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Dove Whitmore

"Don't judge people based off the smiles they wear."

0 · 417 views · located in Woodbury, South Carolina

a character in “The Claiming”, as played by Horseygirl




Full Name:
Dove Rosaline Whitmore

Dovie, Love Dove, Lovie Dovie (Most of these are used to tease her)



Pureblood or Mutt?:



Hair Colour/Length:
Platinum blonde, and it cascades down to just above her hips

Eye Colour:
Sky blue

Skin tone:
Very light ivory

Lean and lithe, with feminine curves


Fur colour:
Very thick and pure, snowy white

Wolf build:
Small and lean, almost foxlike


Her New Pack
Making People Smile
Dull People
Being Forced Into Things
Hurting People
Rude People

⌘ Drowning
⌘ Being Abandoned
⌘ Thunderstorms

✪ Reading
✪ Playing Cello
✪ She volunteers at an animal rehabilitation park


⌈Stubborn | Outgoing | Playful | Teasing | Gentle⌋


In general, Dove is someone who is pretty easy to get along with. She's come a long way since she first joined the pack- once broken and defeated, she's now very playful and affectionate with her entire pack. She is very outgoing, and is never one to leave someone behind. She puts the needs of her loved ones before her, and would gladly give a complete stranger the shirt off of her back. She is very gentle, and it's easy to talk to her.
While she teases her loved ones, she never means any harm by it. She is always trying to make people smile, and is happiest when everyone around her is happy too. She's go above and beyond, to earn a smile. She loves to engage in witty banter, and she has a way of lighting up a room. She is very witty, and can't stand when people don't play along with her witty banter or teasing.

Now, whilst Dove is generally very laidback and easygoing, she is not one who will stand to be put in a box. She can't stand when people tell her not to do something, or try to get her to be something that she isn't. She can be stubborn as a mule. Once she's set her mind to something, she doesn't budge on that. She will stand up for what she believes in, no matter what.
Having lost so much, she can be a little hesitant to let people in at first but once you're in you have a friend who will never let you down. She can be a little unsure about herself, and it's one to rush into things. Taking things slow are perfectly fine by her.


With werewolves, Whitmore is a big name. The Whitmore pack is very strong, dignified, and powerful. They are composed solely of strong purebloods who are not to be messed with. In general, they have a very good reputation and don't really associate with humans. After all, they would never in their wildest dreams allow a bitten werewolf into their pack.
Having a lot of money, they are very dignified and classy. They hold a facade of perfection. Anything that deviates from that perfect image they uphold, it either lopped off or whipped into shape immediately. Dove was the daughter of the Alpha, Klaus, and his mate, Eleanor. She always fought so hard to please her parents, doing anything and everything that they asked of her. but as she got older, she realized that she didn't agree with what they stood for. She didn't think that humans or 'mutts' were below her. While she would still paint on a smile and act the way her parents wanted her to at first, she always had a soft spot for humans. Their lives were so. . . simple compared to her own. But they weren't all that different from her, like her parents tried to say they were.
As she got older, she began to stand up for herself and those that her pack would put down. Her parents were very against her acting this way, and were rather cruel to her. And yet she continued. When she was sixteen, she befriended a human. Jay. At first they were just friends, although she quickly got feelings for him. They continued their relationship in private for a few years until Jay was badly injured and Dove bit him to save him. She tried so desperately to hide him from her parents, but they found out. They always found out. When they found that she had changed a human, they were disgusted. Not only did they kill the boy she loved, but they disowned her without a second thought.
Traumatized, defeated, and alone she wondered on her own for a little while until Lucien finally found her. She was a small, frightened little thing but she was easily recognizable as a Whitmore. He took her in and they have grown very close. The rest of the pack knows of her bloodline, but he is the only other person that knows about Jay- why she was disowned by one of the most powerful packs.

Theme Song:

So begins...

Dove Whitmore's Story

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Luke sat in his office grumbling to himself, looking over paper work that needed to be finished and a list of preparation's for the full moon claiming in three day's. Shit he still needs to find a mortal too. A light growl slipped past his throat as he glared at all the work on his desk. He's be at this for almost a week now with very little sleep, so to say his mood was grumpy is an understatement for there were no words to describe how he felt. Sighing deeply he stood from his desk and stretched his stiff legs. He would give the few of the preparations that need to be made to Dove and Dean can sign some of the paper work, he has afterall helped before and pretty much has Luke's signature down pat. Luke walked out of his office and instantly bumped into a worried looking packmate.

"Excuse me Alpha sorry to interrupt I was just coming to give you some lunch, we've all kinda been worried about you since you've been trapped in your office for nearly a week...." the older woman, Mrs.June, stated kindly while holding out a plate with a sandwich, chips and drink. Luke smiled at the kind older woman.

"Thank you Mrs.June but I'm not hungry I'm actually going to go for a run so could you go find Dove and Beta Dean and inform them that I want Dove to finish the preparation's for the full moon and Beta Dean to sign some paper's on my desk." Luke said kindly. He didn't like when his pack worried about him, it was unneeded but just reminded him how they cared for him. It usually softened his usual hard exterior and lightened his mood a bit. Mrs.June nodded and gave him a smile before walking away. Luke walked down the stair's and to the back door. Once the cool autumn day air hit his senses he felt better then he had in days. He walked into the thick tree's and quickly undressed before shifting into his wolf form. He grabbed his clothes in his jaws then shot off. Luke didn't know how long he ran for until he stopped at the scent of human. He quickly shifted back into human form and put his clothes on before peering around a tree to see a young red haired female human. Luke was about to turn and leave when he realized he needed a human for the claiming and what better human then an un-expecting human all alone in the woods. Okay its sounds a bit creepy but still what other choice does he have really. Sighing Luke acted fast, running swiftly towards the girl, pinching a nerve in her neck that made her go unconscious then caught her before she fell. Every werewolf was taught how to do this. He then lifted her small body over his shoulder and started walking back to the Pack House. Once he reached the house Luke went up the stairs and dumped the girl on the guest room bed opposite of his room and closed the door, locking it from the outside. The room was on the third floor of the house so unless the girl was stupid she wouldn't ever consider jumping out the window, which anyway were sealed shut. Mission accomplished. Luke then left, went back downstairs to search for something to eat.

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Dove had her legs pulled up to her chest, her chin resting on her knees. She sat in a chair between the door, and a bed. On the bed laid a disheveled Peregrin Uzaium, who was sprawled out and out cold. The edge of Dove’s light pink bottom lip had clearly been chewed slightly, hinting to the anxiety she felt.

Her sky blue eyes were trained on Pip’s slightly bruised figure intently. The heavy guilt that twisted inside of her kept her brow furrowed as she watched his chest steadily rise and fall. He looked. . . peaceful, almost. She wished he could stay that way, but she knew soon he would awaken, bewildered and presumably angry. She couldn’t blame him.

When her phone rang, Dove just about jumped out of her skin. She quickly pulled out her phone, not wanting to wake the young human, and answered it. “Hello?” She whispered into the phone, and smiled slightly when she heard Mrs. June. ”Dove, dear? Luke would like for you to make sure everything is ready for the full moon.” the older woman told her gently, and Dove’s halfhearted smile broadened slightly. “Well, if Luci had come out of his lair for more than five minutes he would’ve seen I finished that a while ago.” She chuckled, and the two quickly said their goodbyes and hung up. Even though they were in the same room, Dove figured the woman probably knew better than to try to come into the room. When one of her packmates had tried to come in earlier, she had just about ripped their head off- much to their shock.

Looking at the few scrapes that were scattered across his skin, she decided she would patch him up a bit and get him a glass of water. Reluctantly, she exited the room, pausing to give Pip a final glance. She quietly wandered downstairs, to see Luci pass him with a red haired girl laying limply in his arms.She didn’t speak, and continued on to the kitchen.

Her heart broke for poor Pip and that poor girl. Not to say that she didn’t think that Luci would treat her well- she adored her very close friend but the poor thing didn’t ask for her life to get taken away like this.
Biting on her lip once more, she poured a glass of water for Pip and started off to the bathroom to find medical supplies.

Lucian entered the room just as was leaving, and the two collided. “Watch where you’re going, Luci.” Dove playfully narrowed her eyes at him, before breaking into a smile and she grinned up at him. She rested her head on his arm for a moment, and sighed. “I’m glad you’re finally out of that office of yours.” She stood there, snuggled against him for a moment before breaking away and starting off once more. “Your human isn’t even close to as breathtakingly attractive as mine.” She teased, shooting him a smirk and a wink over her shoulder before hurrying back up the stairs. She collected her supplies from the room, balancing the glass of water in her other hand, and hurried back into the room.

She paused in the doorway, watching Pip for a moment before she quietly shut the door behind her and carefully sat down on the bed next to him. As carefully and slowly as she could, she cleaned the scrapes on his arms and covered them. She remained tensed, waiting for him to wake up and snap at her but he didn’t. Slowly, she moved to a small cut on his cheek. she tried to be as gentle as she could, cleaning and covering it.

He stirred slightly, but his eyes remained still. To check his forehead for any scrapes, she brushed his soft brown locks from his face. She found none, and her eyes wandered over his face as her hand lingered on his forehead for a moment.Just when she was about to pull away, his warm eyes opened. dove’s big blue eyes widened in surprise and she quickly scuttled off the bed and lept onto the chair, shyly bringing her legs up to her chest and wrapping her arms around them. “Sorry! Sorry, sorry you had scrapes and I just wanted to help.” She bit down on her lip, finally looking back up at him. “I’m so sorry about all of this.” She whispered, tucking a strand of her long blonde hair behind her ear. “I’m really sorry, but you can’t leave.” She told him gently, as though it pained her to say it.

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#, as written by Skwidge

It was a glorious Autumn day, and all throughout it Pip could not help but slack in his duties as a waiter whenever he could to simply look out at the trees across the street and their already changing leaves. It was his favorite season, who could blame him? Luckily for him, his employer was understanding, and only had to quip at him a couple of times. Despite his longings to go out and breathe the air, Peregrin knew his duties, and he was working hard to save up enough money for college, plus he loved this job and all the people that came with it.

As per usual, he worked from 11:30 am to 6:30 pm, his day filled with pleasant chatter and plenty of smiles and laughs. The sun was just beginning to droop in the sky, and Pip put up his notepad and pencil as well as the little pouch where he carried straws and such in the back of the kitchen, soon picking up his drawstring backpack and ducking into the restroom to change into his normal clothes. He emerged minutes later, stretching a bit until he heard a satisfying pop from his back, a content little smile playing on his lips. He walked out, waving goodbye to Shay the cook who usually stayed longer to clean up after everyone had gone. Usually he would help her, but this evening was different, he just couldn’t wait to get out into the air. He was just fortunate that people found the notion cute and let his new schedule slide. It was always different during the fall, he just had to make those little changes in his time to make room for being outdoors.

The little bell chimed as the door opened and closed, and the fresh evening air hit his nostrils. He inhaled deeply, a very happy look to his face as he let his eyes close for a few moments to enjoy it. The only thing that hindered the scent was the smells coming from the diner, as well as the small box of pepperoni and sausage pizza he carried home for his older sister. With a small sigh he resigned himself to the long walk home, his eyes drifting this way and that across the sky and treetops. This was why he loved walking to and from work, it allowed him to enjoy nature. But during the winter and snow, it was not that fun.

However, as Peregrin walked, he couldn’t shake the feeling of someone watching him. He turned around once or twice to scan the area, but to his dismay he could not find anyone suspicious around him. There was only one or two other passersby, and they went on their merry way quite quickly. Like he had the first time, he shrugged it off and continued walking, but the feeling did not sway. It was getting so annoying that he devised a small little plan. Acting as normal and casual as he could, he slowed down a bit before suddenly swerving around and exclaiming, ”Aha!”

He was surprised by what he found sitting on the sidewalk not even a foot away. His exclamation dropped off slowly as he peered down at the small little thing that had seemed to be stalking him. It was a small puppy, some sort of mix between a Saint Bernard and something else he figured. He let out a little laugh of relief, suddenly crouching down and extending the palm of his hand for the little creature to sniff. It obliged almost immediately, and licked at his fingertips, whining softly.

It seemed to have a collar on, and Pip looked at the little medallion strapped to the front. So he was lost. Unfortunately, he couldn’t read what it said in the dim light. The puppy once more whined and scrabbled at his hands, his snout straining to reach the pizza box. Pip smacked his forehead and laughed lightly- the pup had been following him for the meat on the pizza! He settled in his crouched position a bit, having to fend off the little dog quite a few times to get it to behave and sit still so he could procure the small pizza. He had only picked off a couple of the pieces of meat and offered them to the dog. A stupid smile filled his face as he watched the little rascal devour the pieces greedily.

Well, I don’t see his owner anywhere, and it would be a shame to just abandon the poor guy. I’m sure Sis won’t mind too much for just harboring the little thing for a night. I can look for his owner tomorrow morning before work. He thought to himself lightly, soon getting up and turning in order to open his pack and put the box in it so it wouldn’t get in the way when Pip carried the dog home.

However, when he turned, the little dog was nowhere to be seen. He blinked a few times, suddenly looking around for it, slowly at first but then a bit more frantically. ”Pup?” He tried calling for it a couple of times, but still to no avail. The crickets that had begun to chirp had also silenced themselves… and it was suddenly eerily quiet. He looked over his shoulder as he rose to his feet. If the bugs were quiet, then someone else was nearby. He caught a small flicker of a large silhouette a few yards off. And it looked familiar… had that guy been following him before?

The poor boy shuddered, suddenly turning on his heel and quickening his pace. But he could hear the heavy footfalls behind him as well. Peregrin broke into a run, his stranger in close pursuit for a couple more yards, when he rounded a corner and smacked face first into a sturdy chest. He looked up at the man, his features hard to discern in the evening light. Sure, there was a streetlight a few feet away, but the light cast a shadow over his face, and the man wore a hat regardless. He let out a sigh of relief, his breathing quick-paced. ”Oh, thank goodness. There’s this guy who’s stalking me, he’s,” The man seemed concerned and placed a hand on Pip’s shoulder to indicate he was listening carefully to the sparse details the boy was blubbering out.

His pursuer suddenly appeared, walking slowly up to the two of them. Pip pointed the man out, but to his horror, the assailant called out to the stranger holding onto his shoulder. ”Well thank goodness you caught him.” Peregrin stumbled in the tightening grasp of the other, trying desperately to break away. The one with the hat pushed him a bit so he’d go tumbling to the ground, his knees scraping harshly against the pavement and the back of his head banging into it with a loud crack. He then felt the pressure of a boot at the side of his face, but by then he couldn’t discern what they were saying as he was slowly beginning to lose consciousness from the hit. The last thing he heard was a woman’s voice, thanking the two men for their help.


Something rang far off, hardly even recognizable to Pip’s unconscious brain. But with that ring sent a string of dull aches that pulsated in the back of his head, slowly climbing in intensity until his head was pounding. Then something was tingling somewhere on his body, but he couldn’t tell where it was; heck, he hardly even realized it was him that was hurting. There seemed to be pressure everywhere as he started regaining his consciousness little by little. It was mostly condensed to his head, but he could feel it along his arms, moving this way and that. And that didn’t make much sense to his quite confused brain.

Despite the harshness he was feeling within his body, it was the light touch at his forehead that finally got his eyes to open. What he saw were large pools of blue and a startled face. He gasped, suddenly shooting backwards, his head banging against the headboard of the bed, which elicited a loud groan of pain. And after that, panic filled his face as he looked around the unfamiliar surroundings. His gaze soon fell on Dove, and his eyes narrowed, his fingers suddenly scrabbling along his arms as he felt stinging there. Unfortunately, he ripped at the freshly placed bandages that the girl had just placed on his skin, which ripped at his skin and sent more pain shooting through his body. In turn he jumped a bit and let out a squeak of pain, backing up further against the board of the bed in his confusion and fright.

He stared at that woman for what seemed to be the longest time, but in reality was only a couple of moments. Her lips were moving… and blabbering sounds seemed to fall from them, but he couldn’t make them out in his state of mind at first. Then it registered. “I’m so sorry about all of this, I’m really sorry, but you can’t leave.” The events of earlier that evening came rushing back to him, and another gasp left his lips, a blank look suddenly filling his features where a scared mouse-like look had been previously. The emotionless feature did not last long, as it was suddenly replaced with hurt fury.

”What the hell!?” He practically screamed, kicking at the sheets as he continued to try to get as far away from that lady as he possibly could, even though there was no more room to back up with. His own voice made him wince, and his hands came up swiftly to his head to cradle both sides in attempts to sate the raging headache that plagued him. His knees burned like the dickens, too, and this was not fun whatsoever. The girl opened her mouth to say something else, but he growled at her with a terrified glare, drowning out the noise but only worsening the hammer-like pounding in his skull.

Why would she do this to him!? He had done nothing wrong, was the universe trying to punish him for being nice to a stray puppy or something? He winced tightly again, his eyes clenching shut as another onslaught of pain coursed through his body. His head bumped lightly against the wood behind him, trying to force the pain on to the other object. He could tell she was trying to come closer and touch him of all things, and his head suddenly shot up and his gaze swiped to the left to the bedside table with a small lamp and a glass of water on it. Immediately the lamp was in his hand, but not for long.

”Get out!!” He yelled at her, chucking the lamp as hard as he could- which in reality was not hard at all, what with his sad state- at her form. It pressed harmlessly against her form, soon falling to the floor beneath her chair and shattering loudly. Peregrin buried his head into his hands, a terrible panic welling up inside of him. He started hyperventilating just a bit. He wanted to cry, but he was certainly not going to let her see that.

”Get out….” He repeated softer this time in a slight hiccup, biting back a sob as his form trembled on the mattress. Though his tone wasn’t as crazed as it had been, it still held a warning in it.

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Dove’s heart pounded as Pip sat up in bed quickly, bumping his head on the headboard in his attempt to get as far away from her, as quickly as possible. She could see the panic that was taking over him, and hear his heart race. His eyes finally found her, and she tensed slightly.

She winced, as he started ripping off the bandaids she had just put on him. She was sure that it hurt to do this and she wanted to help him, but there was nothing she could do. her stomach churned nervously, and she starting biting on the edge of her lip again. She jumped when he let out a small yelp, wanting to help, but she decided to stay in her seat.

He kept his fearful gaze on her unwaveringly for a moment, and her big blue eyes were full of guilt. She felt so horrible for putting him through this. As she spoke, he seemed to realise everything that had happened before he woke up and his expression remained completely blank, just for a moment.

His expression quickly changed to anger, and her heart sank even further. ”What the hell!?” Pip yelled at her, causing her to flinch and jerk back as though he had slapped her. He kicked the sheets away from himself, pressing his form against the wall to get as far from her as he could. Her put his hands up to cradle his head, and she felt her heart breaking for him.

She could tell he was in pain, and his panicking was just going to make it worse. She had done this to him (well not directly), and she had to help him. She wanted so badly to do anything to ease the pain he was feeling. she stood up and opened her mouth to speak, but just as she was about to he snapped.

He snarled at her, scooping up and throwing the bedside lamp at her. She gasped and jumped back, but it barely even touched her, and when crashing down to the floor. shards of glass went flying.

Dove gaped and looked up at Pip, but her heart broke again when she saw him. HIs face was buried in his hands, and he had started to hyperventilate just a bit. she could see he was falling apart, and she wanted to cry. [b]”
He murmured, gentler this time.

Her heart hurting, she turned away from him and stepped over the broken glass. She opened the door to leave, and paused in the doorway. “I’m so sorry this had to happen to you.” She looked at him for a moment sorrowfully, before shutting the door behind her.

With a heavy sigh, she leaned against the door with a light thud before sliding down and hugging her knees to her chest again. She buried her face in her legs, and let out a light whimper. When she heard someone coming up the stairs, she quickly scrambled up.

She smiled, seeing that it was Luci, but she bit her lip when she realized he had probably come up because he heard things being broken and Pip yelling. “O-oh don’t worry, he’s fine everything is fine I just wanted to give him some room.” She told the male quickly, pressing her back against the door and biting her lip as she looked up at him. She had been chewing her lip so much, she felt a drop of blood welling up.

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Luke could only sigh as he heard the destructive noise's from upstairs. Those god damn human's were breaking his house. They house that he put so much thought and care into and helped build. A light whimper escaped his throat followed by a harsh growl that vibrated in his chest. But don't worry he'll get his revenge when their all wolves and under his command. The thought made him grin but it was quickly replaced by a frown as he heard something else break. He couldn't even eat his sandwich in peace anymore! Sure the day he decides to leave his office and all this shit happens. Sighing Luke pushed away the sandwich and seemingly forgot about it as he made his way back up stairs. His human was probably awake by now. But on his way to his room he heard a whimper of a female he knew all to well and his legs instantly change direction to go to her aid. Walking around the corner he watched as Dove quickly stood up, noticing someone was coming. He saw guilt in her eyes as she looked up at him, with her small size she had to crane her neck to see look him in the eye, which you aren't suppose to do to an Alpha but he always let things slide when it came to her. He listened to her short ramble and rolled his eyes. As if he would care if the human was fine.

"Dove I think we both know I don't give two shit's about the human, you on the other hand..." Luke stopped talking and let his action's show what he meant, cause he was never one for words. He gently gripped her chin in his hand and leaned down to give her a light kiss, licking away the blood that had been caused from her biting her lip. The kiss didn't last long but he knew she knew what he meant cause only she and his Beta, Dean, really knew what Luke was like.

"I'm justing going to go check on my human then why don't you come grocery shopping with me, cause the house is practically void of any food and we now have more mouth's to feed, beside's you've seen how that old woman at the cash register looks at me and I quote from the last time we shopped 'she looks at me like I'm her flavor kind of ice cream and all she wants to do is lick me up'.......the woman gives me the creeps" Luke shivered at the memory as he pictures the woman's hungry brown eyes boring into him. He released Dove's chin.

"I'll meet you downstairs in ten minutes" he said to her then walked away back towards the room he left his human in. Whom at the moment was making more noise then anyone else in the house. Luke growled, unlocked the door and through it open only to be met by a empty room. But moment's later he left something leap onto his shoulder's and arm's wrapped around his neck.

Was this human really trying to pin him down? Have fun with that.