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Aston Rose

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a character in “The Cloaked Society”, as played by Jibber Jabber




Full Name
Aston William Rose

Assumed Name
Reggie Thompson

Rosie Common ~ Used by everyone from The Society
Reg Common ~ Used by everyone at the school


November 10th


The Reliable One

Image Resilient | Destructive | Opportunistic | Deceitful | Stoic
Aston is a hard person to try and get to know on a personal level. He doesn't like to talk about himself or about his past; anything that has to do with his family is also off limits. It's a touchy subject that even he has yet to move on from even if he shrugs it off as if he has. However, if you want someone that'll have your back when the goings get tough Aston is your best option. He may keep his true intentions under layer and layer of half truths and spoken lies but he is truly loyal to anyone that earns it. You earn that and he will always be behind you, right or wrong. Some people praise this about him, but it's a double edged sword. If he follows the wrong side, he might as well dig his own grave, something he knows all too well. Yes. He is loyal but if that loyalty is broken, there is no coming back, no making amends. For him it's one and done - no second chances. He has been used once before so don't expect loyalty to be given just because you're on the same side as him, his loyalty takes time to form.
His loyalty tends to be very one sided; thank his upbringing for that. His father was one hell of a man and the only guardian Aston actually had looked up to growing up. Most of what he believes and how he acts are the doings of his old man and as much as Aston hates him, he can't help but thank him for getting involved with The Society. He taught him to never show his hand until the time is right, loyalty is earned and you can't trust anyone. Surprising seeing as Aston takes loyalty to heart, but it's true.

Reliable| Aston's that one person that you can turn to in any situation and know the job will get done. Whatever you do, don't call him a pushover.
Agile | Possibly his most admirable trait. Aston moves fluidly and fast; always spotting the perfect angle to go at and almost always knowing where it will lead him.
Quick Thinker| He has an easy time figuring out what needs to be done and is quick to take action but it doesn't always work out right.

Gum| Chewing gum, he'll take any flavor, keeps him focused. Even if he does start to annoy people when he starts going a mile a minute.
Crowds| He likes the feeling of getting lost and crowded areas are the perfect place for it.
Risks|Aston is an adrenaline junkie and if something puts him in danger he'll jump in head first.

Sour Flavors| Aston hates anything sour, the taste of it makes him sick.
Greasy Foods| Unless, of course, it's pizza.
Hospitals| There's no place he hates more than a hospital; from the smell, the look and all the helplessness. He'd rather die than be holed up in there.

Mannequins and other Lifelike Dolls| It’s something about the face that gives Aston an uncomfortable feeling.
Crossing the Road| Getting hit by a car would do that to a person. A childhood trauma that he hasn't seem to moved past but that doesn't mean he won't, he'll just wait until there are no cars.

Pulls at Clothes| Although it started as something he would do when he was nervous, it turned into something he does subconsciously.
Scrunches his Mouth| Occasionally when talking or thinking he will scrunch his mouth up to the side of his face.

Talks Under Breath| Aston doesn’t mean to but can’t help talking under his breath especially when he doesn’t like the person that’s chatting him up.
Rash| He acts on feeling far more than brains and doesn't worry about the consequences. He'll take them head on and the same way.
Stubborn| Aston will do what Aston does. When he gets his mind on something almost nothing will get him to change it.


Aston has never had it easy in life. He was the third and last child of Alexa and Judd Rose. Aston is six years younger than his oldest brother Teddy and three years apart from Wes. If you ask Aston what he thinks about them the only people he'll consider family is his mother and Wes. Most likely because they weren't around long enough to go through the heartbreak of death.
They lived in a small town where everyone knew everyone, and everyone knew that Alexa was sick and that she had been for a long time. Aston was a surprise but a welcoming one even though her doctors told her it would be risky. After that her health took a drastic turn, leaving her bed ridden and weak. There had been occasional moments where she regained her energy and acted like her usual self but it never lasted. When Aston was nine she finally passed, the beginning of the worst year the family faced. Soon after her passing Teddy, Wes and Aston were heading home after going to see a movie when they were in a head on collision sending them tumbling into a ditch. Aston doesn't remember anything about the crash but he does remember waking up at the hospital; leg in a cast and neckbrace on. Teddy got away scottfree but Wes, Wes


Face claim
Taron Egerton

Height/Weight or build
5"10' 179 lbs | Lean/Athletic

Eye color

Hair color

Large Scar wrapping around his right leg from a car accident.
Has "Loyalty is Blind" tattooed backwards on his rib cage, left side.

Talk Color | Thought Color

So begins...

Aston Rose's Story