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Ariel Vivena

"Let me write you a story of torture and blood."

0 · 186 views · located in Maine

a character in “The Collector's Collection”, as played by Wonderland




Name: Ariel Vivena
Gender: Female
Age: 17 years old
Role: Victim # 1
Special Talent: Writing Books and Poems; Ariel is the youngest author to write a full series that is popular and known around the entire world.
Location: Redwood, Maine.
Orientation: Bisexual
Status: Single


Ariel stands at 5 foot 6, with a slender body and a curvaceous frame. She doesn't have the best body around but she is content with it; and weighs around 130 pounds, with pale creamy colored skin that gets burnt quite easily in the sun. Her eyes are a dark brown color that gleam a dark green in the right light, but are usually a chocolate brown that can look black in the dimmest of places. Her nose is small but even on her face and she has supple full lips that boys stare at when she walks around. Ariel's hair is longish and go past her shoulder; but would be called medium length and it's a layered style, one would usually call emo or scene but she calls it layered. It's naturally a dark black brown color but she dyes it often and has dyed it a few times. She has thick eyelashes that don't need mascara. Her jaw is strong and she has high cheek bones.

Ariel wears dark makeup; usually eyeliner and dark eyeshadow, and she doesn't need cover up and usually keeps her lips bare unless it's chap-stick. She has two spider bites; piercings below her bottom lip that are silver dots. She has tattoos as well; and even though she isn't 18 yet, the tattooist in her town made an exception since she is a famous author. Her style is casual; usually skinny jeans and a comfortable t-shirt or sweater, and her favorite type of tops are the sweaters that show the shoulders. She loves to wear her dirty converse shoes or messy skater shoes, and never wears anything that is really revealing since she is more of a comfortable person then a sexy person.

She was wearing a dark gray and black stripes sweater that exposed her shoulders and some ripped skinny jeans when she was abducted after falling asleep on her couch writing a chapter in her new series. She had mis matched socks on.




Ariel has never been a social person; and that is one of the first things you'll know about her. She is a quiet person and only goes out in small groups; usually just 2 or 3 friends and she never likes to make long conversation. The second thing you'll notice is she is very creative; whether it's writing stories, making jokes, or just making conversation. Even her dreams are always creative and she never goes a night's sleep without a dream that she finds is actually a vision. Ariel's creative mind is very powerful; and she puts it to good use. But sometimes she gets tired and lets her mind go blank.

Aside from being quiet and not very social; Ariel is a friendly person who likes to help out when she can. Whether it's doing chores, helping a friend, or picking up someone's groceries in the store after dropping them, she likes to lend a hand to anyone who needs it and she is always called supportive and great by the few close friends she lets into her life. She loves her family; and she has a brave heart where a rebel lurks, and she sometimes breaks the rules. She is emotional and sensitive, but is really good at holding them in and is good at withstanding physical pain which made it easy for her to get her piercings and tattoos. She will defend a kid on the street whose being pushed around, and will join the fight if someone is getting hurt. She isn't afraid to make herself known but she can be shy.

She has never been good with boys or love. Even though she is bisexual, Ariel has never had a real relationship and since she is so famous, that is one thing she craves is a real relationship that's romantic and private. Another thing Ariel wants is to be alone. Since everyone knows her book, they know her name and she can get crowded on a street from people wanting autographs. She sometimes just wants a place where she can be alone; and not disturbed, where she can be happy.

But who in the world could understand that?


The park
Ice cream
The ocean

Dislikes: [At least 5]

Dark places
The Desert

Hobbies: [At least 3]

Taking walks
Watching movies
Drinking tea




So begins...

Ariel Vivena's Story