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Charlotte Arkell

"You cannot heal the world until you heal yourself."

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a character in “The Cold Apocaylpse”, as played by fading-into-eternity






Oblivion // Small Town Moon // Tennis Court

Charlotte 'Charlie' Arkell


Former Occupation:
Before this Hell, Charlie worked in a clinic as a doctor, yes she is technically Dr. Arkell.



"I'm rather personable you see, and pretty good with medicine if I do say so myself."
Charlie is quite good when it comes to people, she just automatically attracts and relates with them. This ability put together with her knowledge of medicine allowed for a clear choice as to why pick her.

Survival Skills:

"I can fight and heal, I swear."
Krav Maga Artist // Knowledge of emergency procedures & medicines

Drawing / Note-taking / Listening / Running / Tennis


"I loved him so much."
The wedding band of her deceased husband. She wears both on her left hand.


"I don't go anywhere without these things."
Pain Killers / Other Pills / Butterfly Knife / Large Medical Kit / Flint / Flashlight

* Sunlight *
* Background Chatter *
* Hot Coffee *
* Old Books *

* Cloudy Days *
* Abusers / Violent people *
* Cancer *


"They are overrated, but I still feel fears."
* Cancer *
* The feeling of being alone *
* Getting abducted / attacked *

Charlie is probably one of the kindest people that you will ever meet. She helps everyone, whether or not they are kind back to her. this often leads her to trouble, but she continues to try and help every person that she can, often sacrificing her own happiness. She is easy to talk to, and listens well, never sharing her own opinions unless it is necessary, making her come off as rather quiet. Charlie loves to laugh and finds herself attracted to people that make her happy.
Though for a while she was severely depressed and her self-harm scars still show, she no longer finds herself wishing she was not on this Earth, and instead dedicates her life to helping others. She always has a friendly smile on her face and is easy to be around. She gets lonely easily, and therefore likes to be around other people more than she does living on her own.


Charlie is a Southern Belle, born and raised in Louisiana by her parents and rebellious Aunt Ginny. It was Ginny, who was a pediatrician instead of a stay-at-home-mother like the rest of the women in her family, who inspired Charlie to move away and study to become a doctor. And so Charlie, a relatively shy and reserved girl, moved to the Big Apple to attend Columbia University Medical school. It was here in the city that Charlie met the one and only Jaymes Arkell, an architecture student who also attended Columbia. The two met at a party, and after a year of dating, they got married.

However disaster struck in the January before the "ice-age," when Jaymes found out that he had Leukemia, with only four months to live. The two had been married for only nine months and were devastated by the news. Jaymes lived longer than expected, until early September, and when the electricity went out, Jaymes could no longer get treatment, and died on September 12, 2015.

Charlie broke into a state of severe depression after his funeral, she cut herself and stayed away from all forms of human contact. While looking through a pile of Jaymes' journals one day, she found a letter written to her dated the in the June of 2015. It told her how he had always wanted to travel the world with her and how he knew that she would change the world because of her love of helping others. His words of love helped her cope with the depression and soon she began doing all she could to help others affected by the cold. The clinic that she worked at had been closed so She took to traveling around the city helping people that she had previously known at the clinic. one of her clients was a retired FBI official, and mentioned her to some higher ups who incorporated her into the White Cloaks, where she is, scarred but reassured, today.

By night she resides in the old apartment that she owned with Jaymes on Amsterdam Avenue, but is often out assisting people during the day or at the White Cloaks base.

Anything else:
People who are close to her call her 'Charlie,' but she responds to most variations of her name.

So begins...

Charlotte Arkell's Story


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Charlie awoke slowly, blinking and shivering. She gave a deep sigh and sat up slowly, groaning and cracking her back. She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and wrapped the six blankets that she had covered herself with the night before tighter around her body. She couldn't stand the sight of her old room and had taken to sleeping in her living room on the couch. This seemed to be the warmest room in the apartment, probably because she sent most of her time in here. She stretched her arms high above her head and stood up, wobbling slightly.

She shuffled to the kitchen, rolling her eyes as she realized that she would be having cold re-fried beans for her meals today. She had wrapped her food in several blankets and pillows but everything was still cold. Charlie struggled to open the can with her gloved hands and then sat on the floor of her kitchen to eat some of the can and save the rest for dinner. She wished that she had a banana, or any sort of fruit for that matter. When she had finished around half of the can, she covered it and stuffed it back in between the blankets so that it wouldn't freeze over.

She made her way back to her living room and set a fire in the fire place with the large stock of matches that she had kept. she was lucky, living at the very top of an apartment building, where few people would look to see smoke. With a deep breath she undressed underneath her blankets, shivering, even in the light and warmth of the fire. She layered her clothing, two pairs of leggings, a pair of sweatpants and then ski pants, two long sleeved under-armor shirts, a fleece sweater, wool sweater and Jaymes' old ski jacket, that would have been much too large for her without all the other layers. She strapped up some ski boots then put on a neck/lower face warmer and a hat, then pulled up the hood of the ski jacket. With a heave she slung her heavy backpack over her shoulder and made sure that everything she needed was inside, bandages, pain killers, her clients' prescription pills and her other supplies.

After putting out the fire she grabbed her snowshoes that Jaymes had once bough on a ski trip and headed down the stairs, making sure that she locked the eight locks of her apartment's heavy door. Luckily her coat was white (though it wasn't her cloak) so she blended in with the snow. At the bottom of the stairs, panting, she strapped the snowshoes to her feet before preparing herself and stepping out into the freezing air. She'd be visiting people around her area of the city today, giving them their usual treatment and necessary vaccinations. She trudged off into the snow to visit those who needed her with a determined look on her face.

After visiting two areas, always with a smile on her face, Charlie was tired. She wished she had a Diet Coke to drink, her drink of choice in the warmer days. With a sigh she plowed on, until she heard a shout in the distance.

"Sounds like trouble," she muttered to herself, then chuckled at the cliched line that she had just used. She sped up now, in the direction of the noise until she reached Madison Square, looking around for the source of the noise while staying out of sight.