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Florence Erica Brown

If you had a magic wand, you can transform yourself into whoever you want

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a character in “The Cliques In High School”, as played by mermaidlegend




this is the year for transformation...

General Information

Florence Erica Brown

Flo, Erica, Brown, Eri, Florine


July 18th




Sexual Orientation


❤French Things
❤New York
❤Vintage Films
❤Sports(Tennis, Horseback riding, golf)
❤Classical Music

✖Bad Manner
✖Failing a Class
✖Leaving the One that You Love

  • Getting Shirts Dirty
  • Failing a Class
  • Imperfection
  • Taps her finger when she thinks
  • Likes to stare at clocks
  • Pen Spinning when she can't think of something

To be exact, Florence is a perfectionist, she has her own standards as how things around her need to be. She is always overachieving and of course intelligent not only mastering her school work but also balancing her time with extra curriculums such as charities, art clubs, music clubs and sports as well as internships and anything else that a person of her standards will do.
She is courageous and confident in everything she does. She a willing risk taker because she knows that no matter what risks she takes she will succeed. She might sometimes come off as a bit bossy but people are willing to listen to her because they know her leadership skills. However this is only one side of her.
The other side is able to fall apart easily and come off as lonely and quiet and shy.

My Life

In the past, Florence has had quite a few boyfriends, quite a few of them are still her friends, however the relationships didn't last that long.
Samuel: Her first was in middle school, it was her first official, but in the end they broke up because she thought he didn't care about her enough, 6 month later he moved away. However when he needed her help upon return 2 years later, she still helped him out and they remained friends.
Justin: A fling that she had in her freshman year, they were different types of people, so they didn't remain friends.
David: A guy she dated while on vacation in singapore over the pre-sophomore summer, he dumped her after a week because of long distance but left her a gift.
Kevin: A guy she dated for 3 months during her sophomore year, they had Tennis together and often saw each other during horseback riding, but they split up because they were more like friends rather than couple.

Current Relationship Status: Single

Florence never had anything to worry about besides the imperfection of the people around her. Her family owned one of the beside empires around and have their connections in both entertainment and real estate as well as a series of hotels and businesses, she didn't have to worry about money at all. Now if you think about it, Florence has been top of her class since 3rd grade and has always worked super hard. She overworks herself frequently and tries to do everything she could to succeed. Before 3rd grade she was a nobody in a boarding school, in fact a bit nerdy, but realizing that the only way to get people to like her was to wrap herself with a gift paper, she moved schools to this one and reinvented herself.
Now there was once a girl named Haylie that achieve a higher score than her, she was able to get her removed from the school by framing her for theft, just so Florence can achieve what she wants. From then on people know not to mess with Florence. However, deep down Florence always wanted someone that she can depend on so that she doesn't have to make herself so strong to prevent people from hurting her.
From the relationship history, she hasn't exactly had the best past, she acts like it has never happened before and tries very hard to reinvent herself. Now she just wouldn't date any guy unless they ask her out themselves.



Theme Song
B-e-a-utiful- Megan Nicole Baby, I Love You- Tiffany Alvord

  • She always dresses in classic, preppy stores like Ralph Lauren, J. Crew, Lacoste, and Lilly Pulitzer and occasionally wears ballet flats and high heels
  • She speaks a lot of languages including English, French, Spanish, German and Latin


So begins...

Florence Erica Brown's Story


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Not much had happened yet in school but Jim's History class was eventful. To say the least it was to him. The first few minutes of Class were pretty boring and uneventful. Eren Floyd, was in his class. He knew Eren, and thought he was a pretty good guy. A couple of other people were present also like Stephen Caedon and Elizabeth Brown. The girl he was sitting next to stood up and began to move when the teacher came in and told her to sit down. Class finally started to get interesting as he watched the beautiful girl next to him. What was her name it was a city.....Barcelona? Vienna? No wait It was Florence! Jim quietly watched Florence as she kept eyeing Eren Floyd. That's when it occurred to him.. He smirked as he realized her affection towards Eren.

Jim quietly sketched a nervous looking picture of Florence. It was meant to be very light hearted and not malicious. He her and a small sketch of Eren in the distance as she watched him. Jim chuckled to himself as he finished the the quick sketch on a piece of notebook paper. By this time Class had gotten over and She bolted out of her seat towards Eren. "Hi You are Eren Floyd right? I believe we haven't met, my name is Florence Brown and I just wanted to say hi since I saw you in quite a few of my classes" She said. Jim wrote in big letters on the bottom of his sketch. RELAX. Smiling, he then folded it up and made his way over to them. "Sup Eren" He said nodding to Eren casually. He then Looked to Florence. Miss I think you dropped this he said handing her the folded up sketch. He then made his way back to his desk and grabbed his stuff and headed towards the door.


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Chris Hartwell

Chris had rounded two flights of stairs and breezed by three different hallways and couldn’t wondering why the hell he signed up for an extra history class and of course the answer always being “because you flunked it last year and need the credits to graduate.” The last couple of years have been rough on him and the sudden decision to change his life was still something he was trudging thru.

He rounded the last corner just as the bell rang, the teacher was always late if he was remembering correctly so he figured he still had a good enough chance to getting there on time. With the door in sight, he also seen the teacher. He altered his walk so when they got to the door he would slide past him and into a seat without getting called out. It worked too, luckily for him some girl he didn’t recognize caught the teachers glare giving him an extra second to pass his back and sit behind James. Chris recognized him from other classes they had together but other than talking a couple of times, they never really hung out.Surveying the room he noticed a couple familiar faces, Eren and Rhapsody and nodded a “Hello.” He didn’t know anyone else in class, or at least didn’t recognize anyone else in class.

At the end of class he grabbed his things and walked to Eren and Rhapsody just as the girl that unknowingly helped him slip into class did “How’s it going Eren?” he asked “Same to you Raps.”