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James Lambert

It's High School.......that about sums it up.....

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a character in “The Cliques In High School”, as played by wheezymcgee




Dudes know I'm not a threat. Chicks know I'm not a threat. - Kevin Smith

General Information

James Joseph Lambert




Sexual Orientation


Classic Rock Music
Comic Books
Working Out
The Otdoors

[i]People who go back on what they say
Very dense people who have everything done for them
People who make fun of less fortunate people.
Stuck Up People

He won't make his dream of working for Marvel Comics come true.
Ferris Wheels (Mostly the height Factor)

He really likes to read and collect Comic Books. He has a pretty extensive collection at home. A lot of old and new stuff Both Marvel and DC.
He has a set of keys he got from his dad when his father worked at the school as a Janitor. He also knows all the Janitors and Lunch Ladies.
He likes to draw people that he sees. Usually they don't know it. The people he draws are like caricatures and comic like forms of the actual people. He usually does this when he's in the library or just hanging out.

Jim is just simply put a normal kid... He does pretty well in school but not well enough to hold a 4.0 gpa. He is usually pretty chill around people but he is capable of showing all emotions. He sometimes tends to have a wee bit of a sarcastic side but that just usually goes along with his calm demeanor. He is usually a person that someone can trust and he is smart about the decisions he makes. He tends to get kinda jittery and flustery around pretty girls that he has a crush on. He is however very charismatic knows how to diffuse a situation when it might be getting out of hand.

My Life

He has at least one friend in all of the major Cliques. People know who he is but no one has every really paid much attention to him.

Normal kids

He grew up in the house that he lives in know with his Father. His mother passed away from Breast Cancer when he was twelve years old. It was at this time that his father needed a way for him to stay active and social so he signed him up for Boy Scouts. Jim got tons of merit badges and learned many great skills. This is where he also found his passion o draw. His father was working two jobs just to keep a roof over their heads. His father worked as a custodian at the school for six years and it wasn't until last year that he got a better paying job and quit working at the school. Jim is just an average kid in school. But one of the biggest things in his corner would be that he knows almost all of the Janitors and Custodial help at the School through his dad. even the lunch Ladies. Now he has a shot at being accepted to the New York School of Visual Arts and he plans on going there to study art.


Theme Song
Comfortably Numb- Pink Floyd

He spends most of his time either studying or drawing or in the Art Room when he's not in class.

Wall Flowers Shall Unite

So begins...

James Lambert's Story


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Jim watched as students slowly filed their ways into the school. He sat on a bench in the main lobby drawing in one of his sketch books. He had already been at the school for a couple of hours thanks to his relationships with the staff. They let him in early. He always found it to be more peaceful and serene when nobody else was around. He was drawing a cartoon rendition of their principal Mr. Waterbury. He was focusing on certain qualities to Mr. Waterbury's character. Huge ears, big eyes always sweaty. These were of course exaggerated but that was part of the fun.
Losing track of time Jim looked up to see Malia Chandler, Austin Mcbrown, and Madison Ryan. He watched as Austin left the group to go to class. He knew the three of them but he wasn't best friends with any of them. He had been to a couple of parties that they were at.
He had watched guys throw themselves and turn into complete jack asses just to get a little recognition from these popular kids. James shrugged it off and closed his sketch book. It was time to go to class and he was already late. He smiled to them an slung his bag onto his shoulders. He then followed them down the hall as his class was in the same direction they were going. As he walked down the hall he noticed some of the artwork from last year was still hung up. Most of the stuff was his and he took pride in it. "Got one more year too fill these hall with art again. " He muttered to himself as he made his way to class.


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Not much had happened yet in school but Jim's History class was eventful. To say the least it was to him. The first few minutes of Class were pretty boring and uneventful. Eren Floyd, was in his class. He knew Eren, and thought he was a pretty good guy. A couple of other people were present also like Stephen Caedon and Elizabeth Brown. The girl he was sitting next to stood up and began to move when the teacher came in and told her to sit down. Class finally started to get interesting as he watched the beautiful girl next to him. What was her name it was a city.....Barcelona? Vienna? No wait It was Florence! Jim quietly watched Florence as she kept eyeing Eren Floyd. That's when it occurred to him.. He smirked as he realized her affection towards Eren.

Jim quietly sketched a nervous looking picture of Florence. It was meant to be very light hearted and not malicious. He her and a small sketch of Eren in the distance as she watched him. Jim chuckled to himself as he finished the the quick sketch on a piece of notebook paper. By this time Class had gotten over and She bolted out of her seat towards Eren. "Hi You are Eren Floyd right? I believe we haven't met, my name is Florence Brown and I just wanted to say hi since I saw you in quite a few of my classes" She said. Jim wrote in big letters on the bottom of his sketch. RELAX. Smiling, he then folded it up and made his way over to them. "Sup Eren" He said nodding to Eren casually. He then Looked to Florence. Miss I think you dropped this he said handing her the folded up sketch. He then made his way back to his desk and grabbed his stuff and headed towards the door.


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Chris Hartwell

Chris had rounded two flights of stairs and breezed by three different hallways and couldn’t wondering why the hell he signed up for an extra history class and of course the answer always being “because you flunked it last year and need the credits to graduate.” The last couple of years have been rough on him and the sudden decision to change his life was still something he was trudging thru.

He rounded the last corner just as the bell rang, the teacher was always late if he was remembering correctly so he figured he still had a good enough chance to getting there on time. With the door in sight, he also seen the teacher. He altered his walk so when they got to the door he would slide past him and into a seat without getting called out. It worked too, luckily for him some girl he didn’t recognize caught the teachers glare giving him an extra second to pass his back and sit behind James. Chris recognized him from other classes they had together but other than talking a couple of times, they never really hung out.Surveying the room he noticed a couple familiar faces, Eren and Rhapsody and nodded a “Hello.” He didn’t know anyone else in class, or at least didn’t recognize anyone else in class.

At the end of class he grabbed his things and walked to Eren and Rhapsody just as the girl that unknowingly helped him slip into class did “How’s it going Eren?” he asked “Same to you Raps.”