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Aro Haker

"Heh, wanna bet?"

0 · 370 views · located in New Hope Island

a character in “The Cleansing”, as played by Celsium



Name: Aro Haker
Nicknames: Ace, "Hot head"
Age: 21
Height: 6 Feet
Weight: 145lbs

Appearance - Aro is the definition of 'lean and mean', standing at a tall 6 feet, but only 145lbs, his unruly, wavy black hair a stark contrast to his icy blue eyes and pallor. Aro mastered the art of a devilish grin, and his demeanor radiates confidence. His unkempt hair is generally tied back, and often wears plain black clothing. Some say he bears a somewhat similar appearance to his younger brother, Lynel.

Personality - Being the resident "bad boy" of the family, Aro refuses to follow the beat of anyone else's drum. The early emerging of his powers made him cocky, constantly picking fights with the other school kids who weren't aware of his dangerous ability. Aro rarely finds a problem to be his responsibility. His shifty behavior and sarcastic quips made him infamous around his quiet area of Taured. Some townsfolk state, "Aro is just short for Arrogant."


-Large bodies of water
-His brother

Powers: Pyrokinesis - Ability to create, move, and manipulate fire. By rapidly increasing temperatures, Aro is able to heat things up and create flames. However, once the fire is too big it can become out of control, hurting the user. Aro is always willing to take that chance, however.

Background: The oldest of two, Aro was raised in a quaint home with his brother and mother. He was always a handful, skipping classes, picking on his brother, and starting fights with others. Discovering his powers at a very young age - and refusing to let himself be registered with the Metahuman Draft Board- Aro quickly became overconfident in his abilities and was often on the run. He truly believed that if he could outrun the enforcers, he wouldn't have to play by their rules. To his mother's dismay, he took up smoking and gambling- though he constantly tried to justify the latter. If I win it big, we don't have to live in such a shithole, ma.

His antics caught up with him eventually however, as his infamy- serving as a sort of make-shift registration with the Draft Board- caused him to get caught. Aro was gently escorted to the Arena, where he was now someone else's problem. But he wouldn't lose. He knew he would win it big.

So begins...

Aro Haker's Story