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"They say ignorance and apathy are bad traits, but I wouldn't know and don't care."

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a character in “The Clash of Realms”, as played by Deiocculus



"They call us the demons, yet humans are more wrathful than Wrath, slothful than I, envious than Envy, gluttonous than Gluttony, greedy than Greed, lustful than Lust, and prideful than Pride."

Theme Songs
Normal | Yuzuhiko | The Game of Life
Fighting | Jin (じん) | Outer Science
Emotional | Neru | Lost One's Weeping



| Name | ]

| Role/Faction |]

| Nicknames | ]
Sloth, Belphegor, the Snake, Socordia

| Age | ]
19 since last sleep which lasted 300 years

| Gender |]

| Sexuality |]
Asexual || Panromantic

| Face Claim |]
Kuroha - Kagerou Project

"God's asleep, I'm awake, and the door is open."



| Height |]
182 cm (6'0")

| Weight |]
64 kg (141 lbs)

| Birthmarks/Scars/Tattoos/Piercings |]
A 'birthmark' under his right eye. An ouroroboros tattooon his mid-back. No piercings.

| Hair/Eyes |]

| Physical Description |]
Sloth, for some strange reason, seems to keep up his appearance. His appearance being that of a slender male of nineteen years. No matter what he eats, his metabolism seems to be able to keep his body in the same general appearance. Otherwise however, he is a person of relatively average appearance.

Sloth, in his awakened form, appears to be a somewhat humanoid being composed of an ink-like, shadowy substance. This substance seems to be everchanging and to be pooling at his feet, with his whole body excepting his eyes made up of it. Tendrils, made of the substance, come out of his body and are only visible by the complete lack of light they have. The most visible part of him in this form are his yellow snake-like eyes.

"Are you praying? He's asleep, vain little child, nor do I think he would care about you."



| Likes |]
☑ Snakes
☑ Control
☑ Power
☑ Fun
☑ Toying with the beliefs of others

| Talents/Strengths |]
☑ Calculative
☑ Manipulative
☑ Powerful
☑ Eidetic Memory

| Hobbies |]
➙ Manipulation
➙ Corruption
➙ Chess

| Dislikes |]
☒ So called 'Virtues'
☒ God
☒ Pretentious religious leaders
☒ Hypocrites
☒ Work

| Weaknesses/Flaws |]
☒ Reliant on numbers and strategy
☒ Lazy
☒ Targeted
☒ Subjective Memory

| Fears |]
☒ Eternal Imprisonment - As strange as it may sound, Sloth would rather die than be forced into a prison for all of eternity. Boredom would kill him, mentally that is. Or at least deterioate his mind further into madness.

| Personality |]
Lazy | Logical | Pessimistic | Manipulative | Genius
Sloth is obviously enough, a lazy person. There isn't much else to say on the matter. He isn't lazy due to any trauma or the such in his past, it's just an inherent part of him. He is Sloth, god created him so, it's just who he is.

Sloth is a logical person. He tends to use his mind to follow the decisions made by his heart. If he'll gain more from saving a million innocents he'll do it, but he'll also kill those innocents if he'll gain more out of it.

Sloth is pessimistic. He doesn't believe that most people are inherently good. He believes that most of the world is corrupted. He also knows that what he's doing is most likely wrong, but that doesn't necessarily means he cares. It is, after all, what he was meant to do, right? Keep a balance or whatever.

Sloth is, due to his general laziness, willing to use others to make ends meet. He, while too lazy to actually get up and do most things himself, has resorted to making others do things for him. The most prominent reasons for this are the fact that he's Sloth and that he has control of Sloth's Strings. While it may seem like a waste of a power, Acedia uses his strings to force others to do work for him.

Sloth is, to counter his laziness, a genius. His mind is a trap of knowledge and he could recite to you the whole text of the Shakespearian plays, but you'd find it hard to convince him to do so.

"Doesn't it sound fun?"



| Romantic Interest || Relationship History |

| History |
Acedia, otherwise known as Sloth, wasn't always so emotional or mentally unstable. To hear his history told by any other than Him himself however, is letting yourself be subject to possible lies. Even this, what you'd imagine to be truth, can be a simple lie. He was, at first, simply your everyday 'villain'. He did what he had to, to corrupt others into apathy and Sloth. He was the snake that corrupted Adam and Eve, that told them to eat from the tree. He was the snake lied, toyed with others, but ultimately was only doing his job.

Acedia continued lying, decieving, being lazy, and manipulating people from his place in Xanathen. He never had a very strong foothold in the Earthly realm, but corruption always finds it way into the hearts of people, or so he'd say.

| Other |

"Blame Him, He let this happen, I'm just doing my job."


| Power |]
Sloth's Left Hand - Sloth's Left Hand, a dark and terrible thing, is the thing that has allowed Sloth to do things he otherwise would not have. His weapon, literally his blackened and obsidian-like left hand, is a tool that allows him to manipulate and manifest physical darkness from his left hand. This allows him to, without moving a muscle, do tasks he otherwise would be unwilling to do. This does however, restrict his weapon to really only being useful in dark areas. He can make darkness take physical form from weak shadows, but the now-tangible darkness will be easily destroyed unless it is made in a dark area.
Snakes - The snakes are Sloth's second most powerful and his secondly most used weapon. Snakes, ones made of pure darkness, can be made at Sloth's command from his left hand. They serve him and only him. They do what Sloth is too lazy to do and are mostly noticeable by their blood orange crimson red eyes. These snakes are most easily killed with bright, very bright, light. These creatures do however, have a very useful trick up their metaphorical sleeves. If they devour a creature, they'll take upon the properties of that creature.
Sloth's Strings - The Strings are Sloth's third most powerful, or rather the most useful, weapon. They bow to only his command and do only thing. They corrupt creatures and cause them to be used like puppets by him until they are released or killed. To be corrupted by Sloth's Strings however, a creature must look into his eyes, be touching Sloth's right hand, and be unable to resist his power. After this, the being will be subject to physical, not mental, control from Sloth. Cutting the strings that have attached themselves to a creature is the simplest way to free it. Creatures with powerful enough wills or powers in general however, will be able to simply shake off the strings. The strings are however, invisible unless you say a very specific phrase. 'Super tuam revoco quod in nomine Dei, foeda anguis' is the phrase that, when you touch the forehead of someone who is 'poisoned', reveals the strings to you and allows them to be cut. The strings however, after being cut, turn into snakes that attempt to attack the person that severed them. These 'snakes' are varied in power.

So begins...

Acedia(Sloth)'s Story