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Austin McBroom

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a character in “The Cliques In High School”, originally authored by CreativityIsPower, as played by RolePlayGateway


"In the end we only regret the chances we didn't take, the relationships we were scared to have and the decisions we waited too long to make. There comes a time in your life when you realise who matters, who doesn't, who never did and who always will. So don't worry about the people from your past, there's a reason they didn't make it to your future."

General Information

Austin McBroom




Sexual Orientation






+Having Nice Things
+His friends
+Video Games
+Working Out
+Giving Back
+School colors/pride
+Confident people


-People who think they're better than him
-Teacher Pets
-Being Cold
-Pop Quizzes
-Chick Flicks
-Selfish People
-Boring Parties
-Grape Flavored Gatorade
-Sloppy Drunks
-Crazy people
-Party Poopers
-The Circus
- Being called a Jock

- Getting Injured
- Not Going to the Pros
- Snakes

Always has the sound on his television or radio set on an even number. Feels weird when it's set on an odd number for reasons he doesn't even understand. Whenever he wakes up from a nap or sleep he cracks his back. Austin is crazy OCD when it comes to his closet and everything in it is organized by color, style, article of clothing, etc. He's mother refuses to touch his laundry because he is so particular about his clothes and where she sticks everything.

Austin is a raw talent in the sports world being athletically gifted enough to not dominate in one but three different sports at the school. A star athlete, during the fall season he plays football. In the winter you can find him on the court and in the spring he's back out on the field playing baseball. Playing sports has played a big part in not only his social life but who he is as a person. Being involved in sports and apart of a team has helped him build character and despite how people perceive him to be he's a genuinely nice guy. Austin takes it as an insult when people call him a jock because he doesn't consider himself to be a jock. He's an athlete which to him is a big difference.

When people think of the word jock they think of these jockstrap guys with small brains and big egos. You think of the attractive prom king who sleeps his way through the female student body and does whatever he wants without consequence. The big guy pushing people around and slamming freshman into lockers. Austin understands why people can look at him and assume that's the kind of guy he is but while he understands it it still frustrates him because that's not who he is. Yes, he is an attractive young man and he doesn't have a problem when comes to hanging out with those of the opposite sex. Or those of the same sex for that matter. He's popular and he lives in a big house and drives a nice car. However, these things do not defined who he is as a person.

Austin has this drive to him that has him always pushing him to do better than he did before. This applies to his life both off and on the court and or field. The fact that everyone expects him to be dumb because he's a jock makes him only study and work harder to prove them wrong. One of the most difficult things Austin has had to learn is discipline. Being a jock who plays a sport each and every season Austin has really had to learn what it means to be disciplined. You've got strict workout regimes and even stricter diets. While the workouts are easy for him to commit to because he actually enjoys doing them the diets are a different story entirely. He basically has a cheat day every other day to his coaches disapproval. Fortunately his workouts balance out his not so great eating habits.

When he's in the midst of a game and in the zone Austin is focused, competitive, aggressive and confident in himself and his capabilities. When you've got everyone eyes beaming down on you and it's one shot or touchdown or home run to the win you, you've gotten be confident otherwise you risk freezing and dropping the ball. Outside of sports and school Austin is just a really humble, generous, down to earth guy. He has literally given a homeless man the clothes off his back. Along with the shoes off his feet. He likes the feeling he get's when he gives back to those who he knows aren't as fortunate as he is. He considers himself to be a blessed person and he likes to share the wealth with those around him.

My Life


In a world where divorce is so common, Austin is proud to say that he lives with both his parents who are married and from what can tell happy. Austin is his parents first born son but not their only. He has a younger brother who he loves to death. He also has a three year old red-nose pit bull named Chance. As of right now Austin has a bunch of friends but no girlfriend. He has dated a couple of girls here and there but those relationships eventually ended. Obviously. He isn't really looking to start a new relationship with anyone in particular but he's open to the idea.




Growing up things were easy for Austin, his father, Scott McBroom, is an American sports agent who has a net worth of $500 million dollars. Scott McBroom founded the successful sports agency, The McBroom Corporation. He focuses primarily on baseball players and has over 275 high-profile clients in the NFL, NBA and MLB. As a kid Austin dad took him with him everywhere and he got to met hundreds of star athletes in different leagues. His father has never pushed him to do anything sports related, although he is happy that Austin got into sports. His father is very supportive of Austin and everything he does whether it be sports related or not. His father knows first hand how tough the sports business can be, but he feels like his son has skills and talent to make it to the leagues. Austin's mother is a lovely woman, with a ladylike attitude. She's friendly and kind, but after marrying his father she quit her job. There isn't really a problem with his parents though, they are very much in love and when he's father is home they spend their time together going to the country clubs, Austin's games, on outings, and just lounging by the pool. Austin little brother is five years old right now and starting kindergarten this year.

While high school for most maybe four years of hell for Austin it's heaven. Or at least it would be if teachers stopped giving homework on the weekend. Being a jock makes him popular which in high school is amazing. He gets invited to the hottest parties and the prettiest girls wanna be with him. He plays the position of running back on the football team, shooting guard on the basketball team and plays shortstop on the baseball squad. Scouts have already been checking him out and offering full ride to their colleges although he is currently only a junior. Austin isn't the brightest bulb but he has been pulling mostly Cs with the occasionally B and always an A in gym though out his years in high school. He's thinking about getting a tutor this year to help him get his grades up. Of course with his busy schedule he isn't sure if he's gonna actually follow through with the idea.


Theme Song

Aloe Blacc - The Man


Austin comes from a family of wealth and when you see where he lives and what he drives you get a sense of just how much money that is. As of right now Austin drives a 2014 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT Roadster. He got over the summer for his birthday and he car is he's baby. His family's estate is a lot bigger than a family of four needs but Austin doesn't dare complain. His house has everything he could ever want in it and more than enough room for his friends to all come over. His dad is away often making and signing deals which mainly leaves Austin with his mother and little brother at the estate. He's house is in the same neighborhood as Malia's and they have been friends since they were kids. Growing up he was best friends with her brother and always found her to be annoying. As they got older they became closer and now he's closer to her than he is her brother. Especially since Andrew is away at college now.


Wallflowers Shall Unite.

So begins...

Austin McBroom's Story


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"Come on up and at 'em!" The sound of her mother's voice broke the silence that had once filled the air. Malia never bothered with an alarm because her mother was her alarm. Every morning at six o'clock on the dot her mother would come into her room and do whatever it took to wake her sleeping child and make her get ready for school. Today would be no different than the others as her mother clapped her hands twice and Malia's room light came on. "Let's go guys! Malia. Austin. Madison. Come on, get up." The only response the woman got was the inaudible mumbles of her teenage daughter as the girl burrowed herself deeper underneath the covers. "Oh, no you don't!" she could hear the sound of her mother's flip-flops scurrying across the room as she came to the side of Malia's king-sized bed and yanked the bedding off the bed. "No momma! Why?!" Malila whined as her body immediately missed the warmth of her comforter. "School. Now." Her mother spoke as Malia propped herself up on her elbows as she let out a tired yawn. She watched as her mother snatch the blanket off of Austin who had slept on her bedroom floor. "If I don't hear showers running in five minutes I'll be back here with buckets of ice water. Don't test me." Malia let herself fall back into her bed as she eyed her mother as she left her room.

ImageLooking to her right Madison was still fast asleep beside her. Sliding off the bed she picked up the pillow she had slept on and began repeatedly hitting her friend with it. "Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Wake Up!" She yelled until Madison had finally jolted awake. Turning to look at Austin who had just finished folding up his blanket she spoke, "Alright. Let's get these showers going because ya know my mom is not kidding when she says she'll be back her with ice water." This was the far from the rest time Austin or Madison had stayed over at her house. In fact the three teens often spent the night at one another's homes. Malia had known Madison since junior high. They had met when things were really getting heated in her parents' divorce and Madison had spent many nights at her place just to escape the drama. The two girls had met Austin during their freshman year on the football field. The girls had been trying out for cheerleading and Austin for football. Since then the three friends had been thick as thieves. So much so that they both had they're very own rooms at Malia's place, and she at theirs.

As Austin and Madison both got a move on Malia walked to the side of her room where her closet was located and opened the door to the walk-in-closet. Living in Cali wasn't like living in New York City where the weather was always consistently changing which was one of the many things she loved about California. On any given day she could wear a pair of shorts or a nice dress and she was fine. Today was one of those beautiful Cali days and she immediately found herself standing in the dress section of her closet. She sorted through her dresses until finally selecting the one she wanted to wear to school. Taking out her unworn Azzedine Alaia dress she paired it with her metallic gold cracked leather Laurence Dacade sandals. She was about to exit her closet when the word accessories popped into her mind. She really didn't feel like doing it all big and flashy with the accessories today but the outfit needed something. Selecting her Estelle Dévé rhodium plated textured raven wing bracelet that she had gotten on sale for ninety bucks.

Satisfied with her outfit of the day she exited closet re-entering her bedroom. Setting her sandals down at the foot of her bed she placed her dress and blanket on her bed. In the time it took her to pick out her clothes her bed had been made by one of the maids. By the time she got out her shower her dress would be taken, ironed and placed back on the bed. It took her about thirty to forty minutes to shower, get dressed, do her hair which she styled putting it into a bohemian side braid and do her makeup. Her makeup she had kept light today going for a more natural look. Grabbing her messenger book bag she headed downstairs to the kitchen were Austin and Madison were already eating breakfast. Felicia, one of the family cook's, placed a plate in her hands when she saw the second lady of the house enter the kitchen. "Gracias Felicia." She said taking the plate which held a ham and mozzarella cheese omelet with four pieces of lightly toasted buttered toast on it. "No hay problema, como siempre Ms.Chandler. Ahora siéntate y come antes de su tarde a la escuela." The woman shooed her to the table where her friends, little brother and mother sat.

She wasn't surprised to not see her father at the table with the family as he usually worked through the night and slept during the mornings and was awake by the time she got home from school. Small talk was made and before long it was time for everyone to head out for school. Seeing as her mother wasn't busy preparing for some event she would be taking Justin to school. Deciding to be green for a day Malia, Austin and Madison had decided on carpooling to school instead of driving their own individual cars. No surprise to her that it had always been decided that they would be taking her car and that she would drive. As meals were finished Malia kissed her mother and brother goodbye and hurried out the door with Austin and Madison in toe. It was about 7:15 when they left the house and with the way Malia drove they would be at the school by 7:30 possible 7:45 depending on traffic.


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Last Night

"There is no way in hell anyone outside this house is seeing me in this!" Madison said as she looked at her reflection in the full length mirror that hung on the back of her bedroom door. Turning to look at her father and his fiancee she looked at them in disbelief. "Are you kidding me?! This better be a joke. I thought models were suppose to have a sense of style but obviously I wa-." Her father stood up speaking as he did cutting her off mid-sentence. "Mads don't be rude!" He spoke with his stern tone that told her not to push her luck so she didn't. "I thought you'd like it. All the other bridesmaids loved the dresses." Madison gave a sarcastic chuckle as she looked herself up and down. "Madison!" Her father shouted her name as he saw her about to same something that they both knew was going to be anything but appropriate. Throwing up her hands in defeat she said nothing as she walked over to her bed and sat down crossing one leg over the other as she took her iphone in hand. "Well had you not been acting like a brat and gone to the dress fitting like I asked you to .." Madison tuned out her father's voice as he went on. She wanted no part of this damn wedding and she was done talking about it. He could make her go if he wanted to but not even God himself could make her wear this monstrous of a bridesmaid dress in public. She had a reputation to up hold and she wanted risk that for their "big day".

Her father and Carla were now talking amongst each other as they were trying to figure out what their next move would be now that Madison had made it clear she wasn't wearing the dress Carla along with her family and friends had picked out. Madison wasn't paying either of them any attention as she was engulfed with her phone. She had been texting Malia and was instantly happy after reading the girl's reply. Just the thought of ice cream had her craving a pint of Breyers Cookies & Cream With Oreo Ice Cream. "This has been fun and all but I've got plans so can you guys leave." Madison said as pointed to the door. "It's a school night." Her father said stating the obvious. "Relax. Am only going to Malia's house." She didn't wait around to see or hear if her father had anything to say to that as she walked into her attached closet. Changing out of the bridesmaid dress she threw on her grey and black adidas sweatsuit and a pair of adidas sneakers.

Grabbing the dress she walked out of the room to find her dad and Carla still in her room. She tossed the bundled up dress to her father, "I'll text you when I get there." She heard her father saying something to her as she brushed pass him and Carla but she was so done with it all that she didn't stick around to find out what it was he was saying. Getting in her car she drove the fifteen minute drive to Family Dollar where she stocked up on pints of ice cream making sure to get her favorite along with Malia's and Austin's who on her drive to the store Malia texted her and told her was over.

When she got to Malia's house it was close to seven and after texting her father that she had made it she turned off her cell and hung out with her friends. They had lounged in the kitchen eating the cartons of ice cream she had brought over until they were all gone than had a fun night playing games on the wii in Malia's room. Sometime around three in the morning the trio had crashed. She and Austin hadn't even made it to their rooms; Austin sleeping on the floor and Madison sleeping in the bed with Malia.


Morning had come to soon. One minute she sound asleep and the next she was beginning assaulted by Malia and her damn pillow."Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Wake Up!" She yelled until Madison finally sat up in the bed. Austin was already up and folding up his bedding as Madison yawned while attempting to rub the sleep from her eyes."Alright. Let's get these showers going because ya know my mom is not kidding when she says she'll be back her with ice water." Madison nodded tossing the comforter off her body as she stood up and stretched. The last thing she wanted was a ice bath and she knew Malia momma would gladly give anyone of the three teens one. Walking out of the room behind Austin she entered the room right across from Malila's.

Walking over to the dresser in the room she rummage through the different drawers until she found an outfit to wear. She loved the fact that she had not only her own room but her own wardrobe at Malila's and Austin place because she never had to pack anything and she went over to their places. She took out her Love Letter black perforated leather tank with the marijuana motif print and black crocodile embossed leather gym shorts to wear. Leaving her clothes on her bed for one of the servants to come by and take she went and got in the shower. When she got out she blow dried and straightened her hair and applied her makeup. Walking out of the bathroom she put on her clothes, sneakers and her snapback. She didn't care to go above and beyond with accessories today so she skipped it.

Walking down the stairs she headed to the kitchen where she found Austin sitting with the Malia's mother and brother already eating breakfast. The head cook Felicia handed her a plate of room as she entered the kitchen. Thanking her Madison said good morning to everyone as she sat down and joined them for breakfast. It wasn't long before Malia came downstairs and joined everyone else for breakfast. Madison didn't have a home cooked meals for breakfast often because avoid her dad and eating breakfast alone at an empty table wasn't appealing. So normally she got the little containers of fruit salad or some kind of fruit from the seven eleven by the school. Meals were finished one after another and after goodbyes were said Madison followed Malia out of the house. She grabbed her book bag out of the backseat of her car before climbing in the backseat of Malia's car. She was still tired so she let Austin ride shotgun as she used her bag as a pillow and caught some extra Zs in the back row of the car.

It wasn't long before she was being awoken again this time by Austin as they arrived at school. Sitting up the cheerleader yawned and once again wiped the sleep from her eyes as she got out of the car. "I hate school." She stated as she swung her bag strap over her head and let the bag fall at her side. Linking arms with Malia she laid her head on her shoulder as she pouted as she looked at Austin. "God I miss summer."


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At around six o'clock Austin got a text from Malia telling him to come over to her place. He hadn't been doing anything at the time so of course he went over. Madison arrived around close to seven with two plastic bags full of ice cream she got from Family Dollar. The had hung together in the kitchen eating like four pints of ice cream a piece. Which one of them came up the idea to play the wii after eating that much ice cream he couldn't tell you but with cheer and football season upon them they had to find some way to work off all that ice cream. They had played a bunch of different games; Wii Sports, Just Dance 2 and 4, Zumba Fitness: World Party and a several other ones before crashing in Malia's room.

He wasn't sure what time they had all gone to sleep but he was sure he hadn't slept for long enough before Malia's mom came into the room. He had tried to ignore the sound of her voice but when she ripped his blanket from him any chance he had of going back to sleep died. She dropped the blanket at his feet as she spoke of returning with ice water if the three teens didn't get up and start getting ready for school. Austin had had the privilege of being doused in ice water once by Malia's mother and that was not something he wanted to re-experience. Getting up off the floor he immediately cracked his back as he always did before folding up his blanket as Malia started plumping Madison with a pillow. He could help but laugh as Malia got the job done and woke Madison up. "Alright. Let's get these showers going because ya know my mom is not kidding when she says she'll be back her with ice water." Austin nodded in agreement, "Of course I know it. I've felt it."

As Malia went into her closet to find something to wear Austin and Madison went to their own rooms to do the same. Austin tore his room apart as he just couldn't seem to the find the perfect first day of school outfit. Standing in the middle of the floor wearing nothing but a pair of boxers, pair socks, a wrist band and a hat he covered his face with his hands as he was feeling to tired to function. Giving up for the time being he opted to take a shower first and find something to wear after. It took him about twenty minutes to shower, do his other hygienic things and style his hair the way he liked it. Walking out of the steamy bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist he felt refreshed and awake. His room had been cleaned while he had been in the bathroom which he was happy for.

Fully awake and alert now he found something to wear in minutes. Putting on a wife beater he put he shirt on over it. It was a nice day outside so instead of throwing on jeans he put on a pair of shorts and a pair of hi-tops. He was the first of the teens to make it downstairs for breakfast. He thanked the cook for his food and sat down at the table next to Malia's little brother Justin and her mother. Justin was one of Austin's biggest fans and all he could talk about was how pumped he was for the new school year. Not because he starting junior high or because he was going to be seeing his school friends again but because sport season was starting back up for Austin. With Malia being on the cheerleading squad her family came to the games to mostly support her but they also came for Madison and him as well. Due to his dad's work schedule he couldn't always be there but his mom and the Chandlers he could always find screaming in the stands.

Madison had made it down the stairs first entering the kitchen. She said pleasant good mornings to everyone in attendance to which Austin had replied with a good morning of his own. By the time Malia had joined them all downstairs Austin was done with his food and downing his glass of orange juice. Felicia cleaned his plate and glass from the table once he was done which he thanked her for. He spent the rest of breakfast time chatting it up with the others before it was time for the teens to get on the food for school. He said goodbye to the kitchen staff along with Malia's mother and brother before following the ladies out the door.

He hadn't bother bringing out his book bag as it was only the first day of school. Nothing major ever happened on the first day as it was usually filled with kids swapping classes because they had been put into the wrong classes, teacher introducing themselves and messing up kids names of the attendance and mainly student reuniting with others who they hadn't kept in touch with over the vacation. Madison was still in sleep mode as she crawled into the backseat and went back to sleep, which put Austin up front in the passenger seat.

Normally it would take a person about thirty minutes to get from Malia's house to the school in no traffic. However, with the way Malia drove they ended up at the school in half the time and thankful to still be alive. He loved her pieces but riding in the car with her was like playing russian roulette with your life. "Okay next time I'll drive." He said as Malia parked her car in the closet spot she could find to the main entrance. Reaching into the backseat he shook Madison waking her up as Malia turned off the car. "Wakey. Wakey. Time for school." When he heard her yawn he knew she was up and so he got out of the car. "I hate school." Madison stated as she got out of the car and put her bag on over her shoulder. "No, actually you love school. You just hate mornings.", he said moving a strand of hair out her face. As Malia walked over to the other side of the car where he stood with Madison the two cheerleaders linked arms as Madison rested her head on Malia's shoulder. "God I miss summer." Austin laughed at the pouty face she directed at him. "Spoken like a true teenager. Or any age student."

"Come on, let's get this day started." He said taking the lead as he walked towards the main school building. Pushing open the double doors he let the two girls walked in first before walking in behind them. The second the three popular teens entered the building their names were shouted from almost every direction. "I'll see you guys in first period." He spoke to Malia and Madison as his fellow jocks pulled him away to caught up and talk about everything that happened over the summer.


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Jim watched as students slowly filed their ways into the school. He sat on a bench in the main lobby drawing in one of his sketch books. He had already been at the school for a couple of hours thanks to his relationships with the staff. They let him in early. He always found it to be more peaceful and serene when nobody else was around. He was drawing a cartoon rendition of their principal Mr. Waterbury. He was focusing on certain qualities to Mr. Waterbury's character. Huge ears, big eyes always sweaty. These were of course exaggerated but that was part of the fun.
Losing track of time Jim looked up to see Malia Chandler, Austin Mcbrown, and Madison Ryan. He watched as Austin left the group to go to class. He knew the three of them but he wasn't best friends with any of them. He had been to a couple of parties that they were at.
He had watched guys throw themselves and turn into complete jack asses just to get a little recognition from these popular kids. James shrugged it off and closed his sketch book. It was time to go to class and he was already late. He smiled to them an slung his bag onto his shoulders. He then followed them down the hall as his class was in the same direction they were going. As he walked down the hall he noticed some of the artwork from last year was still hung up. Most of the stuff was his and he took pride in it. "Got one more year too fill these hall with art again. " He muttered to himself as he made his way to class.