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Nia Birke

"Uh, can I help you?"

0 · 356 views · located in New Hope Island

a character in “The Cleansing”, as played by Celsium



Name: Nia Birke
Age: 23
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 135lbs

Appearance: With tall slender legs, Nia has a noticeably statuesque form. Dense golden hair falls just above her breasts, which are usually semi exposed in her typical casual attire. With a narrowed gaze and apathetic expression, the girl doesn't often come across as approachable. Nia is always one to accessorize with gaudy bracelets or long necklaces that plunge into her cleavage.

Personality: Aloof and unconcerned, Nia generally can't be bothered with other people. Though her laid-back nature makes her easy enough to talk to, she seldom initiates conversation with strangers. When it comes to the opposite sex, however, obtaining the spotlight becomes a fun challenge- with a great reward.


-Being bothered

Power: Astral Projection - The ability to separate one's soul from their body. During astral projection, a "clone" of Nia appears, but is generally not tangible, and visual only. In this time, the original body becomes empty and comatose, unable to move and vulnerable until the spirit projection and the body are reunited.

Background: Born an only child into a somewhat upper-class family, Nia was relatively spoiled from birth. Her father, always busy in his work, ran the household after her mother passed in labor. Despite her elevated social status, when her powers emerged at the age of 13, people began to shun her, referring to her as a freak of nature. Her father, displeased that his child was a metahuman, registered her quickly with the Draft Board, and sent her off to a boarding school where he wouldn't have to face her, and risk losing his position in life.

After graduating from university, Nia put her education in communications to good use, working for the republic in translation services. A month after her 23rd birthday, she was begrudgingly removed from her station in order to participate in The Cleansing.

So begins...

Nia Birke's Story