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Hikari Momoko

"I'm not here to play games, I'm here to survive."

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a character in “The Cold Apocaylpse”, as played by phoenix_lynx



{"I was not designed to be forced. I will breathe after my own fashion. Let us see who is the strongest.”}
-Henry David Thoreau
Let the flames begin || Paramore || Cold || Crossfade || When it rains || Paramore


Hikari Momoko
"Hikari meaning light which is ironic since I love the darkness."

Twenty two
"I'm not a little kid anymore."

Former Occupation:
A criminal profiler
"I skipped most of school and went straight to college, even then I completed it in less than two years. I helped with cases previously so it became a natural job to me."

"Not that I may allow love into my life."

Distinctive markings:
Hikari has always been in rough fights from her former occupation to wushu training, a noticeable scar would be on her back [lower left side] where it is a long jagged line from a time she was cut and stabbed.




"For my brains sweetie and my lack of emotions of course."
The government picked Hikari because in simpler terms she was just like a robot designed as a human. The fact that her intelligence surprised everyone only proved how vital she would be in the group. The fact that she is rather apathetic and doesn't have much of a heart was an added bonus as the government didn't need to worry about her humane siding coming out. All in all Hikari seems like an all around perfect individual excluding the fact that her social skills are below average as well as her feelings.

Survival Skills:
"I can survive even if I have to kill another person to live."
|| Self defense & attacking || Herbal medicine ||

"These are hardly important."
|| Gardening || Climbing || Cooking || Taking care of animals || Memorizing || Picking up languages quickly || Studying/learning ||

"I'm not actually a robot you know!"
{x} - It was made by Hikari when she was a little girl and has forever become somewhat of a good luck charm, she wears it for sentimental reasons.

Equipment: {x} - She always has at least one kunai and a shuriken set with her.
{x} - Due to her excellent skills in wushu, she also usually carries around a wushu Chinese sword.
|| Small medical kit || Penlight torch || Lumica military issue light sticks || Backpack || Binoculars || Map || Compass || Extra clothing ||


"Of course everyone has their preference."

|| The night || Darkness || Smoking || Daily walks || Tattoos || Tea || The cold || Rain || Bright lipstick || Slow dance || Solving puzzles || Sudoku || Making plans || Having a to-do list || Hard back cover books || Classic novels || Eccentric poetry || Canvas paintings || Over sized jumpers || Heeled boats || Watching a lighted match || Observing people || Answering questions with a quote || Weapons || Wushu ||

"To be fair everything makes me tick."

|| Her mother || Loud music || Sweets || Fake individuals || Crowds || Litter || Ignorance || Those who question her intelligence || Having long hair || Romantic books || Alcohol ||

"Why would I give away my weaknesses?"

|| Depending on someone || Falling in love || Making a mistake ||

"I just don't see the benefits in letting your emotions control you."

{ || Quiet || Practical || Independent || Attentive || Unromantic || Cold || Apathetic|| Intelligent || }

Hikari is quite the mystery because she doesn't allow just anyone to get to know her. Rather than be the one taking charge in a situation, she is merely like a backbone who quietly carries out her own duties without much concern for others. Without her distinctive look she is very quiet and can usually go unnoticed through crowds which she tends to avoid due to her particular dislike of loud noises. One may choose to ignore her because of her cold personality except those who may hold an interest in her for whatever odd reason. Her lack of being able to relate to those around her could be stemmed from her childhood but for Hikari making friends isn't as easy as it may be for some people, especially since she lacks emotions that could connect her to people.

With a practical mind feelings and emotions are more often than not kept hidden. But because of this she can be resourceful and realistic for everyday life decisions as well as important situations. Her mind works very much like a robot trying to live her life as smoothly as possible, eliminating any threats of betrayal, deciding which option would carry out a better job and stopping any idealistic thoughts that may pop up in her mind, making little details a very important thing. Like falling in love for example. For Hikari it is an artificially made up process that was brought about in order to feel satisfaction or at least a false sense of comfort for an individual. It's so out of reach that even the mere thought of finding love makes her laugh.

Nonetheless it's lonely. The way she thinks, the way she acts and behaviors doesn't suit in social circumstances so it is rare for Hikari to have friends. Although she denies the fact that she's lonely, it's something that is clear to anyone around her. Being too independent can be a flaw, much so her apathy makes it difficult for her to understand what others may be going through. Hikari isn't clingy and having lost many friends over the years she's gotten used to it but it still doesn't remove the fact that she doesn't really have anyone to rely on due to her personality. Despite the fact that she isn't mean or cruel, she simply just isn't good with people.

Hikari was born in Osaka in Japan surrounded by a large amount of family ranging for her parents to siblings to grandparents, aunts and uncles as well as cousins. Though very close to her family she wasn't one who wanted friends and as a child usually focused on gaining more knowledge so was always alone. Her mother, a teacher at a local school was always around her children so Hikari was far from what people would expect her childhood to be. It was her father however who would always be busy travelling around the world as a freelance writer but most of his business would take place in America.

As someone who found the idea of travelling intriguing Hikari would always plan ahead, learning as many languages as her brain could hold for the future. Her cold and somewhat distant personality was always apparent even within the family but secretly she would show a surprisingly amount of loyalty around those who stuck with her. Her father who at that time had finished his novel seemed to be getting more attention due to the fact that his book "The first lie had become increasingly famous and ended up becoming a best seller.

Wanting to move to America, more specifically to New York was the obvious choice and after careful deliberation he decided to take Hikari with him while the rest of the family stayed in Osaka. It was rough for the 14 year old as being in a different place with a completely different culture and mind frame was rather irritating to her but it was clear that Hikari would be able to adapt quickly. It was also during that time where her intelligence was tested with a shocking result from the IQ test of a 187 showing clearly that she was in fact a genius.

Even though she herself wasn't surprised nor cared, major schools and colleges took note and soon Hikari ended up attending college as she skipped a few years of high school, graduating at the age of 16. While studying psychology, sociology and criminology and taking on more and more language courses she was content with enriching herself but of course ignored any social situations that may have come across her. Ignoring her mother's desperate pleas for her to open up, Hikari just didn't have any intentions of making friends and kept interactions to a minimum.

While studying in college Hikari ended up taking cases with the FBI until she ended up being a permanent criminal profiler. The government was already very well aware of her presence and would constantly keep an eye on her for future use. Her life seemed to be going as she planned but when the cold harsh winter hit it came as such a surprise. Her father never came back home and presumed dead as well as her family back in Japan, though the struggle to live may not be as harsh as ordinary citizens around her seeing as she ended up getting picked up by the government, Hikari is constantly battles against nightmares as she questions how living her life up until now was anything but happy.

Right in the middle of the city Hikari was given a little apartment by the government where she currently resides in, though she never gives out the specific whereabouts she tends to keep herself shut in there until she is needed. The apartment that she once lived in with her father she lets homeless people she sees reside there, mostly whom are females with the odd number of children if still alive. Weekly Hikari likes to check up on them and give supplies to help out.

So begins...

Hikari Momoko's Story


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Hikari sighed gently as she pulled her thick knitted scarf to her mouth as a sad attempt of trying to warm herself up. Though it was futile the simple act made her roll her eyes at herself for the silly thought. No, it was better just to think realistically now and she should be grateful anyway for the things she had seeing as she got most of her necessities from the government. It was especially cold but then again perhaps it was her frozen brain feeding her with false lies yet again seeing as the weather seemed to be in a standstill of pure coldness to the point that some may find it almost unbearable. She looked around at the empty site as she stepped out of her base and forced her legs to move forward.

It was hardly necessary for her to be out today but it seemed like she should check up on those living at her old apartment. Mostly consisting of random strangers all put together with the odd number of children. From afar it may even seem like a dysfunctional family but it was more rational for her if the survivors she found were to live there. After all Hikari could barely stay at the place for too long as memories of her father would come flooding in. Thinking about the whole family was something she pushed to the back of her mind as it was obvious that they were most likely dead, the siblings she hadn't seen in years would forever stay young in her mind.

Thinking back to life before the cold hit was something that only caused more harm than good. How she would do anything for a cigarette right now. It's been a while since she last smoked and at least in the beginning she was able to get some warmth from them. Everything had been destroyed or gone in a matter of a few months and the cold just kept getting worse.

Hikari pushed her hands further into her pockets rubbing a stone out of habit while walking continuously forwards. Her ears may have been somewhat frozen but all her senses were alert and focused, waiting for any signs of both criminals or survivors. Her relaxed persona usually attracted a huge number of criminals, all thinking that she was an easy target except her dull emotionless eyes would be a warning trigger towards those who would further provoke her. Of course it was her job to capture them but sometimes she'd simply restrain them and leave them to die in the cold. The growing number of criminals meant that the government would most likely change their policy and prisons only held those who were severely evil. As she walked Hikari heard a few voices from the distance causing her to immediately reach for her kunai which was safely tucked into her belt. γͺんだ! Great way to start the day, I'd really not like to kill another one if I can help it... she mumbled to herself.