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Jess Keegan

"Whatever you say, I will probably still do it my way."

0 · 434 views · located in Woodbury, South Carolina

a character in “The Claiming”, as played by slcam


Jess Keegan


Full name: Jessalee Quinn KeeganImage

Nickname(s): Jess, which is what people usually call her unless they want to be smacked.

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Appearance: Jess has dark, red-brown hair, which she inherited from her mother. Her large eyes are a dark green that is almost hazel, giving her a distinctive look. Her forehead is somewhat wide, but side swept bangs and her large eyes more than make up for it. She has a narrow, square chin and a wide, genuine smile. Whenever she smiles, her whole face seems to light up, and she is known to wear a silly expression to make a point or to tease. She is often smiling in some form, but it can easily seem forced. Jess stands at about 5'3, and has a pretty average figure.

Though she often wears her pajamas all day when left to her own devices, her wardrobe is fairly diverse, with everything from jeans and ragged t-shirts, to dresses and heels. However, she usually wears a nice shirt with some simple, straight cut colored jeans and sneakers or flats, depending on how active she is going to be. She does not really enjoy being restricted by fancy clothing all the time, but she also cares about her appearance. Still, she tends to lean toward comfort rather than style.

ImagePersonality: Jess is often sarcastic, cynical, and sometimes sardonic. She will often tease, though she usually means no harm by it. In fact, when she knows someone well, her teasing is always kind spirited. However, it is easy to see her as rude when getting to know her. That is just how she is, and she does not apologise for it.

She is highly stubborn, and will not give ground if she thinks she is in the right. However, this also translates to her loyalty. Jess will never abandon anyone who has given her their friendship, no matter the circumstances. She will go out of her way to let the people she cares about know she cares about them. With this, Jess mostly thinks before speaking.

Jess hates dealing with dramatic change to the point that it sometimes makes her panic. This is not necessarily a hysteric panic, but rather a state of mind where her instinct is to run rather than deal with the situation. It makes her irritable and always leaves her overwhelmed at first, and she dreads that feeling. It is not uncommon for her to lash out in anger when she is feeling panicked, not physically, but with cynicism and insults, but she always ends up regretting it.

However, even in the worst of situations, her moments of panic are just that: moments. They never last long and she is soon ready to face the change with her typical stubborn attitude. Still, it takes much longer to get rid of the niggling fear that she will make the wrong decision, and she is not immune to relapsing into self-doubt, though she would never admit it. For her, it is important to stay strong and take control of her situation, both to take care of those she cares about and because she dislikes her own uncertainty.

*People who appreciate her humor
*The ocean
*Old things

*Feeling overwhelmed
*Anger, even her own.
*Rigid rules


*Uncertainty or rapid change

*Playing the guitar

History: Jess was born and raised in Sheffield Lake, Ohio, not far from Cleveland. She always loved hiking around in the nearby woods and feeling like an adventurer, and her family would often go to the lake together on the weekends. When Jess’s parents could not take her to the lake, her older sister, Nora, would since the lake was only a ten minute walk away. Her parents had steady jobs and she was average in school with no major difficulties.

Her first problem came when Nora, being almost ten years older, moved out to go to college out of state. Since Jess was only eight and was very close to Nora, it was hard to adjust to, and she ended up unhappy and snappy most of the time. Though it took a long time, she finally adjusted, but there was a new edge to her young personality. She began taking on aspects of her father’s sarcastic humor. This further increased when her mother’s job required them to move to Woodbury, South Carolina a few years later. This move was a bit much for young Jess, who had a natural stubborn streak from a young age. She threw many fits and rebelled in whatever ways she could, even hiding in the woods on the day they moved, delaying their departure. However, Imageonce she was found, her mother threatened her with enough punishment to get her to cooperate. Thus, at age eleven, she relocated to the Atlantic coast.

She, of course, took her time adjusting as she tried to cope with feeling overwhelmed. At her first day of middle school there, she panicked and ran away. It took her frightened parents until the next day to find her. Though her mother, especially, tried to force her to go to school, she couldn’t. Thus, for that year, Jess was homeschooled. She was able to meet some friends in her neighborhood, and that helped her transition better into the middle school the next year. Since then, she has had few major problems or huge worries, until now…

Other: Possible wolf form:


So begins...

Jess Keegan's Story

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Luke sat in his office grumbling to himself, looking over paper work that needed to be finished and a list of preparation's for the full moon claiming in three day's. Shit he still needs to find a mortal too. A light growl slipped past his throat as he glared at all the work on his desk. He's be at this for almost a week now with very little sleep, so to say his mood was grumpy is an understatement for there were no words to describe how he felt. Sighing deeply he stood from his desk and stretched his stiff legs. He would give the few of the preparations that need to be made to Dove and Dean can sign some of the paper work, he has afterall helped before and pretty much has Luke's signature down pat. Luke walked out of his office and instantly bumped into a worried looking packmate.

"Excuse me Alpha sorry to interrupt I was just coming to give you some lunch, we've all kinda been worried about you since you've been trapped in your office for nearly a week...." the older woman, Mrs.June, stated kindly while holding out a plate with a sandwich, chips and drink. Luke smiled at the kind older woman.

"Thank you Mrs.June but I'm not hungry I'm actually going to go for a run so could you go find Dove and Beta Dean and inform them that I want Dove to finish the preparation's for the full moon and Beta Dean to sign some paper's on my desk." Luke said kindly. He didn't like when his pack worried about him, it was unneeded but just reminded him how they cared for him. It usually softened his usual hard exterior and lightened his mood a bit. Mrs.June nodded and gave him a smile before walking away. Luke walked down the stair's and to the back door. Once the cool autumn day air hit his senses he felt better then he had in days. He walked into the thick tree's and quickly undressed before shifting into his wolf form. He grabbed his clothes in his jaws then shot off. Luke didn't know how long he ran for until he stopped at the scent of human. He quickly shifted back into human form and put his clothes on before peering around a tree to see a young red haired female human. Luke was about to turn and leave when he realized he needed a human for the claiming and what better human then an un-expecting human all alone in the woods. Okay its sounds a bit creepy but still what other choice does he have really. Sighing Luke acted fast, running swiftly towards the girl, pinching a nerve in her neck that made her go unconscious then caught her before she fell. Every werewolf was taught how to do this. He then lifted her small body over his shoulder and started walking back to the Pack House. Once he reached the house Luke went up the stairs and dumped the girl on the guest room bed opposite of his room and closed the door, locking it from the outside. The room was on the third floor of the house so unless the girl was stupid she wouldn't ever consider jumping out the window, which anyway were sealed shut. Mission accomplished. Luke then left, went back downstairs to search for something to eat.

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#, as written by slcam
Jess Keegan


It had been a cool, refreshing day, with fall weather just starting to set in and bring relief from the summer heat. Not that Jess really got to enjoy it stuffed in a high school building for most of the day. There was not even anything particularly interesting going on, nor would there be until the end of the month. There was supposed to be some sort of Halloween dance, but Jess was not entirely sure if she would go. Finally, Jess's last class ended and she could go home.

Still, home was not much of a relief either. Almost as soon as she walked in the door, her mother started inquiring after Jess's homework, telling her things she wanted done that night, and reminding her to be ready for supper on time. Jess, tired of being constantly scolded by her mother, simply rolled her eyes with a hasty, "Got it, Mom." She half ran up the stairs before her mother could say anything more. It was usually like that, with her mother harping on her until her father got home. With her dad around, Jess's mother could calm down a bit and they could act more like a normal family.

Tossing her backpack to the floor by her desk, Jess plopped down into the chair and looked out the window. She could see the houses across the street, almost identical to her own except they were painted in different, appropriately neutral colors. Beyond them was the woods that stretched for miles. She looked at the forest longingly, leaning forward to open the window and letting in a small breeze. With a sigh, she reached down to open her backpack and took out a book, dropping it carelessly on the desk before opening it. She stared blankly at the page for a moment, trying to make herself interested in the molecular composition of matter before leaning back in her chair with a groan. She eyed the forest that was so tantalizingly close, and glanced back down at her textbook.

Finally, she made her decision and stood up, pushing her desk chair back with her legs. She rummaged through her backpack until she found her phone and turned it on before stuffing it into her pocket. She walked down the stairs to the door, thankful that her mom was in the kitchen. That would make leaving easier. After opening the door, she shouted, "Mom, going on a short hike. Got my phone if you need something." She slammed the door closed before her mother could respond and made her way to the head of the closest trail. She didn't plan on being out long, but wanted to have some time to enjoy the evening.

As she walked, she immensely enjoyed hearing the quiet that was interrupted only by the chirping birds and her own footsteps. It had rained a few days ago, so the woods smelled fresh and everything was a vivid green. The dirt path under her shoes was still muddy where it was overshadowed by trees. She had made it about a mile up the trail and was almost to a small clearing, when she suddenly felt like there was something wrong. She thought about it a moment before suddenly stopping as she realized what it was. The birds had stopped chirping. She wondered what was going on and whether she should head home.

She thought she heard something behind her and had begun to turn, but she felt an odd pressure on her neck. Her vision immediately faded to black, and she fell unconscious, her limp body carried off to who knows where.

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Luke could only sigh as he heard the destructive noise's from upstairs. Those god damn human's were breaking his house. They house that he put so much thought and care into and helped build. A light whimper escaped his throat followed by a harsh growl that vibrated in his chest. But don't worry he'll get his revenge when their all wolves and under his command. The thought made him grin but it was quickly replaced by a frown as he heard something else break. He couldn't even eat his sandwich in peace anymore! Sure the day he decides to leave his office and all this shit happens. Sighing Luke pushed away the sandwich and seemingly forgot about it as he made his way back up stairs. His human was probably awake by now. But on his way to his room he heard a whimper of a female he knew all to well and his legs instantly change direction to go to her aid. Walking around the corner he watched as Dove quickly stood up, noticing someone was coming. He saw guilt in her eyes as she looked up at him, with her small size she had to crane her neck to see look him in the eye, which you aren't suppose to do to an Alpha but he always let things slide when it came to her. He listened to her short ramble and rolled his eyes. As if he would care if the human was fine.

"Dove I think we both know I don't give two shit's about the human, you on the other hand..." Luke stopped talking and let his action's show what he meant, cause he was never one for words. He gently gripped her chin in his hand and leaned down to give her a light kiss, licking away the blood that had been caused from her biting her lip. The kiss didn't last long but he knew she knew what he meant cause only she and his Beta, Dean, really knew what Luke was like.

"I'm justing going to go check on my human then why don't you come grocery shopping with me, cause the house is practically void of any food and we now have more mouth's to feed, beside's you've seen how that old woman at the cash register looks at me and I quote from the last time we shopped 'she looks at me like I'm her flavor kind of ice cream and all she wants to do is lick me up'.......the woman gives me the creeps" Luke shivered at the memory as he pictures the woman's hungry brown eyes boring into him. He released Dove's chin.

"I'll meet you downstairs in ten minutes" he said to her then walked away back towards the room he left his human in. Whom at the moment was making more noise then anyone else in the house. Luke growled, unlocked the door and through it open only to be met by a empty room. But moment's later he left something leap onto his shoulder's and arm's wrapped around his neck.

Was this human really trying to pin him down? Have fun with that.