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Lynel Haker

"...Is this really necessary?"

0 · 336 views · located in New Hope Island

a character in “The Cleansing”, as played by Celsium



Name: Lynel Haker
Nicknames: Ly, "Cold shoulder"
Age: 19
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 150lbs

Appearance - Lynel stands slightly tall for his age at 5'10", with a thin frame that's often masked by bulky and heavy clothing. Thick, jet black hair is always swept back on his head but kept short at the sides in a neat fashion. His unwavering blue eyes always watch from a semi-permanently reserved expression he carries on his face. The boy's pale complexion rarely changes, even when flushed from the cold.

Personality - Ever the stalwart one, Lynel finds joy in keeping to himself, and finding something useful to do. Despite having an intense loyalty towards those close to him, the young man has no qualms about being alone. Once he finds something to be done, it's near impossible to break his razor-sharp focus.


-Warm weather
-His brother

Powers: Cryogenic - The ability to freeze. By swiftly lowering temperatures, the user is able to freeze objects, people, and even moisture in the air to create ice and snow. If used too much or left unchecked the ability can affect Lynel, dropping his core temperature to low levels-- one of the many reasons why he hides beneath multiple layers.

Background: The youngest of two boys, Lynel, his brother, and his mother all lived together in a modest home in the republic of Taured. Though he never knew his father, he suspected the man to have some sort of metahuman abilities, as his mother had none to show. Lynel was largely a by-the-book boy, assisting his mother and finishing his schoolwork as he grew up, not wanting to cause a scene- his brother did that more than enough for the both of them. A quiet life out of the spotlight of the republic was a goal worth working towards, so he willingly registered with the Metahuman Draft Board. On paper it's written that his abilities surfaced at approximately 11 years old, but Lynel's mother believes it to be much earlier- hidden away as long as possible.

Despite his clean record and faithful devotion to his studies, he was drafted for The Cleansing. He willingly was escorted to the arena, where The Cleansing would decide his fate.

So begins...

Lynel Haker's Story