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Requiem Lethera

"It's in the mind... that dreams turn into reality."

0 · 174 views · located in The Collector's Lair, Somewhere in Maine

a character in “The Collector & His Collection”, as played by Wonderland


Image Requiem Lethera: Victim # 1

Name: Requiem Lethera
Gender: Female
Age: 19 Years Old
Role: Victim # 1
Special Talent: A famous author
Location: She lives in Albany, New York.
Orientation: Bisexual; though she prefers males more then females.
Status: She is currently single.

Appearance: Requiem is a slender built girl; who stands at 5 foot 7 and has lean arms and legs, with a slight curve to her waist and a medium sized bust but sterotypes would refer to her as skinny, but Requiem is currently trying to build more muscle and gain more weight since she thinks she is too skinny.. She weighs around 128 pounds; with long lean fingers on her naturally soft hands and her skin is a white ivory color; otherwise known as pale. She doesn't care much for tanning but sunburns easily if she is under the biggest star in the solar system for too long. As for Requiem's hair; it is a dark reddish auburn color with streaks of her natural light brown hair color underneath the auburn top. It is layered and comes down a little past her shoulders and would be categorized as a medium hair length. Her bangs come across the right side of her forehead and it takes alot of work to keep them that way.

Requiem's eyes are a bright hazel color that glint green in the right light, and they are one of her best features. Her nose is smallish and she has naturally fleshy pink colored lips that are a bit too thin. She wears dark eyeshadow and black eyeliner most of the time; and likes to spice it up with feather and rainbow colored eyelashes for pictures. As for piercings; she has two silver spider bites, below her bottom lip and has one tattoo on her stomach with a heart under her navel that has one angel wing on the right side and a demon wing on the left side. She got it when she was 16 years old behind her parents back. But she wants a few more.

As for Requiem's style; she mixes it up. She wants to be known as herself; and she adores jeans, shorts, and leggings. She wears all types of clothing; but usually doesnt wear bright colors alot. She likes what's comfortable and casual; like jeans with a t-shirt and a jacket. But her favorite pair of shoes are her black and red converse shoes that she never takes off unless she's going to a party or the beach. She doesn't like to wear too many revealing clothes; but when she's out cosplaying with friends, she plays the part.

Personality: Requiem has many characteristics; good and bad. But they even eachother out; and it makes Requiem who she is. But if we had to start somewhere; we should start with her flaws that even she isn't afraid to admit but doesn't like to hear. Requiem is impatient; stubborn, and she can be quite emotional but she keeps it inside. She hates lines and crowds; she doesn't like to go to bed when writing or reading, and she sometimes overreacts to the smallest things but she doesn't like to let it out. And of course; she's ashamed of her body and wishes she could be bigger since, in her eyes, she is underweight. But Requiem also has a temper; and the anger is silent, like a raging fire that gets ready to burst.

But as for the good; Requiem's curiosity and imagination is very strong. She also has a soft spot for animals and for helping people out. She always helps out when she has time; even if its something that's sudden. She has two cute dogs that she adores and rescued from an animal shelter. Requiem also likes to explore ideas; whether it be in the mind or something like a museum or even stepping off the sidewalk and into a bush to find something. She can get sidetracked; but she observes things and she never forgets. She has had a hard time with her family; and her past hasn't been the best, so her outbursts or sudden mood swings often worry people but Requiem always tries to look on the positive side of things. Not to mention she can be quite rebellious and brave; she doesn't like to take orders from anyone.

That's Requiem in a nut shell.

Likes: Tea, Writing, Books, Chocolate, Piercings, Laptops, Movies, Cosplaying, Tattoos, Clubs, Sweaters, Music, Dancing, Being Random, Having Fun, Family, Friends, Basketball, Beaches, Stars, Moonlight, The Ocean, and Mint.

Dislikes: Bugs, Spiders, Messes, Loud Noises, Crowds, Corn, Mud, Broken Glass, Alligators, Komodo-Dragons, Blood, Cold Floors, Vanilla Shakes, Revealing Shirts, Southern Accents, Sharks, and Lizards.

Hobbies: Writing Stories, Dancing at Clubs, Cosplaying with friends, Reading books, and Watching movies.

Birthday: July 5th.

History: Requiem was born into a poor family that was barely scraping by; with a father who was always drunk, and a mother who was always working and was never home. Requiem was ordered around constantly as a child; having to clean, and do much more. By age 13 she was paying the bills and balancing the check book and looking for a job; as well as watching her two younger siblings while her older brother was working as well. When her mother died in a car accident; it ruined Requiem's hope of ever being able to walk out of their house with a career and an education. She never had time to do her homework and always missed school since her father made her stay home and work while he went our drinking. It wasn't until her father was arrested that she was placed in a foster home and her siblings were split up.

Throughout her life; Requiem was able to write stories. Her new foster family cared alot for her; and when they asked what she wanted most... she said she wanted a journal and a pen. That was when Requiem's imagination and passion for writing began. By the time she was 16 years old; she had written a hit book series about vampire hunters and other supernatural creatures, the book series was called "Crimson Blades" and captured the minds and imaginations of people everywhere. Being a star was nothing Requiem dreamed of becoming but when she began to write more stories, short and long, Requiem became a world wide famous author with two proud foster parents.

When Requiem decided to move out; her foster parents gave her all the support she needed as she got a nice apartment in Albany, NY. She made a few close friends, and had a wonderful life of writing books and partying at clubs. As for love; Requiem has always dreamed of having someone... but what more could she ask for? In her eyes; her life couldnt get any better.
That is... until she was abducted.

So begins...

Requiem Lethera's Story