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Emery Corliss

"Do you ever wish you were a bird?"

0 · 84 views · located in Maine

a character in “The Collector's Collection”, as played by yuri-chan1018



Name: Emery Corliss (née Emily Brennen)
Gender: Female
Age: 18 years old
Role: Victim #5
Special Talent Singing
Location: New York City
Orientation: Heterosexual
Status: Single (and planning to stay that way)

Image Only five foot four and rather thin, but thankfully not underweight at a 108 pounds. Her most obvious feature is her strikingly red hair, curly and medium length. It makes her stand out in a crowd, much like a traffic cone on the gray asphalt. Emery has grey-blue eyes that are quite expressive and usually has an earnest, thoughtful look in them. Though her lips don’t smile unless amused, a faint trace of a smile hovers on her freckled face.

Though she herself is more of a free spirit, she dresses rather strictly. Emery never dresses messily or too casually, even at home. Her closet is mostly made up of jeans, crisp white dress-shirts and various pea coats, as well as quite a few scarves and hats.

She doesn’t care enough about her looks to use makeup regularly. If she finds that she has extra five minutes, she might dab on eye shadow (most of the time a green or silver) and perhaps some lip balm. With her hair it’s very routinely done; shampoo, condition, dry, brush. She rarely does anything with it, unless it’s tying it up into a tousled up-do.

Emery was wearing her dark jeans, dress shirt and navy pea coat along with a gray scarf and hat when she went missing while walking to the house she was supposed to be babysitting for. She had black shoes on as well as a ring on a necklace around her neck.



Hardly one to remain quiet, Emery speaks her mind even in situations that would be wise to keep her mouth shut. She isn’t rude, but more like…bluntly honest. She isn’t scared easily and tends to tune out arguing or shouting; the one time she got into trouble she looked her teacher straight in the eye after being lectured rather harshly and deadpanned: “Your tie is crooked.”

Just like trying to scare her is a great feat, getting her angry is one as well. She tends to retaliate to insults with purely laid-back, casual witty remarks that generally frustrates the other. One thing that will make her angry and depressed is losing her voice. She entirely lost her voice a couple of times; one to strep throat and a few other times because of the common cold. Emery was fairly irate and distressed whenever that happened. She’s tolerant of many things, and rarely holds a certain person with dislike before knowing them. That said, she has a deep streak of disgust for alcohol and drunks. She doesn’t touch the stuff.

Because of how unhappy her real parents were, Emery seldom gets into a romantic relationship. Sure, she’s had crushes and such flippancies, but she’s only dated steadily twice. She’s decided this time that she will lay off the romance and focus more on single life.

She is easily liked by children and has no problem handling them; she makes up games for them to play and teaches them simple songs. With adults she’s always careful not to be accidentally ‘bluntly honest’ and offend anyone. Hence, she doesn’t talk much to older people, and usually gravitates towards children. She’s slightly disconnected from her peers and the people around her age, but that does not mean at all that she is shy or closed up; most classmates would describe her as ‘the one who’s always singing’ and then ‘she’s a nice girl.’ She is friendly and is always willing to speak with strangers, but keeps important things under wraps unless she feels that the person she is speaking to would find comfort in knowing more about her.

Though she is talkative and bright over-all, she has a lot of things in the past that should have made her completely isolated. She hates it when things are silent and needs to sing, to talk—anything to fill the quiet—or she starts getting agitated, starting to remember the one time her childhood home was completely silent. You could say she is afraid of the silence, as silly as it may sound. She tries hard not to dwell on her past and does not like to be reminded of it.

Likes: Music, singing, witty banter, birds, snow, spending time with her family, kids, people watching, spicy food.

Dislikes: Angry people, people who drink, silence, bland things, libraries (too quiet), being bored, writing essays, losing her voice, thunderstorms.

Hobbies: Singing, babysitting, taking pictures of birds, writing lyrics, cooking (and failing to make something edible), and taking strolls.



Though named ‘Emily’ originally, her name was changed along with her last name when she was adopted. Emery was born in Pennsylvania to parents that only married each other because her mother had become pregnant—they had been both young and not ready to become parents, but without the heart to abort their child. They figured that they could work things out and her mother stayed at home while her father, a mere youngster himself, went to work random jobs to make their way together. But the world was not as easy as TV had made it out to be, and by the time Emery was born and expenses began to pile up like diapers, their love for each other slowly began to leak as they became stressed. Her father became an avid alcoholic who only used his meager paychecks to buy more booze than to buy her clothes or to buy proper groceries.

Her father got a huge break one day and was able to find a better paying job, but that did not improve conditions for Emery or her mother. By the time she was five her parents would fight anytime they were together and the house was never quiet—yelling, the shattering of dishes, the screams—Emery heard it all in the corner of her little room. To block out the unhappiness she began to sing songs she was learning in school; her ABC’s, her nursery rhymes, and found it to be the only sanctum she could find refuge in. If she could sing, it didn’t matter what was going on. She was happy if she could sing. So whenever the fighting started, Emery locked herself in her room, huddled down into the tight corner furthest from the door, squeezed her eyes shut and sang. And sang and sang and sang—until her voice was hoarse and she fell asleep, exhausted.

In elementary school she was far from the top student, not very good at reading or spelling due to lack of her parents’ support, but wasn’t too bad at math and numbers. She was the happiest in music class, when the kind teacher taught them new songs to sing and gave them stickers if they did a good job. She wasn’t anti-social or problematic, so her teachers never suspected that her family was in shambles. The only one thing that seemed strange that she did say to her music teacher was, “I love singing. It makes the bad noises go away.”

When she was in fourth grade, it happened. One night a particularly bad fight raged on, and Emery did what she always did; she sat in her corner and began to sing.

“…A little snowflake fell out of the sky.
At first it floated, then started to fly.”

The louder the fight got, the louder she sang.

“The little snowflake decided to sing…
It sang of autumn and summer and spring.
It sang of winter and sounded so proud!
The little snowflake was singing out loud…”

She didn’t stop, because she never stopped.

“…It was singing
It was singing
It was singing
Didn’t have a care…”

And then all of a sudden there was a bang… and then another bang… and there was silence. Absolute silence. Her singing was suddenly the only noise in the entire house. She got up and padded to the door, pressing her ear to it. Quiet. Still. Nothing. It was so quiet it was scary.

She opened the door and walked into the living room to find both her parents on the floor, collapsed in their own blood. It was never known who killed who first and then committed suicide. Emery became a ward of the state and was sent to live with a foster family. Her life with her new family was much better, more loving and more like what ‘family’ was supposed to be like. She even had an older brother who shared his toys with her, and a playground in the backyard. Her new mother and father taught her how to spell better, and always patted her head and beamed when she sang her songs. They moved to New York right as she entered high school.

Emery never went out with her talent to become famous (despite her new family’s encouragement), but she was in her high school’s choir and is never without a song on her lips, whether she is in the car, studying, in school, in the shower—just about anywhere. She considered high school to be something of a drag, but did fairly well with grades. Now as a freshman in college, she majors in voice and finds it quite enjoyable. Her adopted older brother is a senior in the same college; her foster mother is part-time substitute teacher and her foster father works as an engineer. Emery babysits three times a week and leads a fairly normal life.

So begins...

Emery Corliss's Story