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Ayden Jacob Harcourt

"Seriously though, come have a drink with me."

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a character in “The Collector's Collection”, as played by yuri-chan1018



Name: Ayden Jacob Harcourt
Gender: Male
Age: 27 years old
Role: FBI Agent specializing in abduction cases
Location: Brooklyn, New York—currently in Redwood to work on the case
Orientation: Heterosexual
Status: Divorced

Image Muscular and extremely fit, Ayden takes care of his looks as a mother takes care of an infant. He regularly trains himself and hits the gym whenever he gets the chance to stay on top of the ball. He is a healthy tan and dark haired, along with shadowy, piercing eyes that often look more like black than the dark brown it is. He is attractive, something he himself admits. He is confident of his looks, but doesn’t go as far as to call him a narcissist or vain. He keeps his hair longer and messier than FBI regulations really approve of, but he gets away with it for a while until he is told to cut his hair—which then he promptly takes a trip to his favorite barber. He refuses to get his hair cut by anyone else, as his hair can be fickle and hard to manage—and he would not risk getting stuck with a weird haircut for the life of him.

He stands at 6 foot 6 inches and weighs about 210 pounds, give or take, with plenty of muscle mass to take up most of the weight. His facial expression is usually a playful smirk, an enraged scowl, or an irritated glower. There are rare times when he smiles without a particular mocking element in it, and they are often described as ‘slow and charming.’ He has quite a few scars on his body, some from being on the job and some from old fights.

He dresses quite well, and chooses his clothes carefully. He likes to wear more neutral colors, like browns, greys, navy and black. He is rather partial to his favorite trench coat (which happens to be his most frequently worn outfit), and manages to look fairly fashionable in it. He has a fashion sense to the point his sister used to ask for his advice all the time. Of course, he doesn’t let this part of him show very often, but he is always first to notice when a woman has gotten a manicure or trimmed her hair.


Somewhat of a self-confident guy, he always looks at the bright side of the things, though he has a tendency to antagonize peers when he’s in the mood; a typical alpha male. Add a dash of arrogance, three cups of lightheartedness, two cups of douchery, five scoops of a temper to the whimsical mix and you’ve got Ayden. A bit of a risk taker and can be impulsive, he is bold and has no problems confronting something that is bothering him.

Ayden is more awkward around children, because he doesn’t have any kids and never really paid special attention to those that weren’t around his own age. He fits in easily with his peers, and has friends as well as those who do not like him—but hey, that’s life, isn’t it? You can’t get everyone to like you. Many older people disapprove of his confidence, often telling him not to get in over his head, including his parents. Ayden takes the advice well, but he hardly follows it; he’s stubborn and doesn’t like to be changed unless he wants to change. When he puts his mind to it, he can drag himself out of bad habits, but it’s all about his will to do so. It’s very, very hard to get him to do something he doesn’t want to do, he’s hard to persuade.

In romantic relationships, Ayden wants an intellectual peer, an equal and a friend (those aren’t his standards when it comes to flirting, however). Though at times he can be bossy, he doesn’t like people he can actually push around too much—he likes to see people stand their ground against troubles and intimidation. But Ayden doesn’t have a problem flirting—rather, he likes to. He goes from relationship to relationship in pretty short amount of time, and doesn’t seem to be interested in settling quite yet—not after his divorce, anyways.

Ayden might not be the type you’d think to go for advice, but he can be rather considerate and warm-hearted when the situation calls for it. He is kind and casual when with his family, and loves them very much. With his friends he likes to tease and joke with, and with women he can treat them with both tenderness and comfortable mocking. However, when he gets angry he loses all traces of his nonchalance and teasing personality; he becomes forceful and has no qualms about getting violent. Ayden knows that his temper is really his weakness, and that he often makes mistakes while mad, and is working on suppressing it.

Likes: Women, vacations, pay days, warm beaches, fine scotch, strong-willed people, his job, black coffee, sleeping in when he gets the chance, the radio, cities, private bars, flirting, classy things, completing a successful case.

Dislikes: Onions, bad smells, cold weather, people who complain, going to the doctor, birds that poop on his windshield, flowers (he’s allergic to pollen), and loud clubs.

Hobbies: Drinking in secluded bars, staking out houses on the job, cleaning his weapons, lifting weights and exercising, listening to music.



Born to a middle class family in D.C.; his father was a good old street cop, his mother a therapist. He became an older brother when he was three, to a little brother named Seth, and was eight when his little sister Monica was born. He had a typical childhood, squabbling with his siblings over toys, playing soccer with Seth and hiding Monica’s dolls. He did have a temper, so in school he was often reprimanded for losing it time to time. His middle school records, as well as his high school records are dotted with fights and detentions. However Ayden never liked seeing his father’s angry look of disappointment, and began to straighten out his grades and behavior. He decided to be a cop, just like his ol’ dad, and went into the job as soon as he graduated high school. He was considered just a green sapling at first, but in a couple years he had many friends and had won respect as well.

He married a young prosecutor’s assistant at the age of twenty-three; a pretty woman of twenty-one who was feisty and had no problems handling herself in an argument. Her name was Shannon Harper, blonde, slender, big smiles. They decided to live in New York, where she had always dreamed of living as a child. He was invited to the FBI when he turned twenty six, and he accepted with great pleasure. His wife became a full-fledged prosecutor, and was quite successful as well. However they became too busy for each other, and though they both had feelings, Shannon told him that they were more like roommates than a married couple and that she had found someone else. Ayden was initially upset and took to gambling for a year or so before he quit, trying his best to pull himself together to stick to FBI standards. He hasn’t bet any money in a good year, something he is quite proud of it.

Ayden’s younger brother, Seth, is studying in medical school to become a doctor, and his twenty-year old sister Monica is hoping to become a counselor for schools. Both of their parents are proud of their children, and have moved from D.C. to a more relaxed community in Virginia. Ayden lives in Brooklyn, New York, in his cozy ‘bachelor pad’ apartment—complete with a hot tub to wind down in after a busy day.

So begins...

Ayden Jacob Harcourt's Story