are allowed, however, NO AUTOHITS - you both have to agree on the outcome and the punches thrown. ✤
✤ Same thing goes with killing. If you are planning to have your character killed, please PM me. Don't kill another character without the users' approval ✤

Human 1
Human 2
Human 3
Current Ash
Current Morrigan
Soon to be Ash- Taken
Soon to be Morrigan
Owner of the Hotel

✤✤Other Important Information✤✤

The Fae are supernatural creatures that have existed secretly alongside unsuspecting humans for thousands of years, closely resembling them, and feeding off humans in various ways. Whereas humanity consists of a single species (Homo sapiens), there are a myriad of species within the Fae universe. Most species seem to be similar in appearance to, and of the same intelligence as, humans.

The name of the leader of the Dark Fae is taken from dead warriors; while the leader of the Light Fae is named after sacred trees.

The Fae have strict sets of laws and rules of behavior which enable them to stay hidden in plain sight. The majority of the Fae population are typically humanoid by appearance. Those who are incapable of passing as humans, and thus must be kept hidden, are deemed Under Fae. Fae who can pass as human have infiltrated the human world and live as imitation humans. Even among their own kind, Fae tend to converse using the dominant human language(s) of their region.
In recent centuries, the humans' stories of encounters with Fae have faded into legend, myth, and fairy tales.

The Fae in all their various breeds share the same taxonomic kingdom, phylum, class, and order as humans with only the difference being their genus which is simply labeled "Fae." All Fae share this same genus regardless of other distinctions. For example, a Succubus is a member of the succubi species.

All Fae appear to be physically strong and extremely long-lived compared to humans; however, they are not immortal. They can be killed or commit suicide.
Young Fae age and develop at nearly the same rate as humans until puberty, after which they become physically matured and thus no longer age as humans would. How they age is unclear and some Fae have been known to die of old age, but if and how their Fae abilities affect their aging is unknown.

Although different Fae species can apparently interbreed with each other, it is unclear how the powers of Fae children are inherited.

The leader of the Light Fae is called The Ash, while the leader of the Dark Fae is called The Morrigan. Once a young Fae chooses allegiance to one of the two clans he remains a member of that clan forever. The Light and Dark are opposed to each other, but generally operate on a policy of a guarded peace, adhering to essential rules such as neither side crossing into the other side's territory without permission, and ensuring that knowledge of their existence is kept secret from humans.

Intimate and love relationships between Light Fae and Dark Fae are considered treasonous by both clans and are punishable by death. Only one day a year, on La Shoshain, are Light and Dark allowed to socialize freely with each other. This peace day between the two Fae clans also prohibits them from using their powers on this holiday (the exception being primitive Under Fae).
Most Fae despise humans and they are generally ignored by both clans except as property, pets, slaves, and food – Light Fae take what they need to sustain themselves, while Dark Fae are more likely to kill for pleasure as well. The Light Fae generally ignore any crimes that the Dark Fae might commit against humans. Despite this, Fae parents send their children to human schools to ensure that they can learn to interact with humans, with there being no indication that Fae have a separate education system from humans.

Relationships between humans and Fae based on mutual love are forbidden, but casual relationships are condoned only in the short term. If the two beings cross-breed the resulting children do not inherit Fae powers, and Fae parents are discouraged from having contact with their human children.

Some prominent Fae own humans as their property. Humans who are claimed as property may interact within Fae society and are not to be harmed by other Fae.
So far, the only Fae shown owning humans are the Light Fae, with human servants of the Dark Fae appearing to be simply employees unaware of the other-worldly nature of the Fae among them.

Feeding on humans varies widely among the species, but generally doesn't involve oral ingestion. It appears that most Fae species do eat "normal" food for sustenance, while preying on humans serves a different purpose. Frequency of predation also seems to be quite varied among species and also doesn't necessarily involve killing humans – the victim may simply be left temporarily or permanently weak, ill, or damaged mentally or physically.
The Ancients are the oldest and most powerful of the Fae. Ancient families were worshipped by human civilizations as deities with many names.
As Ancient Fae, they preceded The Great War and the division of the Fae into Light and Dark clans; and are not under obligation to the laws and rules that govern the Fae universe.

Many Ancients feed from the energy created by both the adulation and fear of them by humans. They are ruthless and will kill a human to use his or her body as a vessel for commingling with other humans. Ancients are known to become sexually involved with Fae and humans.

✤✤Essentially this is a weird mix of Hotel Transylvania and Lost girl. The story will start with the {human} campers are out far in the forest when a storm hits. They attempt to run from the storm the stumble upon the White Garden Resort & Spa and their own peril.✤✤

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Character Portrait: Aurelia Costello


Character Portrait: Aurelia Costello
Aurelia Costello

???Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.???


Character Portrait: Aurelia Costello
Aurelia Costello

???Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.???

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Character Portrait: Aurelia Costello
Aurelia Costello

???Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.???

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Teehee from this description I can tell you watch Lost Girl :P tis a good show

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Join us. I promise it will be fun.

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I'd like to reserve a female human. I'm not sure on the FC yet.

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