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Michael Vision

"Geist. You'll be calling me Geist. Not that that's my name, but it's all you'll need to know me by."

0 · 73 views · located in Maine

a character in “The Collector's Collection”, as played by Cypher



Name: Michael Vision
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Role: Helper
Special Talent:
- Proficient in Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu and Krav Maga and knife-fighting
- Excellent marksman
- Proficient tracker
- Good actor
- Excellent at disguising himself
Location: Where-ever the Collector needs him to.
Orientation: Straight/Asexual
Status: Single


The stock image of a professional kidnapper or murderer is that of a man with scraggly hair and a beard, sometimes physically imposing or giving off a deranged air. Usually he is dressed in dirty clothes, or in orange prison clothes. Sometimes their voices; gruff and low, give away their intentions. This isn't so with Michael Vision.

Outwardly, Vision appears well-kept and conducted. He speaks with an aloof, easygoing charm, his face usually bears a grin and overall he doesn't seem like an abductor. He stands at around 5'9" and weighs around 140 pounds, with an unassuming posture, dressed in clean but modest attire, his brown hair kept in spikes or just combed away from his face. However, his eyes are the dead giveaway to the creature within - they are a cold shade of ice blue; appearing completely dead and devoid of any and all emotion.

Inwardly, Vision is a psychopath. With a long history of sociopathic tendencies and a list of behavioral anomalies a mile wide, Vision has no regard for human life, seeing other people as mere objects, obstacles or targets - depending on what he's doing at the moment. He is utterly remorseless, clinically detached, and it quickly becomes obvious that his charm is entirely superficial - he is unafraid to flatter, goad and insult to get what he needs. He can easily threaten violence, as though it were second nature to him, and has the skills and the cojones to back it up.



In the darkness, a man stood. He ran his thumb over the edge of a balisong knife, toying with it. It was a gift from the Collector; and it had quickly become his favorite tool. Most people didn't understand that there was more than one use to a knife; that it was good for things beyond killing people.

Like opening doors, for example. Vision had, in his short career working for the Collector, discovered that the balisong was an apt replacement for a screwdriver, and that he could use it to simply pop doorknobs off after unscrewing them, negating his need for a set of lockpicks or a ram - provided he had plenty of quiet time with the door, with nobody watching. Michael approached the door silently, striding slowly and with purpose, reaching the handle in a matter of moments. He inserted the tip of the blade into the slot of the first screw.

Three left-hand turns. The brass screw dropped softly to the patio deck where it rolled back and forth, reflecting the silver moonlight on its yellow surface. Heedless of the screw, Arborly removed the next. A matter of seconds passed before he had removed the doorknob on the outside. He was in. The man allowed a smile - shallow, superficial and hollow - to creep across his face.

- Being paid
- Victorian writings (Shakespeare, Marlowe, etc.)
- Knives
- Guns
- Night

- People
- Daytime
- Pretty much anything directly or indirectly related to the aforementioned two

- Knife collecting
- Skeet shooting
- Taxidermy



Michael Vision has led an interesting life. Raised in an orphanage in lower Chicago, Vision never knew his biological parents (at that age, anyways) and spent a lot of time bounced back and forth between families - each time being returned to the orphanage not because his adopted parents were abusive or otherwise unsuitable, but because Vision himself alienated himself from them so much that they found him completely unbearable. Vision spent much of his youth in that orphanage, eventually becoming a ward of the state, where he attended public school and achieved no particular success at anything - he was utterly average at sports, in grades and otherwise, his only unique aspect being that he was completely and totally isolated from his peers (which, at the time, was just believed to be teen angst and not an actual psychological condition).

Instead of going to college like his peers, Vision went into the armed forces and served in the US Army, billed as a corporal. His performance in the field was enough to get him a recommendation to the US Army Rangers, which he accepted, and nearly to Delta Force before he took a bullet in the chest and was sent home on a medical discharge. Unable to readjust to society, being able to do nothing beyond kill people or take them prisoner or otherwise inflict harm upon them, Vision instead established himself as a contract hitman - any job, no matter how well-paid or how difficult, he would take it and perform it with aplomb. He amassed no small amount of wealth during the brief time he spent as a hitman before he eventually wound up locating his parents by accident, killing them and leaving them in a public park, disemboweled.

Vision spent a brief time on trial, before he managed to build up a battery of attorneys that could defeat almost any court on earth, where he was exonerated of all of his crimes but also bereft of his money. Then the Collector offered him a job he couldn't refuse - a seven-zero annual contract where all he had to do was go out and kidnap who he was told to, with an indefinite time span.

Vision eagerly accepted.

So begins...

Michael Vision's Story