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Natalie Bass

"I can be your darkest fantasy...just don't fall for me."

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a character in “The Client List”, as played by Blondie104


Natalie Victoria Bass

Name: Natalie Victoria Bass (nee Jones)

Anything you'd like to go by: Nat, Vicky (only my brother calls me this)

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Appearance: After losing my babies, I can admit that I still looks pretty damn good with my above-average height. I have a slim, curvy body from years of taking jogs in the morning with long legs that leave you fantasizing about having them around your waist. Baby-soft and vanilla-scented creamy skin is always kept clean, bright baby-blue eyes pierce you with stares surrounded by long, dark lashes, and I have luscious, pouty pink lips from my mom. My high cheeks have just enough baby-fat to keep me looking adorable yet mature and they dimple when I smile. There's a scar on my forehead from when I was younger and got in a car accident that deepens upon frowning. I have long, lustrous hair that feels like silk at the touch and is a warm brown color, appearing slighter lighter at the ends. The hair curls at the ends most of the time.

Personality: I have been through a lot of tragedy through my life and it has really affected my outlook. At a younge age, I had to deal with both of my parents dying in a car accident and being raised by an estranged aunt who wanted nothing to do with me or my brother. But with my brother's help, I grew into a confident, self-made woman. I'd like to say that I'm hardworking. I mean, I kinda graduate from high school at sixteen and from college at 19 and I even recieved my Masters before I hit 21. And, it's obvious that I have a bit of an over-confidence issue. But it doesn't make me too egoistic. I'm pretty humble with my law degree and my background in my husband's business. And I've always been called sexy, being even sexually aggressive in the bedroom. But, as of lately, I haven't been feeling like me.

I lost my twins almost a year ago and my husband left me three months ago, claiming that he needed space for awhile. And...that hurts. It was like, I had everything a girl could've wanted and now, everything's gone. I'm a tad bit more depressed lately and I don't feel like my usual, powerful, take-no-shit self. Plus, I heard it on the grape vine that my husband's found a new girl in Atlanta even though we're still married. So, my confidence has really dropped down and it's left me more vulnerable than before. And that mother's instinct that I was building up - that love for everything innocent and pure - is just here and it's haunting me. I even set up the nursery, knowing that my dead children will not ever see it. But I've never let my emotions get in the way of my work and I refuse to start.

I take charge pretty easily and I follow orders most of the time. Yes, I have a slight control issue but there's nothing like losing your kids and husband to chill you out. I want to find that sexy, confident Natalie from before. And I need money - something to do since I've been fired from my husband's company. And I'll do whatever it takes to keep my life somewhat together.


History: When I was seven, my parents died in a car accident. I was in the back seat and a piece of glass was lodged in my forehead, leaving me with a permanent scar. That was the first heartbreak that I've ever experienced. I never wanted to feel like then and vowed to never love anyone as much, only remaining close to my brother. This would be a conflict later on in my relationship. My twin brother encouraged me to move forward and I did. He said, "You're a fighter, Nat. Just like mom." Those words remain with me still.

We stuck together and graduated from high school at sixteen. At that point, I was the quiet bookworm Josh had for a sister and he was this mega-popular guy that every girl wanted. We were so different and the fact that we were just as smart as the other left us the talk of the town. My aunt left us the minute I had learned how to cook, so I was kinda like a mother to my brother despite the fact that he took his big brother role seriously. Not willing to leave me just yet, Josh attended NYU with me for our three years in undergraduate studies. When it came time for graduate school, I was having an off-and-on again relationship with my now husband, John, and I planned to attend Cornell University for my graduate studies. Josh left to study overseas. By the time he returned, John and I had fought, broke up, made up, broke up again, and were engaged.

My marriage was pretty happy when we first began. Sure, we still argued. We worked together. I was his secretary and I was also studying to get my law degree. So, we had our differences. But I truly and deeply loved my husband and knew we would make it work. Josh thought I was trying too hard and I ignored him, not wanting to lose my first love. I'd already lost my parents; I wasn't ready to lose John. Amidst one of our arguments that led to John leaving to work at the building, I discovered that I was pregnant. But I had fainted and had a nose bleed. It led to me discovering that I was pregnant with twins. It was probably the happiest point in my life and John and I reconciled. We were buying things to set up the nursery, were attending scheduled appointments together, and eating healthy together. We were happy and that was all I wanted. But then, a pissed customer of John's stormed into our office and tried threatening people, claiming that John cheated him out of money and he wanted his pay-out. I was in the stairwell on my way up because I hadn't known and I wanted exercise. The police had come and the guy ran to escape. He hadn't even seen me and shoved me out of his way, causing me to hit my swollen, four-month pregnant belly against the railing hard. After the impact, I fell down the stairs before falling to the bottom, unconcious because of the impact of my head hitting the ground.

When I awoke, the doctor informed John and I that there was an 11% percent chance of me and the babies surviving the surgery I needed. The accident caused me to have an abdominal anueyrism that would burst if I was not operated on and had caused a slight placenta eruption. Passionately, I refused to abort my pregnancy and John hired one of the best doctors to help me. I made it out of the surgery, but the babies had been extremely stressed and we were warned not to do anything crazy. But...then my first baby's heart rate started lowering and everything went by in slow motion as two minutes later, the second baby's lowered as well. The doctors rushed to help, but within ten minutes, both of my children flatlined while still inside of me.

Now, John has left me and although there's money for the house and for my car, I can't sit around and be depressed anymore. I set up the nursery for dead children and spent two months sleeping there. I can't do this anymore. And with or without John, I will move on. Luckily, Josh is with me. He's the best brother ever. I heard about the position for a massuese from Riley and I want the job. Some of the classes John and I did before the pregnancy were...will be useful. I can't wait to try it out.



Type of Massage Certification:
Aromatherapy (I still have a little training in oils that stimulate and conditions the brain...among other things)
Erotic Massage Therapy (Marriage taught me...a few useful skills)

Why should I hire you?

Well, I'm charming and I always have a smile for people. I can be as relaxing as I am seductive and I can play out your fantasies. You would never have to complain about my work ethics and I try not bring my personal life into my work life. I follow whatever rules you give me and I can be as kind and as courteous as I need to be. Plus, I really need to get out of my house. I'm drowning in the depressive memories. Plus, I'm your go-to girl if you need snooping done. With my face and my eyes, who'd believe I was up to no good?

Anything you'd like us to know:

Never mention my husband.
I can't handle any guy older than thirty. Reminds me too much of my grandpa and I was close to him.
The Client List

Scars: The one on my forehead

Being on top (And I do mean that in a sexual way)
Swimming (Nothing serious. Just leisurely swimming in my pool)
Bikram Yoga

Known Languages:
Romany (We have Gypsies in our blood)

So begins...

Natalie Bass's Story