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Mary Lollard

"Come 'ere beautiful."

0 · 566 views · located in California

a character in “The Cliques In High School”, as played by Sonohra



"I've got bigger balls than a lot of the guys I meet. I'm just a ballsy motherfucker."
-- Kesha

General Information


Mary 'Read' Lollard




Sexual Orientation
aromatic lesbian


- Listening to hardstyle and punk rock music
- Flirting and sexual teasing
- Concerts and parties
- Fist fighting
- Cats

- Guys flirting with her
- People mocking her
- Pop and indie music
- Girly girls
- Football

- Falling in love (cliche~)
- Dogs
- Flying (not heights, just flying)

- Subtly dancing when she's listening to music with her ear phones
- Tapping her foot when waiting
- Biting her lip when she wants to say something

Mary is a crazy rebellious person. This isn't a stage of her teenage life, she has always been defiant and crazy. She is an independent girl, being able to get around on her own, and provide for herself. She is very honest and straight forward, never telling a lie, or tip-toeing around the facts. She hates it when people are 'beating around the bush' to tell her something important. All she wants to know is what the facts are. She's not interested in anyone's opinions. She'll make her conclusion from the facts.
She doesn't need anyone telling her what she can and can't do. She does what she pleases, with no apologies or regrets. Sometimes Mary can be very easily angered or ticked-off. Anything said or done that she dislikes will drive her nuts and will be marked down on her hit list. She will get you back one way or another. She never lets a grudge go. It would be best to not anger her.

My Life

She's never had a romantic relationship, nor does she ever want to. She has no interest in being tied down to someone. She just wants the benefits of a relationship, with out all the baggage that comes with it.


Mary won't talk about her past too much, but it's not like she has anything to hide. She was raised by her mother, after her parents had a fight and her mom kicked her father out of the house. She grew very close to her mom, and they were life best friends. Other than that, there is nothing much else to say. When Mary was 13, she had sex with a boy, and didn't like it. From then on, she decided she was lesbian. And when she was 15, she started to get tattoos and piercings. Her life was pretty ordinary otherwise. Nothing special.


Theme Song
Psyko Punkz & Mc Lyte Ft. Chris Willis - This is Your Life

Her mom always called her Mary Read after the infamous 18th century pirate because of her boyish and defiant nature.

Wallflowers shall unite!!

So begins...

Mary Lollard's Story


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#, as written by Sonohra

I've got bigger balls than a lot of the guys I meet. I'm just a ballsy motherfucker.


Mary woke up with a thud as she hit the floor of her room. She groaned, looking up at her bed, then over to her dark and messy room. She stood up, holding tightly onto her bed for support. Mary had a major migraine. Maybe getting drunk the night before first day of school was not such a good idea. It was 7 am already, and she would be late.

Nevertheless, she took her time to get ready to school, putting on her eyeliner, lipstick, and brushing her hair. She put on ripped jean short shorts, and a loose white top, revealing almost every tattoo she had done. She grabbed her sunglasses, knowing that her hangover would make her sensitive to light. The teachers gave her a sour look when she went to school like this, but she was not breaking any rules.

Mary ran out of the house, grabbing her back pack along the way and wincing as the light hit her face. She hopped in her red 1999 Mitsubishi and drove to school. It was her last year. She could finish school. No more homework or grades. She could do what she wanted. The sound of Paramore rang in her ears as she pulled up to the school. She parked and ran into the building.

Mary didn't rush to her class, even thought she would be late. She would trip is she walked to fast. Instead she looked around at all the kids, scanning for Reilly. They had fun over the years, and she was one of the only people Mary would be happy to see.

Mary opened her locker and looked inside. She dumped her empty notebooks and binders inside and closed it shut. The banging of lockers and voices of other kids was starting to get on her nerves. Her head hurt. Mary dug into her bag and grabbed the pain killers she always had. She threw them in her mouth, and leaned against the locker to allow the pain killers to take effect.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Mary Lollard
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#, as written by Sonohra

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