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Nathan Evans

"I'm in a very intimate relationship with my bed and pizza is my lover on the side."

0 · 422 views · located in Woodbury, South Carolina

a character in “The Claiming”, as played by littleplantboy




Full Name: Nathan Kyler Evans

Nickname(s): Sometimes he goes by Nate and his little sister Lea calls him Mr.Lamb

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Sexuality: Pansexual (He's attracted to all genders)

Appearance in Description:
Nathan has dark brown eyes, and isn't too fond of them because he wishes they were a more interesting color. He isn't the tallest guy, but isn't exactly short, being 5'8 in height and he has a rather thin body type with little to no muscle. He doesn't consider himself the most attractive guy due to his boring combination of brunette colored hair and brown eyes, but he's content with it. His clothes are sort of standard, and he never really wears anything out of the ordinary unless it's for some sort of weird inside joke he has with his friends. (He and his friends recently went to school with beautiful squidward masks for an entire day and got detention for it but he still thought it was worth it)

  • Corny jokes
  • Making people laugh
  • Irony
  • Sappy romance movies
  • Cartoons
  • Webcomics
  • Twizzlers (his recent obsession)
  • Trees
  • The color blue
  • Soft pillows
  • Pizza
  • People who are good at cooking

  • People who are uptight
  • Apple sauce
  • Hospitals
  • Bad hygiene
  • Feet
  • Hot weather
  • Wet bread

  • Being ignored/ not being needed by others
  • Oceans, swimming, and drowning
  • Mimes
  • Small spaces

  • Painting
  • Sketching
  • He considers himself a professional masturbater
  • Whistling
  • Listening to others
  • Lightening up the mood
  • Making people smile
  • Painting

  • Seeing anyone cry automatically makes him want to hug them regardless of who they are
  • Not allowing others to help him
  • Making really dumb decisions or saying things before thinking clearly
  • He forgets to do things really easily (like locking the doors or turning off the lights)


Nathan is known for his childish and playful nature that others usually hate or love, he finds it hard to remain serious and has a bit of a short attention span. Some people find it hard to have conversations with him because of how random and blunt he can be. He's also not one to think about what he says before he says it so he tends to make a lot of mistakes and says stupid things quite often. Despite his faults, Nathan is also very loyal to those he cares for and finds it almost impossible to deny them of anything that they want. He loves being helpful to people, by cheering him up with his bad jokes or dumb faces.

When angered, Nathan rarely lashes out, he usually avoids all conflict by lying to himself and pretending that it didn't happen. Occasionally, this causes him to have a build up of emotions that he usually lets out through isolating himself until he can completely forget it. He knows that it isn't the healthiest way to solve problems but he'd rather hide it than impose on those he cares about.
Nathan was born in South Carolina and was raised by his mom (Rachel). His father (Peter) cheated on his mother and left them before Nathan was born. He always admired his mother, and had a very close bond with her until she started working to the point where she would rarely see him. Nathan started indulging in obnoxious behavior at school, in order to gain his mother's attention but it still didn't phase her and she remained oblivious.

When Nathan was ten his mother adopted his sister Lea (who was two), so that he wouldn't be lonely but Nathan thought it was another excuse to ignore him. Since his mother was usually working at the hospital, he began taking care of his sister as well as himself. They remained close even when Nathan got older, and even had a routine of playing board games after school and watching Steven Universe after dinner. Lea gave him the nickname Mr. Lamb after Nathan sang and did the lamby lamby dance from an episode of gravity falls for her 9th birthday.

Despite his dedication to his sister, he still makes time for his friends and puts effort into all of his friendships in hopes of remaining useful.

He would probably marry pizza if he could (he literally wrote that on his bucket list when he was 13).

Theme Song:
We like Pizza by Pizza Kids
(I warn you this song is touching and it may cause you to cry tears of joy)


So begins...

Nathan Evans's Story

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Luke sat in his office grumbling to himself, looking over paper work that needed to be finished and a list of preparation's for the full moon claiming in three day's. Shit he still needs to find a mortal too. A light growl slipped past his throat as he glared at all the work on his desk. He's be at this for almost a week now with very little sleep, so to say his mood was grumpy is an understatement for there were no words to describe how he felt. Sighing deeply he stood from his desk and stretched his stiff legs. He would give the few of the preparations that need to be made to Dove and Dean can sign some of the paper work, he has afterall helped before and pretty much has Luke's signature down pat. Luke walked out of his office and instantly bumped into a worried looking packmate.

"Excuse me Alpha sorry to interrupt I was just coming to give you some lunch, we've all kinda been worried about you since you've been trapped in your office for nearly a week...." the older woman, Mrs.June, stated kindly while holding out a plate with a sandwich, chips and drink. Luke smiled at the kind older woman.

"Thank you Mrs.June but I'm not hungry I'm actually going to go for a run so could you go find Dove and Beta Dean and inform them that I want Dove to finish the preparation's for the full moon and Beta Dean to sign some paper's on my desk." Luke said kindly. He didn't like when his pack worried about him, it was unneeded but just reminded him how they cared for him. It usually softened his usual hard exterior and lightened his mood a bit. Mrs.June nodded and gave him a smile before walking away. Luke walked down the stair's and to the back door. Once the cool autumn day air hit his senses he felt better then he had in days. He walked into the thick tree's and quickly undressed before shifting into his wolf form. He grabbed his clothes in his jaws then shot off. Luke didn't know how long he ran for until he stopped at the scent of human. He quickly shifted back into human form and put his clothes on before peering around a tree to see a young red haired female human. Luke was about to turn and leave when he realized he needed a human for the claiming and what better human then an un-expecting human all alone in the woods. Okay its sounds a bit creepy but still what other choice does he have really. Sighing Luke acted fast, running swiftly towards the girl, pinching a nerve in her neck that made her go unconscious then caught her before she fell. Every werewolf was taught how to do this. He then lifted her small body over his shoulder and started walking back to the Pack House. Once he reached the house Luke went up the stairs and dumped the girl on the guest room bed opposite of his room and closed the door, locking it from the outside. The room was on the third floor of the house so unless the girl was stupid she wouldn't ever consider jumping out the window, which anyway were sealed shut. Mission accomplished. Luke then left, went back downstairs to search for something to eat.

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It was a surprisingly productive day and Nathan was currently sitting on the couch of his drunken idiot friend Kyle's house in his favorite Kimi Ni Todoke shirt and sweatpants, probably looking like a twelve year old nerd and not really caring about it. He'd been working in deep concentration on an outline for a new chapter of his webcomic that was due soon. During his year off of college, he'd decided to start different art projects before he went back, and enjoyed the amount of freedom he now had from not having to go to his classes. He'd been spending a lot of time with his friends, but promised to visit his family soon. He imagined his little sister Lea would probably excited, even if his mom wasn't.

He bit his lip in anticipation of finally finishing early when he his friend Kyle loudly entered the house, slamming the door behind him. Nathan winced at the noise and gazed at his friend, slightly concerned but also confused. "What's up Ky?" He and his friend Kyle were joined at the hip, which made a lot of people think they were together, but Kyle was as straight as they come and the thought of dating the guy made Nathan cringe. Kyle brought back a two liter bottle of of soda and a bag of sour patch kids, that he tried to impress his girlfriend with instead of following Nathan's advice and doing something more personal for her birthday. Although, it was a suprise that he hadn't given her Vodka for her birthday like he did for almost everyone's birthday so Nathan was kind of proud. Kyle plopped down on the couch next to him."You were right I'm not good at romantic shit, and now Eva's mad again. I could seriously use some magical Disney movie cheer right now." Nate laughed and put his outlines and notes on the mini coffee table next to the couch. "Fine but I'm not cooking."

Kyle rolled his eyes and looked off into space, staring at the black tv screen in front of them, trying to think of a way to solve their laziness. He smirked,"Rock, paper, scissors?" Nate grinned like a five year old as they both held out their hands, he liked the idea of not having to cook for once so he accepted. Instead of saying "Hell yeah" like he intended, it came out as a weird indescribable sound that made the both of them laugh for a good two minutes. After the second round of their game, Nate lost and walked over to the kitchen pouting. He got out two bowls from the cabinent above his head, and poured cereal and milk in them. He came back to living room, and placed the cereal on his friends lap while putting his down on the table in front of the couch. "Bon apetit", he said as he reached for the remote in one of the couch cushions.

Kyle groaned and hit him playfully. "Ughh Nate you ass, why are you such a terrible house wife?" Nathan shrugged and gasped when when he saw that the Little Mermaid was playing. He turned to his friend who was howling with laughter, when he saw King Tritan appear on the screen."Eww he looks like a bara." Nathan giggled, "Buff daddy Tritan, pimp of the sea." Kyle shook his head as they started crying from laughing too hard, trying to catch their breath. More terrible jokes and laughter ensued, as they ate they their pathetic substitute for dinner (Sour patch kids and cereal).

It was getting late and they'd gone through a ton of Disney movies, leaving the living room a complete disaster, with scattered DVDs and cups of orange soda on the floor. Nate passed out on the carpet, and somehow rolled off the couch in his sleep while Kyle was now taking up the entirety of the couch they'd both been on.