Octavia Granville

"Times are hard for the farmers...."

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Name: Octavia Granville
Age: 23
Status: Poor
Job: Farmer

Father: Vladimir Granville, a once wealthy farmer.
Mother: Raven Granville, a once wealthy performer.

Pedigree: Vladimir and Raven met in beautiful England, and soon fell in love. The two had more money together than they could ever wish to have. They mingled amongst the elite, and made marry with the rich families, including the Wilkshire family. After Vladimir sold his large plot of fertile land in the Americas, he was rolling in money! Soon he purchased new land and planned to start farming again. He put his plans on hold as her realised his wife was with child. So was born little Octavia Granville, the little brat, as people would call her, was one with fair skin often smeared with dirt and grime of her hard work, for her father put her to work in the fields. Her mother had passed away poor, for the cost of a child and bad party habits was something that died hard. She had passed not from partying, but from murder. Octavia had long since forgotten the incident, for it had occurred when she was only three. By that time she was still friends with little Thomas H. Wilkshire, the faire little boy who was only a little older than her. As she grew older, her bonds with him and his family grew, though she is poor due to her father Vladimir drinking and smoking away all of their money, she is allowed to hang about the house during her off time.

Personality: Octavia, despite her sweet sounding name, is a rough young girl with little regard to manners or convention. Often scolded by other and chastised for being such a "free spirit" she is never really fond of being around many people aside from Thomas and a select few others. Octavia also drinks, not as much as her father, but can be thought of as a slush due to her tolerance, her jesting with others about their being "teetotallers", and rude demeanour. Octavia has a horse named Rusty, a stocky brown and black draft horse with a personality almost as big as hers. As far as language goes, Octavia speaks with a lot of foreign slang and a small accent. She is also pretty tall, standing at about five feet and ten inches, which is about as tall as most men. Lastly, she is not one for romance, not normal romance however. She was to wed a rich man of another household to save her own from poverty, only to turn him down for another interest, a beautiful female servant named Melody who works in the Wilkshire's home.

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Octavia Granville's Story

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It was late as Hunter was driving back from the winery. The cab of the carriage was filled with the supplies for the party. As he pulled into the stables he noticed the familiar site of Octavia Granville’s carriage off in the distance. He started grabbing the party supplies and taking them into the manor setting the food items on the kitchen counters for the maids to put away and the decorations he took to one of the many storage closets near the servants’ quarters. On his last two trips out to the carriage he grabbed a wooden box with about a dozen bottles of fine red wine in it and the other box in the carriage contained the same amount of champagne. The champagne wasn’t from the winery, but from a merchant in the city that had connections in France and always gave the Wilkshires a great deal as long as he received an invitation to whichever party he was supplying. One after the other he took the wines down to the wine cellar to protect their flavor until the night of the party. After he was done bringing in the supplies, he locked the carriage up and returned the keys and the remaining money to Mrs. Wilkshire.

He was about to return to the kitchen to help set up for dinner when the unique steam-powered door bell that Mr. Wilkshire had set up to be heard throughout the whole house wet off like a train whistle. He promptly answered the door to see Octavia standing in the rain. He had expected that it was her. “Good evening Ms. Granville. It is indeed a pleasure to see you again.” He smiled at her as he welcomed her into the house. He knew it would only be a matter of minutes before Mrs. Wilkshire would be there to see who was at the door. He escorted the young lady to the sitting room to await Mrs. Wilkshire.

He returned to the kitchen and got an extra place setting. He began setting the table in the smaller of the two dinning rooms with the extra place setting for their guest. He went back into the kitchen. “Dina, we got one more for dinner, hope you made enough.” He laughed. Dina always prepared enough for a small army, not just to feed the family, but the unexpected guests and the left-overs were always fed to the help the next day.
“Oh no, I might have to make a few dozen more potatoes.” she joked back at him. He finished setting the table then went to tutoring room where he assumed Thomas and Edward were still hard at work studying. He knocked on the door and it swung open as it was not shut tight and he saw Edward piling books on the desk where Thomas was sitting. “I’m sorry to interrupt you gentlemen, but dinner will be ready shortly.” He smiled at the young master as he caught his eye. He gave a polite bow and turned to return downstairs to the sitting room and inform Mrs. Wilkshire of the meal’s completion as well.